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May 292012

Seen a couple of guys posting one of the season review videos around the net so I thought having watched it I’d share it with you. So many ups and downs and as usual so much rotten luck but it comes with the territory of supporting Tottenham, we all know our luck is horrendous just like supporting England but mark my words one day we will prevail.

Enjoy the video below and leave the guy a comment if you liked it.


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May 292012

Eden Hazard, early in the new year for those of you who remember was reported to have said on Belgian TV that he could possibly join Tottenham in the summer as we were a club that appealed to him and looked as though we were going places. Unfortunately for us we weren’t going places due to our fall for grace in the latter part of the campaign.

It doesn’t really matter anymore but if we really wanted this guy I said we should have tried to wrap up a deal for a summer move their and then as once other top clubs are interested then suddenly Spurs doesn’t seem the best option. Chelsea look to have secured his services but was it the fact that they won the CL and we can only have Europa to offer now that has meant he had a change of heart (for which I don’t blame him) plus the fact he would probably be on double the wages at Chelsea.

Another theory is that we were interested but did him and his agent use Tottenham to alert other big clubs of his desire to move, were we merely a pawn for Eden Hazard to engineer a move to either City, Chelsea or United who can offer him CL football and pay him the best wages he could possibly get?

“Maybe it will be Tottenham. It is a great English club,”

“I said that I would go to England and there is very good players [at Spurs]. I have not yet signed, this is going to happen soon,”

Where did it all go wrong?

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May 242012

This season Brad Friedel has been fantastic. He has produced some truly great saves and kept a decent number of clean sheets this season for us. Though on occasion he has had a few poor performances, against man city at the beginning of the season he let in 5 goals, of course some of which he could nothing about but he could have performed better. Also against QPR more recently he let in a freekick that was easily managable from Spurs Old Boy, Adel Taarabt. Also Brad is 41 years old and will retire in the near future as he is simply too old. He has the experience but he is losing the physical ability and you can see it in some of his performances.

Fortunately on the 19th of May Sunderland released Scotland international Craig Gordon. Craig is a nine million pound rated keeper and recently won the Premier League Save of the 20 Seasons award with an incredible save against Bolton. Even better is Craig has never played in either the Europa league or the Champions League and if he were to join spurs he would accept lower wages to join for free. He is only 29 years old and is a great keeper. The only downside would be that he is injury prone, but he is currently injury free. He wouldnt have to be first team keeper in his first season as Friedel still looks to have another season in him, but Gordon could be a true blessing to the club in the future as he is currently in his peak years with experience and athleticism.

Harry! Sign him up!

May 242012

Jan Vertonghen I believe Ajax want something in the region of about £12m and we are offering something like a couple of million off the asking price. We missed out on Cahill last summer and now he has a Champions League winners medal.

It’s not like Ajax are holding you to ransom, a top quality defender and the Dutch player of the year is not being over valued at £12m so why is there always a reluctance to pay up and spend months trying to haggle the price down to the point where we end up missing out, we should also thank our lucky stars that this guy still wants to join us after our CL heartbreak.

It always seems that we worry too much about how long a player still has left on his contract rather than how much the player is worth, the truth is that if he has 1 year or 5 that’s none of our business, he is still their player and it’s not our place to dictate that he is worth less because of his contract length, I know sometimes you get away with that and you have to try your luck but if they won’t budge then just meet their valuation or risk missing out on a very good player.

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May 202012

Back in January we sat in 3rd place and had a chance to push for the title so what do we do? we let go of some of our backup players and bring in Ryan Nelsen and Louis Saha which showed a real lack of ambition.

We let Pav go and players like Bassong go out on loan as well as Bentley earlier in the season our only over natural right sided midfielder, there were more but to me in January we significantly weakened our squad rather than strengthen and it could have cost us. I’d rather have seen no new faces than bring in these 2 guys who are no longer up to the standard required to be Spurs players. Nelsen came from a now relegated Blackburn side and nobody ever raved about him there, unlike Chris Samba he never have a reputation as being a quality defender. Saha has long since lost his legs, he will score the odd goal but we need to be aiming a lot higher.

If we sign to many old players then we will find ourselves in a situation where we need to replace a lot of players at the end of each campaign and we simply won’t be able to afford it, Chelsea were supposedly in that stage where they let the spine of their team grow to old that they needed about 4 or 5 players but they have the funds at their disposal. Football before business has to prevail sometimes.

I remember watching deadline day and hearing the news that we had signed Ryan Nelsen and to my utter horror even Iain Dowie made fun of the deal. When asked if it was a good move Ryan Nelsen to Spurs he laughed and replied “it is for him” and that summed it all up for me, where the hell did this deal even come from? who actually thought it would be a good idea to loan out players and replace them with Ryan Nelsen. If we are going to sign players of this caliber then I wish Bale and Modric all the best and give them my blessing to leave, they deserve a lot better.

How many more transfer windows do we have to go through to get it right. Previous manager have actually had more money to spend than Harry, we got £30m for Berbatov but did we ever spend all of that on a replacement? We sold Pav in January and Robbie Keane plus O’Hara at the start but we have spent next to nothing so where is the money going?

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May 202012

The morning after, still feeling empty and numb inside that our 38 game league season now pretty much counts for nothing but we really only have ourselves to blame for giving away 3rd place in the midst of the England job vacancy.

Chelsea won the CL last night which now condemns us to another Europa League campaign and the butt of jokes throughout the footballing world. We will now face a massive struggle to hold on to our top players, you can only starve top players of playing on the biggest stage for so long before you have to allow them to leave to fulfill their dreams.

Modric and Bale will no doubt be targets for some of Europe’s top clubs again, it could be a blessing in disguise if Levy can get the right prices to enable to us build another team for another shot at cracking it once again. The ideal scenario would be of course for the top players at the club to recognize that we did actually achieve what we set out to do this season and that was break the top 4 in a very competitive league and it was only by a cruel twist of fate and the fact that Chelsea got the roll of the footballing dice that has seen our rewards taken away from us through no fault of our own. I doubt Modric will see it like that, players aren’t that understanding, they just want to play on the biggest stages for the biggest money and can we blame them?

There’s no doubt this will hurt us and scar us for some time, it could prove to be the end of an era, if we don’t get it right in the summer then that could have been our last crack at it for a long time before we slip back into mid-table mediocrity and once again become that same old Tottenham.

What will be will be, our time will come but it seems to be taking longer than everyone elses. Supporting Spurs is so much like supporting England, we have to go through so much heartache over the course of a lifetime with so little rewards and even when we earn our Spurs we don’t have the footballing Gods looking down on us.

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May 192012

With an hour to go until the Champions League Final I have just realised something potentially huge for Tottenham. IF (and it’s a big If) Bayern Munich win Tottenham will be entered into the Play Off Round of the Champions League. This clearly will mean we will be able to attract players of the highest calibre to White Heart Lane in the summer. With Adebayor unlikely to remain at Spurs due to his high wage demands this leaves a gaping whole that needs to be filled. I think Redknapp will try and buy Luis Suarez as a result of this. This is because:

Reason 1. Redknapp loves players who are tried and tested in the Premiership which Suarez certainly is. This means he is guaranteed to score goals, and also contribute with many assists.

Reason 2. Suarez is looking to leave Liverpool as a result of ‘King Kenny’ being sacked, and no Europe at for Liverpool next year. Also the fact they are terrible probably contributes to his decision.

Reason 3. His wages are not his high as Adebayor’s, and can be met by Levy. This is will be attractive to the Spurs Chairman that adheres to Tottenham’s strict wage policy.

Reason 4. He is still young, and has the best years of his career still left in him.

I don’t know if I would be in favour of this because he is an unpleasant individual (Evra gate) and is completely different to Adebayor. His definitely wouldn’t work in combination with Rafa or Jermain, therefore Defoe would probably be sold freeing room for another striker to come to WHL. In this instance a move for a player like Leandro Damiao would be fantastic as he is destined to be one of Europe’s best strikers.

When people read this, the Champions League will probably have finished, and Spurs’s short term future will have been decided. This means everything I said might be irrelevant, but what do you make of this??

Joe Alexander

May 152012

Don’t get too worried this isn’t a serious blog so if you’re disappointed you can turn away now, however if you have a sense of humor you can keep going and witness and  marvel in the creativeness of some of the Spurs fans out there.

Champions League final on Saturday, Chelsea v Bayern Munich, you all know the score, we need Bayern to win or we are consigned to another season of Europa League football which quite honestly needs to be binned by UEFA in my opinion. What do we do in this case? like the final the Arsenal were in when we all turned to Barcelona fans for the night this time we will all be biting our nails as we watch a Champions League final we might have otherwise not been too fussed about.

Tottenham and Bayern will unite for just one night only and after it’s all over we will know our destiny.

Low & behold….



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May 142012

It’s been no secret that Tottenham have been held back in recent seasons by the lack of quality when it comes to converting chances, we have been linked with pretty much every striker there is in the past 2 or 3 years but there was one striker that Harry was chasing last summer but the price tag was too high but in a cruel twist of fate Spurs could now get their man at only a fraction of the price.


Following Villarreal’s shock relegation from La Liga this weekend striker Giuseppe Rossi will be surely looking to leave the club, valued at around £30m last summer then an injury which ruled him out for the rest of the season saw Villareal plummet in the league and will now have to cash in on some of their top players for a fraction of the price they are worth.

Rossi scored 32 goals in 56 appearances in all competitions last season. An anterior cruciate ligament injury on Rossi’s right knee in October ruled him out for the rest of the season and probably cost Villarreal their La Liga status. Harry will weigh up his options in the summer as he looks to add quality to Spurs and surely he will monitor the Rossi situation.

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