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Dec 142010

Friday will give all us Spurs fans something to look forward too, the draw for the Last 16 of the Champions League as it enters its knockout stages.

For this first time this season Tottenham have played Champions League football since it changed format from the old European Cup and boy haven’t we done well in our first season. We topped the group and we topped it in style, we probably had the hardest task out of all the English teams but we came through.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham all won their respective groups but neighbours Arsenal scraped 2nd place in their group which could mean they could face the likes of Barcelona or Real Madrid in the next round.

On Friday around midday we will know which one of these teams Tottenham will face:

1) Lyon (Runners up group B)

2) Valencia (Runners up group c)

3) FC Copenhagen ( Runners up group D)

4) Roma (Runners up Group E)

5) Marseille (Runners up Group F)

6) AC Milan (Runners upGroup G)

So from that list who would you fancy and who would you rather avoid, does it even matter, are we afraid of anyone? And who would you like us to face?

For those of you who will be at work but have access to a computer, sign up or log into the forum and I will try to provide a stream of the draw.

  21 Responses to “All Eyes On Friday”

  1. we have a bigger chance of facing Valencia as they have fewer options as opponents.
    this is because the cannot face RM or Barca in the next round or whoever topped their group

  2. In the famous words of Chas and Dave “Don’t give a Monkey’s!!” Bring em all on! We don’t fear anyone now!

  3. Anyone except AC Milan. They are the toughest in this group. But then again, who cares. We’ll give a game to anyone. I wish I know what their fans are saying about us. Spurs were playing well and scored a shitload in this competitions. Don’t see the reason for that to change. ‘appy Days :).

  4. Anyone except Roma and Milan, not cos I is scared of them, simply cos I fancy going somewhere else for a change…. 😉

  5. copenhagen or roma dont fancy going to the san siro again this season because believe me the ref will be a homer

  6. I await a lynching but AC Milan aren’t the team they were a few weeks years ago, they have an ageing team, I feel we could exploit them with the pace of Lennon and Bale. Thoughts?

    And the way I see it, if we got through we would have to face a stronger team anyway so why not now! We can play with no fear, we were expected to be out by now anyway.

    Also think it could be dangerous if we get a lesser team as they could end up surprising us.

  7. I meant years ago BTW! Damn delete button doesn’t work!

  8. We may exploit Ac Milan for pace but i would not fancy facing long tooth and Big nose alias Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic and not forgeting Princess Boteng. My prefrence would be Roma and Totte to miss a penalty and us to go through 2-1 and Roman Pavlyuchenko to score the winner Magic.

  9. Part of playing in Europe is the excitement of playing against the glamour teams so why should we care which of the six we draw. Also we are a group winner and they are all runners up and with the way we have scored, let these teams worry about us. COY(CL)S!

  10. Lyon is probably what we will end up with and I dont know how exotic that is??

  11. I think we will get Lyon or Marseille, Copenhagen looks an easy tie but I wouldn’t like to go away to Denmark. But I am really not fussed as we will draw away then blaze it at home on another glory night at WHL.

  12. hopefully we will have a few players back by the time we play the next game!!coys!!

  13. Hopefully the next month will be the beggining of the end and the total death of spurs as a crummy north london club out of the champion’s league,slipping down the table and into oblivion.
    i have heard that gareth bale will be sold,harry leaving in the summer for England.

    Also the Olympic Stadium is going to the Hammers,spurs new stadium ends up on the scrap heep and as for all spurs supporters well you aint worth shit.

  14. P.S. Bale will probably come to Man Utd the mighty reds to win the title and some trophies,which is a shit load more than spurs will ever do.God Spurs fans are such wankers.

  15. I want to get Marseille so we can show Chelsea how it’s done 😉

  16. Me and the boy lennon was just discussin this very topic while I was settling him down for the night(or until about 5 or 6am!).he’ll be 13wks old on saturday and to be honest neither he nor I really give a shit..he being only 13wks old he dont really understand..but i’m confident enough whoever we face we’ll give um a games they’ll never forget..NO ONE CAN STOP THEM..THE BOYS FROM TOTTENHAM..THE BOYS FROM WHITE HART LANE!!

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