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Aug 102010

Well you could have knocked  me down with the proverbial feather today when I took a look at NewsNow Of all the potential transfer targets Tottenham have been linked with this close season this one has to be the wildest of the lot,and then some.

Apparently we have placed a bid with Man City of around twenty two million pounds for the services of Adebayor.Now I’m going to be honest here and admit that I would love him at Spurs,ye s I know he’s got the Arsenal millstone hanging around his neck but I’m not one to hold grudges,and if he could help us end the search that we’ve endured for quite some while now regarding that lone front man,whilst at the same time adding too our clubs continuous forward momentum then I’m all for it.after all his record of scored forty six goals in one hundred and four appearances for Arsenal between 2006/2009,and fourteen in twenty six games since joining Man City works out at nearly a goal every other game which is pretty effective.Then of course there’s the rest of his game to take into account as he has all the obvious talents we have been looking for, IE,good at holding the ball up and bringing others into play,great in the air,which is no bad thing if other rumours are true and Crouchinio is leaving,then there is his most unnatural way of ghosting in on the blind side of defenders to either create a goal or get one for himself.

Although with hopes set to one side for a minute,and in all seriousness I can’t really see this one happening due partially to whats seems an ever present stumbling block these days,players wages.Apparently he’s on about one hundred and fifty thousand pounds a week,now why would he move too a club to take a drop of at least half that amount,even if he were to be guaranteed playing time which I’m confident is an assurance Harry wouldn’t be able to give him anyway.Unless of course he sees us as the perfect vessel to prove a point to Arsene in which case you might well see Adebayor in Lillywhite.

So what say you my friends,would you be able to get over the Arsenal connection,after all there’s no love lost between them anymore after the less than magnanimous departure to Man City.Or is it just that bridge to far?

As usual your comments are welcome,though to avoid post editing please respect other posters opinions and refrain from foul language.Thank You.

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  38 Responses to “Adebayor in the Lillywhite?”

  1. I would love him to sign, but I doubt there is any truth to this rumour, seeing as Harry said the club had no money to spend and his 3 targets would not cost more than £12 million for all 3.

  2. rubbish

  3. I will run myself into oncoming traffic if we sign Adebayor.

  4. i’d like to see it happen but i just cant see it happening.. i dont see why hes not in the plans for man city, and they are already refusing to sell us craig bellemy, so i hardly think they’d give adebyeor to us even if they do think hes not good enough for them.

  5. Would love him at spurs,would give us so many options but i dont see this happening

  6. Too many pigeons in too many bank accounts! Didnt he know Jimmy Saville….?

  7. Nathan,I think the problem is he doesn’t feel part of their plans anymore,hence he’s pushing for a move.

  8. If Ada signs I will set fire to my head and beat out the flames with a club hammer!!!

  9. Catch yourselves on. Calling yourselves Tottenham fans

  10. Never he is a disgusting person, added to the fact we could never in a million years afford his stupid wages. I would be very happy with Remy he is such a strong forward and is exactly what we need, plus he can finish he reminds me a lot of Drogba. COYS

  11. i think hes the perfect striker for tottenham i would love him at tottenham

  12. great striker but he has a funny attitude plus his connection with arsenal and then there is the price tag and his wages this one seems a long shot but i feel we should be looking elsewhere falcao, remy players like that COYS!

  13. this guy stands for everything that is wrong our game. attitude, prima donna, diver, moaner, thinks he’s the nuts, not a team player, totally destructive in the dressing room, nobody likes him and thats without starting to chat about his former connections. NO TA not even for a £10

  14. Just entertaining the thought is ludicrous!
    Keane has looked firey, defoe has always been pretty decent and Pav isnt exactly bad in the air.
    I think were goin after this Remy chap.

  15. Not sure he would like his song very much.

  16. He’s currently on over £150k per week. Why are you wasting valuable server space with this kind of nonsense?

  17. Re: The signing of ex-Arsenal players. I would be OK with it, only if the player in question is no longer affliated with the club in any way, shape, or form. Has not played for them for at least a couple of seasons, and has never bad mouthed us and/or kissed the arsenal badge. And only if we are talking about an exceptional player/person.
    Adebayor does not fit this critea in the slightest. So he can do one. I’ll stop short of abusing him, as I actually warmed to him after seeing him as a world cup pundit (I must have been the only one thought! (and it could have been purly due to the fact his bus got shot up)), but I reckon his best bet is to move to Italy. he’ll be great for Juve.

  18. The guy’s a trouble maker, he would not fit this current Spurs team because they play as a team.
    I have seen this guy let game after game pass him by and he is always looking to move on to another club.

  19. Being objective – i.e. ignore wages, ex Arsenal, being at Man City now – 100% NO. Why do people not see the personality of the player? He courts moves to other clubs whilst playing for another. That incredibly immature celebration against the Arsenal fans. He annoys his own fans before opposing fans. Always looking for the next stepping stone. I want to sign someone who can be around for a few years, not the Bellamy, Adebayor now you see me now you don’t move. He looked ok when he first went to City, but soon lost all impetus. Remind you of someone? Yes Adebayor at Arsenal – he did exactly the same – but Wenger got the best out of him – like he always does with these types of striker. Hughes couldn’t. Mancini couldn’t. No thanks.

  20. I have more chance of waking up tomorrow hung like a donkey, rich beyond my wildest dreams and surrounded by playboy girls than this being true. We can not give him the wages he would want, end of. I would however like harry to turn his attentions to our defensive worries. One source suggesting we are looking at Gallas? What are we not testing the resolve of clubs like Fulham for the services of Hangeland? stick in a 12mil bid and see what’s said? Not sure about anyone else, but the quicker August ends the better.

  21. he will absolutely kill the dressing room spirit!!
    he is lazy and doesnt seem to be a team player one bit!!
    would hate to see him at spurs!!!

  22. HOW MANY TIMES, Man City will NOT sell any of their players to us, END OF !!!!!!!!!

  23. If Adebayor signs I will take the liberty to cutting off my own testicles. If he doesn’t sign, then I think you at the very lease owe it to us fans to shut up and stop perpetuating useless, unwanted

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  24. Are you spurs fans stupid or what. Just for one second take out the equation he played for Arse . The bloke is a quality striker . Something spurs have lacked since Klinsman. But on the other hand you are right that we cant afford the wages. So what a load of this story is.

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  25. not going to happen

  26. Not bothered about his Gooner history. If he can help us become an established top four club, a threat to the usual league winners, a team to be feared in the Champs league, let’s have him…but, I can’t see the wages being feasible and I doubt Henry Mancini will let him go

  27. Why is this even being debated????!! Not only is he factually dogshit, we would be a luaghing stock to the gooners!!

  28. Why are all the comments being edited by the moderator?

    What ever happened to freedom of speech? Sure, edit them if they’re racist, bigoted, homophobic and the like- but not just if they happen to dislike the content of the post or another person’s comment.

    Let it all hang out, I say.

  29. Errrr I am a Spurs fan I do believe his attitude is bad for football but to call him dog$4it or overated is just non sense he might not even suit our game but this is a player who continuosly scores against us and seems to have some undoubted talent please….support your team but be rational.

  30. You’ve gotta be desperate as well as blind to think that he could be worth even 1 grand a week at the Lane. He could be a cross of Messi and Maradona and he would still not cut it. The club has got to stand for some values. Have you in favour forgotten the night we beat the Arse 5-1 in the CC semi and how right near the end, instead of concentrating on their corner kick, Adebayor & Bentner started laying into each other? We all loved it, it was one of the highlights of our night! And you’d settle for him? Wake up, FFS!!!

  31. no chance., we wouldnt spend that sort of money anyway…………and even if we did theres far better out there then him

  32. Help!
    Not Adebayor and Gallas – you’re killing me!
    And Bale might be injured – what a dreadful day.
    Please Harry, don’t sign these old Gunners.

  33. Yo gog, I am rational…and he IS dogshit…
    Just because he scores against us doesnt make him good…
    I could go on all day about his attitude, poor moral standards and the fact he has only actually had one very good season in in PL and that was with the scum…..but I wont go on, as these are facts evrybody knows…

    As Flarne has said….NO to any reject gooners….we have enough ofthem already! lol

  34. Who’s gooner wash the elephants???

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