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Aug 202010

I will probably get a lot of stick for this blog but here it goes anyway….

None of this please William

We seem to be getting linked to far too many ex Arsenal players than I would like, it looks like we will be getting William Gallas on a freebie pending a medical and to a lot of clubs this would be a bargain but to me it’s not. He is a decent defender but his attitude isn’t the best. I don’t want a player who threatens to score own goals agaisnt his own team like he done at Chelsea if he doesn’t get his own way. Its bad enough he is an ex Gooner but I don’t even think the Arsenal fans ever embraced Gallas so how the hell are the Spurs fans supposed to. Gallas has this attitude that it’s all about him, while Bassong accepts King, Dawson and Woody are all better defenders than him and quietly waits for his chance to play and when he does he gives 100% I don’t think Gallas will do this, I think he is under the impression he will be the main man at the back for us and when he discovers he isn’t he will sulk. I don’t want to see this guy put above Bassong.

We are also being linked with Hleb in a £5 million move but although he has a much better attitude that Gallas my only real concern with this one except for him also being Arsenal is that I personally think he isn’t very good. Hleb will work hard and score the odd goal but seriously who can he push out of our team?

So we have now been linked with Adebayor, Flamini, Gallas and Hleb in recent weeks, surely we can aim higher than Arsenal rejects that were either sold for being trouble makers or were not simply good enough. I don’t want to visit the Emirates to the chants of “are you Arsenal in disguise” or “you only buy arsenal rejects”. Surely there are other players out there we can get linked to other than Gooner rejects.

News just in, Edgar Davids has joined Crystal Place, Edgar served us proud and I wish him all the best at his new club

  29 Responses to “Are We Arsenal In Disguise?”

  1. as a gooner he seems like poison, song hated him and toure had fights with him and he was captian! thing with him he is a good player but will want 1st team every week and if ur losing he’ll sulk and mona and his head drops easily! but he is free and experinced!

  2. These Arsenal rejects you refer to are very good players,they’re just not good enough for Arsenal but would do a great job for us

  3. hleb is quality and a 5m a snip – id love him back at arsenal.

    much better player than bentley and kranjcar

    gllas is gallas – moody, arrogant and a knwo it all

    didnt get on with nasri or toure at all

    but he is a decent player and better than dawson and bassong

    for free….seems like a decent snatch

    your right about him not playing second fiddle – he wont wanna do that

    cant see him being very happy at spurs myself

  4. Arsenal fan here;

    Gallas is a good player (not very good) and on a free is a good pickup. It’s only a 1 year deal so I don’t think you’ll have time to see the bad side of him. In his first year with us he was a model pro, played all over the back 4 and was a real leader but as soon as he felt important, he thought he was Jesus. You won’t get any of that because he won’t have time to settle to that degree.

    I don’t see the point in bringing in Hleb, he’s always be unproductive and wouldn’t get near your starting 11 so what’s the point. Stick with Gio and Bentley and save a few quid.

  5. i would take hleb in a heartbeat and i also think gallas is a good signing, we have to remember if we qualify for CL next week then king will only play one or the other, although i rate bassong i wouldn’t like to see him face the likes of barca or milan due to the fact that young boys walked all over him, gallas has a phenomenal goal record for a CB and can also play RB not only that he is a winner and that sort of mentality is much needed at spurs, we need players who are more than capable of killing teams off instead of losing to the likes of wolves and stoke, he may of been a player for arsenal but would you actually call him a gooner? they hated him at arsenal so it’s all good with me, he is also and most importantly a FREE transfer which is great for the club. COYS

  6. as an arsenal fan i must say i believe he will be a good addition to your team as long as harry is strong with him. If things go wrong for your team he wont be the one to count on. btw, the “arsenal rejects” such as hleb and flamini were not rejects at all. they just thought life could be greener and found out that life doesnt always work that way. If you guys ever have the chance to sign a player like flamini especially and dont, then harry and your board are idiots because these are players tha would improve your team whether you want to admit it or not. Rejecting a player because he played for your enemy is silly to me. if the player is an improvement on what you have or adds depth then thats all that matters. making your dissatisfaction at a signing known can only be counter-productive.
    on another issue, i hope your team beat young boys and make it to the group stage of the champions league. I wanna see what your lot have to offer against the big boys. You would do well to make it out of your group….if you get there ofc.
    Just out of curiosity, i have noticed spurs are not really making signings, surely this is the time to make signings…its only going to get harder to break into the top 4. Why not try to establish yourselves? dont you think your manager is underestimating the difficulty of maintaining a top 4 finish and playing in the champions league?

  7. Oh, you mean the ManU reject?

  8. You are clearly an imbecile. All those players were very good players for the *rse. They regretted getting rid of them. For once, we are aiming for players who want to be winners rather than nice blokes who play nice football but never win anything. Perhaps we might actually get to win something decent beyond an FA Cup in my lifetime.

  9. I wouldt go as far as saying regretted..the only one that really hurt was when flamini left…the others were not too bad tbh roy. adebayor was an asswipe and hleb didnt always produce the goods. we have too many creaive midfielders at arsenal so losing hleb was never a worry for us

  10. Nice to see some good posts from some Gooners here (minus Bala). I think Gallas will a decent job, we need experience.

  11. I’m an Arsenal fan, but think it will be catastrophic to have Gallas anywhere near your dressing room. There is no doubt your players are all on a high after fighting together last season to finish in the top 4. Now this d*ck will come in and upset the harmony. He’s not as good as King, and Dawson on his day is outstanding. He’ll start sulking the minute he’s not picked.

    As for Hleb…. Never rated him. Can’t finish to save his life (although some may argue that as amazing as Modric is, he doesn’t score anywhere near the goals he should). You have 4 better players than him (Lennon, Bale, Krankjar and Modric…. depending on where Harry would play Hleb) so there’s NO point going for him. He won’t improve your team. We certainly haven’t missed him since he’s gone.

    Your squad is more than capable as it is or maintaining the top 4 placing this season without adding these 2.

  12. You forgot Diarra – another one of ours you lot are being linked to (no idea if there’s any truth in it, mind – would make it a bit of a cramped CM, wouldn’t it?)

    On Gallas – he is an extremely good defender, and can cover full-back positions too. As everyone knows, the downside is a very troublesome character that sees him constantly falling out with team-mates (Nasri and Toure for certain, with rumours of others like Adeb*yor, van Persie, Song…) That said, he still managed to get his head down and work hard for the team over several long periods, so I wouldn’t predict certain chaos amid the Totts’ ranks.

    From an Arsenal perspective – I’m still disappointed that he couldn’t be more reasonable and sign a one-year extention with us. I think his wage demands are excessive, and am a little surprised that your lot have agreed to pay up (aparently the only club in Europe who considered the wages “not a problem”). I won’t waste my efforts resenting his decision – he tried hard to do well with us, and now he’s cashing in on his last couple of years.

  13. Mixed responses from our not so noisy neighbours and if I’m honest mixed feelings from myself, just as well then Gallas will get a mixed reception from the whl faithful?

  14. Who said we’d pay his wages to the full? If we didn’t want to pay more than 65 grand a week for Fabiano, why would we pay more for Gallas? Seems to me he lowered his demands, and is joining us just to spite Arsenal and Wenger.

  15. you forgot how we were linked with viera aswell..

  16. As somebody else pointed out it is very good to see sensible comments from the Arsenal fans on here, nice to see some honest input from both sides without any arguments lol,The Liverpool fans could take a leaf from your book.

  17. To the spud who made the comment about arsenal rejects wanting to win trophies, get real, you will be lucky to be in the champ league group phase and the carling cup is your distant hope of a trophy.

    Otherwise, gallas will be a good addition if you can keep him happy with playing time. Personally I think king, Dawson and even bassong are better. Good luck with the miserable loser.

  18. I dont care if a player once played for the scum ,it all comes down to will he be a good signing for Spurs.At present we do not know when or if Woody will be back and Ledders has the well documented problems so if Gallas can come in do a job to help bolster the defence excellent.If he plays silly buggers i am sure Harry is more than capable of putting him in his place.Lets face it Wenger does,nt strike me as a manager to deal with out of order team members ,he,s more used to bossing kids about and Pat Rice ,that would be like being savaged by a dead sheep.Gallas has one last chance to win something and Spurs have that feeling of optimism and being on the up and add that to the fact Gallas knows he will be scrutinised more than a normal signing,this could really work well and as much as i HATE THAT FILTH DOWN THE ROAD ,i for one will applaud and support Gallas as long as i see him giving it all for the Spurs cause.COYS up and at em

  19. Hleb and Diarra practically forced their way out of Arsenal. Both made it clear they wanted out and Arsenal recieved a good fee for both of them. Wenger would have kept either player if he could. Hleb is an excellent player. His ball control is ridiculous and he can practically play all across the middle. Diarra was great for Portsmouth and Madrid when he got there. It is no coincidence they went on to sign for Madrid and Barcelona. Dont like Gallas at all but we didn’t pay a fee and it is only a 1 year deal. It could have been worse, we could have signed Viera!

  20. This Article is utter tosh, … Firstly just because we’ve been linked with someone doesn’t mean the club has put a bid in or considering to!, and second gallas is a good player and a decent signing, he’s no different to BAE and say what u like about his attitude he is a decent player for us, Hleb would be a good signing, this year is al about stepping up, having quality in a back line, cool heads and experience, a midfield that can retain the ball! hleb would most certainly do a good job for us, remember we still have players who we can let go of,… Hutton, Jenas, there are others that could be sold or loaned out too.

    harry would have love to have signed campbell back to us, but he knew he couldn’t that was a stretch too far, and like he said Gallas isn’t an Arsenal legend or anything that what he was pointing out in his interview.

    I don’t see what the problem is, who cares about what arsenal fans will be singing, they can keep singing for I care, as long as we do the bisness on the pitch, they won’t have much to sing about for long, gotta trust the board and harry the coaches and the players too to be honest as they have got us this far, all we need do is sit back and support our club 100%, back them and thier decisions, we are in a very good place, we have sweet FA to complain about really.

    • Well we all turned on Berbatov for his attitude but that is nothing compared to what Gallas has done at other clubs, he threatend to score an own goal while playing for Chelsea if he didn’t get his way. Free or not I didn’t particuarly want him at the club but now hes here theres nothing I can do but support the team.

  21. Actually Coxie, he never threatened to score an own goal when at Chavski. As he later admitted in a rather frank interview, he is (apparently) far too professional to do such a thing on the pitch…though he does admit to making it very very clear to the Chavski board he wanted to leave….but, when they want to leave, what players don’t?

    My main concern about Gallas would be his lack of form for the Goons over the last couple of seasons but, considering he has accepted a contract with us for less money than the Goons were offering, I can’t help but think that being at the Arse was what was getting him down and that is what affected his performances. If we can get a happy Gallas playing he will be invaluable to the team. I couldn’t give a shit who he used to play for, in the same way players couldn’t give a shit about the team colours they wear from one season to the next. To them it’s about succeeding in their jobs…to me it’s about the Spurs winning!!

  22. Harry is no mug and Gallas knows this is his last big chance to win something so i think Gallas needs us more than we need him.This could be a mutually beneficial thing and even if Gallas TURNS OUT TO BE AN ARSEHOLE do you really think Harry will stand for it?.I would,nt want to be on the receiving end of the Spurs faithfuls vicious tongues.After the filthy rotten scumbag went to Arsenal and lied to the club how many times did he appear at White Hart Lane the snivelling coward.Conveniently was always injured and not in the scums team when they came to the Lane.Gallas cant avoid home games all season long if he does act up and unlike the new library White Hart Lane will be noisy to say the least.I have seen tougher players than Gallas reduced to gibbering wrecks on the end of a Spurs slagging.Anyone remember Alan Sunderland being taken off because his game went to shit on the end of a Spurs slagging off due to some aspect of his personal life being jibed on the terraces.

  23. Yes, you deserve stick. these are all good players whoever they have last played for, I for one will be welcoming Gallas’ arrival. I think the time has come where Spurs are finally the big team that takes players from everyone else (ala ManU) and let their fans moan about it, as regards the Arsenal players playing for Tottenham I for one would have loved Bergkamp at Spurs. well done Harry.

  24. Not really all that bothered he came from Arsenal, still not convinced his attitude is good enough

  25. Cheers for the input goons, nice to be able to have some discussion on the game rather than all the nasty meaningless crap that get spouted.

    I can handle seeing him in a spurs shirt i suppose, as long as he plays like he wants it, i must also say that i dont consider him a real goon, such as fabragas….

    In harry we trust and all that.


  26. Good point about the noise from the terraces col, remember how it affected Chelski last season, Terry in particular?

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