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Jan 292011

So Newcastle has said that they have turned down a bid of around £25m from Spurs for Andy Carroll. Reports have suggested that they are holding out for £30m.

Given our situation, the fact we desperately need a striker would you pay the £30m if you were Levy? My last blog generated a lot of discussion and I was surprised at the high number of people who said to just pay the £30m and get our man but should we be held to ransom?

In this day and age where top strikers are almost a dying breed inevitably to get a young striker who has all the attributes to be a top striker you are going to have to pay top whack. Carroll ticks all the boxes but can he sustain his form for the next decade? He is big, strong and not afraid to put it about plus he does seem to know where the back of the net is.

Let’s have a little discussion seeing as there’s no game today. £30m for Andy Carroll, would you pay it? Is getting a striker so vital to our progression? I believe it is, so therefore should we just pay it or risk falling back into mid-table mediocrity.

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  1. Perhaps I could offer 20m plus Keane or Gio or Crouch or Kranjcar.

    • Pay it because against the alternatives 1)the wages will work in out structure (forlan et al too high)
      2) it fits our MO. He’s young so more chance the value could appreciate.
      3) his value will be more in 6 months time

      Really He’s worth 24, if Darren bent is 24 so 6M over the top is no more than we spunked on bently and bent.

      Just do it!!

  2. Just pay it

  3. Pay it!! Not sure who else we could get?? Hes the player we need to kick on this season

  4. pay it and move on, he will at least have a sell on value and IF he can do a “bale” he potentially could end up being worth double.

  5. They could get Hulk for 30m ffs he is soo much better than Carroll and still pretty young :@

    • I agree in my opinion Hulk is a better buy .Whatever happened to our brief interest in Falcao.

    • shut up ya muppet, hulk proven nothing, he plays in the portugese league, not exactly the most challenging league!!

      • So did Ronaldo and a load of other great players over the years.Was it not Portugal that knocked England out of the 2006 world cup.Carroll has played at most a seasons worth of games and some of that in the championship so how good is he really.Potential yes but a gamble none the less.

      • I would argue it’s more competitive than the championship though where Andy Carroll hardly scored bucket loads!!!! Also a better league than the Dutch league where numeours strikers have set numerous scoring records to do f all in the premier league!!! Would love hulk at the lane or falcao, either would suit us perfectly!!!

        • Look up your stats. HULK has hardly scored bucket load apart from one half of this season. The guy is worth less than Carroll. Why? Because Carroll is proven in the premiership – 2nd season. Carroll scored 11 in 19 games. He has Played as much for England than Hulk has for Brazil. Is Younger. Carroll has scored in big games – Citeh, Arsenal, Chelsea, Villa (hatrick). Hulk has mostly Japanses League experience, which is even below Championship level. If Hulk is worth 30m, then the world has gone crazy. People like Hulk because he is Brazilian and has a flash name (and has a more sensible haircut)

  6. I think we should pay it, he’s so hot!!!

    • According to my wife so is George Clooney but i dont want us to sign him as our striker ,no matter how good a deal Levy can get.

  7. The rumours going round Newcastle are £40m and the fat controller might be interested, tbh I don’t see Carroll going anywhere for a least 2 seaons

  8. Stick your £25m where the sun doesn’t shine………Carroll does not want to leave NUFC end of.

  9. Get the big guy in. I believe he has all the attributes to be the white Drogba. Our current crop of strikers is not remotely good enough especially three metre pete. For pity’s sake Harry are you blind? The man is a high jumper with all the physical presence of Woody Allen.

    • Harry sees something the rest of us do not,god alone knows what.Can our current 4 actually be called strikers as they cannot score goals,how the hell do we get ourselves in this position ?this should have been sorted 2 years ago when Berbatov pissed off.

      • True but we had that muppet Comolli pulling the strings, getting jol fired etc.
        It’s now we need to address.

  10. Yes! You have to look at the relative market. Darren Bent cost up to 24m because Villa needed him, is Carrol not worth 6m more? You could use the same token and say that Carrol is not worth nearly four Van der Vaarts but the diffrence was Real needed to sell. With Carroll, we need to buy, Newcastle certainly dont need o sell. He could be great, and if that were the case it wouldnt be so different from the Rooney to united deal (althogh prices for forwards have soared since then).
    The other factor is the wages, with players now regularly earning well over 100k, we could surely afford a bigger outlet on transfer fee for somebody who wouldnt demand nearly as much.
    The guy is great, his presence is up there with the drogbas of this world and perhaps, because we´re not Chelsea and we cant anttract torres, we may have to pay more out of necessity.

  11. A more realistic valuation would be a swap with Keane.

  12. here in peace…. i think the question should be would you want to pay 30 mill for a player who has stated that he doesn’t want to leave newcastle and wants to emulate shearers career there surely you would be better off with somone who cost 30 mill and wants to come to u

    • Toony, if a player doesn’t want to come, there isn’t much chance of a deal. Deals are contingent on a fee and personal terms being worked out. If he comes to Spurs, he would want to be there. Don’t rely too much on a player’s loyalty and saying the right things. Keane proclaimed his love for Spurs and pissed off to the scousers. Torres backed KIng Kenny and LIverpool just last week, but turned in a transfer request yesterday.

      The players do not love the club like fans do. It’s a mistake to think otherwise.

      • partially agree with you there m8 but the difference between carroll and them to is he is from the area he plays for and supported them as a kid so in away he is a fan playing for his cluband there is always an exception to the rule shearer chose to play for newcastle when he had better offers from man utd where im not gonna argue he would have won loads of medals and set an even higher goal total

        i dont think he would suit spurs any way as you need somone champions league proven not just premier league its a shame yas couldnt get forlan would have been an unreal signing for yas was the best striker at the world cup for me

  13. oh yea GeordieNUFC – ever heard the song “Mney talks” ……

    • Highgatespur,

      Carroll does not want to leave and play for old Bassett Hound Face.

      Anyway, where do you get £25m from?

  14. Ok pay it

  15. We deffo need to bring in a big front man to help defoe.
    I know we have 2 mt peter, but we need the goals as well as the assists.
    If we want to push on,this seems the next step upward.30 mil seems a bit much and mayb some sort of deal that involves cash and say pav or gio could do it. these two don’t play enough to justify the money they get,so we could get them of the paye roll.

  16. I don’t think Spurs board, or fans get this one.

    Andy Carroll is not for sale, at any price.
    He is the type of player Mike Ashley wanted to grow at NUFC since he took over; young, small enough wages, and enormous potential. Just like Vuckic, Ranger, Moyo, and Gosling.
    Look at it this way lads – if a 26 year-old tap in & penalty merchant is worth £24, then what is a; 22 year-old, target man, and footballer, that is quite unmarkable in most games worth? At least £35m or more.

    I’m sick of this Spurs interest anyway, especially when Harry Redknapp keeps saying he isn’t interested in buying Carroll. I’ve grown used to it though, especially last summer when they said they weren’t looking to recruit anyone, and then van der Vaart arrived – which was a fantastic coup to be fair.

    The thing is, just lay off Carroll – he isn’t for sale, nor would he join THFC – hard to believe maybe, but it’s true.

    Best of luck to Spurs this season, and lets hope they oust Manchester City this year!

  17. I’d pay £22-23m rising to £30m depending on his success with us. If we do sign him we should sell Pav or Crouch as well as Gio, Keane and O’Hara (who may go on loan to Wolves).

  18. No way José… Use the 30 million for Hulk, Eto, Torres – or buy Two strikers with that money; Forlan/Fabiano/Lisandro Lopez

  19. I think to stay in the top four we need a striker who can score against both the big clubs and weaker ones. Carroll does it. He’s young, improved massively in a short space of time and I think he’d come, given the chance. Get him in, bite the bullet. Is he worth £30m? Who is? Someone on another forum site said it perfectly for me – He combines the qualities of all our strikers into one.

    • He combines all the qualities of our strikers into one? He’s a tall, lazy, goal-shy, selfish striker that can’t stay onside if his life depended on it? Seems a bit harsh to me.

  20. geordieNUFC: We obviously wouldn’t be bidding for him if he had no intention of leaving.

  21. There is only a few strikers in the world that you can call world class..Torres is a genuine top notch striker and worth the £40 million, i think Spurs should just break the bank and go for Torres my heart says but my head says that Carroll is a better value for money, with bale and Lennon on either wing he will be as prolific as anyone..yes in todays market Carroll is may be worth it.

  22. As a Toon fan, I would say that if we could get £30m for Big Andy, (and the money could be re-invested in the team), sell him quick. The bloke has had a good six months on the pitch, and an absolute nightmare off it. He’s a loose moral, beer monster at the absolute best, and the next Michael Ricketts at worst. The facts are that he has only played half a season of top flight football, sustained a niggling injury that is slow to heal, spent as much time on the front page as on the back, and for all his physical attributes he is far from a clever lad.

    Unfortunately, under our current regime, the money would not be reinvested it would simply service the fictional debt to Fat Ashley, so we might as well hang onto him and see just how much potential he can realise, or not as the case may be.

  23. Keep your money because Carroll ain’t leaving! He wants to live the dream just like Shearer and play for his hometown club. He wants to do that and better Shearer’s record by grabbing some silverware for the geordie faithful.

  24. It is ransom, however, we have arsed about in our search for a striker. We should have gone for one in June, but we flapped about pathetically in that window, with only the last minute, 8m RvdV signing of any note. Despite the fact that we had Champions League football for the first time, despite the fact that all our rivals were buying improvements. Even Asamoah Gyan, and Obafemi Martins would have been upgrades on our sorry bunch. What pisses me off is Harry saying “where are we going to find a striker?” everyone else seems to be able to you muppet. Suarez to L’pool for 22.8m. there is one you muppet. We have just 6 League goals from 4 strikers this season in 24 games. Consider that a couple of Pavlyuchenko’s were from the spot. We have 4 goals from open play in 24 games. It is pathetic. And that is the sole reason we are now in for a struggle to maintain FIFTH place!! I say pay it, we need someone, if he stays for 10 years it works out to be 3m a season. undoubtedly over priced but If ONE of our pathetic strikers manage to match Andy Carroll’s current tally of 11, over the remainder of the season i would be effing surprised.

  25. No! We are being held to ransom. He’s not worth £30m….£12m at best. A striker is judged by a few good seasons, paying that much for half-a-season’s performance is ludicrous! We don’t want a Jeffers, Beattie, Sutton, Heskey on our hands!!

    I know we need a striker! But i don’t think it will solve our problem. Last few game we haven’t created many chances, because there’s been no support in the final third. Vdv drops too deep and Defoe, Crouch, Pav cannot lead the line on their own. In the short-term, if we can’t get a striker, we need to play with two up front, with Vdv on one of the wings, giving him licence to cut in!

    I know we need a striker badly! But not for £30m. Think about it, that’s how much Berbs went for. Ludicrous!

  26. It’s easy to say yes out of sheer frustration at the lack of a striker signing so far in this window and last. It’s even easier when it’s someone elses money. But to try and be sensible…30 million should be buying you a definite, world class striker (as far as you can have a definite in football at least) or someone who you can pretty much guarantee will develop to be a great player. Does he really fit into either of those catagories? The 1st one I’d say no. The 2nd I’d say yes if only it wasn’t for the lifestyle. We do come across as one of the more professional clubs so maybe he would calm it down a bit…but I’m not convinced. 30 million just seems like a lot of money for a player who still has alot of developing to do both on and off the pitch.

    If we do go ahead with it, I think the next step is to really start investing a bit more in the scouting network which, admittedly, from the outside looking in, looks more than a little out of touch with the reality of such a rigid wage structure. Development seems like the only way we’re going to be able to compete on a continuous level.

  27. Can someone put the link on to where Newcastle say they have rejected £23M, i don’t mean the link to “The Sun” where it mentions that a “High ranking official from the club” has said they rejected it, i mean the actual official statement from Newcastle United Football Club? a link to the official statement from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club saying that a bid was rejected would do!

    Didn’t think so!

  28. Which part of NOT FOR SALE do dodgy Harry or Levy not understand?! Why sign for you lot? It’ll be a short flirtation with the CL then back to the usual 7th/8th….

  29. why would we sell him to a bunck of tight arses like the tottenham

  30. pay it – young and just what we need
    or just pay 25 and crouch or keane pardew must want 1 of them

  31. *Newcastle fan in peace*

    Please dont buy him!
    I just saw this site on Newsnow and thought to have a look at it.
    I say you got some really good strikers like Defoe,Crouch and Pavylunchenko(Dunno if ive written the name correctly).
    Beside there are rumours that he is out for 2 months due a thigh injury!

    With 25m,im sure there are better targets elsewhere!

  32. John, I honestly think that this story has been “leaked” to the media by the Newcastle chairman, so at the end of the window we will see Alan Parsnip smugly telling journalists how we secured the future of the club by fending off interest in our most valuable talent, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was no bid from Spurs.

  33. Agree with col we sold our strike force in 12 months and then brought it all back except for the best player. £30m is a lot for a player who has only had 6 months in the prem. He’s hardly a quiet lad like bale, so would the bright lights turn him? I’d prefer hulk for the same money, Carroll is not a force yet could be but its a gamble

  34. Pay up! Carroll is someone who could bring us forward, he scores, assist and will free up space for vdv, Modders and Bale. It’s a lot of money, but look at the other team up top except the Scum and to get your man you have to pay.

  35. Your the muppet! Go and learn about football. Hulk is a class above Carroll, I’m not saying Carroll is rubbish, but it’s like comparing Defoe with Drogba.

  36. now..given the fact that levy has made his mind to splash 23m 4 carroll…i wont mind if he pays 7m more to acquire his service..thoughts?..

  37. now..given the fact that levy has made his mind to splash 23m 4 carroll…i wont mind if he pays 7m more to acquire his service..thoughts?….

  38. To all NUFC fans writing in. Many of you have said Carroll doesn’t want leave and he is loyal to the club. This is absolutely laughable. Aside from the fact that it’s unlikely any of know Carroll and can speak to how he feels, bear in mind that players have no loyalty. They go where the deal is best for them. Now that could mean money or a chance to win or even being comfortable in their situation, but they look out for themselves. If Carroll gets his head turned he will leave.

  39. @nitz:
    How dare you? D:/
    Carroll will join your club,just get over it.
    You’re wasting time and the 30m,thats from,you get it ”GOAL.COM”>>>>Very Unreliable
    Just get over it! ;________;

  40. Why would Carol go to a smaller club
    Plus your manager will be pissing off to
    Get the England job

  41. 30million is far too much for Carroll I do want us to sign him tho think he will be a brilliant signing and will score goals!! It’s villa thought for paying so much money for bent!!
    I’d say try offering money + players offe then pav,keane or kranjcar!! On the plus sideds to Carroll his only just turned 22 is English …great touch control he is strong and can play champions league and FA cup when fit!!

  42. Crouch, Defoe, Pav, Keane are all proven strikers. Is it not possible that there’s something lacking with your supply line? I know people wax lyrical about Modric and VDV; great technical attacking players – one sits very deep and the other plays off the shoulder and always looks to shoot. Lennon plays for his reputation not his team mates, which leaves Bale – the standout creative player you have and most likely to generate chances for strikers. But the assists from spurs midfielders is not all that this season. Maybe it’s the supply line!?

  43. No for Carroll at 30.
    Agree that something like 20 + a player would make more sense.
    Still, while we are trying to sign someone that clearly has no interest in leaving, what about Hulk, or even Sturridge from Chelsea if the Torres deal falls through. I personally would rather see Forlan than Carroll for the time being.

  44. Yeah go grab that old gizzer that is Forlan and leave Carroll alone!! D:’/

  45. ohhhhh dear, Spurs sniffing around an NUFC player AGAIN. Starting to think Spurs idolise NUFC. I would rather Carroll went to bloody Arsenal then you lot. In fact Sunderland would be better. Sick to death of Spurs. Years of sniffing around NUFC like a dog on bloody heat.

  46. Just a side note to the poster who said that the Newcastle fans couldnt possibly know Carrolls state of mind about wanting to leave or stay…..well, you then went on to suppose that he wanted to leave, pot and kettle matey. No-one knows, and no-one could know apart from the big Ox himself.

    • Read my comment Mr. Ape: “IF his head gets turned.”

      Not a statement of what I know; a statement of what may be, IF something happens.

      Unlike the NUFC fans stating “Andy loves us; he won’t leave.”

      Spot the difference?

  47. Sorry guys but this is just rubbish spouted by the red top snooze-papers. Cazza wont leave Newcastle, not now and not in 2 seasons. If the ambiton of the club dont match his then he would still likely stay for his entire career. I know it sounds mad but that’s what Geordies are, mad about Newcastle..

    GL this season hope you finish 4th

  48. I can assure you the Hulk was looked at on several occasions. Had a couple of great games but overall was not a team player and ‘swanned’ around posing and being somewhat lazy.
    It was not thought he was worth the big gamble on the massive money that would have been asked.
    Thus, no offer was made.

  49. Carrol would be a good signing, but for 30 million though? really? not so sure.

    i wouldnt complain if a cheeky 8-9 million bid went in Johan Elmander, ok granted he’s not the marquee signing we all want but he’s looked really solid up top for bolton this season. just a thought.

  50. Where the hell were WE when the POOL were getting a deal done for Suarez…..I know which 1 I’d rather have or like others have suggested, HULK or even Fabiano…..Got a horrible feeling that we are going into Feb with 3 strikers (Keane to Spammers) and NO CHANCE of 4th spot…..

  51. Its a massive risk, BUT if it means we get CL next season its worth it!

  52. Totally agree with “col 16:14”..this has been our achilles for the last season or two..yeah they all chipped in last year, but this season, 6 between the lot of them is an absolute disgrace…i would say go for carrol, but offer crouch as part of the deal, as at least the barcodes would have a striker to replace him, as there isnt much time left in the window, making them more likely to accept our offer…£20 mill plus the lanky 1 ought to do it..

  53. Is he worth 30mil no, but if we go abroad for a top top striker then we going have pay same amount plus top wages so there’s your 30mil spent there. So i think we should offer 25mil plus kranjar or pay the money cos crouch is not a striker who is going get you 20 goals a season , defoe, pav needs to play with strike partners.If we want to push on then we have just pay it .

  54. We apparently offered £25m for rossi so i would go back with £30m for him and also offer £30m for carroll,and before mr levy chokes on his caviar this would all be funded by the result of the inevatable summer auction for gareth bale which will end when real madrid cough up £60M.
    in the meantime with bale still here and with the dream team up front we would without doubt qualify for the champions league.

    What dya think lads?

  55. and the southern media say Newcastle fans are deluded! We just want to survive but you got spud fans on here saying whoever spuds want they will get and that you should spend 30m on Torres? ha ha ha you yiddiots. What makes you lot think Carroll, never mind a world cup winner TORRES would join you? or get both Fabiano and Forlan, come on are they really going to go to spuds? If those were options I would buy both of them ahead of Carroll and I’m a toon fan.

    Just because you’ve been in the champions league once you all think you’re hot sh*t all of a sudden, only strikers you have are crouch defoe pavelyuwhatever and robbie keane who birmingham didn’t even want and they signed Martins FFS! When the nodding dog redknapp leaves you will be in big trouble and I really hope you don’t make the top four and have to build youre own proper stadium because of the absolute comtempt you hold other clubs in because you finally experienced the champions league, got a bit of man city going on but at least they stump up the cash. Go focus on things like getting more than 40 thousand every two weeks, we did that in the Championship.

  56. no fucking way fuck the barcodes.go and get torres and chuck em krankear in the deal….

  57. sorrry fish lips you fuck off, do you really think you could get torres? honestly? and throw in 1million pound worth of krancjar? why do spurs hold out for such high prices but only want to pay 30 mil for the likes of torres?


  58. Been reading in lots of blogs about the 30 million figure. Where did that come from? Club execs and pardew have said he ain’t for sale. I’d be shocked if he went. He’s living his boyhood dream – and he’s selling merchandise like nobody’s business at the club shops.

    Why would we sell him in January? Still got a season to finish.

    Of course he’s worth 30 mill – if Bent is worth 25 mill.

  59. Lmao at thick fat geordies. Hulk is who we should get

    • At least were not all fucking black drug pushing twats

      • You racist inbred, typical geordie. London is the capital for good reason blud! You geordies are all so insignificant, a feeble excuse of men. Doesnt newcastle have one of the highest rates of smackheads, yes it does and also inbreds, alcoholics, rednecks, jobless the list goes on, you freaks.

      • No need to go there. Seriously out of order.

        • Sorry for that mate I was just having ago at
          One of your ignorant spurs fans,
          I don’t know what you think we are up here
          I have lots of cockney friends up
          Here .

  60. £30m is always a risk no matter who you buy. We could by Messi tomorrow for £30m only for him to get a career wrecking injury in the first minute of the first game. Of coarse nobody could get Messi for £30m but you see my point.

    Hulk or Carrol, I would go with Carrol, English players are only going to be more important as we move on, in two years time when King & Woody have retired Crouch too, who will we have for our home grown players, sure we could easily make it now, but if O’Hara left, Keano too then if Hudd, Defoe, Daws and Bale are injured things could get tricky.

    Sure a lot of that is very speculative, we could sign or sell 5 english players between now and then and we could have 5 playing from out current youth crop but again you see my point.

    Plus much as I am fed up with the England team a Defoe Carrol partnership could be just what we need, in fact a partnership like that is the only thing I could see shifting the seriously overrated Wayn£ Roon£y.

  61. Pay 30ml no way don’t care if the arse falls away in the football market then we are fecked with him.If we have to pay that money i want a bit more for my money.He is a few years short of being worth 30ml + and good defenders have him in their pocket.Go for hulk .Watched him today he was great although he did die at the end.

  62. Held to ransom ?
    Why should we sell to you lot ?
    Get a 25% increase in gates and you’d be up to our levels.
    Besides – we are considerate.
    We don’t want you to call in the liquidators.
    You already owe more than Portsmouth with slightly higher gates, so I hear…..

  63. PAY IT, for cxrying out loud! No offence to Newcastle fans but this guy has got Tottenham written all over him. He looks to me like he’s going to be the next Englanfd centre-forward. Harry has already descvribed him as a “handful for anyone” and with our delivery from the wings and the guile of VDV and Modric, he’s sure to keep scoring.

    He is also eligible for the Champions League. Carroll is the difference between 5th and 4th place for Spurs. You only get what you pay for, and this guy is worth it. Sooner or later one of the other big clubs is going to snap him up. He’s also ENGLISH. He ticks all the boxes we need and is much younger than Forlan and Fabiano. You could pair Carroll with VDV, or Defoe, or even Crouch, and he’s going to give defences problems.

  64. Too early to say one way or the other whether he’s worth 30 million?. We could be going after a real turd and wondering what the hell or a potential goalden boy, but it’s a massive risk all the same, but that still leaves Crutch and Pav on massive wedge and no takers!

  65. Guys, come one… The 30 million story are from a site called Not exactly the god spoken truth now is it? If an official Newcastle spokesperson calls your offer of 23 “paltry” i think you can be pretty sure that you would have to double that… Crazy i know, but then again the truly crazy part is that all players have their price these days and that some clubs are actually willing to pay them (Which btw, most likely will end up being City).

    You have to remember that Carroll is newcastle’s favorite son, so you are not only paying for his talent, you will have to pay ekstra for the fact that it takes a big amount to make the toon army forgive that their local hero have been sold.

    In short, you will get more value for money elsewhere.

  66. The one thing I think a lot of you spurs fan forget is, it’s not that long since you were in a bit of trouble your self’s Newcastle are having a good season by any newly promoted club’s standard. Ok the car dealer is doing a good job but why would a lad from the north east want to come down south to the big smoke we all saw how good it was for my mate Paul. thank you but no thank you I think i’ll stay with my mate Kevin & joey they look after me & treat’s me right. yours Big Andy

  67. You ask spurs fan if they would sell for 30 million… To be honest i wouldnt sell for 60 million if i had the power

  68. How many times do we (nufc) have to say it – he’s NOT for sale – go look elsewhere you daft spuds! :O)

  69. To be fair, its not their fault they have a used car salesman for a manager

  70. Why are you actually believing this, The statement said not for sale, The £30m bullshit was added by that ever reliable source…

    Kin southern jessies, It isnt happening move on welcome back to midtable mediocrity.

  71. The sums are simple he is the third tallest striker in the premiership at 6ft5 and the best he is twenty two Years old. If he fire us into the Champions league or gets us in the final or beyond the next round he will have paid the 30 million we paid back the answers is yes

  72. Carrol is a 15 million pound player. Harry is insane and needs his head examining if he offered 23 million for half a season wonder!! The thing is Saurez would of threatened Harry`s favourite Defoe and that is the reason Harry did not go in for him. It`s a Striker who can play with Defoe that is why Harry is offering double Carrols valuation. Fck Newcastle and get Llorente. Good in the air,strong and a better finisher than Carrol. And we can sell him to Real for double in a few years.

  73. Andy Carroll?????? 25 million?????
    Whatan over rated player, i cant beleive we want to sign him

  74. What you all seem to be forgetting is that Carroll doesn’t want to sign for you he’s stated numourous times he’s happy at the town. Just let it go the club and the player just aren’t interested.

  75. £30 Mill for Carrol? That’s why Levy is running the club thank heavens.

    Would I pay £30 mill for him? Short answer – no. Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  76. Carrol is a flash in the pan and worth no more that 10m.
    30m for that donkey who has behavior issues as well……..You have got to be kidding, be wise and stay well away!

  77. 30 million and you can have him, but beware the boy loves a good drink that and the bright lights of London he will be in jail in a year….

  78. ive got a idea how bout we just dont bid on him anymore he is not worth 30mil get eto’o at 12mil and a great goal scorer aswell or just ???? chelski of and spend 50mil on torres that would be brill and on deadline transfer day lol plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz harry levy sign toooorrrreeesss our attack would be great with,lennon,modric,van der vaart,bale,or pienaar,TORRES up front wicked

  79. Injury prone …..another Dean Ashton.

  80. Well I never spurs trying to buy another
    Xnewcastle player why don’t they
    Buy our club

    • May as well as The club is not worth 30 million and fat boy Ashley wants 30 million for a Criminal who can head the ball. Harry OUT!!

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