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Jul 292012

What with all the hype of signing yet more midfielders and the hunt for a new keeper plus the Luka Modric situation, it is getting closer to the new season, less than 3 weeks in fact and I am starting to worry massively that we don’t have any strikers!

We will start the new season as things stand with Defoe as our only recognized striker at the club, AVB seems to think Harry Kane can make the step up this season, personally I don’t think so. With the Adebayor deal in jeopardy that leaves just Defoe. If AVB wants to play 1 lone striker then I don’t think Defoe is the man, you need someone big, strong and who can score to be able to play the lone striker role. AVB is a fan of playing 3 attackers, Bale will surely be one, maybe Lennon or VDV on the other side and Defoe down the middle but if someone was to get injured then that system goes out the window.

I don’t care who you are, no Premier League club can have only 1 striker in their squad, which makes me think Levy and AVB must have something up the sleeve or else I am bricking it. Last season we started with Keane, Pav, Crouch and Defoe and of them 4 only Defoe remains and now it’s time to reinvest the money from the players sold which is over £20m just on the strikers we sold.

To be honest I think to myself surely they are aware that we only have JD as a recognized striker at the club and that they will do something about it but for the past 2 or 3 seasons we have been crying out for a quality striker and with each transfer window that came and closed we were left wondering what if we had taken the chance on Suarez.

Last season saw Adebayor join on loan and even if a deal does go through which means he joins Tottenham I still believe we need yet another striker, so for me personally I think we are two strikers down. I rate Defoe on his day but last season he couldn’t get a look in so can you honestly say this season he is going to be our main man?

We didn’t get our business sorted out before the season started last year and it cost us in our opening 2 games when the Manchester sides humiliated us, it’s important to do business early but we never seem to learn, saving a couple of million by waiting for deadline day to come seems to be more important than the good of the team these days. It seems about saving money, even when we sell a player for £20m+ we won’t go and spend the same on a like for like replacement, I heard that Dembele is going to be targeted for Modric’s replacement instead of Moutinho because he is too expensive even though by selling Modric and buying Moutinho we would still make £5-6m profit.

No more midfielders please unless it’s Modric’s replacement, it’s time to address the strikers issue.

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