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Jul 202010

Joe Cole’s signed on at Anfield, Fabiano’s decided to stay with Sevilla, Taiwo’s a no-go and Cavani is apparently off to Italy. Almost everyone who has been linked with the club in recent weeks has either moved elsewhere or negotiated a new contract with their current employers, so with less than a month until the new campaign kicks off we have to start to wonder ……. WHERE IS EVERYBODY?

Joe Cole - Hodgson Snapped Up The England Man

We should be used to it by now, linked with every Tom, Dick and ‘Arry only to be left disappointed and ridiculed by others when the promised big name signings failed to materialise !!!

Not so long ago we were linked with the likes of Morientes, Rivaldo, Ronaldo (the fat one) and Diego only to fall just short (not through lack of trying I might add!) and be left to settle with players who were not quite of the same standard ….. Postiga, Rasiak, Acimovic the list goes on!

This time around however we all thought things would be different, top 4, Champions League football on the way, the big boys would surely be clammering to get through the White Hart Lane entrance this summer ……. but once again all is quiet on the star arrival front!

Cavani - Italy Bound?

What’s Wrong With Us?

Sandro’s in and that’s a great signing already in the bag but you have to wonder why we are failing to tempt the big players to the club when we are in the midst of our most exciting and productive period for as long as the memory can stretch?

Today’s tabloids are informing us that the Craig Bellamy deal is as good as signed and to be honest, at the money being mentioned(£3-5m) he would appear to be a good addition to the squad when you take into account the fact that Keano appears to be on his way out of the club. Bellamy, as good as he is though, fails to create the excitement around the fans that we were expecting to feel, going into our first season against Europe’s elite in the Champs. League.

Going Nowhere - Luis Fabiano

We’ve still been linked with some very good players, and realistic for a change as well! Gaby Agbonlahor, Micah Richards, Cole (before the move) but as yet, no concrete offers and no sign that anything’s about to change any time soon. I know our best work usually goes on  behind the scenes, only sprung on us when the deal is complete,  but with only a few weeks to go before we get underway again we must just hope that that work is underway as you read this !!

Anyone you’d like to see arrive soon? Any rumours you’ve heard that have escaped the press? Let us know in the comments box below ……..

  28 Responses to “4 Weeks To Go ….. Who’s Coming Then?”

  1. ANYONE who can put away 30-40% of the chances that we offer will do me.
    Big Name?;Little name?;Unknown” IDGaF so long as he scores and regularly.

    And please NO ONE say: Defoe; Crouch or( I am very sorry to say) Pav or
    even Bellamy who is no Greaves/Lineker when it comes to netting.

  2. Great article, unfortunately I think you are spot on. Our wage structure means we cannot attract the big names. We all rave about how Levy holds us together and makes us a financially strong club but if we are realistic it is this financial prudence that prevents us from signing the Cole’s, Ronaldo’s, Morientes etc. We can’t have it both ways and I fear that if we don’t relax our wage structure we will NEVER bring in a Torres type player who can have that profound an affect on not only our football but most importantly our results!

  3. We’re not in the Champions League yet, just the qualifiers. Big difference. If we qualify for a couple of years running it might have an effect but no-one is going to sign a 3-year deal off the back of us being in the play-offs.

  4. You’ll be smiling in a week when we’ve signed suarez, swapped arda for gio, swapped keano and jj for ashley young and the new york yankees owner has decided he doesnt want to buy spurs, just give us £450 million – oh and joe cole gets injured. All is quiet because we are working on one or two big secret deals (or so I keep telling myself!)

  5. You’re right Kevin Boatang, I meant Inter Milan ….. he said he wants to be Inter’s Wayne Rooney !

  6. Boys boys boys stop worrying about who’s coming, leave that to me? Harry was convinced JC would happen so now he will turn his attention to that brute Bellamy. We will sign the keeper Pletosika, or whatvere he likes to be called. My Daddy is also telling me dont give up on another striker arriving and possibly another midfielder. So dont get to disheartened boys and do come and look me up in the Paxton this season. I wear my long sleeved purple Spurs top with 69 Horny Helen on the back, you’ll love me I promise.

  7. I have heard that , it was a deal struck in between Liverpool and Spurs for two players Joe Cole and Arda Turan..Both players were targets of both clubs, despite what Harry said Spurs actually pulled out of Cole deal, allowing Liverpool signing him, in return Arda Turan is no longer a Liverpool target which will pave the way for Spurs..Spurs already agreed personal terms with Turan but his Club insisted on 15 million Euros price tag which Tottenham refused to pay..Since yesterday Galatasaray got in touch with Spurs reducing his price to 12 million Euros..Liverpool since yesterday pulled out of any deal for Arda Turan..Galatasaray need urgent funds now to complete a signing and Turan is the only player they can cash in with immediate effect, Spurs should now sign the player for 10-11 million Euro mark.

  8. in addition to previous comment, i also have heard that since Werder Bremen realised that Mesut Ozils agent done a deal with Barcelona to take the player there for free, Spurs have offered Dos Santos plus 20 million Euros cash for the player. Werder Bremen are in the market for Ozil`s replacement..They had a similar problem when Diego went to Juventus and they signed Ozil from Schalke 04 as his replacement.

  9. Like everyone else I’m keen to see Turan sign, he is a better prospect than Joe Cole and will be an asset for Europe. I also hope the rumours about Huntelaar are true…the guy has a point to prove and will suit the Premiership. I am concerned about the lack of reporting on central defenders and a right back though. Other than that we can look forward to Horny Helen cheering us up down the Lane 🙂

  10. I don’t believe that we are in any worse a position than any of the other top 4 suitors (apart from Man City). The World Cup has obviously delayed transfer activity and now we are approaching August clubs will be looking to do deals in time for the start of the season.
    Of the players linked to us i would have doubts that the big name foriegn stars would consider us. We have no real Champions League pedigree and our wage structure limits us with regards to the players we can attract. I would rather have a Craig Bellamy on £50k a week, knowing he will be giving 100% than Fabiano getting £100k and putting in 60% because he doesn’t care. It is regonised that we need quality improvements, but our squad was good enough last season to finish 4th, and with some improvement on the likes of results against the Stokes, Sunderlands and promoted sides we should be good enough to finish inside the top again.

    Keep the faith……Harry knows what he is doing!…….i hope.

  11. I think the striker has and should be our main issue this summer, and with a lot either supposedly signed up or staying, choices are limited, ideally it was Dzeko but it looks very unlikely, but i honestly believe either Suarez or Huntelaar are both realistic and very good signings. (both are young and keen to prove themselves, they are also capable of scoring 20+ goals a season) Arda Turan is a very good shout, he has the right attitude, failing that a quality leftback for cover and bale is more than capable of moving forward. The strikers are a must tho and if a deal was done soon i think all spurs fans would be happy.

  12. Ozil, Turan, Suarez or Huntelaar, and Wickham for the future – I’ll be happy then 😉

  13. I would take Huntelaar all day long, we can give him a real home

  14. there’s still plenty of time and don’t forget most of the players in the world cup are only just returning or still on holiday. there’s still a few players who’d be available who’d strengthen the squad for prem and CL. van der vaart, huntelaar, turan all available and definitely gettable. i also think micah richards could prove to be a brilliant signing if that comes off given his abaility at right back and in the middle. he’s a player that would benefit from new surroundings. still not sure about bellamy… a good player and he’ll give you everything but is he a trophy winner? i’m not sure if we’d gain anything by getting rid of keane and bringing him in

  15. I must admit that all the gossip is getting a little annoying, but on the other hand it does get the imagination running to think that players of top quality like ozil, fabino, forlan are being linked with spurs, it shows that we are progressing but as most spurs fans know we sign one player early in the window and wait til the last week to sign more, so sit back and smile at the next list players that will don a spurs shirt next season

    COYS top 4 again and a piece of silverware happy season

  16. Maybe I am unrealistic but I do not see that any of the players suggested as coming to Spurs are that much of an improvement—I think we were lucky not to get Cole. Clearly we need a good central defender to add solidity to the squad with the doubts about nagging injuries to King and another striker. But the real class of the World cup such as Muller and Fabiano are not going anywhere. You know we have a squad that most clubs would die for, so lets stop all the transfer nonsense that goes on..

  17. Why is everybody doing the typical spurs fan pre season worry, when we have one of the strongest squads in the league. one world class signing is all we need and even if we dont get that our squad is capable. we didn’t need joe cole we’ve got modric. this could be our bench next year even if we dont sign anyone- cudicini, woodgate, palacios, santos, bentley, pavulychenko, kranjcar. and that is not including the try hard jenas who sadly has reportedly said he is going to stay and fight for his place. Neither is it including the reliable sebastian bassong neither keane (who is out of the door apparently) so spurs fans stop wanting to buy every single player in the world and be thankful for the unity we have in our team for the firs time since I can remember. we’ve got to get rid of a few first ive just realised there’s o’hara aswell.

  18. We’ve already completed the most important signings (Harry, Luka, Bale, Autonomy and that will safe guard our future). We don’t need much; a luxury offensive player and another LB allowing Bale to push up into a full time LW role?


  20. What’s the problem? We have a squad that finished 4th last season, which if could’ve been a bit more consistent would’ve finished higher. If we can get a top-notchstriker and CB in then happy days. My glass of anticipation is most definitely half-full!

  21. we sud keep all the players as the players we r going for or not comeing so

  22. come on mr levy get some money out so we can get through the champions league we r get players we do not need goalkeeper we have gomes and cudicini so y r u looking at a goalkeeper i am arrrrrrrrrrrrrr ,,,,,

  23. Huntelaar or Suarez and Jimmy Bullard, Bellamy could be a good buy

  24. i dont like suarez.. he didn’t impress me. huntelaar i think could suprise us. cavani looked like tash like some1 else said. bellemy is a brilliant replacement for keano. we need to keep crouch for games against stoke, bolton, blackburn. defoe is good but a top striker will push us to challenging the title. no idea who it is.
    oh and i’d like eider gud johnson to stay, i think his link up play with modric was brilliant. but bring in a player like ozil i’d be very happy but he’ll want barca. dos santos is good but we should loan him to some1 like blackpool so he can play at a top level. not sure about turan and that lot im happy with bale and kranjcar playing LW, or even modric although hes amazing in the centre.

  25. I’m proud to support one of the only clubs run the right way i.e not a financial time-bomb. I think for the 1st time (with the exception of ridiculous Citeh) we’re starting to see clubs challenge player wages and insist on renegotiating contracts on lower terms. They know things can’t go on like this forever – there’s a limit to what you can charge punters for tickets, and we’ve reached that point. I’m sure lots of our competitors will start to implode financially and we’ll be one of the last ones standing when the dust settles. Nothing annoys me more than ‘fans’ stating we should relax our wage cap to bag the latest greedy bastardo who won’t play for less than 5mil a year. IT’S US THAT HAVE IT RIGHT – and other clubs that need to follow our example – not the other way round. None of this debt is sustainable long-term. If we succumbed to the madness we’ll just join the race to bankruptcy. Shisters like Joe Cole and his greedy agent dad are just not needed – he’s not a role-model for my kids.
    We need the Mabbutts of this world – not the Joe Coles.

  26. its about time we get dome players in befor all the good ones go and we r left with the shit ones

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