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Dec 312010

Well it’s now officially 2011 which can mean only one thing……. the year ends in a 1. This spells trouble for anyone out there for the year ending in a 1 is the year of the almighty Tottenham Hotspur and the year we spring into life.

For those of you young enough not to remember, there is an old saying, like a witches tale that when the year ends in a 1 that Spurs will win a trophy, just take a look at our history and you will see we have had more success with the year ending in a 1 than any other.

  • In 1951 and 1961 we won the league
  • FA Cup Winners, 1901, 1921, 1961, 1981, 1991
  • League Cup, 1971
  • Charity Shield 1921, 1951, 1961, ( 1981, 1991)
  • And for good measure we won the Anglo-Italia Cup in 1971

It’s there for all to see, that with the year ending in a 1 that Spurs seem to find form, the trouble is we said this 10 years ago in 2001 and ended up with nothing which means this time around we are going to do the double because the year ends in a double 1. So you pick, Premiership/FA Cup, Premiership/Champions League, or Champions League/FA Cup. Ah sod it, let’s win the treble.

No stopping us now, the year ends in a 1, so everyone else beware because Tottenham are coming for you. Year ending in a 1 is the year of the cockerel!


I’ll leave you with this for the new year, our Champions League story so far….

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Dec 312010

Van Der Gazza!

Ok, Van Der Vaart’s only been at Spurs for five minutes unlike Gascoigne who was at Spurs for a good few years before receiving the legendary status which still stands today and will always be exalted.

Nevertheless, I twinned these players mainly because of their sheer enjoyment of playing the game whichever shirt they’re wearing [or wiping their tears on] at the time.

They are both passionate about their football and regarded as cult heroes whichever club they were playing for (check the picture); Gazza left impressions at Lazio, Rangers, Newcastle and Spurs. Van Der Vaart likewise at Ajax, Hamburg SV, Real Madrid and Spurs.

Not only that, just as Gazza’s footballing brain and skill on the ball was in abundance, Van Der Vaart’s is also undeniable. This showed immediately on signing for Spurs.

During the home game against Aston Villa, to score the second goal, Van Der Vaart was staring at a dropping ball; but he didn’t just lash at it, oooohhh no. He saw a Villa defender sliding in to intercept so he simply took the ball on his chest and then lashed at it, scoring the winning goal to earn a valuable and rather difficult three points.

Both these players are legends of the Lane in my opinion.

Dec 312010

So AC Milan have said he can go for around £7m but personally I think Harry and Levy could knock that down to about £5m so do you think it would be worth a shot?

Ronaldinho is 30 and still is quality, he just needs to find a new hom to love him for the last 3 or 4 years of his career so why not Tottenham? He has been one of the worlds greatest players over the last decade and if we could sign someone like that instead of Beckham then it would really make the world take notice of us.

I know a lot of you will be saying “but who would he replace in the team” the answer is nobody but with all our games in the Premiership and Champions League we need to rotate our squad. He can play right or left and behind the striker or even as a striker which means should the likes of Lennon, Bale or Van der Vaart need a rest we could replace them with a player of equal quality.

Spurs are now an attractive proposition and surely he would fancy a crack at the Premiership, he will see we have players like Bale, Modric and Van der Vaart and relish playing with those guys. It would boost the clubs status worldwide and surely increase revenue through shirt sales, so at £7m or possibly even less with a bit of wheeling and dealing do you think Harry should try grab another bargain? If we don’t step in then the chances are he might move to America or even back to Brazil but at only 30 I think he still has 2 or 3 years left in him that could make a difference to us by improving the players around him and bring even more experience to our team.

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Dec 302010

It was back in 2008 towards the end of the year, Tottenham were rooted to the bottom of the table, something needed to be done! Daniel Levy the Spurs chairman decided to put his hand in his pocket at pay Portsmouth £5m in compensation for their manager Sir Harry Redknapp ( he is a Sir in my eyes now).

Harry took over a Spurs side that I thought was unmanageable, like the Liverpool and Villa jobs are at the moment, I didn’t think it mattered who we got to manage our club and that we would just be an average side in the Premiership. We always had the raw ingredients to push on but we never did. We came close under Martin Jol and I still really miss him but having Harry now softens the blow of losing Jol. Harry turned it around that season by getting us 8th place plus a League Cup final which United were lucky to win on penalties.

It’s nice to have almost complete faith in the manager and especially his signings, Harry knows what it takes to build a team in the Premiership and he is not afraid to do it or take any gambles. Someone might have told you before but we had 2 points from 8 games when Harry took over and now we are a Champions League club and have surpassed all expectations. The only problem is now the expectations have grown, I don’t think I could handle seeing us play in the Europa League after getting the taste for the Champions League, I want more!

We are no longer a laughing-stock, teams respect us, teams fear us, even the gunners hate playing us now. The neutrals love watching us on the television because we provide thrillingly entertaining games to watch, we now expect to win against the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and United when we have home advantage, to prove my point how many of you were disappointed we drew 1-1 with Chelsea the other week?

So happy new year to all Spurs fans and by writing this I conclude that the best £5m we have ever spent was to bring our Harry Redknapp to our club. We love you Harry x

If any of you guys would be interested in writing for Triffic in the new year, use the contact me form, could do with another 1 or 2 writers :)

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Dec 302010

It has been an eventful season so far with some thrilling matches in the Premiership and the Champions League. We have had players chipping in with goals from all positions and now we look like a complete team almost.

My question for you is since the opening day back in August, who has been your player of the season so far? Is it the ever consistent Luka Modric who pulls all the strings in midfield which goes unnoticed by some. Is it the new Dutchman Rafael Van der Vaart who has burst on to the scene and taken to Tottenham like a duck to water by scoring some vital goals. Is it the young wonderkid Gareth Bale who has gone from strength to strength, I haven’t seen the fans rise in their seat when someone picks the ball up and goes on a run since the days of Ginola.

Could it be one of the above or is there someone else I am missing, as it’s the festive season you may pick two if you find it hard to decide in the form of a young player and then player of the season so far.

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Dec 302010

Tottenham have entered the race for a January loan move for David Beckham according to the Daily Express and Daily Mirror.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is thought to have started the ball rolling by asking to be updated of developments between Beckham and LA Galaxy as the decide on whether or not Beckham will be allowed to be loaned out to a European club for two months in January.

Tottenham face competition from Blackburn, West Ham, Sunderland, Everton and Newcastle plus any other clubs from Italy and Spain but it is thought that Beckham would prefer one last shot at the Premiership and Tottenham are very appealing as it would enable Beckham to also return to the Champions League.

Harry Redknapp has played down a move for Beckham but it is thought that Tottenham are very much in the hunt and it looks as if Daniel Levy might be the man behind any deal that will happen.

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Dec 292010

I have been looking around our team and I really wouldn’t really spend any money on any position other than a top striker. If I was Harry I would blow the whole lot on a striker.

I am confident in our back four, I think they are learning how to play with eachother better and better each game. Gallas, Kaboul,Dawson, Bassong and hopefully King and Woodgate can play some part. I think that is enough at the back for now and if I was Harry and Levy gave me £30mil I would blow the lot on a top striker.

Who should Harry go for though? Dzeko, Adebayor,Carroll, Lukaku or are there any other potential strikers that we could go for? I would like to know your choice. I have a feeling that Harry will try get Scott Parker but to me our midfield is fine, I am not saying I still wouldn’t like to improve it but I would rather address the main issue and get a top striker.

I look around our midfield and I am happy with it, we still have Huddlestone to come back. I wouldn’t mind Harry getting the likes of Parker and Pienaar but only if he sells a couple first and as long as they know that it’s a squad game because I would still like to have that strength in-depth so that injuries don’t become so much of a problem.

Keane is finished at Tottenham and has to move on for his own sake as well as ours. Harry looks like he has finally lost patience with Crouch and his miserable tally of 1 league goal this season. Defoe will still have a big part to play and I would like to see Pav stay but he is not good enough to be a main striker and will probably be an impact player from the bench.

If Harry and Levy get it right in January then we could be on the verge of something big if we aren’t already.

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Dec 282010

<bgsound src=" Redknapp1_0.mp3">

As promised here is the interview with Harry on Edid Dzeko, Scott Parker and Daniel Levy giving him cash to spend in January.

All Spurs fans have also singled out Dzeko as the man that could lead the Tottenham front line, if you listen carefully you will hear that nobody mentions Dzeko and that Harry throws his name into the hat off his own back with no promting from anyone.

January move for Dzeko? Don’t be surprised.

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Dec 282010

Talking to Stan Collymore on talkSPORT after the 2-0 win over Newcastle Harry was questioned about Tottenham possibly doing some business in January.

Collymore asked Harry who if anyone he would want to sign and Harry said he wants only players that are special and would make a big difference. Harry also revealed he isn’t particularly looking at anyone in particular but said how Daniel Levy is trying to talk him into spending some money to strengthen the team in January.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Harry also named Edin Dzeko as one of the players he would like but admitted it would be a huge gable for the price it would cost us, Harry said a move for Dzeko would be around £30-£35mil and that is a big risk on a player who is unproven in the Premiership. Harry did also say he would like Scott Parker but admitted West Hame don’t want to sell him.

So I would expect us to do some business in January, it is now clear that Levy will back Harry to the hills with any transfer plans, Harry has been fully justified in all of his signings since taking the reigns.

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