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Jul 062011

Good Afternoon Sports Fans!

It seems sky sources have told us that Modric has confirmed he wants to leave Spurs, during crunch talks that didn’t actually happen as he is still on holiday. Hmmm. So are Sky leading the way for the ‘lets sell Tottenham’s players on their behalf’ party? Bale has reportedly declared he wants to go to Citeh, which I don’t see happening.

Surely with Tevez declaring he wants to leave Citeh, the top 4 is all for the taking, as without the Argentine, City are but a fraction of the force they are with him. L’arse seem poised to sell their best players in Fabregas and Nasri whilst Chelsea are still rueing being conned £50mil for Torres.

The end is not nigh, the future is not so dark. If we can convince Modders and Bale that we are genuine contenders and can reinforce that with 1 or 2 top quality signings, then we have a good, nay, an excellent chance of finishing top 4 again, and like our Super Pav suggested this week, we could even come 3rd.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. Europa League is a huge drain on players but if we play it right and reinforce where necessary with quality, then we have a very real chance of another Champions league place.

We also need to shape up our mentality against ‘weaker’ opponents’ The dreadful loss of points from games against sides in the bottom 5 cost us not only a top 4 spot, but if you look at the amount of points we actually lost…potentially the championship.

So, top quality signings, retain our best, and shape up our mentality. The chances of this actually happening…about the same as winning a marathon blindfolded; Possible…but I can’t see it happening.

Written by Davyid

  34 Responses to “3 Easy Steps to Success”

  1. Keep Mod,Bale,VDV, sign aguero,cahill,rossi. job done

  2. Good article. Easier sais than done though. I would like to see us keep our best players obviously and sign someone good like Dimao x

  3. If luka wants to go let him go. we don’t want him if his heart isnt in it!!!!

  4. It’s okay! 3 of the teams in the bottom 5 went down last year so without them in the equation it’s smiles all round.

  5. its not as simple as ‘if luka wants to go let him go’ – if we do that then its showing everyone else its ok just to decide your going to leave and your contract doesnt matter, whilst showing other clubs that we are weak. Do you really want us to cave into Chelsea like that?

    • spot on and if we are gonna sell him ( which i doubt ) why would we sell him to London rivals.We do have a choice unlike when we let Campbell run his contract down and all this utter shit about leaving for footy reasons gets right up my bollocks,will he go and play for his next team on the same wage as his on at Spurs.Its all probably about getting a better new contract with us.

  6. Have to agree with you there lilywhitemike, to a point. If Luka had 3 years of his 5 year contract or if anyone was within their last 2 years of contract, then it would be completely different. But if someone signs a 6 year contract, asking to leave within 6 month is just not acceptable, even if we finished in the bottom half of the table. If you didnt want to be here, then dont sign a new contract, simple. Otherwise, if the club strongly wants you to stay then too bad. If is totally unprofessional to go back on such an agreement so quickly, total lack of respect towards the club who took the punt on you when other English clubs were looking but not sure.

  7. total bull what hes angling 4 is another pay rise ,id tell chelea were to shove it but dont be surprised if hes not said anything in the first place and its just his agent thinking of getting him to move so he gets a cut of the transfer fee int his agent joorabchian same as tevez n hughes someone enlighten me on this as not sure

  8. One more season Luka – that’s all we ask. After that, I would not stand in his way if we fall short of his expectations. He would never have had the chance to play for Chelsea or Man U had he not come to Spurs. We accelerated his career.

  9. Spot on TonyRich

  10. nice article!

    Even if we sell Modric, our place is still in the top 6 and with a bit of team work and a new striker we can definitely take 4th. We just need to get enough points from the other 14 teams in the league. I would rather lose all the games against the top 4 but win most of the other ones and finish in the top 3. COYS

  11. we beat AC Milan on their ground without Bale, and Modric just as a sub in the second half, not to mention that he was still in recovery from surgery… and all this with Crouch on top… with Palacios and Sandro in the Center we looked sometimes like playing a 4 2 3 1 formation, which if you ask me, is not a bat tactic at all. It just shows that we can beat big teams without our “best players” it is all about team-work…

    • yes, but what a sweet pass round the corner from modric to set little aarona running

      • Yes, but Milan were dominated from the first five minutes, even without Luka… anyway, we will probably start the season with him…

  12. Good article Dave
    Totally agree with the comments who signs a 6 year deal and wants to leave after 6 months he needs to remember he was part of that team that didn’t make top 4! May b look closer to home luka coz although your passing and movement is great your shooting is way off that of the top boys

  13. I think if modric really wants to go levy should pick up the phone and offer him to Barcelona even in exchange for seydou keita, Pinto reserve gk and affellay on a 1 or 2 year loan + 10ml and see what they say, Even if we ended up not getting as big a fee it would ne better than him going to English club for 40-45ml because everyone would know we have that money and any player we inquired about fee would reflect that as has happened to Liverpool selling Torres

  14. Offer Modric the money he is really worth, get rid of some of the fringe players and use their wages to pay top money to the key players. EASY !!!!. If he is still unhappy and thhreatens to go on strike a la Berbatov, then sell him but not to anyone in the premier league, this will send out a message to the other players in the squad as well as the other teams in the league, that we are not to be fecked with. EASY !!!!


  15. If we let luka go we won’t be able to replace him. No world class attacking midfielder will come to spurs for no champions league and low wages. The quick way to get us success is 1- Get rid of redknapp, 2- find a rich buyer 3- buy our way to the top. I’m also concerned about our lack of transfer activity. We should be showing our ambition to be back in the top 4. We haven’t so far shown luka any reason to stay. I’d like to see Levy say we will up your wages, give us another season to see if we can get back in the champions league if we don’t then we will sit down and talk again next season.

    • Get rid of redknap your off your rocker, sell to rich owner we have one, buy our way to success that’s no achievement, All this would sucseed in doing is ripping the heart and soul out of the club and we’d become a corptate entity, if that’s what you want then jump ship with modric.

  16. Don’t let luka go. If he doesn’t wanna play let him rot in the reserves for 5 years or until he’s ready to play for us again. and for God’s sake sign a decent forward Levy. The others just don’t cut it.

  17. The problem is that players such as Modders and Bale keep hearing about an additional couple of signings and the intent at the club but Levy is such a tight fisted dealer that he wont pay the wages (improved not City level) or the required fees and as such we have brought no one of true class in. Simple words will not convince talent to stay they need to see the squad improve if they are to believe that we are moving forward. This Modric nonsene has been going on for a few weeks now – surely the most convinvcing way to encourage him to stay would be to have made a couple of aquisitions. I realise that the transfer window is about brinksmanship but paying a couple of mil more for a qulaity player now + the bonus of showing the like of Modric the direction the club is determined to go in would be well worth it. What’s Levy going to say to Modders in these talks they are about to have? “Luka, nothing has changed since you/your agent stirred the pot and started to agitate for a move but please stay – honestly we are a club that is moving forward and are determined to challenge for the top 4 if not the league…new players will be coming honest – please believe me.”

  18. This is now getting beyond ridiculous!!

    So if it wasn’t for the odd points dropped against the bottom 5 you would have been CHAMPIONS ………………………………………. excuse me while I get back on to my chair!!

    Spurs have averaged 10th place since the PL began, that’s bottom half for those who can’t do the maths, so a finish of 5th is a massive over acheivement and one that is unlikely to happen again in the near future.

    • speaking of maths…if average is 10th, then that’s not bottom half. If you’re going to lecture people on maths, go back to school first

      • Wouldn’t bother with Terry, he’s got all the intelligence of his namesake but even less talent.

    • I think if you do even a little bit of research you’ll discover that in the past 6 years we have finished 5th 3 times and 4th once. Hardly a massive overachievement, then, and not at all unlikely we’ll manage it again. Still, don’t let the facts get in the way.

    • Your mum is beyond ridiculous.

  19. make it clear that he cabnnot go and that will head off v d v and bale and sandro asking shd the be inclined. personally i think they will only beinclined if modric leaves and then how do you stop them. if we sell him on the last day for 45 mill fine. i actually believe that he will play well if he stays even if he really did not want to. i think he is above sulking and a much bigger man than berbatov, in that reagrd at least!
    if the whole team had put in the effort that he put in against west ham and b’poll we wd have been second in the table, he wd be happy and arsenal wd be in the europa and fabregas and nasri wd have gione already. sorry ‘arry, this is not as good as it gets

  20. what a great name NO ONE says Finish in the top 3…hahahahahahahahahaha…stop it…it hurts hahahahaha

  21. I think this year’s the best chance to overtake the gooners. Can’t wait to hear from them at the end of the season… hahaha

  22. That may be true, but it still wont get you in the top 4.

  23. Manchester City have received a huge financial boost with the latest figures from Companies House revealing that the club’s owners have pumped another £44m into the club.

    A total of 2.68 million shares in Manchester City Ltd were allotted at a price of £2.12 per share, bringing £43.84 into the club coffers. Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mansour has now invested more than £500m into the Eastlands club since taking over in August 2008.

    The Citizens will receive a further cash boost this season due to their participation in the lucrative Champions League. It’s estimated that Roberto Mancini’s side could earn up to £40m dependent on their success in Europe’s premier club competition.

    City are also likely to cash in on their home ground with reports suggesting that the club could sell the naming rights to the stadium to Etihad Airlines in a 600 multi-million pound deal.

    • And your point is? Or are you just waving your dick about now that someone’s paid for an extension?

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