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Jun 042013

Bit of a random but he does randoms when he wants just like rowntree.

It’s no secret that we have a good team but our strikers let us down, not up to par, not good enough for a wannabe top four side, whatever you want to say but it has cost us in the last few years. We never replaced Berbatov properly and as we got £30m for him that was criminal not to do so but that’s what Levy does, sells our best players and buys cheap alternatives.

Ok so here goes, you can pick two strikers from past and put them into this current team (we can all dream). Let’s keep this simple and say from the Premier League era only so the younger readers don’t feel left out.

Strikers only, so no Ginola but you can have Andy Booth or Grzegorz Rasiak if you like.

For me it would be Sheringham and Klinsmann, now with that strikerforce in this team we would win the league and then Champions League the following season.

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  4 Responses to “2 Strikers In This Current Spurs Side”

  1. Simple for me. Keane and Berbatov had an amazing partnership for one season and if we recreated that together with bale at his current form then the league would be ours

  2. Levy is starting to piss me off with his penny pinching all the time

    • I presume you are offering your own £30m then? You spend spend to a budget, or you go under. If we only have, lets say £25m to spend, and we need a Gallas replacement, a passing midfielder and a striker then there’s little point spunking it all on one, is there. Use your head. With Chelsea/Man City/PSG/Monaco/Zenit/Anzhi splashing the cash we have to find value – Berbs, Bale and Modric were all mid-priced, and all fantastic – Dortmund don’t spend big at all. That is our financial level. That is the reality. We just consistently need more Bale’s and less Bentley/Pav/Bent’s.

  3. I will go for Klinsmann and Berbatov. Both intelligent players with style and instinct.

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