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Oct 142011

How long has it been now? Two months or there about? I don’t know feels like an eternity to me to be honest.

Aaron Lennon you remember him? The wing wizard of White Hart Lane? Yes that’s the fellow. Put you on your backside on more than one occasion.

There’s many a Premiership player thought that I’ll bet ya. And they’ll have gone home with their tail between their legs too.

Though for one reason or another it feels like an age since we’ve seen him stretch those little legs of his. Taunting the full back that has been given the unfortunate task of “trying” to mark him.

An awful lot of pundits have given Aaron a hard time over the years. Slating his final ball, and, or his decision making. And to be fair at first they were justified comments. Though recently those very in-abilities he once possessed have, in my opinion improved greatly. Though not to the extent of a Manchester United or Chelsea showing an interest.

After-all is that the mark of a great player? Yes it grates. And yes we are a big club ourselves. But let’s take Modric for example or Bale for that matter. When a regular Champions League club sees a quality player they go all out to sign him. And the simple fact is no-one has really come in for Aaron. So should we deem from that it might be time to try another trick?

Or are they nieve? Take a look at the Aaron vs Messi video below. Now you spot the difference in their style of play. No. I couldn’t either. They both play the game the same way. Yet it’s Messi’s goals that have earned him rave reviews. So if Aaron could only finish of those rough edges surely he could become that Diamond we all hoped for.

And that is my question to you guys and galls. Would we be better to look for an improvement on Aaron? Or should we stick with him hoping he will again move up a level?

Latest Injury News:

“Aaron has had a groin strain for four or five weeks now and is struggling a little, but he said he felt better yesterday (Thursday) and we’ll see how he gets on.”





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  7 Responses to “Aaron Lennon: A Diamond with Rough Edges?”

  1. you have to keep him i dont think he has been fit for over a year now he keeps picking up the same groin problem that he first suffered in like december 09 if i remember and when he gets back to full fitness him and bale will be frightening thats my belief anyway

  2. Messi is left footed and plays on the right, hence the goals. We have seen Lennon on the left and is no way as prolific. The problem with Lennon is the timing of his runs. You look at Bale’s runs, and he just canters along, allowing the defender to jockey him, then he kicks on and leaves the defender for dead. The are no tricks to speak of, just pure old fashioned knock and run. Lennon jinks about too much and more often than not gets the ball stuck under his feet. Lennon is most effective when the ball is played into space behind the fullback for him to run onto. We’ve stopped doing that lately; the ball gets played directly to his feet and often has no option but to play the ball backwards. I thinks the coaches need to shit him down and sort out the timing of his runs and getting working on an understanding with Walker. If not, I could quite easily see Walker being moved into midfield as Bale was.

  3. I’m sorry but feel that he is yesterday’s news – so many were behind him and now have overtaken him …. needs to work triple hard to gain his street cred…. COYMS

  4. I think Aaron is a player who puts most fans on the edge of their seats when he gets the ball. His final pass has improved a lot in the last couple of seasons. He is always winning us freekicks in good areas, it’s not his fault that the players who take those freekicks more often than not fail to convert them. Bale and VDV are supposed to be freekick specialists, but in all honesty how many have we had and how many have gone in?
    I think the sooner he gets back to full fitness and finds his form the better. Lennon and Walker on the right Bale and Benny on the left is enough to give most teams wobbly knees.
    Lets beat the barcodes on Sunday and take our fourth place spot.

  5. King Yid ….. Lennon has bean playing in one of the fastest dirtiest leagues in the World and in that time he has had operations on his knee twice and finally the curse of the bad groin has struck this unique speed merchant. The criticism this lad has had is unjustified for two reasons the terrible fowls he endured and the speed he played at meant his decision making had too be just has quick has is running. Lennon finally learned to control this with every year but sadly both Lennon and Hudds got to the top of there games and disaster struck both suffered knee trouble now its ankles and groin a sure sign too much too young in a frantic league that Messi and Kaka have avoided and Ronaldo left before he got badly injured. So be happy we have watched the best passer since Hodds and shooting and the fastest winger since Cliff Jones too grace our pitch. Because i have watched Spurs 50 years next year from age ten living in Widnes and i cant wait too see both of these English players entertain us fully fit and then you can call them if they don’t deliver what we all no they have in abundance speed and creativity

  6. why not make him into a striker its simpels no

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