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Nov 302011

There’s no better feeling than when someone is trying to take the p*ss out of you or in this case Tottenham for it to backfire and be on the receiving end of a community of gloating Spurs fans.

Step up Jack Wilshire who’s wannabe Joey Barton Twitter obsession which is overtaking his life while injured on the sidelines. Anyway Jack has just tweeted in an attempt to mock us.

Its thursday night…I have Channel 5 on and there is no sign of spurs!?!? What is going on :o !?

Two errors here, first one being we are actually on if his patience had allowed him to wait a little longer and secondly a probably the biggest boo boo is that tonight is Wednesday.

Feel free to go on his page and have a dig back.

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Nov 292011

No, you are not reading wrong I did say Emmanuel Adebayor is helping the Spurs defence and anyone who knows their football will already know why long before I dribble on about it.

The importance of having a striker up top who can hold on to the ball and wait for support to arrive is massive. Adebayor will usually keep possession of the ball and not give it away as cheaply as Peter Crouch did. The knock on effect means all the time we have the ball then our defence is not in the slightest way under pressure.

There are other factors that make us look a tighter unit this season, Ledley has played a lot, Kaboul has been impressive, Kyle Walker has emerged and we have an experienced keeper in Friedel and you can’t discount none of these but it also helps having a big man up top who keeps the ball well. Last season the ball would get lumped up to Crouch and he would usually do that crappy kick up thing he done with the ball (I’m sure you know what I mean) before cheaply giving away possession and presenting the opposition with the chance to attack. All the time we have a striker who can keep the ball well it protects our defence and limits the number of waves we will have to face during any given match. If we can keep Ade fit for this season it will prove to be a massive factor in our goal difference, I predict we will have our best goal difference in any Premiership season this year.

As a defender there’s nothing worse than playing in a match when you are under pressure when the opponents are looking for a goal and no sooner you clear the ball it comes straight back, never giving you a breather. Ade will hopefully be able to get on the end of any cleared balls when we are clinging on in a match and buy the likes of Ledley’s dodgy knees some time with his strength and who knows maybe even nick another goal if the right support comes, a perfect example would be the last few minutes of the Fulham game.

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Nov 272011

Following the sad news of the death of Wales manager and Premiership legend Gary Speed in a death which shocked the football world today Harry Redknapp had a chance to comment.

Thanks to Absolute Radio who provided the transcript of Harry’s comments:

Harry Redknapp: Following the Sad News about the Death of Gary Speed (27 Nov 2011)

TS:     Tania Snuggs
HR:     Harry Redknapp

HR:     You know, I got a phonecall on the golf course to tell me about the sad news.  I just couldn’t take in.  You know, to be honest with you, I didn’t want to play golf any more, it just finished it.  Like most people, you know, who knew Gary, it sort of just finished your day.  I just couldn’t get it through my head that that had happened, it just didn’t seem possible, didn’t seem possible.

TS:     And did you know Gary well or at all?

HR:     Yeah, I’d come across him, you know, loads of times, and recently we had a charity football match with John Hartson, and John was raising money for his charity.  You know, John hadn’t been too well and John was a Welsh International, he played with Gary many times, and we had a match at Derby County Football Ground.  John had a Welsh team and he managed that team, and I managed the English team.  It was a team of ex-players and celebrities, and Gary played in the game, never stopped running around, like he was so fit.  It’s just unbelievable, a super-fit lad, you know, and we all had a drink after and had a chat and a laugh and he seemed… everything was going right for him.  He’s got the Wales team playing fantastic football suddenly and they’re moving forward, we’ve got some great young players, and his life, you know, to everybody on the outside his life, his future looked so fantastic.

TS:     And how do you think he’ll be remembered, Harry, because he was one of the most capped players, the most capped player for his country, over 750 Premier League appearances?  I mean, he’s got a fantastic career hasn’t he, he had a fantastic career?

HR:     Yeah, he’ll be remembered as a great footballer, but I think most importantly he’ll be remembered as a fantastic boy and a great human being.  As I say, I’ve never, ever heard anybody ever say a bad word about Gary Speed.  There’s always somebody who doesn’t like you, but I’ve never met anybody that didn’t like Gary, he was just so popular with everybody, just such a nice person.

TS:     And Alan Shearer, who of course played alongside Gary at Newcastle for six years, said that Gary was a magnificent person, bright, fun, and a wonderful family man.  He leaves two little boys behind doesn’t he.

HR:     Yeah, yeah.  I was talking to somebody today who was at a game recently and he had his little boy with him.  I just [gasps]… it’s such a shock, I just can’t get my head round it at all today, you know?  Just don’t seem possible, don’t seem possible.  You know, such a bright young guy, you know, with everything in front of him, everything to live for, he’s been a fantastic footballer and now he looks like becoming a great manager and coach.  I don’t know, you know, who knows what goes on in people’s minds, we just don’t know do we, and I think that when you do see… I didn’t see any signals with Gary, what I saw of him yesterday, so it was hard for anybody obviously to help him when there were no distress signals coming out from him.  On Football Focus with Gary McAllister, who’s a great friend of his, they were chatting away and he was bright as ever.  You know, listening to Robbie Savage tonight on the radio as well, Robbie obviously was a great friend of his, Gordon Strachan. There’s so many people, you know, that will be absolutely… you know, apart from his family.  I just think everybody who ever came in contact with Gary, played with him or worked with him, they just loved him.  I’ve not met anybody who didn’t think the world of him.

TS:     Absolutely, and even the Prime Minister, David Cameron, has come out today and talked about his sadness at hearing the news.

HR:     Yeah.

TS:     So the death of Gary Speed has touched a lot of people, and not just in the footballing world.

HR:     No, he looked to be the perfect, you know, a great role model for any young person.  You know, he was always clean-cut, a family man, great footballer, lived right, looked after himself.  Smart guy, smart lad, and just a fantastic person.  So no, it really has… obviously it’s affected an awful lot of people today, its sad news.

TS:     And earlier, just before the game between Swansea and Aston Villa, a minute’s silence turned into a minute’s applause.  I spoke to Wrighty earlier and he welcomed that, because from the fans, to go from a silence, it was good to see them applauding the career of Gary Speed.

HR:     Hmm.  Yeah, as I say, he had a great career, he was a great player, and he will always be remembered as a great player, but I think, as I say, the most important thing, far more important than football, is to be a good human being, and that’s what he always came across to me, as being a fantastic person.

TS:     Alright.  Well listen, Harry, thank you so much…

HR:     Thank you very much.

TS:     …for taking the time to talk to me.

HR:     Our condolences certainly go out to his family, you know, most important of all.


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Nov 272011

At the start of the season there is no doubt the main aim was to just finish back in the top four and bring Champions League football back to WHL, after losing our first two matches it looked to be an uphill battle but a resurge in the team and a couple of signings have seen us go unbeaten in 10 matches and take 3rd place with a game in hand which could see us even go 2nd.

Expectations are rising and pundits are talking about us as possible title contenders, I can’t see that we will win the title but we can sure as hell give it a good go. The players however have to be motivated into a belief we can win the title for the sake of winning games, a winning mentality seems to now be flowing through the team, we haven’t seen anything like it in our Premiership days.

There are some people living in a dream world but for me the aim stays the same, finish in the top four. I think we are good enough to finish 3rd and who knows maybe 2nd but for me first things first bring back CL football to the club. If we had more means to spend on players due to increased income then we could compete but until we get a bigger ground we will always be vulnerable at the top.

The way I see things may be different from other fans, just wonder what the general feel is amongst the community, what is the aim? Is it still top four or have we surpassed that now, is the aim to aim higher. Bill Nicholson’s motto for those who remember was that it’s better to fail aiming high than succeed aiming low and who are we to question the great man, so should we be encouraging talk of competing for the title?

Whatever the toughts, there’s no question it feels damn good to be a Spurs fan at the moment.

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Nov 272011

First off let’s just start by paying a quick tribute to Wales manager Gary Speed after hearing the sad news of his death. A great player, one of the all time Premiership greats. R.I.P.

What has happened to our beloved Tottenham? we don’t seem to know what defeat tastes like anymore, it’s been so long since our last league defeat and them Manchester games feel like a life time ago.

Just two points behind Manchester United in 2nd place with a game in hand which means we are technically 2nd in the league, win the game in hand and we are there. Bolton at home next week and is there really any doubt that Spurs will win yet again?

The pundits have started the talk of Spurs being title contenders but not for me I am afraid, I am confident that we could finish 3rd or even take 2nd place but it would mean we have to continue the season in similar form to that we have been in of late. Yesterday was a great result, any away win in this league is a great result and without Modders and VDV maybe we would have taken a draw but Defoe come in and done a great job for the team and Scotty Parker seemed to adapt his game and become a more creative midfielder yesterday which surprised me.

Exciting time to be a Spurs fans and there are a lot of neutrals that enjoy watching us play, we seem to always put on an entertaining game for the fans. Defoe has said the sky’s the limit for Tottenham this season and why not, it’s good to see the players aiming high, we all know them famous words of Bill Nicholson “it’s better to fail aiming high and succeed aiming low”. The players have belief which is a key attribute, going a goal down now means we can turn games around because the team believe they can, we’d probably have not won that game last season but this season something is different.

Good times to be a Spurs fan, we have the right balance and we look like a real team who are enjoying their football and working together, we always look like we are going to score. Expectations are rising by the day, there is no doubt of that but let’s keep our feet on the ground and enjoy these times of. It’s great to hear pundits on tv questioning that Spurs may be title contenders, I never thought I’d see the day where people talk about us in that manner.

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Nov 242011

Simple answer to that one is that there isn’t a weak link and it’s the first time I can say that since the Premiership began.

Tottenham under Harry Redknapp have grown and become a real force. You  look at most teams and you see a weak link to target during a match, when we played Liverpool at home it was obvious that the target was for Bale to go for Skrtel. During the 90s and up until now we had a team full of weak players and we all know we have had some right shockers, but now can we really say that the team we put out Monday against Villa didn’t have a weak link? I think we can.

Let’s start from in goal…

Friedel – Experienced Premiership keeper who has already tightened up our defence

Kyle Walker – Promising youngster who has been in excellent form and is now an England international.

King – He is the best defender in the world even with only one knee

Kaboul – Seems to have learned a lot off playing with Ledley and always wins his aerial battles, now a French international

BAE – Well he might not like football but calmness personified is his middle name, never will you see somebody more assured and confident on the ball.

Lennon – Not long been back from injury but has had a big impact since doing so, crossing seems to have improved and on his day can terrify defenders.

Modric – Second best midfielder in the Premiership behind David Silva and that’s only because Silva finds the net more in my opinion otherwise there’s nothing between them.

Parker – What an inspiration to the team this guy has been, taken to the Spurs squad like a duck to water and never stops giving 100%.

Bale – One of the best left midfielders in the world on his day.

VDV – World class player, he’s always one step ahead of the defenders thinking, football is also a mind game and VDV is good at reading the game.

Adebayor – Scored a few goals since his arrival but it’s his hold up play and attitude which has been excellent for us since his arrival, happy to have him at the club.

Can you find a weak link from that lot? I can’t, maybe one or two are a class behind the some of the others but when you compare them to what we have had in the past then you will see just what an improvement we have made on our players. Every player on that list seems to be good at their job and on match days usually win their individual battles against the opposition.

It’s good to be a Spurs fan at the moment, we are on the up and Champions League qualification would ensure that none of that lot leave. We have done Modric the biggest favour of his life saving him from being at Chelsea and if he hasn’t realised that already he soon will.

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Nov 222011

Last summer saw the arrival of Dutch Master Rafael Van der Vaart to White Hart Lane and just a few games into the season it was clear that Spurs had bagged a bargain at only £8m for a 27 year old experienced international and many were saying it was the best bit of business done that summer.

This summer saw 2 main arrivals at Tottenham, Emmanuel Adebayor joined on loan and then one of Harry’s long term targets Scott Parker finally made the switch following West Ham’s relegation to the Championship. Parker cost something between £5-6m and is in his prime after picking up the Football Writers Player Of The Year. Now in his 30s an age at which shrewd businessman Daniel Levy likes to avoid due to no sell on fee Harry convince his chairman to part with his money and sign Parker. The fans were hardly doing cartwheels but maybe we should have been because he has been nothing short of amazing since his arrival.

Since joining he has put in consistant man of the match performances and is now one of the first names on Fabio Capello’s England team sheet. Parker has brought a steel to the Spurs midfield, never tiring and a refusal to give up has given Tottenham new bite in their play and seems to have given Bale, Lennon and most notably Luka Modric license to roam knowing that Scotty is behind them doing the dirty work should an attack break down and boy doesn’t he do it well.

He might be coming to the wrong end of his career but if we get 2 or 3 good seasons with performances like we have seen so far then in my eyes it’s a bargain. Have Spurs once again grabbed the bargain of the season? I’ll leave that one with you.

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Nov 212011

With Harry back in the dugout Tottenham will be looking to make it 8 wins from 9 games when Aston Villa come to down and also move into 3rd in the Premier League. You can watch the match live in the >>Forum<< where there will be some streams to chose from.

Tottenham suffered 2 defeats to both Manchester clubs at the start of the season and remain unbeaten since then, a run of form which has seen only one draw away to Newcastle and the rest ended in victory including wins over Liverpool and Arsenal. Rafael Van der Vaart was a doubt in the week after again suffering a hamstring injury this time playing for Holland last week but declared himself fit, Van der Vaart scored 4 goals against Villa last season as Spurs done the double over them.

Starting XI

Friedel, Walker, BAE, King, Kaboul, Lennon, Modric, Parker, Bale, Van der Vaart and Adebayor

And here are our subs – Cudicini, Bassong, Gallas, Giovani, Pienaar, Sandro, Defoe.


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Nov 202011

Just watching SSN and Harry Redknapp is talking live on the line. When prompted Harry confirmed he is feeling well and will take his place in the dugout tomorrow for the visit of Aston Villa.

Redknapp has missed the last 2 Spurs matches and spoke of how horrifying it was to watch the Fulham as we were clinging on for our lives before taking the three points.

Just a brief blog, got thing to do but welcome back Harry we have missed you.

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