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Aug 252012

Andre Villas Boas was specially employed to resurrect Tottenham to the Champions League and give us maximum success. Well after two extremely disappointing results against Newcastle and West Brom, I believe Villas Boas is merely setting us up for downfall.

Firstly, his moronic belief that Adebayor, Defoe and Kane are capable to lead the lone striker role is absolutely incomprehensible. Yes, Adebayor is certainly capable to lead the front line, when it comes to ‘tap ins’, ‘headers’ and ‘holding the ball down’ but his knack of not being able to fire in goals from any angle and from any range, simply echoes last seasons main concern…not being clinical enough. On the other hand, Defoe is extremely clinical, however with his extremely small physique makes him unsuitable to lead the front line and more so to play off another striker. Finally, Villas Boas seems to think that Kane will lead a Sturridge type role…except Sturridge is Premiership standard unlike Kane who is Championship standard. If we are supposedly meant to as a club, be challenging for the Top 4, then Kane should be sent back to Millwall.

Secondly, the lack of squad depth only adds to the misery we are enduring as a club. The Tottenham bench for the West Brom game today, consisted of Jenas, Townsend and Naughton aswell as other classier players. Last season, we had players like Sandro, Pienaar and Kranjcar on the bench but now we are lumbered with average reserve players and supposed ‘dead-wood’. If Villas Boas wants to further us as a club, then sign another couple of quality players than can challenge the premeditated starting eleven.

To conclude, Villas Boas ought to re-evaluate his transfer plans and fork out the extra money to save this season becoming a complete barbarity.

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