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Jun 022013

I have an antidote for this poisonous speculation.

And so the media circus has once again rolled into town with the recycled stories about the Spurs’ prized left-winger Gareth Bale being courted by other top European clubs. Coincidentally, these repetitive stories resurfaced a day after the Spurs narrowly missed out on Champions League football and a league finish above Arsenal. It’s almost as if these news providers want him to join Real Madrid just for the thrill of being able to say they “told me so” or are “bringing me an exclusive.”

I have made myself numb to this and have not fallen for it this time. I can categorically give you an exclusive—Bale will remain a Spurs player next season. I shall enlighten you as to why:

British Telecom, a phone, internet and television service in the UK, recently commissioned their very own sports channel—BT Sport—where they will be broadcasting a load of live Premier League games in the 2013/14 season, their first ever year. Gareth Bale “signed up” to them as an “ambassador” in a bid to pull in more viewers to watch him as well as other top footballers playing in arguably the best league in the world.

Now, if he went to Real Madrid, or any other foreign club, he wouldn’t be on BT Sport in these live Premier League games, rendering his contract to the sports channel pointless and quite expensive to release him from. Real Madrid would need to run a gauntlet of the toughest of negotiators in Daniel Levy and then BT Sport themselves if they wanted to buy him. Why would BT Sport give up their own “signing of the season” which was going to pull in the viewers? It wouldn’t be economically viable for them. It would be a major letdown for anyone hoping to watch the Welshman at the top of his form in that league.

As for Bale himself, the contract with BT Sport is basically money for nothing. All he has to do is turn up and play whenever the Spurs are featured on the new channel. I’m not too sure if he’ll be partaking in punditry for them on the side, though!

Third-party interest is rumoured to be what kept Moutinho from leaving Porto for Tottenham last season (although he has since signed for AS Monaco). For once, third-party interest in Bale has benefited Tottenham, as far as reasoning for him to stay is concerned. BT Sport would have something to say about Real Madrid nicking their secret weapon of revenue, let alone Tottenham fans.

Anything above £60 million is a large sum for Madrid, but with all things considered, Madrid should juts drop it and move on. It’s all to one-way with this supposed ‘special relationship’ with Madrid. They have never willingly offered us any players but then when they decide to poach our top players, we bend over and even help to pull down our trousers and undies for it. That is a special relationship indeed…!

Bale not for sale. Deal with it Pellegrini. Unless you want to offer US a player for once. £60m plus Benzema or £60m plus Higuain….yeh didn’t think so. Go chase after Suarez. At least he actually has expressed a true inclination to leave his club.

  11 Responses to “Antedote time! Bale NOT for sale!”

  1. Whats Pelligrini got to do with it?

    If Levy wants to make Spurs a contender for the league he needs to spend 60 mill at least and keep Bale.

    Top 3 teams have new managers… This is the time to step forward not back!

    The stadium is massive issue…. Sours make 3 times less per game compared to Arsenal.
    Where is the Stadium big sponsorship deal? All gone v. Quiet at Spurs HQ

    Does Levy have good enough people around him in the boardroom to drive Spurs forward off the pitch?

    • We are at a crossroads.

      To keep bale for any length of time after this season. We need to other him cl. To get cl we have to make quality signings or we will lose bale and possibly avb in the long term.

      Getting the new stadium and being mid table would not be good and a wasted opportunity.

      This summer is critical. Daniel levy needs to commit. If it doesnt work out the sale of bale would cover any debt incurred.

      • GLooks to me like Bale is keeping his options open now or he would just sign and end the doubt

        • For starters Bale is away on holiday, but apart from that it is a contract negotiation between his agent and Levy. Levy as we are aware isn’t the easiest person to negotiate with and Bale’s agent is obviously trying to get his client the best deal possible. The appearance of keeping one’s options open is the way to go when looking for a pay rise. He will sign, I’ve no doubt at all.

  2. Bale won’t leave Spurs because he doesn’t want to and because he is tied to a contract which has three years remaining, meaning Levy could and would veto the move. The BT deal is a strong indicator that Bale has no intention of leaving the Premiership, but would not be a legal obstacle to his doing so. The idea that Real Madrid would have to negotiate with a player’s sponsors is nonsense as is the idea that BT could insert a clause in a sponsorship deal prohibiting a player from moving to any other club.

    • The issue with Moutinho was third party ownership, nothing to do with his sponsors.

      • I never made assumptions as to who Moutinho’s third-party owners were.
        And BT could have easily said they want Bale for at least one year to ensure he features on their sports channel. That would just be common sense.

        • It’s just a sponsorship deal, his agent wouldn’t allow it to restrict career decisions. This will have come up during negotiation and been agreed upon, it’s a two year contract after all and BT obviously think it is worth the risk. Most likely in that situation he is dropped from the campaign and has to forfeit some of the fee. Certainly Madrid wouldn’t be involved. His signing this deal is a good indication that he plans to stay.

  3. Bale has not left. Bale is not leaving this transfer window. So how about talking about something else. Or are you peoples looking for something to make you miserable.

  4. Bale may or may not leave this season but he will leave, the money will probably be used to fund the new ground as this is the only way we can pay bigger wages and attract the players needed to strengthen the team, take us on the next level and leave us not so reliant on one player. His play and ability to score goals that he shouldn’t be allowed to do will obviously be missed, but as a team if the money that we have got and part of the Bale money is spent wisely we can move on. I hope D. Levy can get an option of first refusal if Bale wants to move from RM.

  5. This whole situation will be decided by MONEY. Nothing else. Whatever ENIC decide is the best financial option for the club will rule the day. Spurs are an ENIC business venture, as long as it continues to show a profit they will be happy. Winning trophies is OK as long as they don’t cost too much. After watching DL for the past 10/12 years I don’t expect to see any change in the clubs business philosophy. I still expect to see GB go if the price is right. How much of that money will be used to build a team of contenders is any bodys guess.

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