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Sep 042010

Panic over,we have surely found Tottenhams newest jewel and by all accounts it’s a beauty.

Anthony Ruben Lozano Colon the most recent prospect seemingly too hot to touch without regulation asbestos gloves has finished a successful ten day trial period at Spurs Lodge and has since jetted back to Honduras to tie up a few loose ends whilst also saying his farewells before returning to Tottenham where he hopes to lay the roots of what will hopefully grow into an wonderful career.

Here are a few details that might help you familiarize yourselves with our newest young prospect,

  1. BORN: 25th April 1993 (age 17) .
  2. PLACE  OF BIRTH: Yoro,Honduras.
  3. HIEGHT: 5ft 11″.
  4. PLAYING POSITION : Forward.
  5. YOUTH CAREER: Platense jnr.
  6. SENIOR CAREER: Olimpia,six appearances-six goals,2009-2010.
  7. NATIONAL TEAM: Honduras under 17,eight appearances-eleven goals.

Anthony has been described as the “Promise of new Honduran soccer football.” His style has been compared to that of Carlo Costly an extremely composed finisher good with both his head and feet that plays for SC Vaslui.Lozano however was recently starring for the Hondurans under seventeens and though the game turned into a defeat at the hands of a very good young German side, the loss aside our young forward scored a lovely goal,one which showed experience beyond his years.

Tottenham have beaten off a host of top clubs that were also seeking to sign the youngster.A quote from the Promise said “I am living the biggest dream of my life.” Well I’m sure having Wilson Palacios about the place will help him to adjust to his new surroundings and here’s to his dream carrying him all the way to the top.

Triffic Tottenham would like to thank both JimmyG2 of Spurs Musings and Glory Glory for supplying the information that helped in the writting this blog.Special thanks to Wikipedia.

  34 Responses to “Anthony Lozano Found! (Tottenhams Newest Jewel)”

  1. Useless post. Just regurgitating what everyone already knows. Great.

  2. has he actually signed a contract with spurs?

  3. There were differing rumours doing the rounds mate but I’m of the understanding that he has and he’s on his way back here soon.

  4. Having not read this anywhere else, thanks for regurgitating it.

    • Thanks Foggy, I wasn’t sure on what exactly was happening with this guy, i heard different rumours.

  5. Useless. this whole site is poorly written and trash blogging.
    If i wanted to read wikipedia, i’d go on it.

  6. And what “use” are you Dspurs? What do you bring other than childish and rude negativity? Thanks to the author, I knew some of the info here, but not all. I didn’t know what he looked like for one. Thanks for yours and others efforts. Now if any of you wanna see a really “useles” post, read #1 – Oh I guess you will have already if you’re reading this….
    Never mind.

  7. I knew that, but millions didn´t.
    Assume he will join our excellent U18 squad and eventually go out on loan.

    And people, Don´t shoot the messenger. Blogging is not as easy as these guys make it look.
    There that should have stirred up enough shit to keep you going.

  8. have we officially signed him?

  9. Thanks peeps for you observations both constructive and otherwise all is taken on board.

  10. Yeah, thanks, I didn’t know that.

  11. Why do people make “useless” posts saying:”useless post”?

    Sure beats the hell out of me.

    No one makes you read it in the first place.

    It really says something about us as a species & it isn’t good.

  12. you do that trifficspurs

  13. Foggy, didn’t know you had anything to do with this blog mate. Keep it up!

    • Yeah keep it up Foggy, glad you help out here mate you provide some top stories mate. In fact I think i am in love with you 🙂 and wishboner I am starting to fall for you too.

  14. Thanks Elwehbi,don’t forget to post a link to your site when you visit or ask Coxie to do a permanent one for you.

  15. Oh and Elwehbi,visit the forum as well mate.

  16. Just like Tarrabt i presume “the new Zidane”….

  17. LOL Coxie.You nutter.

  18. Simon I see your point lets just hope this lad has a good professional approach to his game.And as for Taarabt I really hope he turns his career around because he certainly has the potential.

  19. I don’t know much about him but Honduras seems to have a rapidly rising football team. If he has the talent then I don’t see why we shouldn’t go in for him.

  20. Carlo Costly? R u ‘avin a larff??

  21. Hi guys, new here, I devour Spurs info on newsnow all day long, have been season ticket holder for more years than I care to mention and don’t like to think I miss anything regarding THFC but I somehow missed this. So thank for the regurgitation, I now consider myself informed, don’t take any notice of negative comments and keep up good work, regurgitated or not.
    Thanks. Keith

  22. Thanks Keith and welcome aboard.

  23. first time I’ve heard it, so thanks for the information.

  24. Thanks for your constructive comments D and T respectively, please be advised you are as welcome as anyone else to write articles of your own,I only hope the content of which will be judged by the reading public in a similar reasoned and fair manner to which you both have aspired to…….;-)

  25. Hi, good blog thanks for the info, do we know if its confirmed? cos looking on the official site theres no mention of this Lozano lad anywhere but of course that doesnt mean too much as news takes an age to appear there. Would be nice to have another new next pele/maradona/messi/Ian Moores :)) to watch on loan at Yeovil and Exeter lol.

  26. Cheers 4the info..i read about a houndrais player coming and having trails..i now know what his name is and what he looks like..what an exciting time it is being a spurs fan aye..oh missus 2wks away from giving birth 2my brand new baby yid..callin him lennon..COYS

  27. Congratulations Yidreg well done mate.

  28. Lozano Hatrick. Definitely has finishing ability.

    • Good stuff Vee, he looks strong and quick as well, his 3rd goal he out muscled the defender Drogba style

  29. Hey Coxie, Foggy stealing some of your thunder mate? 😉

    Great job guys! Keep it up and you guys post regularly which is brilliant! I’m adding your link to my blog. Cheers and keep up the “triffic” work!

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