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May 302011

Ok fair enough Modric has been heavily linked with Manchester United and why not, he’s our best player and a true talent so you would expect him to be link with clubs like this.

What really bothers me is that a lot of reports say United are looking at £20m, yes I know they are only reports but even the dumbest reporter surely must have been having a laugh when the fee was said to be around £20m. You can pretty much double that before you get Modric’s true valuation.

If Fergie only wants to spend £20m that’s fine, we’ll sell him Jermaine Jenas instead with Robbie Keane but £20m wouldn’t even buy him Modric’s turd he left down the toilet.

Seriously I don’t know who makes these figures up, I am not going to blame Man Utd because I know it wasn’t them but the people who report this stuff, do they even watch football? If Modric wants to leave it will be difficult to hold on to him and so we have to rely on the fact that when he says Spurs are on the way to greatness that he really believes it and wants to stay. There’s no doubt in my mind that United will try to sign him, I guess we will find out if he is loyal and if not…… They can expect to pay a hell of a lot more than £20m. Levy is shrude and would hold them to ransom before he ever sold Modders.

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  1. i wouldn’t sell him for 40 m

    • Great player but doesnt get enough assists or goals, and as soon as Hudds back he gets pushed out to the left where he is ineffective anyway.

      I would sell for 40 million, sign Marin for 18million who is exactly the same except scores goals and plays out wide right or left side

  2. I wouldn’t sell him for any price. He’s happy here, why should it even be considered?

    • Exactly. Who on Earth do you replace him with? Don’t consider anything for him, Harry said he wouldn’t sell him for one billion pounds but we’ll see I suppose.

      • It would be different if he wanted to leave – but the little lad is as loyal as they come. He is a legend in the making, make him feel welcome. I’d even go as far as signing another Croatian when Kranjcar leaves to make him feel all the more at home.

  3. I love it when our best players are linked away from our club for 20 million (modders), 25 million(Bale). Yet when were linked for players, shite ones its always in excess of 15 million (kenwyn Jones, Scott parker, carlton cole). Not being funny but if Palacios was 15 million then modric is 5 times that. Mr Levy please tell old red nose to do one

  4. 60-80 and thats even maybe lol 20 mil plus berba rooney hernandez and vidic then sweet

  5. i find it frustrating that media seem intent in making man utd stronger by doing whatever they can to try and unsettle our top players.even thou levy said none of our top stars are for sale,we all know what man utd want,they get. i want us to be up there and hopefully competing with the likes of man u,arse,city and chelsea but it will be hard with the biast media towards man u in this country.

    i also think we need to have our manager postion cleared up to.
    despite being asked over and over again about the chelsea job and the change in the betting market
    harry not once has said no im staying and happy at spurs.hes only ever said,its news to me and i havent heard from anyone.

  6. Some Scottish idiot called Ian McGarry, who always seems to be pro Chelsea, has just said that Modders is going to Chelsea for £30m, according to him he wants to leave Spurs. Utter bilge !!!!! The same journo has also stated that Sneijder is going to Manure, and Ashley Young to Liverpool.

  7. I’m sure Krancjar could do the job Modric has done… 40 million in the bank – ka-ching!

  8. The 20m is a false starter. This, I am afraid, is very much part of the United machine.

    They start off at 20m in July, rejected. Just before the end of a July dominated by will he/won’t he/friends of Modric say… United follow with a £28m bid, rejected.

    Mid Aug, after an interview with ex United players highlighting Modric’s stepping up to a CL team etc.. united bid £30m.

    Realistically the only way to silence these is to show Modric, Bale VDV etc.. That we are stepping up and strengthing, by buying a top top striker.

    We need to convince our best players that we are serious about our progress, otherwise United will be the easy option.

  9. I would say 20 mill is about right, based on the fact that Barcelona think they can get Cesc Fab for 30 mill.

    40 mill is just a joke, I wouldn’t expect to pay that for Sneijder who has double the qualities of Modric.

    The Jan transfer window was a shambles with Carroll going for 35 mill!!!! If they waited till this summer I strongly believe he would of gone for no more than 15 mill.

    I’m personally quite bored with utd buying your players! I hope you keep them and pip man city to the Champs league spot next year!

    Good luck for next year.

  10. Triffic, do you have an original thought in your head or do you simply regurgitate points of view that others have already posted? btw shrewd is spelled SHREWD…and spellcheck is free but then I’m sure you are shrewd enough to figure that out ;)

  11. I’m sorry guys, but is it really improbable that Modders is considering leaving? Did’nt he say that one of the reasons he is enjoying his time at Spurs is because “there are Croatians here”? Well, we all know that Kranjcar is being pushed out by Redknapp and that Neville could be on his way to replace Corluka.

    I’d hate to see him go. and if Daniel Levy sells to Manchester United again he should be made to explain to the board why he is intent on building them at our expense. (He can sell abroad, or to Man City for twice the amount offered by United). But, lets not bury our heads in the sand, Luka could be playing in red soon. :-(

  12. I think the valuations put on players these days are daft. I believe Modric is a good player and would be a fine addition to most premier league clubs. However, if the comments of £40 million are to be believed then that puts modric in the category of Kaka, Sneider, Zidane et al. Is he as world class as the afore-mentioned? I personally don’t think so.

    But….. price is relative to demand…… if my glorious club DO want to part with that kind of money then it would only be on the basis that others were chasing.

  13. Modric will definitely not be going to Citeh, ManUre or Chelskum, and they can just keep dreaming….And how ironic that Berbatoss is being linked with a part exchange….after the debacle where ManUre unsettled him and virtually bullied us into selling him, including the bit where Taggart personally met him in a car, Levy claimed that whilst he was THFC Chairman, we would never sell another player to them oop north, lets hope he is as good as his word….but unfortunately Taggart knows how to manipulate and use his jorno ball licker friends into putting these stories out there, especially the alexferguSUN newspaper!

  14. Being a Barcelona fan I would say you better try something as it was pretty one sided

  15. got bored with berba now we want a new toy. do one bacon face

  16. if torres is 50 million modric is more. how about; smalling (we need a cb) nani, da silva twins, rooney, chicharito, 60 million and build us a stadium. well give you jenas, bentley and keane :)

  17. We should sell Van Der Vaart to Utd and get Berbatov but Fergie wont have that one or ask for Nanni and Berbatov that should shut Shaking hands. r. Modric only has to look at Berbatov to see how you can be a hit at one club and unhappy at another and the way he bullies players and throws boots e is better at Spurs. Also he wont like living in Manchester.

    • Davspurs, most of the players live in Chesire, like Wilmslow, which is like our Hadley wood, Chigwell areas. Been for a good piss up there when we beat Man shitty last season.

  18. *shrewd

  19. Manure, Chelski, ManCheating will not get Luka.
    He’s happy. On a long contract. On £65,000+ per week, contrary to £45,000 reported in the press this week.
    Unless he hands in a transfer request, which would be 180 degree u turn. Levi in his programme notes says hes not selling our stars. United have had Carrick and Berba because they weren’t happy at Spurs. Luka is. End of!!!!
    Shove it where the sun doesn’t shine all Manure bias press and Red Noses who have other ideas.

  20. Modric is worth £45m in today’s Citeh inflated transfer market. Torres £50m? Carroll £35m? Then Modric is worth more than double the reported price of £20m. And United simply can’t afford to spend that kind of money on just one player.
    They have to replace Van der Sar, Scholes, Giggs, Owen and Berbatov. The shite that Fergie has bought recently, like Bebe and Obertan, are not good enough. That is a minimum of 7 players that they have to replace in their 25 man squad.
    Good luck with that, United.
    If only they didn’t have The Glazers using them as a cash machine to finance their failed businesses and debts… Suckers!

  21. This story is not worth bothering about, so my coment is NO COMENT.

  22. Rather have Modders than sneijder and Kaka who aint the same player now. 20 mill is a joke. He’s going nowhere. Manc U fans should stop worrying about stuff like this and get down the clinic after the brutal ass pounding ya got sat night.

  23. @mufc19. Fabregas is worth less because he hasnt got 5 years on his contract,modric does. And sneijders brilliant I was the lane and was in awe of him, but behind bale that night modric run the whole show. The and modric will always pull strings like he has against every other team this year. If Carroll was bought for £35mil modric is an irreplaceable £50million since h has 5 years remaining

  24. Football is just business and every thing is possible, Modric may end up in manu this summer but for at least 40m. I think that Spurs will rather sell Bale and VdV they need money so bad.

  25. If bales £50mill then modric is far more considering it was he that was voted the player of the year by fans

  26. Hi there, I’m a United fan and I agree 100% with everything you’ve said. I believe that Luka Modrić is worth around £35-40 million. He is a excellent little player and I agree that he is Tottenham’s best player. If I were you I would be pissed off too if I heard our best player would be sold for nearly half their worth. But I can tell you that the reported offer is 90% lies. The person who started that rumour is Ian Ladyman from the Daily Mail. He is banned from Old Trafford for reporting lies, but he continues to report United stories which he makes up. So don’t listen to that rumour. If we do buy him, it would be only right that we do it for £35 million minimum, or cash plus a player or two. Good luck for next season Spurs, hope you do well.

  27. I’d would set the starting price at £50 million plus rooney and then we may consider doing business

  28. As #19 says, it’s a nonsense story trumped up by someone with a record of making up nonsense stories who’s even been banned from Old Trafford for previous offences!! So there you have it folks, most transfer stories are exactly the same as this one, made up rubbish. The ‘fee’ involved just shows you how bad this story is in every sense, it hasn’t even been thought through… I don’t think Levy will want to make statements like the one about not selling our best players and then doing the opposite, he’s not a stupid man. Unlike the hack in question!!!

  29. was there any reason to be rude? fucking hell..

  30. Nice one 19, but you still can’t have Modders!!!!
    Modders is going nowhere. Carrick and Berba were always going to leave for United, but Modders is happy at Spurs.

    If there were any approaches and I were Levi, I’d throw any approaches straight back at United. Tell them that the only way they would get Luka is by swopping him for Nani, Vidic and Rooney or £100m.

    No seriously, £40m won’t get him so £20m wouldn’t buy his shoelaces.

  31. Reasonable comments #19

    However when Berbatov was “kidnapped” at Manchester airport, Levy vowed never to sell to Utd again. Since then Levy flew to Croatia to get Modders to sign a new 6yr deal when he realised SAF was tapping him up. Also Toshack reported in August that Spurs had turned down a “massive” bid for Bale. A number of reports stated this was £23m from Utd. So Levy has got the backbone to carry through his commitment to keep our key players and not listen to offers.

  32. Modric worth 20 million- even with Berbatov thrown in? Or worth 35 million? NO, he is not. He is PRICELESS and we should not even think of selling him.

    Manure squeezed Carrick out of us – remember, he’s the player Jol was planning to build the team around? And then took Berbatov, currently the EPL top scorer. Tell Ferguson to go jump in the lake and spend his big wad of cash someplace else.

  33. agree #19 – as a Spurs fan, apologies to you.

  34. Also helps if he knew how to spell the surname of the World’s best footballer. Calls himself a football fan!

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