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Sep 232013

Just a few of Adebayor’s Tweets over the last couple of days before and after our Cardiff match.

Emmanuel Adebayor@E_Adebayor 22 Sep

Big game today, good luck Spurs. Training hard and feeling good. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Emmanuel Adebayor@E_Adebayor 23h

Well done Spurs, another win and great position in the league. Have a great week guys!

Emmanuel Adebayor@E_Adebayor 8h

Just finished training, feeling good. Have a great day guys!


It makes me feel sorry for the guy, I can understand the frustration at his season last year but he knows he had a shocker. You don’t become a bad player over night. What bugs me though are the haters, there’s no need to hate the guy, besides not score many goals last season he hasn’t done much wrong.

Last season was down to a few things, the season before he had a very good season but then we sold his service, Modric and VDV left and Bale was played more central which meant Adebayor had to feed of scraps and was very isolated at times which made him look lazier than he probably was. Not being funny but the likes of Dembele, Livermore and Parker were never going to slice open defences and feed Ade. Bale was left to play more central and so the crosses didn’t come as regular as they did the season before.

I would much rather have Ade on the bench than this other free agent Marica fella we are after, on his day Ade can be unplayable and I would love to see him used should Soldado get injured and not frozen out, I would love to see what Lamela, Eriksen , Chadli and Holtby can do in terms of helping Ade start scoring again. I just hope AVB doesn’t cut his nose of to spite his face.

One thing you have to give him credit for, he may be slightly being harshly treated by AVB, we don’t know the full story but he isn’t spouting his mouth off, he is saying the right things.

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