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Sep 132012


The new season is almost four weeks in and already the press are linking a NEW Spurs signing with a move away from the club. Yes it IS Hugo Lloris, who ALLEGEDLY is unhappy with having to compete for one spot in goal with Brad Friedel (along with Cudicini and Gomes let’s not forget – I don’t think they were loaned out in the end). Another angle could be Didier Deschamps voicing his own concerns through the very player he is concerned about.

But again the hacks can’t resist taking a few quotes and twisting them into some instrument they can use to further bully AVB into quitting. Well, it borders on that considering how often they are writing about this ‘non-issue issue’ which Lloris acknowledges comes with the territory when you’re in the solitary role of goalkeeper.

My viewpoint is that Deschamps is carrying on Redknapp’s media-darling work by feeding the media quotes to warp more easily than chicken wire so that it suits their agendas.

Meanwhile, Lloris’ for the experienced keeper he is, probably knows he will have to wait his turn. Yet everyone from the papers and even Sky Sports is assuming that Lloris is being mistreated/undervalued by AVB – the constant in all of this. I wonder if they watched the Norwich game where Friedel saved us from embarrassment in the final minutes where he was one-on-one. They obviously wouldn’t have batted an eyelid in their next back-page-bound (or should I say back-side-bound) articles if Friedel was nonetheless dropped afterwards for Lloris to waltz into the keeper spot without even one Spurs training session under his belt.

It begs the question of how and why these idiot hacks get paid for their column-filling bull-hooks and the real football fan bloggers get mere shrapnel for ad-banners on articles with bags more quality and thought in them.

Don’t get sucked in. I believe Lloris is being professional about the situation and Deschamps should now answer further questions about Lloris with ‘no comment’.

I leave you with this wise proverb I made up:

“If we read everything the papers wrote about football [particularly Spurs at this time] and took each article with a pinch of salt, we would all die of dehydration.”

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