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Jul 162010

Before I start I must give credit to Spooky at DearMrLevy for being the first one of us to find this leaked picture, he will know I thieved this picture that he found so I won’t deny it but i’m sure he would have done the same in my situation. This picture is a must for every Spurs blogger.

Ledley is showing off the new home shirt for next seasons Premiership fixtures,  I like the retro feel this shirt gives off.

Lennon on the right is modelling the new away shirt I believe, I think they could have done better with this, bit of a poor effort if you ask me.

Dawson in the middle with the 3rd kit, seen other teams go for the green and black, in the past but now we have followedd suit. I do like this one though, it has got something about it.

Will definately buy the home and 3rd shirt but I might be forgiven if I give the away shirt a miss. Good photo, I wonder if they will have to do it all again when the sponsorship is agreed for the cup competitions.

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  15 Responses to “All 3 New Spurs Kits 2010/11”

  1. Love 1st & 3rd ……….2nd ok! COYS!!!!!

  2. Spursforum had it before DML!

    But yeah, nice kits.

  3. Oh and the 3rd kit isn’t black, it’s navy blue.

  4. Love the home shirt – not sure about the shorts though. Away kit is nice but why has the light blue kit got a white flash one side and a blue flash the other? Don’t like that

  5. The point everyone seem to be missing is, specially the first kit is very unusual, no one can mistaken it with any other kit..It is different and i remember having similar tshirts back in early 80s. Also brings the flashes of the goal Hoddle scored against Man Utd, from the corner of their 18 yard box with a fabulous volley..Away kit? Just run of the mill stuff, i never liked a light blue away kit, navy blue with white shorts always seemed to be the most sensible choice but at least this one doesnt look like those pyjamas with Kappa brand that we had to endure , to make the matters worse we also had to suffer watching Jamie Redknapp in it too..Third kits in the last few seasons have been very nice , i liked the brown and black ones in the past and this one once more will sell more than the away one..a little disappointed, or even amazed with on sale dates, they might as well sell them at the end of next season.


  7. Judging by Deadly’s missing left elbow, the images have been superimposed. The home shorts look like they’ve been designed by Stevie Wonder (bless him), the 3rd kit is also nice.

    Peace out x

  8. The delay to the issue of the kit is probably to do with Levy taking so long to get the sponsorship and therefore putting the line orders behind – it always takes time to get these things ordered and delivered from China

  9. 1st one is in old school feel
    2nd one i dont like the stipid stripe in both sides
    and i don’t like the logo in the front side of short….

  10. The best thing about these kits is that none of them have any RED on them apart from the single dot!!! A vast improvement on the Mansion and Thomson logos before… never felt right. The 80’s style home kit looks different so
    that’s ok but we haven’t seen how many other Puma endorsed teams may end up with similar designs which would take the shine off it. The rest of the kits have been thrown together in the way only a shirt supplier can, with one season left of the deal. The blue is lazy and generic, the middle one looks ok on it’s own but will look like any other dark kit on the pitch, pretty boring all round… Green??? Blue and white away, yellow and blue 3rd kit is best for Spurs. Roll on the Adidas deal that is meant to be sorted for the following year!!! They made some of our nicest kits in the modern era for me.

  11. Surely the second and third should match the design of the home?? At the moment they’re completely different! Also, I reckon the dark blue is away (more contrast to White than sky blue and sky blue has pretty much always been our third colour)

  12. The shorts on the home kit look like a bandage! 2nd kit is boring. Third kit too busy and the collar is gash. Training top only for me this year.

  13. Hope this Red dot will bring as much succes as Red knapp did…

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