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Jul 082010

I should do this for a living, look at the quality of that little beauty! Is this what we will all be wearing next season?, this sponsorship deal with Autonomy is for Premiership games only and will run for 2 years, leaving the door open for sponsorship deals for cup competitions.

Some say this way forward is a master stroke by Mr Levy, especially as we are likely to be playing Champions League football, other sponsorships will be on the cards for that which will certainly be worth a few million pounds.Then you have the FA Cup and Carling Cup which may have seperate deals or one deal for both cups .Will other clubs take a note from our book and start following our sponsorship revolution.

So if you look at the image to the left this could look something like what we will be wearing on 14th August for the first home game of the season agaisnt City. You can be sure that due to this sponsorship deal being left till the last minute they have a lot of shirts on standby ready to be printed on for immediate release in the stores. Our new shirts are usually released by now but due to the complex of this seasons new stance on how Daniel Levy wants sponsorship deals to be made for different cup competitions we have had to wait untill now just to find out.

If there shirt on your left was to look anything remotely like I have tried to imitate would you be happy with that as our final shirt or are the fans expecting better?

Autonomy are a global leader in infrastructure software and listed on the FTSE 100 index. They are currently the UK’s largest software company and as part of the deal Autonomy will work with Tottenham in a consultative support role to enhance services to the fans.

We may get branded by other clubs as greedy for having different sponsors for different competitions but let me tell you that is just jelousy talking at the fact that Levy has made a shrude move and really revolutionized and got all he can from sponsorships which will only further enhance the clubs financial stability and spending power in the transfer market.

  21 Responses to “A Preview Of The New Spurs Shirt”

  1. Ha ha.. Brilliant pic !

    Good work by Levy getting this deal.. Reckon he must be pissin himself

  2. Photoshop – Goooooood
    MS Paint – Baaaaaaad

  3. lol im no pro that is my best attempt

  4. hey, you could use this photo instead of that 🙂

    No need to credit me…

    Come On You SPURS ! ! !

  5. Haha, cut and paste and no BS.

  6. Beso thank you I have used your picture lol much better than my lame attempt

  7. I kind of preferred the origional attempt

  8. lol

  9. I liked last year’s shirt – it was kinda sleek and classy. This one is too “Bolton”

  10. SHREWD move for sure

  11. My concern is their performance & not the apparel

  12. If that IS the new shirt (and I kind of think it is when you see the training kit) then I love it. Kind of reminds me of my favorite England shirt – the 1982 World Cup one.

    And PLEASE, no one complain that there is red on the shirt. It’s a single dot and they have paid us, allegedly, £20m to put it there so I think I’ll take it

  13. Its not going to look like that. Its going to look a lot better. I’ve seen it… a lot more blue as well. 😉

  14. Whack the old pic back up please… It was a classic !!

  15. I can just hear the Arsoles shouting about us having A on our shirts this needs taking off and the Automony should be Yellow because we have just had our best season with Taking the Piss stains out of Teams like 9-1 . Ha love the shirt retro looking cant wait to see the rest of the kit Yellow shorts anyone with A on the back to represent our neighbors Arsoles

  16. If we have different sponsors for EPL, dom cups and champs league which sponsors will be on the shirts in the shops. Will we approach a pic n mix to select our favoured logo. Given the choice I’d buy a shirt without a sponsor. What if a campaign started now to urge every fan to donate a few quid to keep the shirt clear of a sponsor in a couple of years. There must be at least a few million spurs fans to raise the coin. I’ll see what the reaction is here before I approach mr levy.

  17. Ben you tease. Give us a clue

  18. Its great, and not only do Spurs get twice the sponsorship, but mugs like me will also feel the need to buy a shirt with both Sponsors on, so potentially they get £80 a season from me.

  19. Hey,

    Watching the game from today it seems the shirt for the new season might not be that one?


  20. Henry, it’s a training wear, not shirt 🙂

    We will wear the shirt against San Joze Earthquakes, on 14 July, as I remember..

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