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Mar 292012

Many of us know that Ledley King is always going to be the king of our hearts but we also know that he is on borrowed time due to his knee injury. Ledders probably has another season or 2 at the top before he has to call time on his career which could have been so much better for him if his luck was in better stead.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ledley would have been the England captain for the long term if his knee was up to answering his country’s calls but Ledley always put Tottenham before anything else and we will always admire him for that. There is the question that if his knee was fine that he may have moved on from Spurs a few years ago.

There could be someone waiting in the wings to take over from Ledley. Steven Caulker like Ledley has come through the ranks at Spurs and after loan spells at lower league clubs in the previous 2 seasons he finally got the chance of some Premier League experience when he was loaned to Swansea City for this Premier League campaign.

Caulker has been at the heart of a Swansea team who are tight at the back, for a team who have just been promoted to be so good defensively it is a good achievement. At the age of 20 I would argue that it would be criminal to loan him out again, like Kyle Walker he has now proved he can play in the Premier League and with all the defensive injuries we seem to get, it’s time for him to stay at Spurs next season and force his way into the team.

At the age of 20 Caulker looks like a good prospect, he is big, strong and very athletic, his reading of the game is decent and don’t forget he will still learn. It would be good for him to play a couple of seasons with the likes of Ledley who can teach him what they know before they retire.

Does Steven Caulker have what it takes to become an icon like Ledley, nobody will ever replace him but there’s room for a new hero at the Lane.

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Mar 272012

As usual for forum members you can watch tonight’s match live in the forum, if you don’t have an account the create one quick. Kick off is 19:30.

Tonight is the re-arranged FA Cup quarter-final between Spurs and Bolton at White Hart Lane after the first game had to be called off due to the unfortunate cardiac arrest of Fabrice Muamba.

It will surely be an emotional match tonight for both sets of players and fans as tributes will be paid all around the Lane for Muamba as he continues his road to recovery. Chelsea await the winners.

Starting XI


Cudicini; Walker, King, Nelsen, Assou-Ekotto; Modric, Livermore, Parker, Bale; Adebayor, van der Vaart.

And here are our subs tonight – Friedel, Kaboul, Rose, Kranjcar, Giovani, Defoe, Saha.


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Mar 252012

10 match unbeaten run in the league earlier on in the season you might remember which propelled us into 3rd position which we then held for 4 months, however with no win in 5 it has seen us drop to 4th as Arsenal have managed to put a run of games together.

With no none of the top 6 to play between now and the end of May it is vital that we go on another nice little run, put 3 or 4 wins together in a row to pull away from Chelsea and try to take back our 3rd place.

Here are our remaining fixtures:

Sun 01/04/12 Eng Prem Tottenham v Swansea 16:00 April
Sat 07/04/12 Eng Prem Sunderland v Tottenham 12:45 April
Mon 09/04/12 Eng Prem Tottenham v Norwich City 15:00 April
Sun 15/04/12 Eng Prem Bolton v Tottenham 13:30 April
Sat 21/04/12 Eng Prem Queens Park Rangers v Tottenham 17:30 April
Sun 29/04/12 Eng Prem Tottenham v Blackburn 16:00 April
Sun 06/05/12 Eng Prem Aston Villa v Tottenham 14:00 May
Sun 13/05/12 Eng Prem Tottenham v Fulham 15:00 May

Here are Arsenal’s:

Sat 31/03/12 Eng Prem Queens Park Rangers v Arsenal 15:00 March
Sun 08/04/12 Eng Prem Arsenal v Man City 16:00 April
Wed 11/04/12 Eng Prem Wolves v Arsenal 19:45 April
Mon 16/04/12 Eng Prem Arsenal v Wigan 20:00 April
Sat 21/04/12 Eng Prem Arsenal v Chelsea 12:45 April
Sat 28/04/12 Eng Prem Stoke v Arsenal 15:00 April
Sat 05/05/12 Eng Prem Arsenal v Norwich City 12:45 May
Sun 13/05/12 Eng Prem West Brom v Arsenal 15:00 May

And finally here are Chelsea’s

Sat 31/03/12 Eng Prem Aston Villa v Chelsea 15:00 March
Sat 07/04/12 Eng Prem Chelsea v Wigan 15:00 April
Mon 09/04/12 Eng Prem Fulham v Chelsea 20:00 April
Sat 14/04/12 Eng Prem Chelsea v Newcastle 15:00 April
Sat 21/04/12 Eng Prem Arsenal v Chelsea 12:45 April
Sun 29/04/12 Eng Prem Chelsea v Queens Park Rangers 13:30 April
Sun 06/05/12 Eng Prem Liverpool v Chelsea 14:00 May
Sun 13/05/12 Eng Prem Chelsea v Blackburn 15:00 May

There is no doubt about it, Chelsea have some tricky matches, Away to Liverpool and Arsenal and still in the CL and FA Cup. Arsenal still have Chelsea and City to play. We can finish in 3rd provided there’s not too many slip ups between now and May. In my opinion we will finish above Chelsea but I think when it comes to 3rd it will be tight and will be decided by who slips up against the lesser teams in the league.

3rd,4th or 5th? Do the matches from the remaining fixtures and give me your thoughts. Harry thinks it will take 6 from 8 to finish in the top 4.

Below is a video to the fan reactions to the Chelsea result on Saturday.

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Mar 242012

Watch the match in the >>Forum<< plenty of streams to choose from

Well just 1 point in our last 4 games has seen our 10 point lead disintegrate to the extend where Arsenal have jumped us in the table and Chelsea are hot on the heels. Defeat is not an option. A win would be superb even a draw would be a decent result but a defeat spells big big trouble.

Starting XI


Friedel, Assou-Ekotto, Kaboul, Gallas, Walker, Bale, Parker, Sandro, Modric, Van der Vaart, Abebayor

subs : Defoe, Saha, Kranjcar, Cudicini, Rose, Livemore, Nelson

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Mar 232012

Set-piece, set-outcome. But I’ll get to that a bit later as it didn’t become apparent to many people until the first goal went in. Stoke were taking quite a peppering from us throughout, with Bale whacking the bar with earth-shattering force, Saha having a go from distance only to be obstructed by a classy save from Begovic; and Parker losing his chance for a debut goal just by slipping over after Kranjcar slid a sumptuous pass through to him. We have scored in every home game this season and (thankfully) it continued on Wednesday. Van Der Vaart to the rescue again halfway through stoppage time.

Whenever Spurs have a set-piece to take ourselves, it never pays off or is just wasted; and whenever we have to defend one, it usually costs us important points and obviously hasn’t been addressed in training. Stoke were the best litmus test for resolve in taking and defending set-pieces. We failed on BOTH counts.

Kaboul should not be the first-choice to take free-kicks for us.
He has become a tremendous centreback and that’s just it – he’s a defender not a striker.
I’ll admit we hardly ever score free kicks with the likes of Bale and Van Der Vaart, but the laws of probability dictate that a midfielder or a second-striker – trained slightly more intensely in the art of shooting at goal – is more likely to score a free kick once in a while. Kaboul either hits the several-man wall or sends it sky-high for any passing skydivers to catch on their descent. If you want power and accuracy, Bale’s left-peg seems to have been doing extra dumbbell reps on its own considering the two thunderous shots he fired at Begovic on Tuesday.

Our corners were also horrendous that night. Always deep towards the near post for Stoke to simply boot away. What happened to that one we took against Chelsea a few years ago where it was passed wide to Modric on the edge of the penalty box and fired it low to give us a 1-0 win?? That one worked against the best team at the time, so why wouldn’t it help us in other games? We had the same manager and almost the same players outfield, most importantly Modric!

MY SOLUTION - Revert back to the Modric element. Stoke and other teams nucleate in the penalty box during corners (‘park the bus’ if you like). If the ball is played just outside it to Modric, they have to either disperse immediately to re-mark attackers or stay as they are. It makes their situation more difficult to deal with. If not, then just launch it high and long towards the far post somewhere near the six-yard box if all else fails. Either one is better than passing it to an opponent for clearance.

I don’t need to say much. All that flapping around demonstrates it all for me. I get nervous whenever we have to defend one. Defoe has been spotted by me standing on the right hand side of the defensive wall against a free kick, despite being only 5ft 7in tall!

If the defenders completely lose their cool, Friedel flaps around and a goal is conceded. Bassong used to clear the ball by heading into either open space or the path of an attacking player. And even with Bassong at Wolves, I’m still getting the jitters, both for them AND us :p Stoke scored from a well orchestrated set-piece, with Huth once again ramming himself into the penalty box to set up Cameron Jerome.

MY SOLUTION – Replace Defoe in the wall with someone taller…does Harry think a 5ft 7in midget – standing a full ten yards away from the ball – can jump high enough to head a powerfully-struck free kick clear of goal?? I’ll leave that up for discussion…

If the coaching team don’t get wise to set-piece play soon, opponents will exploit that week-after-week. If nothing is done, we better hope that all other teams’ concentration remains on our great open play.

I think out ship will be steadied by the end of next week, but currently, our set-piece play has gone to pot. Anyone want to enlighten me further as to why?

Mar 222012

If you’d have asked me a few weeks ago whether or not 4th would be good enough I would have turned my nose up at the thought of finishing 4th.

Fast forward a few weeks and if you offered me 4th place now I’d take it and put it in my bumbag and you wouldn’t see me for dust. We have blown a 10 point lead from the chasing pack, there is still every chance we can finish 3rd but we are going to need to up our game.

I can’t explain why our form has dipped, we look a shadow of the free-flowing side we were just over a month ago. I’d happily take 4th place now and take my chances that Chelsea don’t win the CL and that we can win our qualifier next season. There is a real fear now that Chelsea and Arsenal have both found form and that we could finish 5th. Just a few weeks ago we were talked about as title contenders. Doesn’t bear thinking about does it.

4th place? Would you take it now?

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Mar 222012

Last night showed we still lack a bit of belief and cutting edge and possibly even quality in the final third. It’s obvious we still need another striker, without Adebayor playing we didn’t look as dangerous.

We have constantly been linked with Eden Hazard although not a striker he would certainly improve the team. The player himself has declared interest in joining Spurs and that is why we must act now. We can’t afford to wait until the summer to sign this guy, other clubs are now on red-alert to our interest and will look to hijack the player.

We have seen it happen so many times, especially with strikers we are linked with, we wait and wait and wait and before you know it they either sign a new deal to stay at their club or somebody else gets in before we do. Huntelaar and Suarez are two recent examples.

Hazard will probably leave Lille in the summer and if we have a chance of signing a player of this quality we should do it now, if we slip out of the top four then we can kiss goodbye any chance we have of signing him and expect to see him in a United or Chelsea shirt next season. Players like this don’t come along too often and certainly in the past not many of them have openly said they’d like to join Tottenham. We should look to get a deal done before the season is over, if we wait I fear it might be too late.


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Mar 212012

You can watch the match live in the Forum

It’s our first match since the horror of Saturday evening and we can only hope the players can put it out of their heads for 90mins however they might think they can but when they step foot on the pitch it could all come flooding back.

We desperately need a win, with Chelsea and Arsenal both hot on our heels nothing short of a win will do.

Starting XI

Friedel; Walker, Kaboul, King, Assou-Ekotto; Kranjcar, Modric, Parker, Bale; Van der Vaart, Saha.

subs: Cudicini, Nelsen, Rose, Giovani, Livermore, Sandro, Defoe.

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Mar 192012

Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly looking to sign Besiktas midfielder Manuel Fernandes, according to Turkish newspaper Haberturk.

Spurs have already been heavily linked with a summer deal for Eden Hazard as Redknapp looks to add more quality to the Spurs team for next season.

The Portuguese midfielder would cost Tottenham around €17m and according to the Turkish media, representatives of the two clubs have already shaken on a deal that will go through during the summer transfer window.

Doesn’t really thrill me if true, just want the Hazard deal done if I am honest. Fernandes had spells at Pompey and Everton and didn’t really set the Premier League on fire.

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