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Aug 042010

Firstly will start by talking about last night’s match, much better performance than the Villarreal game. It did seem to take the players about 20 mins to settle and get their foot on the ball. Giovani Dos Santos again proved he has bags of ability with his superb assist for Bale to finish. I really hope Harry is prepared to give Gio a chance this season and I really hope Gio knows he needs to put the effort in before he destroys his career. Anyway overall a much better performance and a much better team effort last night. I have to add also that I really love Gareth Bale.

Today Harry has played down talks linking us with Djalo, it looks as though we will start the season with pretty much the same squad as last season. A concern for me is we haven’t really managed to ship out any players deemed surplus to requirements yet. However I expect a couple will leave the club by the end of the month. Going back to my previous point, if Harry is prepared to give Gio another chance, having seen what he can do then that is almost like a new signing anyway.

Some of the youngsters have really impressed me so far, Rose,Townsend and Walker all look like they are well worthy of playing more during the season for us. Walker had a solid game last night agaisnt Benfica and I haven’t seen Rose or Townsend do too much wrong either.  It is also good to see Cudicini back and playing, it eases the keeper concerns now. I could never understand why we swapped Fulop or Alnwick and paid money on top, maybe someone can enlighten me there because I do not think Alnwick is of Premiership quality.

Final point that has been floating around this week is Woodgate, there are rumours he might be left out of the 25 man squad submitted to the league. Nowdo you agree that should be the case? If he can’t get fit then you have to say it’s the right thing to do, it doesn’t look good for him so far which is a real shame because having a fit Woody would be such a boost. The squad can be adjusted in the January transfer window so if he is not included now it doesn’t mean he won’t have a say during the second half of the season.

Well I have been busy the past few days so put a few of these thoughts into one blog, if you wish to put me in my place or discuss a few of the points then the comment box is always open below for you all. I haven’t had time to double check this one so ignore any spelling errors.

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  25 Responses to “A Few Thoughts”

  1. I think Fulop was tired of being backup, and wanted to go play somewhere. So that’s why we got rid of him. Don’t know why we had to pay for the pleasure of Alnwick, though.

  2. Couldn’t agree more about Gio…… Harry is supposed to have triffic man management skills,then why thehell is he not putting his arm around this undoubted talent and telling him he has a big part to play this year.
    We all know about his antics last year but don’t hold a grudge, surely he has seen the error of his ways and is now prepared to knuckle down and show the class we all know he posseses.

    • Exactly Bobby, even Fergie had to do that with the likes of Giggs, Sharpe and even Ince when they were young, if he had given up on some of his youngsters as easily then what might have happend to them. To me a good manager has to be able to cope with players that have been misguided and lead them in the right direction.

  3. same old story,you pay inflated prices for english players,im worried about the lack of signings,you always need to bring in a couple of fresh faces just to keep players on their toes,i say go all out for ibrahimavic

  4. Definitely need another striker if keane is going
    But having said that, I think he could do a job for us next season if he is fit enough. Harry won’t take a punt on an unproven striker, so will probably look to strike a deal for bellamy as he can also play wide left (subject to fee and wage demands). Pletikosa is close to signing so that’s our keeper crisis sorted should we have one mid season. The important thing is to maintain the squad we had last season as in previous years we have seen most of our influential players sold to the so called big four. COYS!

  5. I think Fulop is a little unruly to put it politely – he was number 1 at Sunderland for a while but then somehow upset the manager and he has been sold to Ipswich.
    I do hope Gio makes — I am convinced about the talent he has but attitude might be the problem and evidently he likes a drink which is what Harry doesn’t like. I was glad we didn’t get Joe Cole despite his obvious talents – Gio if he puts his mind to it can be every bit as good and save Spurs a small fortune in doing so!
    It’s no good “wasting” a place in the 25 on Woodie if he’s not going to be fit and if he’s not fit now he will surely takke a while anyway. The youngsters you mentioned MUST be included for many reasons as well as giving them experience – it is time ti use them for our benefit!!

  6. After reading recent articles containing interviews with Gio I believe he has finally turned the corner,you only have to look at his performance in the World Cup to see his dedication in both tracking back and pushing those around him to up their game,this then is as you say make or break time,and if Harry takes the chance now I’m sure he’ll be rewarded with a fantastic player.

  7. Nice article pretty much agree with all of it, Gio has to get a chance i think Harry has already been doing a job on him by saying look lad you wont have a chance with me until you knuckle down and I think maybe Gio is ready for us now.

    Good game last night, we are still short of a decent mid, even with Sandro who will need time to settle. The Hudd is good but I want better, Jenas needs to leave. Maybe Modric can play centre next season as he is the class in the team.

    Thought Lennon looked poor as he has done every same since his comeback, I hope he realises he still has soo much to learn.

    Would like one signing but nice to see we are not doing out usual revolving door crap.

  8. Massive laugh at the thought of Ibrahimovic joining spurs, i hope that was sarcastic. Your article has said what everyone else is thinking especially with your opinions about Bale who is just the greatest player in the world ever :). Gio will make it i’m sure, the fact he himself came out and condemned his behavior last month is a very encouraging and you’re right about him being basically a new signing if he fulfills his potential. Woodgate will be included i’m quite sure that is unless we sign a defender as his replacement. COYS

  9. Luv Gio, he puts the balls in. Dont like goalkeepers, they keep the balls out. Know what I mean boys!

    • I did notice Gio did track back a lot more last night to help win the ball back, really positive, I think he can play a big part next season and score a few important goals, the CL will suit Gio and he has experience there. I just hope Harry gives him a proper chance and not just 10mins here and there but like others have said he needs to earn it.

  10. how anyone can know that Harry hasn’t put in the effort with Gio is beyond me. The only facts available at the moment is that about a year ago Harry met with the kids parents and said he wasn’t putting the effort in and wasn’t going to make it if he didn’t. Sounds like going above and beyond to me.

    • Harry probably spends more time with Gio than his parents do, it’s a managers job to bring the best out of players and show them down the right path, yes there is only so much Harry can do, if the kid really isn’t interested then it’s a lost cause but Harry needs to do everything he can to ensure the kid has a great future.

  11. I think Gio will have a big season for us, especially as we now have the likes of danny rose pushing for starting places. The one thing we do need to sort out is the unwanted players at spurs. Jenas looked ok last night but when he has a stinker, he has a stinker. Jamie ohara is another player likely to leave, though you can’t doubt the lads passion for the club. Perhaps kaboul can still do a job for us at right back (remember the game against city?). This team will gel even more next season and this is what has been missing for Years. All the big clubs in the league have had the same bunch of players for years (bar city). Even Chelsea for all the players they bought over the years have kept the likes of lampard, Terry, drogba, cech, etc. I trust Harry knows what he’s doing, and hopefully we will have another wonderful season to look forward to.

  12. Bale is our best plAyer now
    And who would have thought that a few months back.gio must stAy I rely rAte him

  13. Have any of you thought that Gio may respond better to criticism? He has a big ego anyway, maybe a few things that Harry says are to bring him down to earth and ensure we see the best out of him by not licking his arse too much just yet… just a thought.

  14. Why are you concerned that we haven’t shipped any players out? If none have come in, then NONE must go out. Even Jenas! We WILL need this squad. The games will come thick and fast this season. We will have tp accept that the same team will not be able to play the whole season. Speaking of frendlies, and not reading too much into them, Man City have just lost their 4th one! Is the obvious result of changing too many players come true or should we not be too simplistic (or optimistic)?

  15. Lets look at this Transfer saga in a different way ,lets say we sell Keane to Aston Villa and he score the winner at the Villa . We then play Sunderland and Bent scores the Winner then Berbatov the list is going longer by the season. There is a time when you have to keep what you have and bring your next Batch of players into your Squad and we have reached that time to consolidate we have not long brought some of these players back and some of our supporters want to get sell them to our rivals. Players cant perform if there is now bond between there fans and Poor Robbie is suffering because of this he could get is game back with the love of is once adoring fans . We have a new Gio a new Bale not just from January but from the kick off and a taste for scoring . Walker fast and emerging from the pack of hungry kids eager for a chance Townsed Fast Learning with every game how to send the killer ball into the penalty area Rose blooming with every game Naughton starting to look like the player who Everton wanted . Then we have Mason Bostock Parrett Caulker . One downside is our main man Lennon he needs to ditch the cigars get is hernia fixed or ignore it and get back to what he does best flying past fullbacks and crossing or shooting past the keeper. Sadly is first thoughts now is protecting is groin lets hope he gets back to is best. Caulker should be included instead of Woodgate this lad wont let us and Harry down if we have the same Team with a few kids then i wont be bothered one bit in our boys we trust.

  16. Gomes, Cudicini, Pletikosa, Corluka, Kaboul, Hutton, Naughton, Woodgate, Dawson, King, Bassong, BAE, Lennon, Bentley, Palacios, Thudd, Modric, Kranjcar, Useless – Oops Jenas, JOH, Pav, Defoe, Crouch, Keane

    These are the players (assuming Pletikosa signs) in the squad OVER 21. A total of 24 by my count.

    Bale, GDS, Walker, Sandro, Rose, Townsend, Parrot, Livermore, Bostock, Obika

    All UNDER 21 at the turn of the year and therefore DON’T count towards the 25.

    So, unless we bring in 2 players without selling anyone it is certain that Woody will be in our 25.


  17. Dos Santos realised that Spurs after all where he actually plays and it is literaly the decision time for him, he had to pick from either work hard and play regularly for Spurs and put yourself back to world footballing map at a top level, or disappear like countless others did into lower divisions on loan or even a two bob big club like Galatasaray to become nothing..I hope end of next season we all will be saying thank god he failed his medical at Portsmouth, thank god Galatasaray didnt sign him
    permanently and thank god Harry made him realise that having the talent means nothing if you dont show that on the pitch and perform..I really hope he has a wonderful season and we end up giving him 5 years contract extention to become a Spurs legend.

  18. Lets not panick guys at least we seem to have some stability within the squad(other than O’Hara probably wanting or demanding more game time.)I actually like O’Hara as he always seems to give it a 100%.The one player who perhaps should be on move is Keane.For all his early season promise he has not looked at home with us since his return from the scousers.And to me he does look really look to be right for our present system.Seems to do a lot of running ,but a lot of it seems to be pointless and he was always looking to blame others on many occaisions.But where O’where is that stricker that can finish in the 6yd box.25/30 metre goals might look good., but while we seem to create opportunities we do not seem to finish off those close in.And this has been a problem for us for quite a few years now.O’for a Lineker or Klinsman.Then agian perhaps I am being to harsh or moaning for the sake of it.

  19. Great article, Coxie. I agree wholeheartedly that if Harry plays dos Santos, it’s effectively a new signing. I don’t subscribe to the theory that we need to sign another striker at all. We have Defoe, Crouch, Keane, Pav and dos Santos. That’s an unbelievable forward line. No need to sell Keane or anyone else. Keep ’em all. Now, if he gets Bellamy, well….then it looks like it’s curtains for dos Santos or Keane, I’d say.

  20. hi all, new member, great site

    I really hope Gio has learnt his lesson and knuckles down, he is a good player and has a lot to offer. Still think we need a quality Defender to cover king/woodgate who wont play most of the games, and a 25 goal a season striker, as i dont see any of our present strikers doing that.

  21. Gio will prove to us that he is one of the major playmakers in the side.I also agree that the youngsters must be slotted in to gain first team experience (subject to the run of play) during the season.

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