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Sep 292011

Europa League time and Spurs face Shamrock Rovers and as expected Harry rests his big names in favour of players coming back from injury and the youngsters.

Streams in forum as usual

Starting Lineup


Cudicini; Walker, Bassong, Corluka, Rose; Lennon, Carroll, Livermore, Giovani; Defoe, Pavlyuchenko.

Subs: Gomes, Kaboul, Bale, Falque, Modric, Townsend, Kane.

Looking forward to see tom Carroll play again, I really like this kid (in a non gay way) he has the skills to pay the bills and in my opinion is our best youngster.

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Sep 292011

It’s Europa League time again tonight which means we are likely to get another glimpse of some of our youngsters although maybe not as much as we are used to. Players coming back from injury like Lennon and Pienaar means that Harry is going to want to get them some much-needed time on the pitch but you can bet your life he will be using all his substitutes to give the youngsters a run out too.

The youngsters like Livermore and Andros Townsend who are on the fringe of the first team are likely to feature plus we have Danny Rose back in contention after injury. Harry Kane is Likely to play up front with Pavlyuchenko but for me there is one player I am hoping to see again and that is young Tom Carroll.

Tim Sherwood is a big fan of Tom Carroll, the way he passes the ball, his vision, his touch and his skill reminds him of a young Iniesta and I happen to agree with him based on what I have seen.

Tom Carroll played against Hearts and PAOK and on both occasions he impressed me very much, he was only 19 but played like he had been a regular for 10 years. He didn’t try to over work the ball and pull of skill just to impress his way into the next game, he picked the best pass almost every time; a real team player.

I really hope we see this lad tonight, you will see what I mean if you keep an eye on him, sometimes these types of players don’t get the recognition straight away because they keep things simple and although that is the best thing to do in football there are many people who don’t notice it straight away. Carroll will need to grow a bit and build his strength up before he would be ready for Premiership action but for me he has been the stand out player for us in our last two European outings and I hope for those of you who haven’t seen him play yet that you get the chance tonight because I think we have a real gem on our hands there.

Tim Sherwood spoke of his potential too earlier in the week and the fact that Carroll is little but also how the likes of Xavi and Iniesta were released by Espanyol and Real Madrid before becoming the worlds best midfielders:

“He could play for them [Barcelona], no question,” Sherwood said. “He’s got the lot. He’s technically good enough, sees a pass, can pop it [the ball] round the corner and only Jake Livermore [the 21-year-old midfielder] runs more than him in a game in the first team.”

“He’s one of those who has needed a bit more time to develop physically,” Sherwood said. “He could have got released and I’m sure there are lots of Tom Carrolls who have been released. He’s never going to be giant but he will grow and hopefully not look like the mascot anymore.”

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Sep 282011

Hi there Peeps. Just a little something to keep you up to date.

Tuesday the twenty-seventh and Spurs young Cockerels were at PSV’s De Herdgang training centre. To take part in their third match in the Nextgen Series.

Having drew their first game 2-2 away at FC Basel, and then completing a momentous 7-1 home victory against Inter Milan’s finest. Tim Sherwood’s youngsters were sure to be full of confidence going into this game. And it showed. After dominating the first half Spurs went in at the break one goal up through Souleymane Coulibaly. Though it could and should have been considerably more.

PSV though came back stronger in the second half and eventually Mohammed Rayhi equalised for the home side on the hour mark. This however did not deter the young Spurs side who continued to push for the winner. Which came courtesy of Jack Munns in the final minutes.

Spurs (4-3-1-2); Miles; Barthram; Stewart; Veljkovic; Day; Luongo; Dombaxe; Pritchard; Bostock (Nicholson, 70); Oyenuga (Munns, 74); Coulibaly. Unused substitutes – Ekong, Ango.

“It should have been all over by half-time,” said Tim, our Technical Co-Ordinator.

“We played really well, hit the woodwork a few times and deserved to go in ahead.

“But the tables turned in the second half. PSV came out stronger and Jonathan Miles made a great save at 1-1, that was important.

“Full credit to the lads as they managed to wrestle the initiative back in the final 15 minutes.

“We got ourselves back in front and then had to see it out as they threw everything at us in injury time.

“Massimo Luongo was our top man in midfield, we were very good across the back four, Jonathan made his saves and overall, we deserved to win.

“Once again, it was a great experience for these lads.”

The win made it seven points from our opening three matches and moved us to the top of Group Four.

John Bostock also made an appearance, as he continues to regain his fitness following an injury that had kept him sidelined for some time.

We play PSV at home next – scheduled for October 19 – with a trip to Inter Milan and FC Basel at home to follow.

The top two teams from the tournament’s four groups will eventually meet in the knockout phase in January.

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Sep 272011

It would appear as though Tottenham are starting the negotiating on offering Luka Modric a new deal. The Spurs man all summer stated he wanted to move to Chelsea after The Blues made an approach.

Reports state that Tottenham are prepared to break the bank for Modric and could offer him anywhere up to £100k a week. Spurs boss Harry Redknapp believes that Modric is a top player and should be paid top wages, especially as we forced him into staying at the club. The length of the deal is expected to stay the same so all that is really going to happen is a pay rise is heading Modric’s way.

There’s no doubt Modric deserves better wages but due to the fact he openly admitted he’d rather be somewhere else should the man then be rewarded with more money? After all it doesn’t prove he is loyal does it, but sure he will be happy to double his wages until Chelsea come sniffing around again now that the transfer window is shut and he has no other choice, who wouldn’t want to double their wages for nothing in return.

On the flip side other people believe pay the man what he is worth regardless, I kind of agree but again he let us down against United and City, surely it has to work both ways. When Modric refused to play against United and City we still paid him, why didn’t he get fined?

I would love nothing more than to pay Modric what he is worth and for us to all live happily ever after but is he prepared to stay at Spurs, if not signing a new deal will prove he done it purely for the money if come January or next summer he wants to leave again. By signing a new deal these days it doesn’t show loyalty and I fear it will just be masking the problems. It may put of bidders and the media might think everything is rosey again because he has signed on the dotted line but the way I see it is that it’s a pay rise for Luka and apart from the situation remains the same. Do you think if Chelsea come back he would say “sorry Mr Abramovic I just signed a new deal with Spurs so go away” because he was only 1 year into his last deal and it didn’t stop him.

There is one way that this whole situation can be resolved, the happy ending everyone at the club craves. Give Modric a pay rise, finish in the top four and mark my words he will be more than happy to stay a Spurs player as long as we have Champions League football.

Modric pay rise, deserved or make him show some loyalty first?

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Sep 272011

Tottenham go into Thursdays match v Shamrock Rovers after winning our last three and with an out of form Arsenal coming up on Sunday I wondered what kind of squad should play in this game

Should we try to keep some momentum going and play a strong-ish team or should we go as we have in the last 2 games in the Europa League and play the kids?

Personally I believe we should continue to give the kids a chance as some of them have shown real promise especially Tom Carroll and Andros Townsend. I think we should line up as:

Walker Corluka Bassong Assou-Ekotto
Falque Livermore Parrett Carroll
Kane Giovani

Gomes, Kaboul, Luongo, Nicholson, Lancaster, Pavlyuchenko, Fredericks

Give the kids a chance and if one of them proves to be a decent player it saves the club money and the fans prefer homegrown players too.
What do you think?

Sep 262011

The way I see things are that the top 3 pretty much pick themselves this season. Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea will all be fighting untill the end for the Premiership title which leaves the final Champions League spot up for grabs.

Again the way I see things are that the final Champions League spot will be between Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool. Liverpool have strengthened their squad since the sale of Fernando Torres to Chelsea and may have just pushed themselves back into contention, a concern for me anyway. Arsenal would usually have a place in the top 4 sewn up before the season even kicks off but the loss of some big players has left them their weakest in years.

I have had a couple of my mates at work tell me that they think Tottenham should get it as we have the best 11 and strongest squad, I too think this but often wonder if my biased views may be behind my thinking. We have brought in Scott Parker and Emmanuel Adebayor to bolster our squad and both have proved to be good additions so far.

We never know what the season has in store for us but maybe we are best placed to cope with injuries, especially to midfield whereas were Liverpool and Arsenal to suffer an injury to one of their top players may lack a suitable replacement within the squad.

For me, on paper we have the best squad and are good enough to break back into the Champions League but do you guys see things how I see them? Last season I sensed we wasn’t strong enough, I don’t know why maybe it was the lack of top strikers but this season I just feel more assured and confident when our team take to the field.

Are we the 4th best team in the league at the moment?

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Sep 252011

What exactly are the qualities that make for a world-class central midfielder? Now I don’t mean a  solely defensive midfielder as such. Or for that matter a flair player with no defensive attributes. Let me explain.

Qualities in no particular order;

ENGINE: For me he must be able to run all day long. His lungs taking in oxygen as though there’s no tomorrow. Yet still the opposition cannot keep him shackled.

FIRST/SECOND TOUCH: Being able to bring instantly under his control any balls laid into him. As we all know those extra few seconds of time can make the world of difference in how you play the game.

VISION: Taking in the movement of those around you. Being able to play it safe or pick that killer pass.

LEADERSHIP: Should you “lead” by example or by the vocality of your personality. Either way a good midfielder can become a great one should he have this quality.

GOAL SCORER: something that will get you noticed for sure. But yes it is a string that will add to your bow.

TACKLING: Breaking up play as professionally as you create it.

Now then the reason I ask you these questions is simple. But before I carry on here is one more. What would you say Gareth Bales better position is?

For those of you who wish to continue with him as a left-sided winger I say that’s fair enough. He plays well there in fact so much so that he has become one of the worlds best players in that position. Though he has been marked out of games that he really shouldn’t have been.

You might also be of the mind to side with Harry who would see him long-term as a left back. Giving him more pitch to run in to, though for me you would indeed lose a lot of his positive impact on the game should he play in that role.

Now then here’s my thought. For a while now I have been pondering how Bale could utilise his talents more. After all being either a winger or left back you are usually on the periphery of the game, and with someone like Bale you want him involved as much as possible. Though if you were to move him in-field where you could appreciate more often those talents mentioned above, surely then this would aid both the growth of Gareth and Tottenham Hotspur.


Where would you like to see Gareth, pushed out on the wing where you can double up on him,giving him no room to move? Or further back in a predominantly defensive  position, where he has even less impact on the game?

Or how about smack bang in the middle of the park where he has all the room in the world to run at you. Powering into the box with the ball at his feet?


ENGINE: Probably one of his biggest assets. He’ll run that midfield all day long with those powerful lungs of his? This was also one of Vieira’s main talents.

FIRST/SECOND TOUCH: Another of Gareth’s qualities is his ball control giving him time in an area of the pitch renowned for the lack of such. Something Patrick had in his locker too.

TACKLING/VISION: Breaking up play before spraying it out with that lovely left foot of his? Vieira was also renown for his defensive game.

GOAL SCORER: Then there’s the goals. Gareth has scored thirteen goals in eighty-two appearances for Spurs from set pieces or coming in from that wide position. And five in forty for Southampton. So we know he is capable. Now how many would that be where he involved more in the play? Whereas Patrick Vieira scored forty-five in four hundred and fifty-six games.

LEADERSHIP: Now I saw him encouraging Emmanuel Adebayor on Saturday after he wanted to come off with that facial injury. Seeing him running down the opposition would also inspire me where I on the same team. So he does have these qualities too. And I’m sure much more to come.

Yes there will no doubt be an argument against him moving in-field. There may also be people wondering why I’m comparing Gareth to Patrick, one of Arsenals Greatest ever players. Well its simpley for that reason alone. He was one of the best players to grace the Premiership and so is Gareth.

As you know points of view are always welcome here. However all I ask is the next time you watch Spurs and you see Gareth move inside with ball possession,where he drives at the opposition defense just consider, could this be the new Welsh Patrick Vieira.

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Sep 252011


Harry Redknapp feels Tottenham Hotspur had close to their best team on show during the 2-1 victory away to Wigan Athletic.

First-half goals from Rafael van der Vaart and Gareth Balesecured the points as Spurs withstood a second-half rally from Wigan, who replied through Mohamed Diame and then had Steve Gohouri sent off.

Jermain Defoe missed the game at the DW Stadium due to illness, but Brazilian midfielder Sandro featured in the Premier League for the first time this season after a summer knee operation.

Redknapp was impressed by the combination of Sandro and Scott Parker, and is looking forward to the future after a third successive Premier League win.


“There’s players missing, but that’s not far away from our best team,” Redknapp told Sky Sports. “I’m not saying it’s our best team, but there’s enough good players in there to make it very difficult to dislodge them out of our best team.

“We’re very, very strong and I think we’ve got the makings of a really good side.

“We lost Jermain Defoe, who was ill overnight and had a high temperature. We had to get a driver to drive him back to London to get him home.

“Sandro came back today alongside Scott Parker and I liked the look of that combination in there. It gave us some strength and I think we’re looking strong.”

Redknapp – we were dominant


The Spurs boss was disappointed his side failed to build on their first-half domination against Wigan and was unhappy with the manner of the home team’s goal early in the second period.

He added: “It was complete domination first half really and we could’ve been at least four-up.

“We absolutely controlled the game from the start to the finish of the half, and then we did exactly what I told them at half-time not to do, and that was to get sloppy and give a sloppy goal away because they needed a lift.

“If we could’ve started the first 10 minutes as we played in the first half it would’ve been game over.”


For me too that wasn’t far away from our best first eleven. Though you have to leave room for changes when players have a dip in form, or when facing other opposition. But other than that it was pretty close.

There is of course the issue of whether two battling midfielders in Sandro and Parker might be a system suited to away days, or the more powerful teams in the league. And that we might have just the one for home games so that you could then have the pairing of  both Defoe and Adebayor.

Again, you could still play the said front two, and have the steely midfield duo. Only then you’ll have to choose two from Modric` Kranjcar Lennon Bale and Van Der Vaart. Though to be fair Sir Alex does this player rotation with great success and this is what we should be aiming to mirror.

However going back to yesterdays game I was a little frustrated with the way we played around with Wigan, when we should, with the amount of possession we had really have finished them off earlier in the game. This led then to an anxious wait as with only one goal in it there’s always the chance of things coming back to bite you.

The pairing of Sandro and Parker though really made us look formidable in and around the centre of midfield. So much in fact that Wigan’s threat was pushed out to the flanks. With the once highly coveted Moses generally being contained by the ever improving Kyle Walker.

Let’s take for example then Next weekends derby against Arsenal. Now should we play one of Sandro and Parker leaving another position to the more creative players in the squad. Or would it be wiser to go with them both giving the likes of Adebayor and Defoe, who I’m sure by then will be feeling much better, a firmer base to work off.

Anyhow I’ll leave it for you to decide. Though might I give a round of applause to the Tottenham faithful who totally dominated the terrace chanting too at the DW Stadium. Well played. So then what’s your best eleven? Do you agree with Harry or not?

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Sep 252011

Emmanuel Adebayor has exploded onto the scene at White Hart Lane with three impressive displays which have seen him bag as many goals in as many games and put in three excellent performances for his new club. The Spurs fans are already loving having Adebayor around even some of the skeptics but so far he is earning his Spurs and I am sure many people would want to pick him up on a permanent basis next summer.

Manager Harry Redknapp has revealed after the win at Wigan of his desire to sign Adebayor at the end of the season but is concerned that a deal might not happen because of the Togo international’s high wages. Speaking after yesterday’s away win over Wigan Redknapp said:

“If he keeps going like he’s going I’d love to keep him around. He’s been excellent so far.,” said the Spurs manager.

“But the wages will be the problem because he’s not cheap.”

Adebaoyr is now 27 and certainly needs a more permanent home, if he enjoys his time at Spurs this season and wants to stay then he may be prepared to meet Spurs in the middle with his wages to make any potential permanent signing happen.

Spurs are also reportedly ready to sit down and thrash out a new deal with Luka Modric. The Croatian was the talk of the summer after numerous failed bids by Chelsea, Daniel Levy the Spurs chairman kept his word throughout and promised not to sell. Modric was unhappy and didn’t feature in Spurs two defeats against the Manchester clubs but now seems to have settled back into his role following the close of the transfer window.

Modric currently picks up £45k a week and Spurs are prepared to break their wage structure and offer Modric a new deal worth in eccess of £80k a week. Modric still has a deal to 2016 and the length of the deal is unlikely to change. Talks are thought to be due before the start of the next international break.

Should Modric even be offered a new deal or should he publicly state that he is happy to stay at the club before that happens? Sure he will take a pay rise now because he can’t go anywhere but next summer if Chelsea come knocking again he will want to go again, so does Modric deserve a pay rise without showing his loyalty? after all he let us down the first two games of the season and it seems to me that he will happily sign a new deal because he is the only winner from it as the only thing set to change is his bank balance.

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