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Mar 302011

Anderlecht general manager Herman van Holsbeeck has confirmed that he expects Belgium teenage striker Romelu Lukaku to move to England in the summer and confirmed Spurs as a possible destination.

Tottenham have been linked with “the new Drogba” since last summer but a high price tag for an unproven youngster put off any potential bid for the 17 year-old Belgium international. Clubs in Italy and Spain are watching the progress of Lukaku and so are a host of English clubs including Chelsea and Tottenham. Lukaku is a self confessed Chelsea fan and Chelsea would appeal to him but competition for places in attack since the arrival of Fernando Torres means that Chelsea may not be in the market for a striker.

Van Holsbeeck confirmed that the club turned down a bid from an English club in January believed to be Tottenham for Lukaku but expects the striker to move to England in the summer for a fee of around £26m. Harry Redknapp has been watching the progress of Lukaku and may make a summer swoop.

“Teams like Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool are interested,” he told Sudpresse.

“But if two clubs Manchester enter the race, it might be interesting.

“We know that Real Madrid is interested in all the young talent, but I think his future would rather be in England.

“The transfer should be around €30million.”

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Mar 302011

Tottenham are preparing to launch a legal bid and contest the decision to award West Ham the Olympic Stadium.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company who made the decision to award West Ham the stadium have confirmed that Tottenham are going to launch a judical review over the way the decision  was made. Tottenham feel that the decision was made irrationally just because they wanted to remove the running track and feel that there was no need to keep the running track in place just because the original agreement said so.

An OPLC spokesman said: “We can confirm that a letter before action in relation to potential judicial review proceedings has been issued.

“The Olympic Park Legacy Company ran a very rigorous and transparent process in its selection of the recommended preferred bidder.

“We have been supported by independent experts in their field in terms of legal, financial, commercial and technical advice.

“We have been consistent, fair, objective and entirely equal in our dealings with the bidders from start to finish.

“We are confident that if these judicial review proceedings are pursued, our approach will be entirely vindicated by the courts.”

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Mar 272011

As the title says, these guys are 5 of the finest center backs in football and they all play for our club, any team would be proud to boast these top stars on their books so we should consider ourselves blessed.

Not so lucky for us is the fact that 2 of them have real serious injury problems and don’t play that often. Ledley has a troublesome knee and can’t really handle 2 games in a week at his peak. Woodgate has been plagued with injuries his whole career and had recently missed a whole year of football for Tottenham. Luckily the other 3 have no serious long-lasting injury problems.

Kaboul in my opinion is definitely on the up and will be a top player for us in the next year or two. My question for you is that if these guys were all fit and able to play week in week out is which 2 would you pair at the back, who do you see as your best partnership. For me it would be Ledley and Woody but I am just wondering how you rate them, I know many will not want to leave out Dawson and that’s fair enough because I see him as future England captain material. It’s a shame we have been unlucky with injuries but put that aside and pick your partnership.

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Mar 262011

Watched the England game, bored the hell out of me as usual, makes me miss the Premiership so much and makes me realise Harry would be a fool to walk away and take the England job but this is not what it’s about.

Michael Dawson, Spurs captain and future England captain playing a full 90mins for England since his horror injury and put in a top performance with Terry at the back.

In all honesty Dawson will face much harder opposition but he done what was asked of him and looked very comfortable, always looking for the ball from Joe Hart to the start an attack and that is what you want, a player confident enough to receive the ball from the keeper and look to build from there. Wales never really offered too much threat going forward which gives credit to the team’s performance and as a Spurs site I pay tribute to the Spurs players.

Also I was happy not to see Bale playing, it’s a bit of a selfish point of view if I am honest but I am sure I speak for all of us when I say I would cry my heart out if he got injured while on international duty.

Defoe didn’t manage to get a look in but I am sure if he starts finding the net again he will get his chance and as for the midfield, Parker and Wilshire looked good but don’t get too comfortable Jack cos the Hudd is back!

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Mar 262011

Just a bit of a hypothetical question here as I have not much else to do with my spare time. England games really don’t get me excited much at the moment.

I was thinking England have been really poor and always disappoint, in a way similar to Tottenham, so many years of under achieving, so many great players who never won trophys.

If Tottenham of today were to play against England of today what do you think would be the outcome? From experience of watching both teams who would likely come out on top. Say for arguments sake that any England players that are Spurs players would turn out for Tottenham. So the likes of Lennon, Defoe, Dawson etc would be still playing for Spurs. I reckon we could turn them over.

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Mar 242011

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp is ready to step aside and drop out of the bidding for Charlie Adam in the summer, allowing Liverpool to move in for the swoop.

Spurs tried to get a deadline day more for the Blackpool star but the move collapsed because Spurs were unable to get all the paperwork completed. Adam has been the star for Blackpoolin their first season in the top flight with his goals and creativity and has rightly so attracted attention from the big clubs.

Harry is willing to let Liverpool get him in the summer as he will then try to end Joe Cole’s nightmare by bringing him back to London. Cole could cost around £5m but would have to take a wage drop in order to move. Cole has spent most of the season on the bench after failing to impress since his free transfer in the summer. If Liverpool get Adam in the summer then they will let Cole move to Tottenham.

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Mar 232011

Firstly the new date has been set for the game against Manchester City that was originally set for April but due to Manchester City reaching the FA Cup semi final it has now been moved to Tuesday May 10th at 7:45.

The big news of the day is the return of the big man Tom Huddlestone. Hudd has been out for 4 months and was due back in February but his road to recovery took longer than expected.

Huddlestone is now set to return to first team action Saturday week in the away game against Wigan. Huddlestone has been a big miss for Harry but the ever improving Sandro has helped ease Harry’s troubles in recent weeks with some fine performances but a fully fit Huddlestone will likely be the first choice partner for Modric in midfield.

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Mar 222011

Stretched for time this week so I will do a blog tonight with the topics I want to talk about all in one.

Firstly Rafael Van der Vaart has been a naughty boy and gone and pissed Harry off at the weekend. Rafa thinks it will all be blown over by the time he returns from international duty and for his sake and ours I hope he is right because if you don’t make amends with Harry you will be on the bench or not even in the squad, just ask Hutton or Gio about that. Hopefully it’s a mountain out of a mole hill and Harry can see the frustration of Rafa as a good thing as it shows he has passion.

I keep reading that Harry wants to rescue Joe Cole from his Liverpool nightmare, I can understand Cole is a good player but we had the chance to get him for free and now we would have to pay for him. I hope if this deal ever happens that Cole is prepared to slash his wages in half now because of his f**k up in the first place. I can understand Liverpool are a big club but for Cole it made no sense going to Anfield when he is a London boy.

Cole would probably have to accept that Van der Vaart is the better player and we now have him to do the job Cole would have done for us and therefore will have to spend some time on the bench. If he wants first team football every week then a move to Spurs is now the wrong move and not the same move it would have been in the summer but you made your own bed Joeseph. So would anyone here welcome Joe with open arms? I wouldn’t mind getting him but I am not as fussed now as I was in the summer. The 90k a week that Cole is on now means that Liverpool could command a high fee for him so if that’s the case then I hope you get your wallet open mate and prepare to put some towards buying out your contract and then accept the 20k a week we put in front of you.

Lastly good luck to Bale at the weekend, England don’t fill my needs anymore and as long as any Spurs players have a good game then I don’t care who wins. If Bale wants to tear the England defence a new a**ehole then good luck to him. I think I’d even cheer if Wales score and I am sure I am not the only one that cares more about the Tottenham boys doing well rather than England winning.

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Mar 222011

I am really getting annoyed writing these types of articles. You know these. The ones where we talk about how Spurs blew a great chance, again. How they missed chance after chance after chance in front of goal. Or maybe how a guy who has scored 2 goals in the past year keeps getting chances week in, week out. Do these sound familiar? They should, cause they have been the stories of this year’s domestic campaign.

2 points from 3 teams in the bottom 5. WTF! Are you serious? Unfortunately, I am. Same old story. Spurs are great in the big games against the big teams, but bottle it time and time again against the lower teams. I could talk about the bad matches against Blackpool and Wolves but at least they were followed by a Champions League match where we progressed past Milan. So lets focus on the past match against those pesky Hammers.

Jermain Defoe, how do you get starts? Are you blackmailing Harry? Did you tell Levy that if you don’t play that you are going to release some horrible biological weapon into the atmosphere? Tell the Russian Mafia to bother Pav so that you look better in training? It has to be one of these reasons because I cannot understand why Harry constantly persists with this self-centered mis-firing mercenary. Hey JD, we all saw that shirt underneath your jersey, maybe you should have shown the one underneath that said ”2 league goals in 1 year”. Cause I think that would have been more fitting. Or maybe the one that says “Couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a boat”. Both of those would have been better. How about the next time you play, which will probably be against Wigan, you just wear the jersey as Levy and Co. pays you to score goals, not to advertise yourself. How many chances do you need to score? People always say this so I apologize for sounding redundant, but I could have converted one of those chances you blew against West Ham and I am a centerback. Here’s a thought, when you are 2 feet away from the keeper, lift the ball over him. Stop trying to blast it or be cheeky with some BS shot. That is all. Oh and please, please, PLEASE leave at the end of the season. There is nothing wrong with being greedy as a striker, but usually they score. 

Why must we insist on jamming Rafa into the starting 11 every match? How did we get 4th last season? 4-4-2. We have all the correct personnel to play the 4-4-2 with Bale and Lennon healthy, Sandro and Modric playing brilliantly and two strong strikers who actually contribute to the team in Pav and Crouch. The statistics show that we are most successful when we play Pav and Crouch and I feel this is because we could go long to Peter, or keep it on the ground so Pav could use his technical ability to get other players involved. We looked way more threatening when Pav came on for Rafa. Against some of the teams in the lower half of the table, a 4-5-1 doesn’t work as the centerbacks could focus on the lone forward, isolate him and put 10 men behind the ball. A 4-5-1 may work against some other teams in the Premier League, but still, a 4-4-2 is the way to go for domestic glory. Well then what happens to Rafa? Simple, with all the matches we have coming he is going to get his chance to play, but it won’t be in his traditional position. He has shown that he can work on the sides as he loves to cut inside, pull the opposition fullback towards the center and allow room for our full-backs to get down the wings.  In Europe, 4-5-1 is the best suited but in England, gotta go 4-4-2. Just my thoughts.

One more thought, Glen Johnson to Spurs along with Joe Cole. While we are at it, why don’t we sign Andy Reid, Sol Campbell and Paul Robinson. I mean, why are we being connected to players who can’t cut it at their current clubs when we have players at Tottenham who are better? Is Johnson better than Charlie? Maybe as a winger, but overall, I’ll take 3 Charlies over Glen. Cole over Rafa? In what world does this make sense? Not this one.

Anyway, lunch is ready, the kid is asleep and I am hungry. Not just for lasagna, but for some wins in the Premier League. Thanks for reading everyone and lets keep our fingers crossed that everyone comes back from International duty healthy. Until next time friends, COYS!