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Aug 312012

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Sky Sports News are now reporting that Porto and Tottenham have agreed a fee for Joao Moutinho.

The fee has yet to be disclosed but thought to be in the region of £24m. Twitter reports all morning that a deal was close and that Moutinho was the man to replace Modric or Rafa as Dembele joined 2 days ago.

AVB managed Moutinho at Porto and is the one player he wanted to bring to Tottenham this summer as speculation fueled that Modric was leaving for Madrid. Moutinho had a decent Euro 2012 with Portugal and should get the Spurs fans excited for the rest of the day, a big big signing if Spurs can pull it off.

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Aug 312012

Sky Sports News live stream in the forum

As fast as they leave we should expect to see players come, we can’t leave our squad this thin.

The revolving door could be in motion all day at Tottenham with news of VDV, Rose and Jenas all potentially leaving for Hamburg and Sunderland.

Spurs are notorious for leaving it late to do deals and as players leave the club we could be welcoming new transfers through the door. Berbatov is thought to be a possible return to Tottenham to partner Ade and Defoe up front.

Many see our midfield needs some work, Moutinho is the one AVB wants to fill the gaps left by the players who have left or leaving but Levy will haggle the price down all day if he has to.  Keep watching throughout the day it will prove to be interesting.

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Aug 312012

Transfer deadline day is here, for those of you stuck at work I have put streams in the  >>Forum<< for you to watch of SSN.

Let’s kick it off with the news that Rafa went to Tottenham training and after 10mins was driven away which can only mean his move back home to Hamburg is well and truly on. Maybe it’s time to sell as I suspect Sigurdsson will fill the Van der Vaart role. Rafa is a great player but has he got the legs? He only seems to be able to manage an hour for Spurs on the pitch and looks as though he is ready to move on.

You might have thought Berbatov to Fulham looked a done deal yesterday, many Spurs fans were saying “we need a striker we should have got him back”. Well according to Sir Alex, the move to Fulham is far from done and he gave a massive hint that Berbs could be coming home to Tottenham.

‘It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s at Tottenham. i don’t think he’s certain to go to Fulham.’

 He added: ‘I just have no idea where he is. I don’t think it’s settled with Fulham, put it that way.’
VDV out and Berbatov in, could it happen?
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Aug 282012

Time and time again we expect spectacular things to happen on transfer deadline day from a Spurs point of view, for almost 3 years we have been hoping for a striker and each time it never came but this time it could be different.

Having sold off a lot of our squad and with more set to leave before the window slams shut, it would be suicide if Tottenham didn’t indulge in the transfer market. Having watched the first home game of the season on Saturday it was evident that we need to replace Luka, we need someone who can dictate the play and make things happen, if AVB and Levy think Jenas and Livermore are good enough to get us near the top 4 then I am truly worried.

Many names have been linked, Ramirez,Nani,Anderson, Dembele, Isco, M’villa, Moutinho and Willian to come into our midfield, who will it be is anyones guess. There is still the need for another striker, Defoe and Ade will do what they can but a top Premier League club needs more than 2 strikers to succeed.

Friday could be critical, as usual we have dragged out our dealings until the end and just like last year it has pretty much cost us the month of August, our season pretty much starts from September each year, Levy’s policy means that anything we pick up in August is a bonus as it seems more important to save a few quid rather than the team win.

We know Levy wants to fund the stadium but this can’t be done at the cost of selling our players and not replacing them. We have faith that Friday will be special for Spurs fans but at the same time we have fear that another Luis Saha and Ryan Nelsen situation could occur. Please don’t let this happen.

Transfer deadline day? you’ll be able to watch it here in the forum so sign up as it will be busy…..

Place your bets!

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Aug 272012

Well here we are again fellow Spurs fans, ‘Silly Season’ for transfer stories, and we have not had such a doozie like this Modric saga since Dimitar Berbatov had an all-nighter with Daniel Levy and Alex Ferguson. Real Madrid have rejected a ‘final offer’ of €35million (£28million or $50million for U.S. fans) for the player dubbed as the lynchpin of Spurs’ midfield, Luka Modrić. I’m only slightly unsure about where I stand with this situation.

We are soon to be rid of an unhappy player so that there’s no mass disruption within the changing rooms. Well, maybe Van Der Vaart and Sandro would still duel with twisted-up towels, but I’m talking about disruption of the team’s morale. The money, whatever may be agreed [estimated to be over £30m] would go some way towards equipping us with the gap we have upfront. The space between Peter Crouch’s legs used to account for that until he signed for Stoke. Adebayor is more of a holding centre forward than an actual striker, Defoe cannot possibly fill the striker position every game; and many fans still don’t trust Kane and Coulibaly as far as they can throw them, although, the youth players’ 0-6 mauling of Southend United should have curried some more favour with fans.

Maybe Modric’s transfer money could then be put in Daniel Levy’s Very Rainy/Flooded Day Fund instead. Many say at least one more striker is required to increase options upfront. They are correct.

I’m here to offer some ‘retrospective views’ on this Modric deal.

I’m struggling to see why Madridistas wanted Levy to accept the ‘final offer’ from Real Madrid to transfer Modric from one white/blanco shirt to another. It’s rather paltry considering how Spurs got the Croatian playmaker the exposure to English and European football, not to mention his undisputed passing accuracy and his impact on a match,

The young [and still upcoming] Leandro is only worth £3million less than Madrid’s previous offer for Modric which was £23m. What made the offer more insulting is the fact that the boot was on the other foot for Madrid a little while ago. Their price tag on midfielder Nuri Sahin (currently on-loan at Liverpool) put German club Hoffenheim off. Yet they expected Spurs to lower the value of Modric to suit them. They wouldn’t dream of reducing Cristiano Ronaldo’s value by 1/3 would they. Madrid seem to be using their reputation to try and push Tottenham around in the transfer market. Levy has spearheaded the defence for comparatively ‘smaller’ clubs who are tired of it. It seems like Madrid were in a glass house and started throwing stones.

Madrid cannot, on one end, offer heavily discounted amounts for such talented players from other clubs while hiking up prices of their own players on the other end – I think the famous English idiom of choice here is called ‘having your cake and eating it’. It’s blatant hypocrisy from Real Madrid’s representatives.
Madrid claim they really want Modric but as money talks, it doesn’t look like they’re trying too hard and so it seems like Modric isn’t as vital to Madrid’s progress as first thought. Rather, they are trying to ‘peacock’ their way to a cheaper price using their ‘We’re Real Madrid – Deal with it’ mantra. They aren’t exactly paupers and so would definitely pay the full asking price of £40m if they wanted Modric that desperately. The ball was in their court/net/goalline-technology pilot test, whatever you want to call it.


If the above theory was too conspiracy-like for you, then how about this one:

Levy was trying to ensure Spurs get what they deserve for giving him exposure to the Premier League and European (world-renowned) competitions. There are performance-bonuses which need paying to Zagreb so that’s what the extra money on top may have been for.

Also, I don’t buy into this ‘Modric and Levy had a gentleman’s agreement’ hoo-hah.
Their agreement was if Modric wanted to leave in the future for a ‘bigger club’, Levy would not stand in his way…but then Modric penned an improved six-year deal (doh!). Levy has allowed Madrid to negotiate a transfer for Modric. Agreement fulfilled. He didn’t promise Modric that he’ll be able to tie up a deal.

When a player signs a legally binding contract with the chairman, he too shall not go back on it. Contract means that the player is required to play for the team at all matches when needed unless out through injury, compassionate, etc. leave. I am fully aware of the theory that contracts are worth less than the paper they’re written on nowadays, but it didn’t give Modric the right-to perpetuate it!

Modric unlawfully skipped the pre-season tour of the USA and therefore was already in BREACH OF HIS OWN CONTRACT. Levy was doing nothing apart from going by the letter of the law, upholding the legalities of it, like he would for ANY player of his. Rather that than have renegade players calling the shots and still leaving afterwards a la Berbatov.

Would you go into your boss’ office calling the shots on your pay or giving HIM an ultimatum on possibly leaving for a ‘bigger’ employer without so much as a sit-down and a chat??? Yes, you’d have engineered your own sacking, but there’d be no positive reference for the next employer who takes you on…if any. Football is a business just like whatever company you may work for.

Levy as you know isn’t one to shy away from brinksmanship and he wins most of the time. Resistance is futile. If Madrid wanted Modric so much, they would have paid the FULL asking price. As it stands, they are ‘peacocking’ about how they can have any player they want for half the price because they’re Real Madrid. They are Real alright, but they’re also ‘Mad’ to think that Daniel Levy would’ve got ‘Rid’ for a fraction of the price.

Modric, thank you for your service, good luck in the future. You will need it at Madrid.

Well Madridistas, you have your wish, albeit an unnecessary one.

Good luck with asking Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira to step aside…

Aug 272012

Luka Modric has finally been sold to Real Madrid subject to a medical and the two clubs have formed a partnership for the future. It would appear as though Spurs have let Real Madrid has Modric a little bit cheaper if they agreed to a partnership which could see Tottenham take some of Madrid’s players on loan and get first option on buying players.

The club just released this statement on the official website:

The Club can announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with Real Madrid FC and reached agreement for the transfer of Luka Modric, subject to medical, to the Spanish club.

The partnership agreement will see the two Clubs working together in respect of players, coaching, best practices and commercial relationships.

Real Madrid FC President, Florentino Perez Rodriguez, said, “The strong relationship and affinity between our two clubs has resulted in the cementing of a longer-term partnership and the successful transfer of Luka Modric. We are delighted to welcome Luka and look forward to working closely with Tottenham in the coming years.”

Daniel Levy, Chairman, Tottenham Hotspur, commented, “Luka has been a terrific player for us and, whilst we preferred not to part with him, we are pleased that it is to Real Madrid, a club with which we now look forward to sharing a long and productive partnership.”

Luka made 160 appearances for the Club, scoring 17 goals after joining from Dinamo Zagreb in the summer of 2008.

We wish him well for the future.

Modric has gone and he must be replaced, I was at the game on Saturday and we are in deep trouble if we think we can get anywhere near the top 4 if we have Livermore and Jenas running around in midfield. Every top team has a playmaker, someone who can dictate the play and make things happen.

Life after Luka begins now!

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Aug 262012

After having watched the West Brom game there are a few things that are needing discussion.

Firstly I would like to say that the 4-2-3-1 formation does not particularly work with Jermain Defoe playing as a lone striker. Although if he has a chance he will take it, i do not feel that he is either tall enough or strong enough to hold the ball up and bring others into play. Defoe has always played best with another striker up top with him be it Berbatov, keane or crouch. He even had good spells with Ade last season against Liverpool (home) and Wolves (away) where they both got on the scoresheet. I have the up-most respect for Defoe and his 110+ goals for Spurs, he is a great finisher.

There are Five days left until the end of the window and i see that we need to strengthen in 2-3 key areas;
firstly with the departure of Luka Modric imminent we lack a real creative spark in the middle of the park, Sigurdsson who played well with Leon Britton and Joe Allen last season is capable of a killer pass in the opposition half, nevertheless he is not what i would call a box to box midfielder, for that i would say Joao Moutinho would be an absolute perfect signing, anyone who can stand out against Spain’s impeccable midfield would be an absolute steal for around £20M. But sadly rumours surrounding him have quietened down in recent weeks.

We need 1 more striker and although AVB said we are done for strikers, with the quality of Llorente and Remy being linked and available “for the right price” I would find it hard to overlook. Llorente is real class with two great performances against Man U. Last season he got 17 league goals from 32 apps and has apparently said according to Guillem Ballague of Sky Sports ‘Revista La Liga’ he would accept an offer from tottenham but he may have strong competition from the likes of Juventus and maybe Man city. Loic Remy on the other hand appears to have been linked with us almost every single window. He may not be big but he is quick, very quick he can also play as a winger as he has done for Marseille.

Yesterday may have had a air of disappointment around the result but i thought in general the performance was good. I thought Jan made a good debut with important block to deny Lukaku (who was immense) a clear goalscoring opportunity. Gallas looked ok. But the player who surprised me was Brad Friedel proving that age is no hinderance showing his reflexes still exist getting down low to deny Lukaku, perhaps showing that we may not need a new goalkeeper until January at least.  Adebayor looked tame but to be fair he hardly got a sniff, and adding to that he had no pre-season so he was understandingly rusty.

Although on the web i have seen support for AVB i am staggered by the outcry from some ‘fans’ who are calling for his head on a plate just because his name isn’t Harry. Spurs were good yesterday but don’t get me wrong West Brom deserved a point just for their second half performance. We were unlucky against Newcastle as we were the better team for most of the game and deserved a share of the points. We have appeared to fade somewhat in the second half, after a relentless first half of free flowing attacking football using both wings abundantly. But I remain optimistic that AVB is the right man to bring success to the lane this term he just needs time to do it in.

Aug 252012

Andre Villas Boas was specially employed to resurrect Tottenham to the Champions League and give us maximum success. Well after two extremely disappointing results against Newcastle and West Brom, I believe Villas Boas is merely setting us up for downfall.

Firstly, his moronic belief that Adebayor, Defoe and Kane are capable to lead the lone striker role is absolutely incomprehensible. Yes, Adebayor is certainly capable to lead the front line, when it comes to ‘tap ins’, ‘headers’ and ‘holding the ball down’ but his knack of not being able to fire in goals from any angle and from any range, simply echoes last seasons main concern…not being clinical enough. On the other hand, Defoe is extremely clinical, however with his extremely small physique makes him unsuitable to lead the front line and more so to play off another striker. Finally, Villas Boas seems to think that Kane will lead a Sturridge type role…except Sturridge is Premiership standard unlike Kane who is Championship standard. If we are supposedly meant to as a club, be challenging for the Top 4, then Kane should be sent back to Millwall.

Secondly, the lack of squad depth only adds to the misery we are enduring as a club. The Tottenham bench for the West Brom game today, consisted of Jenas, Townsend and Naughton aswell as other classier players. Last season, we had players like Sandro, Pienaar and Kranjcar on the bench but now we are lumbered with average reserve players and supposed ‘dead-wood’. If Villas Boas wants to further us as a club, then sign another couple of quality players than can challenge the premeditated starting eleven.

To conclude, Villas Boas ought to re-evaluate his transfer plans and fork out the extra money to save this season becoming a complete barbarity.

Aug 252012

This is exactly how I felt after the match today. Slightly humbled by West Brom’s second-half performance as the first half for them was nothing to blog about. Let me start by saying it wasn’t a loss, it was a draw. Obviously it won’t wash with a lot of you though. It certainly didn’t wash with the 7,000+ Spurs fans I sat with in the South Stand either. Our maiden home game under AVB was sweetened at half time by an appearance from our new club ambassador and all-out legend, Ledley King. It then appeared to blossom into something gaining momentum when Assou-Ekotto’s ‘have-a-bash-son’ volley broke the deadlock 3/4 of the way through. But cometh the one-and-a-half hour mark, cometh the Morrison from West Brom, who slid a neat shot low  into the right hand side of the net to make everything sour on the stroke of 90 minutes.

In the first half our football was again very tidy and the defence was organised, save for a slight miscalculation by Vertonghen at the back. He made up for his mistake spectacularly with some dogged defending later on.

Livermore did surprisingly well in centre midfield with a hybrid of Parker’s ball-hungry defending and his playmaking which – if I may inflate his ego to bursting point just  for a few seconds – had hints of Modric vision.

Maybe West Brom were given the better half time team talk. They sat back too much in the first half to no avail as Spurd peppered their box with attack, just without the goal to prove it.

In the second half they made use of the counter attack like Spurs did and with Lukaku as the spearhead it looked to be working. Only our centrebacks and Friedel stood in the way and did until the final few minutes when a well earnt three pointer for Spurs turned into despair and a reaction similar to when we lost 0-1 at home to Wigan one summer…in fact, come to think of it, it might be exactly 2 years to the day! Someone please check that…cheers.

All the work we believed AVB had done was unravelled during a frantic defensive scramble to clear the ball from Spurs’ penalty box but it was being pinged around like a hot potato in a pinball machine. Morrison leveled the score for West Brom, cue Arsenal-style mass exodus…

Towards the end, our formation (looked like a 4-5-1) began to deteriorate with Vertonghen moving too far up on his own and Livermore taking his place which opened up a massive void in centre midfield for Lukaku to roam around in; a void so massive that I thought at any moment, he could swing his arms around, twirl and sing a the opening song of ‘The Sound of Music’ on our nice new turf while the subs were coming on.

Not sure if AVB wanted a more total-football approach or Vertonghen thought he’d try one anyway but it almost cost us another game. The substitution of Defoe for Jenas was a daft one to say the least. I know Adebayor needed a position but maybe it could’ve been modified to a 4-4-1-1 to accommodate both strikers. It looked too much like Redknapp’s choice of Parker coming in against Aston Villa when we were trying to take a lead rather than keep one.

I would like to hope that we go from strength to strength - From a loss to a draw to a win. But it will take some major tweaking of the midfield and what should be simple close-range passing.

Saying all that, I would like to say I won’t be too happy if I have to come on here after every loss and defend AVB from fans who already had he long knives out for him before his first pre-season friendly. His building of a team will take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, Roman never gave him a day. It is one occasion where if we are in such an equivalent as Rome, we should NOT do what that Roman did. It helps neither the team or the media’s coverage of the team. They are the pied pipers leading the torch and pitchfork parade towards AVB on a daily basis just because it’s easy to and  he hasn’t already led Spurs to a 10-0 away victory against Newcastle.

I’m sorry AVB-haters but if you no longer want to ride this roller coaster of stress, despair and appreciated celebration which you’ve come to know well as a Spurs fan, you know where to get off.

Good things come to those who wait. Ain’t that right Abramovich… :-#