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Aug 082012

So Madrid have reportedly made an offer of £30m for Luka Modrid and told us take it or leave it.

Firstly we don’t need to or want to sell Luka so making an offer which is under that of which we value him isn’t going to get them their player no matter how much he kicks up about it. It frustrates me how Madrid act as if we are doing them the favour and they hold all the cards when nothing can be further from the truth.

Sure Modric wants to go, we can understand that but we had an offer for £40m supposidly last summer from Chelsea and have reportedly stood firm on that price tag all summer. Nobody knows the truth has we have heard the other week that we turned down £35m but I think Levy would let him go for that.

£30m for Luka, take it or leave it, I think we’ll keep him thanks.

The saga continues…. no doubt will be concluded on August the 31st.

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