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Jul 012012

It all seems to have gone quiet since the departure of “Arry” regarding Emmanuel Adebaoyr and a permanent move to Tottenham.

Last season we loaned Ade from Man City and he made a difference to our team, sure he had a couple of poor games but on the whole I’d say bringing him in was a success and he conducted himself very well during his spell. Ade scored goals and got many assists which made him the Premier League’s most complete striker last season.

Spurs had been reportedly trying to cut a deal with City and a deal with Adebayor which would see him slash his wage demands from that of what he is on at City and it is believed he is willing to do so to enable to get his move. However the news of Adebayor joining on a permanent deal has gone dead in the water since Harry Redknapp departed Tottenham, does this mean that we no longer want Ade or is there just too much going on right now that it’s been pushed to the back of the “to do” list?

AVB is reported to succeed Harry next week and maybe he has other plans for Tottenham which don’t include Adebayor at all. Anyone heard anything regarding Ade? would you be bothered if we didn’t wrap up a permanent deal. It was evident last season having more quality up top, his ability to hold the ball up gives the defence a break and part of the reason we conceded less last season and don’t forget that statistically he was the most complete striker in the Prem.

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