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Oct 272013

Two things I want to talk about and get your views on following our 1-0 win of Hull.

There seems to be a pattern against the bottom teams, we seem to win 1-0 with a Soldado penalty, we can’t go on winning like this. We have to break teams down better than we are doing, it’s painful to watch at times. I prefered the 0-0 draw we had with Hull back in 2010 because at least we made the keeper play a blinder and I wasn’t worried because we played really well.

Our team may still need to gel and even AVB doesn’t know his best starting XI. Soldado is a good striker but in this system was he really the right buy? Can he play the forward role on his own or was that big target man crucial?

The second point is that AVB picked up on the negative atmosphere around WHL. I have to agree somewhat, it’s not the same noisy WHL I am used to. I don’t know if that was because it was only Hull and the fans wasn’t really that motivated. I saw some fans hit back by saying that the negative system is filtering through to the fans and they too are becoming negative in our support.

Is AVB right? Does White Hart Lane need a lift in support or does AVB need to be more adventurous in his tactics? I think a bit of both. Against the bottom teams especially at home I would like to see two strikers or at the very least play an extra attacking / creative midfielder instead of two holding midfielders as we have a good enough defence to cope with the odd attack. I hate to say it but Arsenal do it right, they go to attack and we should too, we have the players there to do it but not always the formation and desire in some matches.


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