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Jun 302011

It seems that we are about to sign 20-year-old mexican striker Antonio Pedroza for free as his contract with Jaguares expires this summer. Here are his words about it:

“I can announce that my transfer to Tottenham has been arranged,”

“I didn’t want to renew my contract with Jaguares because I knew that there was a chance to be transferred to a team in the Premier League.

“I am very happy and satisfied having played for an important team like Jaguares. Now I have the chance to make a dream come true to play in Europe.

“I have spoken with the officials of Jaguares and they have confirmed to me that everything is OK for me to leave and be transferred to Tottenham.

“The only thing that is left to resolve is something related to my journey to England.”

Does anyone know this guy? I have no clue who he is and what he is capable of, but I will be glad to see the deal going through, as we have absolutely nothing to lose out of this one.

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Jun 282011

The last few days all I have seen is that Liverpool are looking to take Lennon up north with a £20m move.

Letting Lennon go for me would be a massive mistake, although it scares me that it could well soon become a reality. On his day Lennon is one of the most dangerous wingers in the Premiership and when you have Bale on the left we have one of the best pairing of wingers in Europe. Maybe not the best technically but certainly one of the most dangerous as both Milan teams found out.

It worries me that Lennon has never really been one of Redknapp’s favourites without really ever doing much wrong, Harry has had no problem leaving him out the in the past. My worst scenario is come August when we come out against Everton is that David Beckham walks out the tunnel instead of Azza. Beckham may have the edge on crossing but that is useless to us until we get some strikers who can finish their dinner and too Lennon’s credit he improved a lot on his crosses last year in my opinion especially on his weaker foot.

I know some of you would be sad to see him go and some of you wouldn’t be too fussed but who would we replace him with? Would we be able to find someone else who makes us stand up from our seats in anticipations every time he goes on a run? To be a good winger you need to be able to beat a man and have pace, both are qualities that come naturally to Azza. There is also the prospect that he might want to move up north anyway and leave Harry with not much choice but I don’t think Spurs would force him to stay like we did on Luka.

It’s gossip at the moment but it’s one of the rumours that sounds a bit more likely and so we give it more credit. How big of a loss would Lennon be should he move to Anfield? For me it would be a massive mistake, it wouldn’t seem right seeing him in another shirt.

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Jun 272011

On the website: there were reports this morning that nine players are set to be “offloaded” so the club have £60m to spend to keep Modric and Bale happy. Personally,  i’m more interested in the club signing players so we could improve, however according to the media, players will be bought to keep the more talented payers happy and to show them what direction the club is heading to.

You will probably be able to immediately work out the players that have been included in the reported list. Giovanni dos Santos, Robbie Keane, Niko Kranjcar, Wilson Palacios, Alan Hutton, Sebastian Bassong, Jermaine Jenas, Younes Kaboul and David Bentley were the players mentioned. It goes on to say about the interest from other clubs regarding Younes Kaboul, Robbie Keane, Niko Kranjcar and Jermaine Jenas.

Blackburn have become the one of the favourites to get Keane. There wasn’t that much speculation, but many people have been suggesting that Blackburn are going to make the most of their new owners’ money and go on a major spending spree, and Keane could be part of that. I think that Keano has to be sold. It’s reported he is one of the highest earners at the club, and the longer they leave it, the less his value is going to become. It’s obvious that he has had a great career at Spurs but it is the right time for it to come to an end.

Tottenham are also willing to let Dos Santos go, providing that the price is right. They are saying that it would take £6.5m to sign him. I can’t argue with the price, but he seemed pretty good at the World Cup for Mexico, and he’s scored a few belters at the CONCACAF cup. So maybe it is worth giving him a try? However, I just can’t see him getting a run in the team. Redknapp would not drop Lennon for a whole season, he’d be a fool to drop Bale and VDV would start complaining if GDS took his place. So maybe letting him go is the right option for both the player and the club.

There’s also speculation that Norwich are interested in David Bentley, but I can’t see that going through. Firstly, Tottenham would demand a price they couldn’t match and Bentley would probably have to take a rather large wage cut to go there.

The main thing though that is coming from all of these stories, is that the club is asking too much. But when a striker is sold for £50m and scores once and when Man. City spend loads of money on average players, it really is very tricky to determine how much to sell a player for.

Jun 262011

Just a quick one as I am planning on making the most of the sunshine day.

The NOTW reports that Spurs are now firmly in the driving seat to bring David Beckham to White Hart Lane. Beckham will be available on a free and has been chased by Harry for a long time. Redknapp looks at Beckham as a man that could bring a lot of experience to the Spurs team. It would be pointless though unless he can get some strikers to get on the end of Beckham’s crosses.

Yeah.. next up, Spurs are ready to break their wage structure and offer Luka Modric up to £90k a week to keep him at White Hart Lane. Modric has been subject of bids from Chelsea but Spurs have stood firm and this week it has all been a little quiet. Modric was expected to back-track on his statement and declare his desire to stay at Spurs. A new deal for Luka would see him become Tottenham’s highest paid player in our history.

Told you it would be brief, the sun is calling us out today. Peace Out

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Jun 222011

Well one thing is for sure, Samuel Eto’o will never be welcome at White Hart Lane after his latest comment.

Eto’o has been linked with a move to Spurs following our hunt for a new striker but the Cameroon international has ruled any possiblity of that out by saying:

“I hope the English fans will forgive me, but Tottenham are a club in mid-table and I need more”.

A mid-table club that made his team Inter Milan look like a bunch of school kids when they came to White Hart Lane last season and could only beat us by one goal at their gaff when we had our keeper sent off after 8mins.

However if that’s how Eto’o feels then let him, wouldn’t want the money grabber anyway, Chelsea can have him.

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Jun 212011

After yesterday and the new kits being shown for the first time and our players  getting in on the modelling action it’s now the turn of BAE to grab himself a slice of the action. Can’t really blame him seeing as he don’t even like football, maybe he fancies  having a career change and moving into the world of modelling.

It seems the 3rd kit has caused a bit of debate, it’s Marmite… you either love it or… well you know how it goes. The majority of people I have seen pass comment on the 3rd kit are impressed with the design and colours which and it definitely seems to be the most popular of the 3, which is why it’s no surprise to see BAE modelling this one and not the others.

Still hoping for one of Ledley..

Here’s new ones of Bale and Lennon while we are at it.

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Jun 212011

Yep, it’s me with another late thought on something which happened last weekend, but owing to knackeredness at work, this is a rare opportunity taken to air my thoughts.

Firstly, props to Levy on standing firm in the face of approaches from the likes of Chelsea. If that’s not a demonstration of ambition for the club in itself, I don’t know what is.

Has Modric been uncovered as another mercenary owing to what’s gone on this past weekend?

The Croatian is highly sought-after by many top clubs in England and across Europe I’m sure. Barcelona fans would think Johan Cruyff walked through a top-secret time machine in Area-51 if they were to see Modric in their shirt.

Chelsea decided to test the waters of Levy’s no-sale stance by making an official £22million bid for Modric. That bid was swiftly rejected. However, Luka has allegedly stated that he wants to go to Chelsea because it seems that even after winning the League and FA Cup numerous times in recent years, they still have more ‘ambition’ than Spurs, who have gone without either of those trophies for over two decades.

But surely Modric could be a part of Spurs’ ambition to win that calibre of trophy once again and feel like he earned those honours as part of a team who have given him regular starts. Now that Yossi Benayoun has recovered from injury, can we see Modric automatically taking his place in the playmaking role? Would Chelsea be so bold as to replace Frank Lampard with Modric to accomodate both of them??

Seems a little far-fetched and almost cynical of Chelsea to bid for Luka when they don’t really need him.

If you asked me if there was any deal I would accept for Modric, then I’d actually say yes but Abramovich wouldn’t like it. I’d accept £20million PLUS Didier Drogba and nothing less. I think that leaving Drogba on the bench in preference of a £50mil flop upfront was what got Ancelotti sacked, not elimination from the competitions. So if you want rid of Drogba, get rid of Drogba…

I can see what Modric means if he just wants personal honours, but it’s not like clubs above Spurs get seeded further on in the FA Cup rounds is it. Money can buy you the odd trophy in Chelsea and Man City’s cases, but it can’t buy you an automatic place in the final.

On the other hand, I don’t know if Modric was planning to leave Spurs at all.

He could’ve been pulling a Rooney. Kicking up a stink to get a rise in his wages. But I thought he enjoyed football more than being paid for that football. Surely he knew what he was letting himself in for – a wage-cap of £70,000 a week which is enforced with military consistency. If he’s already on top wages but wants to join Chelsea, it indicates another mercenary mind. But I didn’t want to think of Modric in that way.

I have not personally seen a quote in the news from Modric which says he hates it here and is desperate to leave. He has said he’ll remain respectful by not handing in a transfer request, but what’s the difference now that he’s openly considered leaving us in what would only be a sidestep as Chelsea won the same number of major honours as Spurs did this year – 0!

If he had said something along the lines of ‘Chelsea are a bigger club with bigger ambitions than Spurs’, it might – in true journalistic fashion – have been twisted or sensationalised to match the attention-grabbing headlines that their readers eat up like Fern Britton on Ryvita.

Sometimes, players can’t avoid being asked questions in press conferences for example.

If in the case of Modric he was asked if [he'd] be ‘better off at Chelsea[?]‘, as antagonistic a question that would be, he’d be screwed whatever his response would be;

If he said yes, the fans would turn on him. That might have happened already. The media would take that quote and use it to say ‘Come and Rescue me Chelsea, Says Modric’.

If he just said ‘No, I wouldn’t be better off’ or the commonly-said-but-not-always-meant ‘I like it at Spurs’ (which Modric had said just before renewing his contract!), the media would turn that statement inside-out to make a headline like – ‘I HATE CHELSEA! SAYS CROAT-SCROTE!’. If you’re a Daily Star journalist reading this, feel free to take the above as a headline idea seeing as you like to blow stuff out of proportion so much.

I particularly remember you labelling Eidur Gudjohnsen as a Neo-Nazi using a rather pixelated image and a drunken night out as your source of information. I applaud the time and effort it took then and still takes to write your world-renowned content….

Daily Star rant over. It should be renamed the Daily STIR.

Mr. Modric, can I make a deal with you?

There’s no denial you’ve given great service to this club, and apart from the goal count, Hoddle fans have been given a chance to relive his magic on the pitch as your style looks similar. I know that Spurs haven’t made it into the top four this year, BUT we did it last year. Isn’t that enough ambition? Working towards something we want is defined as ambition. Instant success and systematic winning is defined as ambition being over and done with long before.

The deal is this:

If you can stay with us for another season (and Levy has made it clear that you will anyway) and put your shift in like you have done, I won’t begrudge you leaving if we fail to make it into the top-four/win something by the end of next season.

That is up to you, but don’t end up like Berbatov. You’ll regret it as the very fans who loved watching you play may turn against you in their droves for using us as a stepping stone.

I’m hoping one of our Croatian fans can translate the above.

Jun 202011

Well guys it’s that time of year where the players take to the cat-walk and model our new kits. Right Said Fred would be proud of this lot.

One thing that’s different from previous years and you can read into it whatever you like… No Ledley!!!

Same as earlier, I posted all the kits, most people didn’t like the font of the sponsor but if they want a poor choice of font to promote their company then that’s up to them. No skin off my nose.


Don’t knock my photoshop

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