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May 242012

This season Brad Friedel has been fantastic. He has produced some truly great saves and kept a decent number of clean sheets this season for us. Though on occasion he has had a few poor performances, against man city at the beginning of the season he let in 5 goals, of course some of which he could nothing about but he could have performed better. Also against QPR more recently he let in a freekick that was easily managable from Spurs Old Boy, Adel Taarabt. Also Brad is 41 years old and will retire in the near future as he is simply too old. He has the experience but he is losing the physical ability and you can see it in some of his performances.

Fortunately on the 19th of May Sunderland released Scotland international Craig Gordon. Craig is a nine million pound rated keeper and recently won the Premier League Save of the 20 Seasons award with an incredible save against Bolton. Even better is Craig has never played in either the Europa league or the Champions League and if he were to join spurs he would accept lower wages to join for free. He is only 29 years old and is a great keeper. The only downside would be that he is injury prone, but he is currently injury free. He wouldnt have to be first team keeper in his first season as Friedel still looks to have another season in him, but Gordon could be a true blessing to the club in the future as he is currently in his peak years with experience and athleticism.

Harry! Sign him up!

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