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Oct 312013

Made it !…..what an atmosphere…brilliant. There was no way anyone could have criticised the support last night. Everyone still cautious and worried no doubt…but no silence this time and after a couple of dangerous moments we survived. Great to get this penalty taboo out of the way also and what does fate give us…? ….West Ham at WHL…..a chance to revenge our last defeat.

I did think Mr Walker was a little fortunate not to get at least a yellow, just been watching it again but take nothing away from the lads they kept plugging away against a stubborn and obstinate Hull and eventually had their just rewards.

I have to say that my heart goes out to Lamela. The lad is obviously struggling to integrate not only into the side but also the lifestyle/ culture/language etc and if I wanted anyone to score their penalty last night it was him. I just hope the lads are able to lift him and not let it affect the boy too much. I’m sure that if he in particular to all the rest, is given sufficient time and encouragement then he’ll prove the critics wrong. £30million on the head of a 21yr old is a massive weight.

Eight changes to the starting side from Sunday (and all substitutions used) so your views on that please and one last thing. I can only presume from the selected team that Adebayor has played his last game for Spurs. He travelled for Europa League, strongly rumoured to play and nothing. Once again yesterday morning it was strongly rumoured he’d start and never even picked. Let’s hope January sees this sorry (and costly) matter ended once and for all.

So Everton away, another tough match but a couple of our title contenders haven’t got it easy either…Liverpool wont give much away to ‘them’ and maybe Fulham can come alive against Utd….



Oct 302013

Just wondered how many of you felt that  a lot to do with the atmosphere at WHL and the mood of the fans is in any way related to playing on a Sunday ?

Traditionally we worked all week and on a Saturday it was always the match and a few beers after, sleep it off and look back on the game Sunday with your mates over a lunchtime pint (or two). Now on a Saturday we usually have to sit and watch as some of our title rivals set the pace and then have to play ‘catch up’.

Could it have anything to do with it ?

Please note I have NOT voiced an opinion on this, just asked a question. Wanted to see how you all felt about Sunday matches……be interesting to read your views.

Oct 282013

My last post caused quite a response and it’s great to see the passion you all have for this fantastic football club. The context of my posting may have been misinterpreted at times so let me say this.

I do not approve of booing the team and never will, when they are playing badly or struggling to break down a defence what they need is the fans on their side and singing their hearts out to try and lift them.

I believe much of the silence at WHL is because the majority of fans do not agree with the team selection (no surprise there or at any other club !) but also cannot quite understand the path AVB is trying to take us down.

I believe we have the ingredients of a great team, capable of winning trophies at the highest level. I also think that the ‘chef’ has not quite managed to mix these ingredients correctly yet and the recipe looks unfinished. In truth, I am not yet convinced he is the man for the job and his slagging off of the fans for  lack of support on national television (whether true or not)…does little to earn my respect and allows our rivals a sly snigger so early into the season. I hope he learns from that basic error. Do not bite the hand that feeds !

I know we are 4th and understand all the criticism my post provoked but I am NOT knocking the team or the players in any way. I am just not convinced that AVB is handling the squad in the best possible manner or being adventurous enough to try some different combinations. How many goals have we scored in open play ?? We cannot rely on penalties and 1-0’s.

My singing is atrocious (as my family will testify) but I shan’t stop as long as there’s breath in me. As many of you said, the final table positions will prove AVB right or wrong and at the moment we are riding high but we need to push on from here. I do not want to see us play such a predictable style and possibly end up cemented in a mid table position come the New Year. I also do not want to see a fantastic bunch of talented players frustrated and confused by the manager’s tactics and looking for transfers.

At the end of the day if the music sounds awful then you have to blame the conductor, the band are only following his instructions. So let’s see what the music sounds like at the end of the season.

COYS !!!!!

Okay…end of rant. I shall not criticise AVB again but will allow the season to unfold with hope and belief that we shall finish at least top four. I sincerely hope the guy proves my scepticism misplaced and I am eating a huge portion of humble pie in May 2014.

Oct 272013

An 80th minute penalty….3 points and fourth place…..Great !  Now let’s read between the lines…

Let me say this first. I love this beautiful football club with a passion that has never diminished since I first saw them play aged 12 (and I refuse to admit how long ago that was). My belief, optimism and desire for their success is beyond reproach. I watched as the new signings came in and my heart pounded, the adrenalin flowed like a torrent and a voice in my head kept saying “This season…maybe this season”. I expected a ‘bedding in ‘ period and regular team rotation to cope with the demands of the Premiership, Europa League and Domestic cups and a ‘Learning Curve’ for such an influx of foreign players.

I swallowed hard after the West Ham result and kept the faith but today was a struggle for me to comprehend. When nothing is going right is Defoe the only option AVB feels we have ?. What is it about having two forwards instead of one that seems to be beyond his imagination until we are 0-0 with just minutes left ? Soldado as The Lone Ranger just doesn’t work, where the hell is Tonto ??

I won’t go on but my analogy is this…..Spurs have a champagne squad that could allow them to have a vintage season….the only thing stopping the champagne flowing is the cork currently rammed in the bottle…..AVB.

His latest comments…..“The Spurs supporters can do better, very negative atmosphere” I told the team at half time “We’ll have to do this on our own”

Check the full video out on the BBC Sports Football Website. Daniel Levy knows this club inside out and if Spurs fans do go quiet then he also knows something is definitely seriously wrong and needs addressing quickly.

PS : So pleased that Andros Townsend is not seriously injured. great to see him come back on the pitch.

Oct 242013

Really pleased with tonight’s result and glad Defoe has equalled the Chiver’s record (I have some great memories of watching the big man play….him and Gilzean…magic !). Hope Defoe is selected for home leg and breaks the record…..but please…no more Premier League games.

You will know by my previous posts that I am not the most ardent of Adebayore fans but I did feel for the guy tonight. Initially relegated to training with the reserve squad….allowed back to first team training…..selected to travel for tonight’s match. I honestly expected the guy to start or at least come on at half time so that he could show his commitment to the club. He never even stepped on the pitch !

What must the guy be thinking and what was AVB’s strategy ? I fully supported the manager in asking the player to prove his allegiance to the club by dropping him to train with the second team….I also understood him returning to the first team training even though it might only be due to pressure brought about by Mr Levy to have a very expensive player at full fitness in case he was needed. I do not however understand him putting the player in a squad for a European away match and then not even giving him a run out. That really is ‘rubbing his nose in it’ and effectively saying “You do not have any place at all in my future plans”.

Be honest…how many thought when the squad was named that we would see Adebayore on the pitch ???

Can anyone give me a logical reason why the guy never had a chance to actually play ?? surely he deserved that.

Oct 192013

Always a quiet time with international breaks but tomorrow really could be a pivotal point in our season. The West Ham result may well have been a temporary ‘blip’ but there is no doubt in my mind that AVB’s reluctance to be a bit more daring in the second half allowed the opposition to take control.

The question is what lessons did AVB (if any) learn from his tactical ploy of that match. His team selection tomorrow will surely reflect where he felt the weaknesses were. So here was the team :

  • 25 Lloris
  • 02 Walker
  • 16 Naughton (Holtby – 81′ )
  • 19 Dembélé
  • 20 Dawson
  • 05 Vertonghen
  • 17 Townsend
  • 08 Paulinho
  • 18 Defoe
  • 23 Eriksen (Soldado – 74′ )
  • 22 Sigurdsson (Lamela – 63′ )

    So fellow supporters….who would you leave out of this line up and who would you bring in if you were AVB ??

    Personally I think Soldado has to start and I would love to see Lamela also get a full 90 minutes together with Holtby…. Eriksen to provide the bullets for Roberto to fire and farewell Mr Defoe. It will be interesting to see just how much variation we get in your teams so come on….before Spurs announce the team  let’s have a look at the supporter’s choices….COYS !!!!

Oct 172013

The Daily Star ( Yeah I know, I know)   is saying today :

TOTTENHAM are set to offer Brazilian star Paulinho a contract extension to fend off interest from Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Paulinho, who only joined the club in the summer from Corinthians in a £17m transfer, has been attracting interest from Madrid after an impressive start to his Spurs career. However according to reports in Brazil, Spurs are already working on extending his current contract which expires in 2017.

It may well be rubbish but it does cause some points for discussion…

1) Do you think he has done enough in his appearances to warrant this ‘extra insurance’ policy of a contract extension being offered so soon since his signing ?

2) Does extending a contract have any real ‘holding’ value in modern day football or is it just a way of ensuring more money has to be paid by any club wanting to sign him ? (Shrewd Mr Levy). ?

3) Why should we be concerned about a Real Madrid threat if we have this ‘mutual agreement’ with them ?? Let’s face facts… it really doesn’t exist following the GB saga and needs to be officially declared dead and buried. Everyone has a buy out price and Real Madrid have no scruples about trying to find and pay it if they want a player that badly.


I have just finished reading Harry Redknapp’s autobiography “Always Managing” and whilst it’s more ‘froth’ than ‘beer’ there are some nice bits about his early days at Spurs and interesting insight into his time as manager of our great club. Worth a read.

Oct 132013

Following the West Ham defeat we have been given time to ‘lick our wounds’ and reflect on just what went wrong. Personally I was disappointed by AVB’s lack of initiative following the first 45 minutes. The array of talent sitting on our substitutes bench was awesome and they must have been desperate to get on the pitch and play. I fully appreciate the ‘bedding in’ theory when new players join but sometimes needs dictate otherwise.

Roy Hodgson surprised everyone (except every Spurs supporter) with his selection of Andros Townsend and just look how the guy repaid his trust…he had a fantastic debut and must surely play on Tuesday against Poland. These are moments managers look back on either with regret or pride but at least a bold decision was made.

This is what worries me with AVB…his predictability in team and substitute selection. I’d just like him to now and again throw a little caution to the wind and do something daring (To Dare Is To Do). Give the opposition something to think about when making substitutions rather than do as is expected.

Soldado, Lamela, Eriksen, Paulinho, Capoue, Chiriches, Chadli…..we were all slobbering at the mouth a few weeks ago after these guys joined at the thought of what they could do to our main title contenders. Last match I watched most of them sit on a bench for over an hour ?????

There is a fine line between taking a cautious approach and being foolhardy but somewhere in the middle is a place where chances are given to young and exciting talent and it is rewarded with performances like Andros produced on Friday. I strongly recommend AVB tries to find it….and soon !!

The next two matches and the teams selected will show whether he has that boldness.

Oct 092013

Huge gold plated TV previously owned by Tottenham player goes up for sale at auction

The limited edition plasma television – only 1000 were made – was launched at Harrods in London with a price tag of £132,000

This huge gold-plated TV that was owned by a Tottenham Hotspur player is going under the hammer.

The colossal 71″ LG Plasma TV was launched at Harrods of London in 2009 with an eye-watering price tag of £132,000.

Only 1000 were made and this model – number 28 in the set – is now being auctioned off online by John Pye Auctions.

The TV, which is coated in 4 lbs of 24-carat gold, promises to make an impact for whoever stumps up the winning  bid.

The unusual piece – previously owned by an unnamed Premier League footballer from the North London club – will head to a new home after the auction which will take place on Tuesday night.



So come on, who do you think owned it….and why. Best answer is the one who wins the most thumbs up votes.

Oct 062013

AVB said after the match that today’s result should act as a wake up call for the team. I found that remark insulting on behalf of all the talent we had just sitting on the bench this afternoon. They were wide awake and raring to get on the pitch. Lamela sits there for 64 minutes and Soldado appears after 74….what is going on ?

How long before the manager realises that Defoe and Eriksen just don’t mix and the one that needs removing from the equation is Defoe…..

Sitting warming their bums today were

  • 06 Chiriches 09 Soldado 14 Holtby 21 Chadli 11 Lamela 30 Sandro

    Surely after the first half AVB could see changes were needed. I strongly suggest he reads the club motto again “To Dare Is To Do”

    He has to be bold enough to make changes otherwise we are going to have a lot of very disgruntled expensive and talented players on our hands.

    I know we could all pick a different team to the one he selects every match but he got it terribly wrong today and did not react quickly and positively enough when the game started slipping away. I still say Soldado should have started.
    Frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned but not by the players…..sadly by the manager.

Oct 052013

Just asking the question if anyone thinks Defoe has done enough lately to earn a place in the first team at kick off tomorrow ? It’s really whether or not the opposition he has recently scored against could be considered as ‘credible’ enough to warrant him a starting place.

There is no doubt that Soldado is a class act and given time will settle into his rhythm. Do you disturb that ‘settling in’ period and give way to someone who has scored 7 goals in his last 4 cup matches or allow Roberto the chance to gain the confidence he needs by netting against the Hammers  ?

I certainly feel Jermain’s claim for a game tomorrow has validity but personally I’d have him on the bench and play Soldado. Three more points tomorrow would go a long way to establishing our credentials as a title contender and a further 6 against Villa and Hull before another break would be the ideal scenario.



I see Michael Dawson has signed another 3 year contract taking him up to 2016. I know that Michael has his critics but he has been with us now for 8 years and that kind of club loyalty is a rare commodity these days. Let’s hope we see him lifting a few trophies very soon.

In Hindsight

Spurs 0 West Ham 3 with Defoe in wasteful mood. Gutted and extremely disappointed in AVB deciding not to start with Soldado.  He and Lamela must be wondering what’s going on.

Oct 042013

WEST HAM and Tottenham fans have been warned they face arrest if they use the word “yid” at Sunday’s derby between the teams at White Hart Lane.

The Metropolitan Police’s match commander issued the statement yesterday, following crowd trouble at the same fixture last year.

“This topic has been debated at length but our position is clear: racism and offensive language have no place in football or indeed in society,” said chief superintendent Mick Johnson. “Supporters should be under no illusion they may be committing an offence and may be liable to a warning or be arrested.”

Prime Minister David Cameron has said Spurs fans should be allowed to refer to themselves as “yiddos” or “yid army” if they wish. The Football Association says that those who do risk bans or arrest.

Met Police added: “Some words, like the ‘Y’ word, which historically have been perceived by some as acceptable, cause harassment, alarm or distress to others, and people who use this language could be committing a criminal offence.”

It will be interesting to see if any arrests are actually made on Sunday and if they are which set of supporters form the majority of those detained. I have no doubt that Hammers fans will not hesitate in trying to inflame the situation.

Comments ??