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Jul 172010

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is trying to offload Robbie Keane to Aston Villa to finance a deal to bring Craig Bellamy to the Lane.

Spurs Hitman To Villa?

This rumour just won’t go away so looks likely to happen, we know Harry is a big admirer of Bellamy. Keane looks certain to leave Tottenham for a second time, he has seen himself drop down the pecking order at the club and knows he can get first team football elsewhere,

Now today we have been linked with Fabiano which gets me more excited at the prospect of seeing Bellamy in our lovely new Spurs kit next season. What I can’t understand is, why are we watching Man City improve their squad and taking the players they had last season who couldn’t get them into the Champions League but yet Harry expects them to do it for us?

In all fairness Craig Bellamy did have a decent season for City last season, but I wouldn’t like to see the likes of Defoe,Pav or Crouchy on the bench for that little trouble maker. He is similar to Robbie Keane except with a bad sulky attitude if he don’t get his way. Decent player but if we want to push on then im afraid we need to aim a bit higher than Craig Bellamy, the thing that pains me is I can see this deal actually happening. Oh well faith in “Arry” and all that.

  42 Responses to “1 In 1 Out?”

  1. why is lebron going to miami heat? WTF man get YOURSELF TOGETHER

  2. Bellamy was City’s best player last season. Over the whole course of the season, he was better than Defoe, Crouch, Pav, Keane, Dos Santos and any player you’d like to name. No, he didn’t score the goals but he was playing as a Left Forward/Winger and did more running up and down then anyone I can name. You can blame City’s defense for not getting them into the CL. Can blame the midfield too.

  3. “He is similar to Robbie Keane except with a bad sulky attitude…”

    you could have left out “except”

    Bye Robert, Hello Craig and Luis. It’s a glorious step forward, COYS!

  4. I guess this is the only way Arry is going to get Levy to sanction the financially pointless purchase of Bellamy- who is 30+ and on big wages. He does appear to be a good athlete but 2 give a player that old a big contract & pay for him is not wise- no matter how desperate to improve the Squad. We need to get message to Levy to stay strong with his sensible purchases- Arry would bankrupt the club for possible success. If Keano goes- then spend it on a Huntelaar & not throw it away on guy who’d be trouble for the Squad!!

  5. To be fair, Bellamy wasnt one of the reasons we finished above them – he was probably one of the reasons they got as close to us as they did. The reasons we finished above them were in my opinion: settled squad – not too many changes, not changing manager, good man manager, team spirit – on paper (at least in terms of cost) their squad was stronger than ours.

    Having said that, I agree that whilst Bellamy is a sensible replacement for Keane and appears to give us something that Keane has lost (pace), ability to play as a winger as well as aggression/determination and the desire to work for Harry he doesnt actually take us a great deal further forward. The fees will probably be similar, the wages will probably be similar, he is a year or so older than Keane so he isnt one for the future (no resale value), etc. He is also a risk because of injury problems, the fact that players lose their pace as they get older and that loose cannon factor.

    Overall I dont mind him coming and Harry has shown pretty good judgement so far but I still crave that elusive exciting/romantic Spurs signing – another Berbatov/Modric/Klinsman/Ardiles etc.

  6. I think if we pick up cole, Bellamy and fabiano and then get rid of a bit of the dead wood (we all know who) We’ll be on fire. I rate crouchie our best striker at the moment. Defoe can turn it on but needs a good kick up the rear and i think a couple forwards like bellamy and fabiano to threaten his automatic starting place might be just enough to get him firing again. As for Pav i’m still undecided. Has his moments but still doesnt seem 100% commited in my eyes. unfoirtunatly i think keanes time is up. he did us proud before the merry go round of playing for all his boyhood hero teams but has been half the man since coming back from pool.

  7. Are you deliberately being ridiculous with your comments about him being the same as Keane and no better than what we’ve got? He’s much more of an impact player than anything we’ve got, pace and better finisher, we need some fight up top and Harry knows this – Keane might shout a lot but he’s so slow he doesn’t trouble anyone these days. Bellamy is defo a step up and offers a different option on the left and up front as well as pace which is the most important attribute for success in Champs league and Prem. Thanks for not a lot Keane

  8. Oh and City are making a mistake losing their proven Prem players and bringing in Robinhoesque players that go missing in the winter – I’d take Ireland, De Jong, etc all day long
    Like someone else has already commented it was their defence and changing manager that cost them not players like Bellamy

  9. Would rather have Huntelaar as he will be hungry to restore his reputation. Build the forward line aroud him and he will get you goals. Would love to sign Connor Wickham but loan him out to a foreign team such as Ajax where the tehnical side of his game would be improved.

    I’d be a bit disappointed if we signed Bellamy, as I wouldn’t regard this as a ‘marquee’ signing, as Harry suggested we were after.

    To be honest, I’d be suprised if City let Bellamy go. Surely they must need the likes of him and Richards to fill their quota of homegrown players etc. for the new squad rules?

    Now, if we could get Tevez from them…

  10. Well if Robbie sulks at Villa it wont be because of the rotation at Villa?, it’ll be because he’s rubbish. Personally I’d have swapped Keane with Heskey, and I think Emil is the footballing equivalent to a tree (stands in a field and does FA) But if its to get Bellamy, then that’s fine by me. Love his commitment and passion, and perhaps we wont be as easy to turn over away from home as we have been. Whether Bellamy is a popular character with his team mates is debatable, but if you look at any of the fans views, he’s always the player who they love. Probably get two seasons out of him, but that’s equally a good move for all concerned. But Keane leaving is even better, hate him with passion, annoying, irritating, messer, who for some reason or another has conned people into believing that he’s a class act.

  11. bad decision if we sign bellamy, hes an arrogant bully who would upset the karma at spurs,we need more of a play maker(joe cole) would be nice, huntelaar would also be an believe we need to give the likes of danny rose more of a chance,and other youngsters a go…arry,s always brought out the best in old n young players.think we need to off load jenas and keane, bring in carrick or parker,think dawson and hudds, will have a great season…..coys..

  12. Craig will be a big improvement over Robbie. Robbie likes to come inside too soon whereas Craig can go and go all day long and likes to slip it round the back occasionally. Know what I mean boys? Looking forward to seeing you nice boys in the Paxton Road again this season. Please llok me up?

  13. What a load of rubbish, Levy will not pay the money wanted for a 30+ player, it’s more crap along the same lines. Yes Keane will go but Harry is looking for fire power not men who can run up and down a wing. Goal scores and proven ones at that are all he will bring in, about the 25/26yrs of age range. All the talk in the papers and on the ‘net’ are just that TALK … Harry’s biggest downfall is he keeps saying ‘what a great player he is’ (or words to that effect, so everybody jumps on the bandwagon and thinks he wants to sign him, he would do better saying something like, not bad but not for us, then the media might just leave well alone … (fat chance)

  14. Loan wickham to Ajax! why so he could get better technique it don’t work like that send him to some1 in england to get used to pace and physcial side then bring back in Jan and give him chance in carling cup looks better prospect than Obilka,Mason and the rest of underachivers we got! if it was as easy to ship players out to Ajax all the time why not bring there coaches to England sure they would do better job than what we got a moment we nether bring through anyone that is class last one was king

  15. Appalling grammar and syntax.

  16. Joe and Craig are exactly what the team needs now.

    Fabinio is just paper talk.

    Bellamy and Cole will add goals, and experience, and a winning mentality.

    Welcome to the lane lads !!

  17. Chiv – what a load of rubbish, they r the WRIONG players for Spurs … COYS

  18. If ppl are going to subscribe to the belief that buying big names is what wins you trophies then we’re f*ck*d.
    Man City are miles ahead.

  19. Quote from above ”I rate Crouchie, our best forward at the moment” ….Well when you best forward doesnt hit double figures you know you have a problem. Get rid of Crouch and Pav. Get in Falaco. If we get Bellermy you know we will have some passion on the pitch. I dont think its a bad signing at all. But please Hodgson….Make my summer a good one. Take The lanky tosser and keep him!

  20. Crouch aint our best but hes been pretty damn useful you’d have to be pretty ignorant not to see that.
    I like crouchie think hed suite the role of super sub.
    Bring him on in the 60th, go long, pow! GOOOOOOOOOAAAAL!
    The WC would of been a bit different if he got more of a look in IMHO.

  21. To be fair, if any of us play around with different formations and players we’ve got and the few players mentioned above it makes pretty good reading really!? Man Utd and Chelsea should be the benchmark we want to compare ourselves to as they have been the most consistent over the last 3-4yrs…now after seeing our performances last year we should be able to compete with the lads we have plus a few additions. Bellamy cole and high scoring marquee striker (fabiano, huntelaar?) will only add the points we lost to the likes of wolves. The future is very bright in my opinion, man city are the team pushing most but if our lads have the belief after last season and don’t fear any opposition then why can’t we properly mount a title challenge.

  22. Every club that buys crouch sells him. For one reason. He isnt good enough. If he’d played in the WC nothing wouold have been different. we would still have come home without a thing. He is a poor player period!!

  23. Bellamy would definitely be an improvement on Keane though I do have concerns about his affect on team morale…
    However Bellamy and Cole ? Where does that leave Modric and Krankcar not to mention younger prospects like Rose? Fabiano would be great – I think we a far more prolific finisher than we have at present… But I wonder if those who run down Crouch actually saw the game against Man City ?

  24. Peter4Spurs

    You say that Joe Cole and Craig Bellamy are rubbish and the wrong players for Spurs.

    So why does Redknapp want them both ? It is because he knows they are the RIGHT players for the club.

    Harry knows a lot more about what we need than someone throwing around insults on a message board like you are.

  25. Wow how easy my fellow Spurs fans can wipe away a great Spurs player from our History and Compare him with a nutter. Yes we know Bellend better because he played down here where i live in the north west and some of is antics make is speed and form suspect to say the least. He even rowed with Mancini over having his own Physiotherapy. Let me Inform you on his mental state. He chased Alonso with a golf club flew at another player grabbed a girl in a night club and called her a fat ugly so and so and got off with it because of his fancy lawyer. He his not in the same League has Robbie on and off the field . Trust me he will carry on Scoring Goals for Spurs , because if Villa or any other team buy him he will score against us and take the points from us its Celtic or stay for me .COYS

  26. Chiv – Does he? or does he just get manipulated by the media more than others? The papers r full of crap, the ‘net’ is full of crap and both players are crap, if cole was that good why did chelski let him go on a free? If belamy is that good why did a team lower than us feel that they needed to replace him? Spurs want the BEST not 2nd best…. COYS

  27. you are all on about these players, bellamy would be great. let pav and keane go and also bring in another quality striker. my concern is if bale plays left midfield, akkotto and corrlucka(prob spelt them wrong) are not good enough. we need 2 new full backs then we have got a chance of league.

  28. Us @ City had the exact same sentiments when Bellamy signed for £14 million. I think it took around 10 games before we were all eating plenty of humble pie and welcoming Bellamy into our lives!

    He’s a quality player and although he may have “issues” he would be a fantastic signing for any player and a fresh lease of life.

    I’m 50/50 about him staying/leaving so I can’t add anymore!

  29. Bellamy would be a bad signing, high drama high maintenence, I would play dos santos in Bellamy’s postion anyday, or is we get Djolo from sporting on the cheap play him.

  30. we’ll take bellamy and ierland off them anyday ,the bloody fools dont have a clue do they , not only do they not know how to use what’s at their disposal but they want to go out and spend astronomical amounts of money on players who are no better ,fine management ,we’ll finish above them again this season and spend only a fraction to do it .I reckon they will have to spend about a billion before they win the league .

  31. paul smith at spurs odyssey says its done deal… which for me is as good as a photo of bellamy holding the shirt shaking ‘arry’s hand!

  32. this site keeps gushing out useless trash, the writing is simply terrible.

  33. craig bellamy is miles better than robbie keane. he can control the ball and has the ability to run as if not in quick sand. oh and he can actually shoot. we dont need robbie we aren’t in relegation troubles. send him to villa or convince newcastle to take him, or even sunderland, they are the tottenham reject team.
    luis fabiano yes please.. craig bellemy .. yes please. joe cole.. im not sure i think modric is our man.

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  37. what happened to turan??? was all over that we would sign him, and now nothing?? and why do we by players who was verry gooooood, some time ago? not that bellamy is bad, better than all of ours, but i read gattuso?????WTF. harry need to get those players soon, to get them used to the way we play, and get to know all the other players, whats taking so long? get it fixed. and cole is suposedly a liverpool player..

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