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Jan 312012

Remember you can watch transfer deadline day right >>HERE<< and you can watch the Spurs v Wigan match by going into the forum >>Here<<.

After a draw against Wolves and defeat to Manchester City in our last 2 matches it is now vital that there is nothing other than 3 points at the end of the night. It’s strange to have a match on deadline day but let’s hope the players stay focused on the pitch.

Starting XI


Team to face Wigan: Friedel; Assou-Ekotto; King; Kaboul; Walker; Bale; Modric; Kranjcar; Parker; Van der Vaart; Adebayor
Subs: Cudicini; Rose; Dawson; Livermore; Sandro; Pienaar; Lancaster
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Jan 312012

Watch Transfer Deadline Live Here On Triffic, just go to this PAGE

Sky Bet and other bookies are rapidly slashing the odds on striker Jermain Defoe joining Liverpool as rumours gather pace.

Defoe has been out of luck and found himself on the bench and it appears that with the Euro’s just around the corner Harry Redknapp may show Defoe mercy and let him find regular football elsewhere to ensure he makes the England squad in the summer.

Betting has been suspended on Saha joining Spurs with Pienaar returning to Everton. Saha would join on an 18 month deal apparently (oh God this must be some sort of nightmare it can’t be true).

Nothing is signed yet but if Saha is a replacement for Defoe I will not be happy, however if there is a big big deal in the works somewhere then maybe I will be a little more forgiving.


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Jan 312012

Watch Transfer Deadline Day >>HERE<< on the page I have set up today, there is a chat room for your comfort too.


I am on Twitter and it seems the rest of the Premier League fans are ripping us to shreds over the potential signing of Luis Saha and rightly so.

What I can’t understand is that Harry has always maintained that he would do business if somebody became available that would improve our squad and would only sign players of real quality. Ok then so Luis Saha is an off form injury prone 33-year-old who is well past his sell-by-date so why the hell are we even giving him the time of day.

I am praying there is a God, this deal can’t happen, I haven’t come across a single fan who is happy with the prospect of Saha coming to Spurs, Sod it we might as well try to pick up Kieron Dyer while we are at it. It takes me back to the dark days, when will they realised we don’t need to sign average players anymore, we can do better and I hope we do.

If we sign Saha and then Modric & Bale want to leave due to lack of ambition then who could blame them, I’d help them pack their bags.

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Jan 312012

Before I start my rant if you want to watch a live stream and chat then I have set up a page >>Here<<

I was hoping for once, yes just for once we might pull off something special but it seems all we are linked with is an has-been from Everton in Luis Saha and someone who doesn’t seem able to hit a barn door this season in Wigan’s Hugo Rodallega. Hmmm I know what you are thinking, hardly exciting and probably a step backwards.

Could 2 strikers like this really push us forward in our race to finish in the top 3 or 4? Do they have the pedigree? Well Saha has played at the top and has experience but he is well past his best, could he really offer anything to Tottenham?

Rodallega had a good season last term but is a shadow of that player this year, in fact he has been a bit of a donkey. It reminds me of when we were linked to the likes of Emile Heskey and Carlton Cole. We were all hoping for a Higuain, Remy or something along those lines but as of now that doesn’t seem likely.


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Jan 312012

Stuck at work but want to watch Sky Sports News for today and be the first to hear of any deals that may happen for Spurs? I have set up a page for today only with a stream for you guys to watch deadline day live.

Click >>HERE<< to watch the action unfold.

Many rumours, Hugo Rodallega to Spurs? I bloody hope not! Get me Damiao and I will be happy. That’s the funny thing you never know if anything will happen, we will just have to wait and see.

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Jan 302012

So it’s Wigan tomorrow, let’s hope we get the main part out the way in style and avoid no slip-ups like we did against Wolves. Wigan beat us last season at home 1-0 and we can’t afford to let it happen again, we must keep as much daylight between ourselves and Arsenal in 4th until while we are in this run of hard games.

So that’s Wigan out of the way, hopefully, now it’s just the small matter of transfer deadline day. Harry likes to play it down, always and I mean always says we are not looking to do business and before you know it we have the likes of Van der Vaart and Scott Parker in Spurs shirts so we can be forgiven for not believing you Harry.

Harry said after the FA Cup match that he was going on a scouting trip on Sunday, that doesn’t sound to me like someone who isn’t looking to do business. The problem is we have a match tomorrow but I am sure Harry and Levy know who they want and if there is anything to be done then Levy will handle the rest from here while Harry gets us 3pts.

It’s fair to say the last 2 or 3 windows haven’t provided us with the thrills we hoped for, although the summer signings seem to have been better than we hoped for, especially Scotty as it’s fair to say none of us really got excited but it’s not until you watch Parker play every week when you realise just how good he is. There has to come a time when Levy decided to let some of our deadwood go on the cheap just to get rid of them and take a gamble on a couple of signings to cement our top 4 place.

There could be any number of possible deals, Chris Samba, Leandro Damiao and Loic Remy are a number of players we have been linked with but will Levy loosen the purse strings and put his trust in a man who is yet to fail this football club? I think he should, we are 3rd and any money laid out that will all but guarantee us that place will be reimbursed next year with Champions League revenue.

So tomorrow would be the perfect day if we woke up on Wednesday with 3 pts and a £20m striker at the club don’t you think? Will we do any business though and if so then who do you expect to see come in and who do you expect to leave?

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Jan 272012

Watch the match live in the FORUM, just log in or create an account for access.

FA Cup is back tonight and Spurs travel to Vicarage Road in a potential trickey away tie. The players need to pick themselves up after last weeks despair against Man City but it goes without saying that Harry is making a couple of changes tonight as he always does in cup ties.

Starting XI


Walker Dawson Kaboul Rose
Parker Livermore Modric
VDV Ade Defoe.

subs…. Freidel, Bassong, Benny, Niko, Pienaar, Pav, Lennon.

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Jan 272012

There’s no question about it, many eyebrows were raided when Harry Redknapp was appointed Tottenham manager but nobody can deny what an outstanding job the guy has done in completely turning our football club around.

Redknapp has an ongoing court case accused of tax evasion and a guilty verdict depending on his punishment could spell the end for him at Tottenham and if he gets away with it there is every chance he will move on in the summer to take his dream job of managing England. Nobody could blame Harry for taking the England job in the summer if it means so much to him but who could possibly come in and fill his boots now Spurs are firmly back on the map?

Jose Mourinho! The Real Madrid manager has stated he would love a return back to the Premiership and is likely to leave Madrid in the summer. Spurs would be the ideal job for Jose as we need a manager who can attract big players and keep us up the top. Jose would probably see Spurs as the ideal challenge, I don’t know if he could go anywhere else as he would probably clash with the Man Utd and Arsenal board and unless Abramovic wants him back at Chelsea then to me it’s written in the stars for Mourinho to take over after Harry.

Mourinho has made no secret of the fact that he wishes to return to England, the Premier League is Mourinho’s home and he has only had good things to say about Spurs of late, maybe he has a little soft spot for us. If Harry does move on in the summer then it will be a massive decision on who to appoint, a wrong call by Levy could see us once again become a mid-table club. The Spurs job used to be cursed but Harry was finally the man to pub us back at the top and to carry on our recent trend will be a hard task in chosing the next manager as there is no doubt Harry has raised the bar at Spurs and made managing the club harder than ever now expectations are high. Could Jose be that man, does he have the credentials to become the next Spurs manager.

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Jan 242012

Heard a couple of reports that Spurs have renewed their interest in Brazilian Leandro Damiao.

Although I haven’t seen it myself I have heard reported negotiations are about to start over the transfer between Spurs and Internacional who are affiliated clubs which means Spurs usually get the first shot on players just as they did Sandro. Although unconfirmed it may be following interest from Man Utd that Spurs are ready to renew their  own interest.

Damiao has been catching the eye of some of the biggest clubs in Europe but Spurs and their Brazilian links have been tracking him for well over a year. If the rumours are true it could be massive for Spurs.

Watch this space….

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