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Aug 312010

Speaking to Sky Sports Harry has just confirmed that Tottenham are trying to sign Van Der Vaart for £8million. Harry confirmed after reports that Tottenham had made a last minute deal to land the Dutch World Cup star.

Rafael Signs

Harry said that Spurs are just waiting for the FA to confirm the paperwork was all completed before the 6pm deadline and it seems as though Tottenham may just have beat the deadline.

Van Der Vaart will move to White Hart Lane for around £8million which is a snip, after falling out of favour at Real. This could be our marquee signing that we were promised.

Harry said he rated VDV as a top top player and will add strength to our midfield, he is a top passer of the ball, he also added. Spurs will have to wait for the  FA to confirm the transfer before an official announcement is made.

Take a sneak preview at what we can expect.

Without a doubt a quality player and he will be adored by us Spurs fans.

Aug 312010

Well we left it late as usual to try to sign a player on deadline day and it seems as though we will have to wait untill Van Der Vaart will be confirmed or not as a Spurs player. Below is how I think the phone call went.

Harry – Watch Ya Jose its Harry

Jose -  Hello Mr Redknapp how may I help you

Harry – Well Jose I don’t know if you know but the transfer window closes here in England in 5 mins and I need to sign a player, have you got any for sale me old mucker.

Jose – Ah Harry I am the special one and I might be able to help you out

Harry – Triffic Jose who have you got?

Jose – I have Rafael Van Der Vaart for sale Harry, would you like to buy him?

Harry – Oh I don’t know much about him, haven’t you got any players I have previously managed for sale?

Jose – Only Diarra but you already have signed one ex gooner this summer

Harry – Oh yeah good point, ok tell me more about Van Der Vaart

Jose – Well he is Dutch and played in the World Cup Final

Harry – OOOHH World Cup Final, ok I will take him because we only have 3 mins left before the window shuts, can you put him on the phone?

Jose – Not so fast Harry let’s talk money, I want £20mil

Harry – No chance make it £10mil

Jose – Ah Harry I heard you were a bit of a wheeler dealer


Jose – *rings back* Ok Harry I am sorry I was only joking because I am the special on remember.

Harry – Now we only have one minute left and I haven’t even spoken to Van Der Vaart yet, you will have to forge his signature Jose and fax me the paper work over, I will throw you a bung for your efforts.

Jose – Ok Harry you can have him for £8mil

Harry – Triffic stuff Jose but if Daniel Levy asks tell him we agreed £10mil ok?

Jose – Whatever Harry I am the special one, thank you

So there we have it, now it’s the waiting game.

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Aug 312010

Sky Sports are reporting Spurs may be in for a last minute bid for Rafael Van Der Vaart, if this is true then that’s more like it…..

Seems some frantic activity has been going on in the final moments down at Tottenham and Sky Sports are reporting that it is for a deal that would see Rafael Van Der Vaart join Tottenham. Van Der Vaart is surplus to requirements at Real Madrid and after a fine World Cup with Holland would be a real steal for Tottenham.

Reports are saying that Spurs have made a bid for Van Der Vaart but whether or not that has gone through or not remains to be confirmed, we will find out within the next hour.

David Bentley will join Fulham on loan but it seems that this deal is dependant on whether Spurs manage to land the Dutch star. So the next hour or two should be very interesting and intense for both players and fans as we await to find out whether we have landed a top class player.

The deadline has now passed and reporters are working on finding out if Tottenham managed to do any last minute business.


It seems as though we could be in for a long wait to see whether this deal has gone through or not, like when Arsenal fans had to wait to find out if the Arshavin deal had gone through in time.

Just watched an interview with Mark Hughes and he has played down the loan move for David Bentley although we will have to wait and see later on.

Sky Sports News stream in the forum if you want to watch it live then log in or sign up quick.

Aug 312010

Oh god, is this going to be our marquee signing that we have been promised? the one player that would push us onto the next level, a Liverpool bench warmer.

Sky Sports have reported that Ryan Babel has flown by helicopter to London for talks over a £10million move to Spurs, yes you hear right, if it isn’t bad enough we are buying him we are also prepared to shell out £10million.

There’s no doubt that on his day he can score a goal that can win us the odd game or two but having watched him for a few seasons now he seems to be one of the most inconsistent players I have ever seen.

On a plus side he was always regarded highly in Spurs and there is a chance that under Benitez that he just wasn’t managed right and maybe Harry can turn around the players fortunes. However you have to wonder with the arrival of Hodgson if Babel is a decent player then why has Hodgson decided to let him go so soon. Maybe Roy has seen what a lot of us suspect, that Babel just isn’t the class act many thought he would be as a youngster.

So after hearing this and after all the hype, personally I would give anything to be linked with Scott Parker again instead of Babel. However I will and do trust in Harry.

Liverpool have had a bid of £9million for Carlton Cole which means that Babel could also possibly be moved to West Ham as part of the deal and more than likely that will be the outcome. If Cole is going to Liverpool it means West Ham could command Babel on a season long loan due to limited time to find a replacement.

Remember you can watch the last hour of the transfer window in the forum, just sign up or login.

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Aug 312010

Watching Sky Sports News and the reporters collared Harry and asked if any transfers were on the cards for Tottenham. Harry point blank said no nothing and added he would be very surprised if any deals.

Harry did say except one or two loan deals for the youngsters he could see it being a quiet day for Spurs, he does like to play things down and he does like to toy with the media so don’t be surprised if he has something up his sleeve.

Redknapp denied links with Pienaar of Everton and when asked if there is anyone he would really like to sign he joked that he would like to sign Lionel Messi.

So Harry says no deals for Tottenham today but do we believe him? I am not convinced as we know Harry likes to toy with the media and throw them off the trail.

If you want to watch Sky Sports News while you sit at work then sign up to the FORUM and watch the day unfold live.

Aug 312010

No not for me either, but a couple of internet news sites plus newspapers are claiming Tottenham are to make a deadline day move for the Man City striker. My initial thoughts were that I hope someone is having a wind up here.

Emmanuel Adebayor seems to be out of favour at city now and could very well be sold although I doubt City would want to let him move to White Hart Lane. The reports say that Tottenham would only be interested in a loan move and would only pay half of the £170,000 a week Adebayor is currently on.

So could anyone see this happening? I can’t and I don’t think too many would welcome him in a Spurs shirt, the guy killed the spirit of the Arsenal dressing room and his ego would surely do the same to Spurs. If he could just keep a level head and see that he is not the world’s greatest striker then maybe he could spend more time concentrating on scoring goals.

Huntelaar and Fabiano won’t be coming to Spurs this season by the looks of it and I really hope this doesn’t mean we will turn our attentions to Emmanuel Adebayor, surely there is no truth in this. No doubt he is a good player but in my view more trouble than it’s worth, he ain’t no Berbatov. I’d rather keep the four strikers we have than have Adebayor in a Spurs shirt.

Let’s not get too carried away because the media might have fabricated this story but surely to god it can’t be true and part of me doesn’t even know why I am even bothering to put this into an article. So comments and thoughts in the box below and enjoy transfer deadline day.

Aug 302010

Well Fabiano has signed a new contract with Sevilla earlier today and Huntelaar looks set for Schalke, so if we really do need another striker then who is left out there?

Won't be earning his Spurs

Huntelaar would always have been a gamble because he hasn’t been prolific since his days in the Dutch league, but we all know Fabiano is a class act and would have been a decent buy for the right price. I think if we are to push on then we need what all the other top clubs have and that’s an out and out 20 goal a season man.

My gut tells me if we do anything we will end up with a Carlton Cole or Hugo Rodallega but surely we must be aiming higher than that. To me if we ever are to get a proven scorer we will need to look abroad. With only a few hours left of transfer deadline day unless Harry and Levy have something up their sleeves then I can’t see a new forward coming in.

Can someone explain to me why we are flooded with midfielders but yet our main transfer target seems to be Scotty Parker, now he is a good midfielder for a team that needs him but we have just had Sandro arrive and we have yet to sell any of our current midfielders which will mean a lot of unhappy faces on the bench.

So are you excited about deadling day because to be honest I can’t see us doing anything that will really excite us and push us onto the next level. I would like a total surprise signing, someone we haven’t even been linked to this summer and catches us all off guard.

Aug 302010

I just saw this clip for the first time and thought I would share it with you lovely Spurs fans.

I don’t know why that comment riled him so much, do you sense frustration at the result and the lack of new signings?

You have to give Harry credit for saying what’s on his mind though. I think this will be the last time a reporter says that to his face especially after losing. I love the way Rob Palmer apologises, what a creep lol. We love you Harry!

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Aug 292010

I have heard a few words in the last few minutes and some Inter Milan sites are reporting that they have sold Sulley Muntari to us, keep an eye on this space I will update this page with more throughout the evening as and when I find out.

There are a few Italian sites saying that Tottenham and Inter have agreed a deal to do business for Sulley Muntari, they claim the news of this will break out within the next few hours.

Redknapp who managed Muntari at Portsmouth has always been an admirer of the player and has made no secret of his desire to bring some of his former players to Spurs.

It could be that due to Liverpool being linked with the midfielder after the sale of Javier Mascherano that Redknapp has decided to make his move fast for the 26 year old.

This Article will be updated over the next hour or two while I dig in for more research so keep checking back…..

I quote one Italian site here although they are all reporting the same thing:

“Sulley Muntari is a new player of Tottenham. The Ghanaian midfielder after nearly six months of hesitation decided to accept the offer of the British club and will move immediately to England to get employed by the technical Harry Redknapp.

The two had been together at the time of Portsmouth and is therefore a return to basics. Happiness for the player who, having realized that he had more space in the Inter team, she decided to run in London that training will also attend the Champions League.

The deal has already ended but because everything will have to wait until we formalize the classical specifications related to bureaucracy. The transfer from Italy to England will in fact some slowdown. Muntari should be available to his new team from the next round of the championship.”

So lets wait and see if this is true or not, no English tabloids have picked up on this yet, you heard it here first at Triffic.


More Italians are picking up this story now here is another quote:

International markets – the adventure ends after two seasons at Inter’s 26 year old Ghanaian Sulley Muntari, according to what is reported in these minutes of the on-line Tuttosport, was transferred from Inter to Tottenham. The Spurs player had at least one season, Muntari, where the negotiations would end favorably, soon found himself against the old fellow in the double challenge of the Champions League between Inter Milan and Tottenham.

So it is gathering pace in Italy but not so much in England yet , one site is even reporting that it is Inter who are trying to sign Bale and have thrown in Muntari + cash for the deal. I can’t see that Harry would ever let Bale go.

*Update 2*

More Italian sites still reporting this story

“Considered absolutely transferable by Inter manager Rafa Benitez, the Ghanaian midfielder Sulley Muntari (26) after two seasons spent in neroazzurro could be about to leave the club champion of Europe in order to land back in the Premier League season in which he already collected a season with Portsmouth in 2007/08. According to the indiscretions gathered from Tuttosport and highlighted by FCInterNews, former Udinese, currently tied to Inter until 2012, was close to Tottenham Harry Redknapp, engaged in running for cover after the disastrous early stage of the season.”