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Dec 092010

The rumours are gathering momentum that Aston Villa are set to make their move in a £6 million deal for Tottenham and Ireland striker Robbie Keane.

Keane wants out of Tottenham after falling down the pecking order to 4th choice striker at the club and with his wages of £60,000 a week Spurs are desperate to offload. Robbie accepts he will take a pay cut when he moves on.

Villa have been looking at Keane since the summer but a deal never materialized after Martin O’neill left the club. Gerard Houllier however has reignited his interest in Keane and the rumours are spreading that Villa are set to make an offer anytime soon as they fear they may miss out because of the other clubs sniffing around.

Tottenham will look to invest the money they make on Keane in their own new signings in January.

  16 Responses to “Aston Villa Set To Swoop”

  1. We should not sell him to another Premiership club for six million or it could come back to haunt us and cost us a lot more. We should sell him to American clubs or Toronto club . I have never bean wrong about Spurs players or what we would achieve and i still think Keano could still get the Xfactor back and score some important and great goals again . The one thing Defoe has over Keane is he has had longer to hit form before his euro goals he had not scored for nine or more games keane has not started twice running and there is the problem. When he was flying when he returned from loan he scored his trade mark goals in America and Harry praised him then benched him and he just got more and more confused and bitter. We all praise Harry for his man management but he has never had to keep a big squad happy before . Just look at the players who have lost confidants Kranjcar this lad was our best buy he played on badly injured and was rewarded with splinters on the bench even when we had got beat wants a move Harry said he his a great player and a smashing lad to work with . Bentley days where numbered for throwing the ice bucket over him Confidants okay but rusty form not moving on his way out. Dosantos Harry said he has had a great World Cup and if he keeps it up he will be a great player thats for sure not bean seen only for Mexico waiting for his Mam and Dad to have another word with Harry Corluka just played to rest Hutton Bassong filling in for Kaboul and at present Dawson ready for the bench Jenas given a reprive from death row but has now turned into another sick note Anderson. and the biggest near disaster Bale to Forest would have topped the lot. So when our fans want more players just think about our finances and who we would drop to the bench . The only players who will st and wait are Conner Wickham Caulker Townsend Rose Walker and the rest of our youth otherwise we sell them and they score the winner and we suffer like we did last year at Sunderland Spurs reserves. Just a thought about a man who his having a well publicised affair with England but the problem is i still like the bugger and wish he would groom Jamie to take over when he divorces Spurs

    • Could`t agree more. Great post and 100% tue. The only reason Keane is not getting play time is the same reason why Pav was not. the reason is JD and Crouch and Harry`s love affair with them. Harry has his favourites and regardless of form they play. I honestly don`t think any other manager than Harry would snub Keane. Keane has the inteligence that only the top players have. Even when he came on against Twente he knitted play and made us look a much better team he finds space and is always available. Crouch plays and we play too many long balls. JD is hopeless at holding the ball off, to easily muscled out. I really feel Keane, Bale, VDV and Luka could be awesome with a top striker. The other thing going against Keane now is that VDV is world class and plays in the hole. Saying that Keane can still score more than defoe as he has proven through out his careerand he can take Penalties cough, cough . What half decent striker cannot take penalties? Simple 8 yards out, The reason he misses is because he is a poor finisher and has no bottle.I don`t buy this he is finished and if he moves to another EPL club he will prove a lot wrong just like Bent is doing. 6 million is a bargain he is worth twice that. Tell me who you can buy for 6 million……a championship striker why would we want one of those we have two already.

  2. I’d get rid of all 4 if I had a chance but would be happy if 2 of them left, atm my preference to leave would be Keane and Pav in that order, Keano was good enough in his day but they are long gone and Pav’s laziness is becoming a liability, Crouch is a useless striker but an effective provider of late and the greedy Defoe wastefulness is somewhat compensated by his industry when not in possession.

    • Another clueless comment, Defoe industrious what game you watch? Keane is all over the pitch and one of our fittest players. Take your blinkers off!! The fact is all 4 of our strikers are not good enough and all impact subs at best and JD is the biggest liability. My number 1 forward is VDV I would even play Kranjcar or Luka off him. Because our strikers are so bad!

      • Everybody on here recognises you for the dimwit pikey you are and it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that you’ve once again failed to grasp the meaning of good Queen’s english.

        Anybody (you being exempt) with an ounce of common would have gleaned from my comments that we need to strengthen up front but to suggest all four being replaced is absurd…its not going to happen.

        I stand by my comments on Defoe he does actually make the effort to mark up unlike Pav who does nothing but loiter without intent. Lol about your remarks about Keane, you must be the only person on this fuckin planet who thinks like that and is further proof the only Lane you’ve been anywhere near is Gobblers Gulch you nonce….

        • Typical uneducated thuggish response, foul mouthed obscenities i thought you were a gooner but maybe you are a Milwall dead brain. Pav actually has a better record than Defoe if you compare the games strted and completed. Pav or Keane will never get enough games to get match fit. Get you lard ass of the couch and actually go to a game and you may learn something and I do not mean the Library or the Den. then again One cannot blame your footballing knowledge if thats what you are accustomed to. The last time I checked this was Terrific Tottenham not Terrific Grammar. Keep posting as you make my day and give me a good laugh every time I read your nonsense.

          • I bet a pound to a pinch of shit you’re an armchair and have never seen the inside of the Lane, all you do is slag off the club the manager and the players.

            Opinion is one thing but your negative vitriol flys in the face of logic, a point proven by your belief that Kaboul is a forward ffs. Sure everyone makes the odd typo, some peeps even use txt spk…who cares as long as they get their point across?

            I don’t mean to mock your affliction but your rationale is so obscure it makes one think even if you were twice as clever as you are you’d still only have the brains of a half wit. Btw its Triffic Tottenham so we can only assume you are tuly dyslexic as well as illiterate?

            • Good to see you have grasped the concept of Reading well done!! I love taking the piss out of goons like you. Keep it coming. Who have your lot got this weekend and is it at the Den. If only you knew little, man if only you knew. I have been to more Spurs games than you have taken a shit you constipated pile of shit!

              • Haha…Reading is in Berkshire innit geezer, hit a nerve have we?

                I reckon your credibility just went through the window and I now intend to call your bluff.

                You serial cyber bullys tend to surf the blogs and generally spew out your bile till such time you get your comeuppance.

                I’m a season ticket holder so pick a game home or away and we’ll arrange a meet up and everyone on here will see who’s full of shit…come on, i dare you. 😉

                • Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Trust me you would not want to meet up with me, don`t act all hard behind a keyboard. I bet your a spotty teenager who gets kicks out of acting all that on forums. Hold on a sec while i just wipe you off my shoe. I hope you get all your fingers chopped of in a horrific accident you Cyber Puff.

                  • I dont what you got against defo! Do you remember start of last season?! He has had a few injuries that have held him back. My only critisim of him is that he should place the ball when in on goal sometimes rather than blasting it but when he is on fire he is lethal. Get rid of keane n pav the donkey. Crouch is a good plan b, harry wont start him as much when we get new striker(s) in jan.

                    • I remember clearly when Defoe had his purple patch and scored 5 against wigan and a hatrick against a another crap side, I also remeber him scoring something like 3 goals in 20 games after that and still starting. That is what I got against Defoe he is put on a pedestal when he is a very average finisher and thats being polite. i also remember all the penalty misses which have cost us points. The guy is an impact sub, When players are tired and space is available he is at his best.

                  • Trust you?….I wouldn’t believe you if you said ‘good morning’ without first checking the time. I kind of guessed the type of evasive answer you would give when being called out. It is you who are hiding being the keyboard, my offer wasn’t a threat of any kind but merely an opportunity for you to prove you are genuine and not a pisstake….I guess the facts will have to speak for themselves?

  3. Tuly, spot on! All 4 are not world class strikers. But for me (for the time being), JD and Pav anytime. Keano has passed his days and Crouchie is…don’t know what he is…. Worse case scenario, should have between JD, Crouchie and Kaboul to choose from (based on footballing qualities eg. built, power & strength, agility etc..) I would go for JD & Kaboul.

    • Kaboul, I would stick up front he has a venomous shot and he cannot do any worse than Crouch. We need a presence up front that`s for sure.

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