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Apr 022011

Well after watching today’s match, it’s clear that a lot of the players have prioritized the Champions League, do you ever notice right before a Champions League match that the effort into the Premiership match isn’t anywhere near the standard it should be, implying they don’t want to get injured and miss a Champions League match.

I can understand it is a first time adventure for our players but how many times have the likes of Van der Vaart been injured for a Premiership match only to be fit a few days later for a CL match and then injured again the following weekend. I hope they are enjoying it because if they want more of it next season then they need to realise that the way to go about it is to win Premiership games. That’s now no wins from West Ham, Blackpool, Wolves and Wigan and with all due respect I would have hoped for better.

The players and I also think Harry are playing a dangerous game, 4th place is there for the taking but it seems they all want the glory of Champions League success. It’s a massive gamble to try to win the Champions League at the expense of 4th place and with one or two more results like today when we still have a hard run of games to come then winning the damn thing could be our only hope of being in it next season.

I guess that is why I love this club though, never a dull moment. I just hope you boys can replicate the Milan result on Tuesday. For me personally, every game should be treated like a cup final, regardless of the competition, each game is as important as the next and could prove oh so critical come the end of the season.

To be fair we didn’t play all that bad today, what pissed me off was the desire to try to win the match, it was almost like watching an England friendly, Sandro looked decent again and Modric ran his socks off as usual but there seemed to be no desire to take the game to Wigan. Teams have upped their game this season, they now see us as a top team and want to beat us whereas last season we caught everyone a bit off guard. It looks as though we are going to have to do what we done last season and go out and beat Arsenal, Chelsea and City.

It looks as though the gamble has been made on Champions League success, will it pay off? someone needs to tell the players that if they like playing in the Champions League that they need to put in the effort to win their league games or they won’t have another bite at the cherry next season.

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  7 Responses to “A Big Gamble But Will It Pay Off”

  1. superb run in champs league thus far and we have to be mindful that one of the biggest matches in our history is coming up on Tuesday. Its no wonder really then that we end up with a point away to wigan and hopefully with no additional injury worries. My issues are that its the same old problem which towards last season we seemed to get rid of because of the desire that was showing to get into the top 4. Fair play to Harry and the team for that and THANK YOU but we have tasted this now and we obviously want more and i am not sure the focus is right. I have some honest questions which I am really struggling to understand;
    1) Niko was one of our most effective players last season from jan onwards and we have heard from Harry why he has been so unlucky with bale’s form, but why then has he still failed to get a start in the last 6-8 weeks when bale is not fit?
    2) Why play Modric and VDV out wide in a game away from home when they are both so dangerous in the middle of the pitch to bring in JJ, surely this plays straight in to the hands of the opposition? I am not a JJ fan but I believe he does try I am just not sure he is good enough for us anymore he slows it down he only seems to pass sideways or backwards and for him to be doing step overs in the centre circle when we are 4-0 down to Fulham just made me cringe, he was similar against AC at Home.
    3) Why cant the numerous coaches get this squad which has talent in abundence up for the bread and butter of the premier league. Every match in this league is vital and we can see teams that play us all fancy their chances because we dont come out in all matches with the same desire or Ruthlessness, Why not?
    4) The squad, well its not really been utilised has it too many players dont get used when they should, so are we surprised when and if the players are used that they dont die for the shirt as they know that in the big match to come we revert to the main players?????
    5) We now have injuries at the back so why send Khumalo out to Preston, why hasnt Walker been recalled or is there more to it?????
    6) Can one of our coaches teach defoe the offside rule?

    Good luck for Tuesday please keep us in the tie for the return leg COYS!

  2. I never expected anything other than a close game – we played Modric and Vdv from the flanks and it’s a different game for the players than our usual ‘pace up the wing’ style. It’s difficult for the players to forget we’ve got Mourinhos’ Madrid around the corner… Wigan play a decent game of football and we still gained a point on Liverpool. I do get your point re the teams we haven’t beaten and winning as sure favorites is certainly the next learning curve of ours to get round.

  3. As spurs fans we should know- we always love being the underdog, which is why we are thriving in the Champions League- we will always be the underdog in that competition. We have games coming up against Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal and i will not be surprised to see us take 12pts. If we are going to finish 4th, being Spurs, we are going to do it the hard way! We are still in the run in, and i think we will just sneak 4th. If we as fans are excited, then imagine the players- WE- SPURS- Going Madrid- its amazing and i knew that the guys would be thinking of the game- its hard not to! Saying this, I think that Harry needs to use the squad a lot more and try and play players in their correct position. Kranjcar needed to play today if Bale wasn’t there- Hes a left midfielder and playing Modric there was useless- we lost his creativeness and him pulling the strings! We also need to invest in some new forwards- just any striker will do! On a good note- Real Madrid lost to a team similar to Wigan in the La Liga so if they can do it, so can we! Im just glad we are not loosing and becoming harder to beat- I have never seen Spurs defend so well and be so resistant and this can only be a good thing. Add our wonderful midfield play with good finishing from good strikers, we will be the team ti beat!COYS!!!

  4. An even bigger gamble now that manshity beat sunderland 5-0.

  5. Harry loves Defoe!!! Said it at the beginning of the season Defoe will cost Harry his job. Get rid of teh pair and take the useless Lampost with you. We have been lucky most of the season and now the luck is evening it`s self out. we will get thrashed against Real and we have no chance of top 4. Harry is clueless, Crap at buying players, crap at tactics and crap at organising a team!! That is why he is hiding behind 50 coaches. 1 FA cup and relegation and bankrupt clubs in how many decades of football!!! Fraudster and nothing but a used car salesman.

  6. Hmmm… been thinking about changing my car.

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