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May 302011

Be interesting to get people’s perspectives on this one.

We all know how desperate we are for new strikers and how much it probably cost us again this season. The question is this, we have Jermain Defoe, Peter Crouch and Roman Pavlyuchenko and let’s say for argument’s sake that we have to sell 2 and only one can stay, who would it be?

Defoe is probably on his day one of the most dangerous strikers around but this season was probably his worst season in his career. He did suffer a long-term injury but do we think he has lost it or was it a one-off bad season? There is no doubt that Defoe is a greedy little bastard but sometimes that is needed and he probably our only striker capable of creating his own chances in front of goal.

Roman Pavlyuchenko has been our most prolific striker in front of goal over the past 2-3 years with the ratio of goals to minutes on the pitch. Pav seems to be most dangerous when he comes off the bench and even if it’s only the last 10 mins will usually bag himself a goal but when he get’s 90 mins he rarely scores.

Peter Crouch is a good aerial threat but does this change the way the team plays in a negative way? Crouch had a poor season in regards to goal scoring but is a real team player and we owe a lot to him in regards to the Champions League. His red card was his lowest point this season but I think we all remember the goals he scored to get us to where we were and so forgiveness was easy for his mistake against Madrid.

There is cause to point the finger at the new formation with the introduction of Rafael Van der Vaart which seemed to affect all of our strikers goal ratios. Do 3 strikers really become that bad overnight or was the new style of play partly to blame? Having said all this I still think it’s clear we need some new firepower but if we keep one of our existing 3 strikers who would you most like to stay, Crouchy, Defoe or Pav?

I’ll let you guys pick first………

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  46 Responses to “2 Out and Only 1 Can Stay……”

  1. no brainer it has to be pav who stays full stop.. crouch aint good enough and defoe giving off to much bad vibes. plus doesnt do it aganist the big clubs. while am spouting offf harry redknapp can piss off to

  2. Pav. Crouch and Defoe can both do one.

  3. Id probrably have to go for pav ….

  4. Pav is the best !he can stay the others can go :) But we need 2 c his wow goals more often :)

  5. Pav and even would prefer Keane to Defoe. Keane would of got double what Defoe has got in terms of goals and not to mention he would of had a few assists and got us Champions league if he had the red carpet treatment Defoe and Crouch has had. Bad management!

  6. the vodka boy is the only option, i belive he still has a pretty impresive goals to games ratio and when compared to jd or 3mp he’s the only striker that has scored against anyone other than mid table or below.
    The bigger question is, would you swap bale for the world class striker we so desperatly need?

  7. As Wiseyid implied: Why does everyone forget that Keane is a Spurs player? The 2 out for me are Keane & Defoe.

    • Because everyone accepts that Keane doesn’t have a Spurs career any more unless you think that 2 loans in 2 seasons says otherwise?

  8. None of them are good enough, as they all lack some vital qualities. Defoe lacks any sort of vision. He doesn’t spot the right ball to play and all too often goes it alone when a better option is available. Crouchy has no pace and is not an out and out goal-scorer. He has to rely on having someone else around him, á la VDV, in order to be effective. Pav is the real conundrum IMO. He has undoubted skill and intelligence and has the ability to score from anywhere and with any part of his body. Unfortunately, he has no work rate and seems to lack any sort of motivation or desire, which is why he always goes missing when on from the start. Get rid of the lot and start again.

  9. Why have we mentioned “Bale” in this conversation, why do we have to swap/sell “Bale” for a world class striker?

    Crouch ~ No Pace, No Shooting Power, No Heading Power, No Heading direction, No physical strength, along with poor hold up play ~ No brainer

    Defoe ~ Can’t read the line 9/10 is always caught offside, too greedy when the simple pass is there, constantly runs into cul-de-sac’s, poor, poor form this season & now can’t see him re-discover his prolific ability of previous seasons ~ Times up Defoe, C Ya

    Pav ~ Sometimes looks like his confidence is shattered, being brought on to save a game makes him desperate at times, hold up play could be better, heading ability seems good, but would like to see more of it, Shots to goals ratio is impressive, shooting ability is very good as you know its been hit, strength in the game is improving as like many B4 him, was a bit overawed by the speed & physicality of our game, more game time & support from the management is definitely needed for this boy ~ So therefore he gets my nod, 10 to 20 goals next season without a doubt

    • The only way pav will score 20 is on fifa11. What is it with all these pav worshippers, the bloke is a complete donkey.

      • He’s a donkey with a 1 in 2.6 goal ratio for Spurs though – which isn’t too bad considering how many of his appearances have been as a sub (which isn’t reflected in the stats).

        • How is pav a donkey, do you watch tottenham. All the strikers have had bad season, this doesnt make them all bad players. They are all capable in this league but they there not good enough to get us into the champions league every year. If 2 go it will be pav and crouch, even though i rather see defoe go a pav stay. who ever goes we can only hope we get a better player , starting to regret the sale of bent , o well COYS

          • More like do you watch Tottenham? It baffles me how anyone can rate him. So what if he has scored a few, how many has he missed is more to the point. The amount of chances we create is a dream for a decent striker, and that is not pav. Get rid of pav,keane and crouch.

    • with the boy carol going for 35 and torres for 50 i see the only way we could even contemplate world class and i meen world class striker is part of an exchange with a team from europe as a player plus cash deal,if we think the likes of defoe and pav are worth a combined 25-30 at a push then who and for how much? i was trying to gage the lengths other yids would go to for a striker.

  10. as long as defoe goes I don’t mind who joins him,

    • RE HERE HERE! Sell before value falls too far. We need young and hungry,possibly Sturridge and Welbeck.

  11. I’d prefer to think of what shape our team plays, what the Plan B is and which players best fit this.

    With VDV in the hole and One striker, we need someone to hold up play and spread it wide to Sonic and Bale, knock downs and general leading the Line. Question Does Pav work hard enough to do that all season? If we get Berbatov back do we have Berbs with Pav as back up?

    Something different: Imagine we have conceded a calamitous goal after dominating the game (hard to imagine I know…) We now need 2 strikers up. At least one has to have pace and be able to turn defenders. Do we ditch Defoe and look at Bellemy, Rodallega or someone from abroad who has no idea how to play in the Prem? Could Defoe not have an attitude adjustment from Harry, work hard and come back banging them in?

    Plan C, If we need an aerial threat, would class header of the ball like Klose be a better option than Crouch or Pav?

    Lastly, if we change the lot, is this not a high risk strategy and do we risk doing a Ramos?

    and another thing…. Its the stupid goals we conceded that really cost us dear this season. and they were not all down to Gomes

  12. I have never rated Pav. For all the miracle goals he has scored, he has missed twice as many easy tap ins. He is also terrible at holding the ball up and passing. Whenever he starts a game he gets lost in the wilderness and has no impact up until he is eventually subbed in the 60th or so minute when Harry can’t take it any more.

    Yet, despite these major flaws he would be the one that I would keep. Crouch is rubbish and Defoe has lost it. Although I rate Defoe, he has gone too shit. He will continue to be like this as long as he is at Spurs. Although if we sell him, watch him bag 20 goals for whoever he is sold too.

    I would like to see us bring in Falcao, Berbatov, and/or Adebayor. Falcao is just brilliant and is who I’m really hoping for. Berbatov has never lost any of his magic, he just doesn’t play for United and Adebayor will add alot more then the 4 strikers we currently have.

  13. i think everyone needs to put defoes season in perspective
    it was by far his worst season in a spurs shirt and we all know what he can do when he is shown the love he needs to succeed – he is such a confidence player
    the first time he left he was underperforming but went to portsmouth where he got the love he needed and started banging them in
    last season he was shown the love and scored 20+
    this year he got injured and then struggled to get back into the team and this effected him when did play
    he is better than he has shown

    that being said i would keep crouchy despite the fact that no one on here will agree with me
    pav is the worst of the bunch
    all he can do is shift the ball and shoot…he has nothing else to his game and being alone up top requires a more complete striker

  14. spurs guv, u are, it seems the complete donkey, you have obviously more knowledge than every other poster here, as only you think pav is shit, i guess facts mean nothing to a moron like you?

    • Lets all bow to rich g, youve had your pathetic lil say now fuck off you mong. What are the facts then? Pav is lethal, pav is hardworking, pav will take us to the next level, pav is amazing.
      RICH G IS GAY.

      • Boys! I think is the RIGHT word.
        Can we grow up and stop name calling?

        I think either of your opinions are as valid as the other, although obviously only my opinion is right ;-)

  15. Get rid of all of them. Not quite sure what games the Pav fans watch, 2 good goals against Birmingham but as a footballer he’s simply shocking, problem is Defoe and Crouch are as bad. As for bringing forwards in we can name our favourite FM 2011 players all day long, just hoping that Berbatov is willing to come back. If anything he’ll bust a gut against United.

    • On a positive note, our strikers have provided opportunities for VDV. especially Crouch.
      If we get new strikers, we need to ensure that the supply chain remains fruitful.

      For argument sake, we ditch the lot and get in Berbs, Falcao, Bellemy and Rodellaga or Sturridge at the combined test of almost a Torres. There is currently only one space up front! How are we going to keep them all happy?

      • You seem to assume that VdV has a space up front guaranteed. Novel idea – how about we go back to 4-4-2, play 2 up front and score more goals? Then you keep them all happy by playing the 2 “backup” strikers plus VdV in the cups (Europa, FA & Carling) and rest games and play the other 2 the rest of the time. Assuming a semi-decent cup run, all 4 or 5 would get 20-25 appearances each roughly.

        • I’ve been saying since February VDV unbalances our team. He maybe a better player than most but does he make us a better team. The results would suggest no. No, only 55 goals and only 62 points. In 2009-10 season, 67 goals and 70 points.
          442 suits us playing with our wide players. VDV coming deep at every opportunity leaves us with one striker with no support. How many times this season have we put great crosses into the 6 yard box and none of our strikers have come close to tapping them in? Pathetic!!! I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say its at least 2/3 crosses on a plate per game.

          What we have needed is a Lineker type striker whose not spectular but is always on the end of crosses. VDV wants to score special goals from outside the box. He is a luxory player. He should use him as an impact player from the bench. 442 is the way forward with or without VDV. VDV wants to play as a play maker but Modders is much better than him, so he needs to play higher up the pitch, in or around our striker. Berba could be the man?!!!

  16. your all f**king idiots, pav is a waste of space, so what he’s scored more than defoe this season, have u seen how much more playing time he’s had? lets not forget defoe’s performance last season, he played amazing, so he’s had ONE bad season for spurs, and he was injured for half of it so he was never guna return at his best, just like van der vaart and bale didn’t return at there best too.
    pav may score every now and then, but he has absolutely no impact on a match, its as if he isnt even there sometimes, our team has become a good passing team, yet everytime the ball reaches pav, we lose it, he jus pops out a goal every now and then but so does defoe when he plays bad, like he did against wolves, and blackpool.
    Defoe and Crouch should both stay, crouch is a good asset to have, he adds another dimension to our game if things aren’t going well for us, and when we change it like that (providing harry hasn’t left it until the 89th minute) the other teams dont know how to deal with him.
    pavs goal to minute ratio may be good, but his goal to shot ratio is not, given the amount of chances he has, defoe would certainly score more.

    • Rich g wont like what you say about pav mate! How anyone rates pav is beyond me, he is shocking.

  17. Defoe to stay…

  18. I don’t know a supporter who would insist on keeping any of them. So the question is who can we get a profit on or our money back.

    We payed:
    £14m for Pav, lucky to get £12m now.
    £15m for JD, could probably get £15m from the Magpies
    £12m for Crouchie, probably get £10m now
    £8m for VDV, could probably get double,£16m now.

    Sell Keano for £6/7m to QPR. I rated Gio Dos Santos after his impressive world cup, but he loved partying more than Spurs. Sell him to Santander for 11m Euros.

    VDV has unbalanced our successful CL qualifying team. We are a better team without him. I would sell him and make a handsome profit. Sell any 2 of the others that we could break even on or make a profit. All the strikers have been firing blanks, but could all come good again without VDV.

    Then buy any 2 from Van Nisteroy, Owen, Berbatov, Klose, Drogba, Raul, Gervinho, Falcao, Hulk, Huntalaar, Lukake, Wickham, or Damicao.

    Come on Levi. Get busy, but don’t even think about selling Modders or Our Welsh Wizard.

    • At least get the spellings right!! i bet you have not even seen half those players play yet you are gassing like you are some sort of Talent scout.

      VDV is the guy we should be building our team around and our top scorer, oh but goals mean nothing I forgot!

      Lets blame VDV for Defoe for being shi t!! That’s a genius!!

  19. raul, van nistlerooy or owen? mate were building a squad that will last at consistantly compete at the top, we dont need past there peek veterans, and vand der vaart has improved us, it was only since him and bale got injured that our form slipped. i agree that defoe and pav may find it hard playing with him tho, but crouch and him were a god send at the start of the season. crouchy may not score much but he a suprisingly effective player to have. we definately do need to keep VDV but we need to find a striker that would work perfectly with him, berbatov would be fantastic with him but i thinks its unlikely he’ll return purely as his ego wouldnt let him. falcao, gervinho or klose i think shuld be top priority, and also im slightly worried that there hasn’t been much talk of us buying a right back this summer, hutton is inconsistant and corluka, as good as he is, is just too slow against top teams. also unsure of friedel seein as he’s 40, i think a move for foster would have been smarter but there both far better than gomes so its still an improvement. YIDS!

    • Mike,
      Take your point about the oldies, but my point is buy an old pro who wants to finish his career with a BANG and who also won’t mind sitting out the odd game for a rest, plus getting in YOUNG HUNGRY player such as STURRIDGE, WICKHAM, LUKAKE.

      As for not getting a new right back we don’t need one. We have KYLE WALKER whose had agreat season and has just made the England squad. Corluka is a steady RB and Kyle will be a fantastic understudy or might get in ahead of him. We also have Kyke NAUGHTON at Leicester. Their player of the season. We don’t need a new RB.

      VDV unbalances our team no question. He can’t play on the right or left as he drifts in field, so we lose our width. Our strenth has been on the wings with Lennon and Bale, so VDV can’t play there. If he stays he must be played just behind the striker, not as a deep holding midfielder trying to out play Modders. Luka doesn’y need him in the CM. Any strikers we get must be able to play a holding role up front to allow VDV to support him.

      Y I D OOOOOOO!!!!!!

      Friedel is a leader on the pitch. Great communicator, inspirational goalkeeper who is as solid as a keeper as you could find. My only reservation is his age and fitness, but he has just played 300 matches on the spin so fitness can’t be an issue. An excellent free. Should be just what we need for a couple of seasons. Cudicini looked good at the end of the season, so Freidel will have a battle for the No1 jersey.

      • He made the England squad and was told to go and learn how to defend. He started well at Villa and fell away. He is good going forward but a suspect defender. Until he can defend he is no better than what we have. Kaboul does better there, he just needs to learn not to let opponents cut inside him on his left.

    • Or Shay Given, sitting doing nothing at City and a proven quality keeper even if he is a touch small.

  20. defoe, he is usually very prolofic and pav is lazy people are only saying keep pav because of the two goals against birmingham but what about defoe against wolves

  21. The beanpole has to go (please god let Sunderland take him) personally I’d still get rid of the other two but as Defoe gonna be busy on a Thursday night, let him go and play pav in the Europa league!

  22. My first choice to sell would be Crouch. Hernandez has more succes in the air than him and he is a lot smaller but even worse, besides having a decent assist from time to time, he presents no threat when it comes to shooting, positioning or tacking on defenders… Pav would be the last I would sell. He recently stated that he wants to stay and he would love to play in Europa League. For me he is the best we had this season and I kept saying it from december when he didn’t even get many games and scored less than Crouch. I kept saying he can do the job better than the other 2 and he proved it eventually till the last minute of the season. He had his ups and downs but definitely the most consistent and threatening striker we had on the pitch this season.

  23. Crouch doesn’t win enough balls in the air unless he is playing in Europe, opposition just push him out the way and the refs give nothing. He can’r shoot and when he gets a headed chance generally misses it.

    Defoe shoots at the middle of the goal, doesn’t score regularly against the top sides and has a poor goal scoring record away from home, he likes to score against weak teams.

    Pav can’t hold the ball up, he loses possession to easily putting us back under pressure. He is not particularly good in the air and the goals he scores are often long range shots. Where are all the tap-ins to go with it?

    None of the above three attack the six yard box enough, they react when a ball is played there which is to late. They don’t feign moves to the back post then dart to the near post to give the crosser an easy target.

    Keane started to do this regularly when playing with Berbatov, but Keane is only any good if he is playing every week, he can’t come on and make an impact or play every third week.

    The Europa League and league cup, possibly even the FA Cup will require our second string attack getting an outing but which of those three it will be goodness knows.

    VDV and our purchase will be first choice and play every game when fit, whoever stays will sit on the bench. Crouch is probably happiest doing that. Whatever happen and wherever he plays Defoe won’t have a shocker like last season.

  24. Defoe has alway let Spurs down in all the seasons he has been with us …. more interested in being fit for an England caps then coming back injured. Please tell me when he was last a threat to any defence for 90 mins. If you look at his stats he has had one impressive season the reast are mediocore, he may want to play for Spurs but I am afraid if Spurs have designs on being a regular top 4 team & a CL winner then we have to look for real quality that can perform at the top level!

    To improve Spurs will noy have to sell thier best players at all …… if the squad was trimmed by 25% (including Defoe & of course Keane) with the aquisition of 2/3 absolute top class players then look out the rest of the PL!

    • Defoe has no brains. He whacks everything. No judgement, no thought, no placement, just whack!!!!
      Time to trim the squad and freshen it up. You are 100% correct. We are 2/3 quality players short. If we can get quality young hungry strikers we are a serious threat to the top 3.

  25. Spank the lot of them on their fat arses with their out of tune Banjos as they walk out of the WHL gates. Buy two class and blood the young blood. Get the Brazilian in to keep Sandro happy. ;) COYS!

  26. I would sell all three. Each one of them is fine for a mid-table team, but not for the kind of team Spurs are trying to build. Why should we keep a striker that does not score regularly?

  27. Three out for me… Keane, Defoe & Crouch can get tae f uck!

  28. PAV to stay but needs to man up for his size…..defoe too small and weak with it,gets bullied around and most of the time he goes missing.His finishing was his main attribute and that for this season has not been evident.
    crouch im tired of ….slow, clumsy and generally not gonna get past the top 4 teams if they have ,rooney drogba’s etc who score the goals when the chances come.
    I think spurs matched all teams they came up against this season everywhere else on the pitch but our forwards could not break thru and ruffle enough feathers.But who to buy??….we need a top class striker but they are all taken and with stupid release clause’s in their contracts….Falcao looks good but £26 m release clause !!.
    Final note Harry is gettin stick and sum i can def understand but goin from bottom to champ league glory with a great left winger in bale we had our taste and maybe we should sit back and be proud of em and what they did…its too early to think we should have that all as a given right every season as it has all happened so fast…top 8 in europe…just pleased after 30 yrs as a spurs fan i finally got to see them line up with that champs league music,and we could all be long dead b4 it happens again….well done Harry and come on you spurs!!!……replace defoe with GIO!!

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