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Sep 302013

Ade’s twitter :

Hey guys, today was my first day back training with the first team. Good to be back and feeling good! Have a great day everyone!

So has the big guy dug deep and done enough to prove to AVB that he deserves a chance ?? I have my doubts …but something must have convinced the manager that he’s trying to win back a team place. The only other possible is that Mr Levy doesn’t want someone earning £170,000 a week training with the reserves and has brought pressure to bear ??

On his day there is no-one finer and I reckon he would love to be a part of the new regime. It’s just his temperament that worries me. I don’t want him being a disruptive influence to the morale of the players. We are trying to build something very special and it will take a superhuman effort from Adebayor to prove to me that he has the desire and commitment to be a part of it.

It has been announced a couple of hours ago that Mancini is the new manager of Galatasaray…it is also rumoured that Adebayor is top of Roberto’s wanted list. Interesting times…

The teacher and the pupil…..

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Sep 302013

Says it all :

Jose_Mourinho_1978737c Tottenham-Hotspur-v-Chelsea-Premier-League-2314810

It was a good attempt to try and deflect the attention away from Torres by pointing the finger (excuse the pun) at Vertonghen but it wasn’t too long ago that Mourinho was doing exactly the same thing.

I much prefer this after match picture :

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.37.34 PM

In my opinion the Mourinho appointment was a desperate move that as yet has not in any way worked.

PS   Anybody see Willian on Saturday ????? COYS

Sep 282013

Disappointed  ?….yes. I was hopeful of a good win today but maybe the euphoria of recent success clouded my judgement and I failed to appreciate the level of consistency you need over 90 minutes in order to beat the top teams. One goal is never enough and the opportunities to increase the margin came and went without being converted. I don’t know about your views but there seemed a certain inevitability about the equaliser. I’m not being negative with that remark, just stating how I felt during that stage of the match.

I certainly do not agree with Mourinho that Ch***** then totally controlled the game and were the only winners until the sending off incident had them accepting the draw. I was surprised at the second yellow for Torres as I did think the players simply came together but in the great balance of things one of those decisions will also go against us later on and we will have to accept them

This is going to be one of the strangest seasons ever and looking at other results today a point is acceptable. West Brom’s win at Old Trafford and Villa beating City will be major talking points on MOTD tonight no doubt.

The up side is that we remain undefeated since the game against “they that cannot be named” and only 2 points behind them. Could do with the Sunderland lads fuelling up on the ketchup butties and grinding out a result against the reds tomorrow. West Ham / Villa and Hull next…..I reckon 7pts from those games (at least). Just need to stay with Ozil and his mob until injuries start to creep in and they are hampered by the lack of depth they have in their squad to sustain a challenge.

So maybe not so disappointed after all….COYS !!

Sep 252013

Watching Spurs come together in the manner that they have over the past few weeks has been an exhilarating experience mixed with the excitement and anticipation of just how good this squad can be. I use the term ‘squad’ instead of team as that’s what I think AVB is trying to build. A group of players that can be mixed and blended together without having a negative effect on the quality and style of the overall team performance. There is no ‘lone superstar’ anymore just a group of enthusiastic and talented players who have been brought together to create something very special. I truly believe that we stand on the brink of an era the likes of which has not been seen at WHL for many a year. I am also realistic enough to appreciate this will not happen overnight but that’s the beauty of this scenario…it’s watching these players evolve into a footballing unit that will be extremely difficult for even the top clubs to break down both physically and mentally.

That is why I bitterly regret the Arsenal fixture that came just a few games too soon. Not sour grapes just a personal opinion based on the recent form we have shown in league and competitions. I firmly believe we would now be capable of going there and getting at least one point, possibly three. The Chelsea match will be the new measuring stick of our side. Confidence is visibly growing day by day and there is no doubting the team spirit and morale within the dressing room. The secret is that the majority of these players all joined us at the same time….everyone is finding their feet and helping one another along….without knowing it they are building a bond that will see them through the toughest of matches. I cannot remember the last time I was so optimistic about the future.

So I sincerely hope that Chelsea become the first of the so called ‘elite’ to realise that times are changing…..for this season and many more to come.

COYS !!!!


Don’t want to dwell on this as it’s history but if Man Utd really did bid £120m for GB and the guy said “No I want to play for Real Madrid” then my estimation of him has just rocketed because I also believe he would regard such a move as treason to his Spurs allegiance and that would also have been a factor in the decision. The press also say that Mr Levy was in favour of yet another massively lucrative transfer to Old Trafford……don’t know what you think of that but I find it very hard to both understand and believe….surely the guy isn’t totally mercenary ??


Sep 222013

Brilliant result today, thought we were never going to score against that blasted keeper !

Just wanted to share a nice football story. I was in Norwich shopping yesterday with my stepson and I always wear my Spurs scarf without any problem at all from their fans. They were at home against villa. My stepson decided to buy a new TV, blueray player, amp and sub woofer. Just as we are coming out of the shop I checked the result on my mobile…Norwich 0 Villa 1…damn. So now I am walking towards the multi storey with my Spurs scarf proudly billowing in the breeze and a 47″ Panasonic smart TV in my arms. Four Norwich fans walked towards us…..”You need a hand mate ?”….(I s**t myself.) No thanks I said “I can manage”.

Then this huge tattooed guy said “Is that for the match tomorrow pal ?” so I said “Yes”….”Well good luck” he replied “You’ve got a good squad now and are playing some nice stuff….should do Cardiff easy, just make sure you win on Tuesday”…….I thanked him and walked on. How nice to have someone who’s team has just lost at home wish a Spurs supporter all the best for their next couple of matches.

So whoever you were thanks for restoring my faith in this beautiful game and it’s supporters……….

COYS !!!

Hopefully we can balance things out for those guys and stuff Villa on Tuesday


Sep 182013

Okay that’s it, I’ve had enough ! Can we please draw a huge black line under Adebayor , Defoe etc etc ???…..can we get back to the start of the season when we were all on a high (no pun intended Kyle !) about the new players we had signed. Why do we have to bring doom and gloom onto the scene when we stand on the brink of probably creating one of the best teams to grace WHL for many a year. I just hope to God that none of our new signings are reading any of the last few posts on here as it will hardly inspire them.

In our manager we trust…I refuse to question his decisions or judgement regarding anything relating to the first team until we are well into the season and our position in the table doesn’t lie. On that and on that alone will I decide how good he and the team is.

I am not saying that we are not entitled to voice our opinions on club matters and maybe we would all do things a little differently if in charge but that doesn’t make it right that at this stage of what could be a fantastic season we are doubting AVB’s ability as manager.

So I suggest that we immediately return to discussing an exciting week ahead with three matches to savour and the prospect of watching the new arrivals continue to mould themselves into a formidable force. We are SUPPORTers and I hate to see rival fans posting on here and obviously enjoying the suggestion of displeasure being inferred by recent postings…….COYS

We follow Spurs and always will and with the current squad and management team that is reason to SMILE !!

Phew…that feels better already


Little note to whoever it is always gives me an ‘awful’ voting……you make me smile too. You could at least have the balls to post why you do it……


Sep 172013

Tottenham Fans Should Be Allowed To Say Yid, Claims David Cameron

Mr Cameron told the Jewish Chronicle :: “There’s a difference between Spurs fans self-describing themselves as Yids and someone calling someone a Yid as an insult.

“You have to be motivated by hate. Hate speech should be prosecuted – but only when it’s motivated by hate.”

Now whilst I am really pleased with his backing is it going to be a poisoned chalice ? I have grave fears that now anyone who doesn’t like David Cameron will  do everything they can to stop Spurs fans from using the word simply because he said it’s ok and they naturally oppose anything he supports.

I sincerely hope I am wrong but I would much preferred he hadn’t commented at all. It will become a ‘personal’ issue with anti Cameron people just jumping on the bandwagon and trying to stop us even though they know nothing about the subject.

David Baddiel has immediately tweeted :

To those asking – yes I’m OK with David Cameron taking an opposing position to me on The Y-Word. To be honest, it’s a dream come true.

I fear the worst….



Sep 152013

Emmanuel Adebayor has asked Tottenham to give him a £1million pay off to leave the club after being banished to the reserves.Adebayor has fallen out of favour under Andre Villas-Boas and, after failing to earn a transfer away during the summer, will be made to train with the youth team this week.QPR have expressed interest in signing him on loan, but Adebayor has asked Spurs to cancel his contract and make him a free agent.

So much for ‘Fighting for my place’ then. This is the Adebayore we all know….He realises that if he is out of contract he has more chance of signing a lucrative overseas deal.

I don’t know about Daniel Levy but I’d snatch his hand off and pay him the £1m in readies. I am sympathetic to the guy’s recent sad loss but I just don’t think his attitude is right in comparison to the rest of the team. AVB is trying to build something really special at WHL which involves us becoming a fully functional Team….no more GB superstars but a group of talented and dedicated players who are 100% committed to the success of this club. Ade just doesn’t fit into that category for me.

I wish him well, but time to say goodbye. In the words of the Gerry Rafferty song…..”Take The Money And Run”

Sep 142013

This is from another website :  Have to agree with the Eriksen rating….really exciting to watch and we haven’t seen anywhere near his best yet…..

Anyone disagree with these figures ??? If so then post your own please….

Player Grades
(Marks out of 10)

Lloris 6.6 Walker 6.4 Dawson 6.8 Vertonghen 7.3 Rose 7.8 Paulinho 7.5 Dembele 7.2 Townsend 6.9 Eriksen 8.4 Sigurdsson 8.2 Soldado 7.1

Sep 132013

Hang on …hang on…..before you shoot me this is what the guy has just said :

Mourinho : ”Tottenham are the champions of the window by a distance, by a distance.”They bought six, seven, eight players, international players for their countries, big countries, almost all of them.”Tottenham were the kings of the transfer window. They have a fantastic squad.”

Yes I know it’s just the crafty old devil trying to play mind games but he does make you smile now and again. Let’s be fair, who would ever have imagined him making a statement like that a few months ago about our club ?

Spurs have done some cracking deals this window with my favourite being the acquisition of Eriksen. To get a player of his class for the price we did was definitely bargain of the year.

Let’s hope everyone bonds together on the pitch because if we can turn this squad into the footballing  machine it is capable of being then we shall have a fantastic season.


Sep 122013

Tottenham have been cleared to sign Sebastien Corchia in the January transfer window after he confirmed his intention to leave Sochaux. Corchia, 22, has been tracked by Spurs scouts for months, and Andre Villas-Boas has been strongly linked with a £5million bid over the summer. The offer never arrived, but Villas-Boas remains keen on the player, and has now been given the green light to sign him in the new year. ‘I can leave Sochaux in January – the club have spoken with interested clubs,’ said Corchia. ‘I prefer to focus on the present at the moment, but leaving in January is a possibility.’ Corchia is widely regarded as one of the best players in French football, having impressed for Sochaux following his move from Le Mans in 2011.A quick, strong and committed right-back, he can also play at left-back and on the wing and would offer competition to Kyle Walker at White Hart Lane.

This may well come to nothing but we could certainly do with the lad. I was less than impressed with Walker’s England performance earlier this week and he has yet to convince me that he can play at the level we will be expecting and demanding of the team this season. Too many costly mistakes for my liking. I am sure many of you will disagree but for me he does seem a weak link.

Sep 122013

Speaking to the media ahead of Tottenham’s clash with Norwich on Saturday, Villas-Boas confirmed that Adebayor would not feature against the Canaries and said the former Arsenal forward would continue to train with the development squad, presumably to build up his fitness, until he said otherwise.

I regard this as another shrewd move by AVB following Adebayors recent statement that he intended to fight to be the number one striker at Spurs….in other words..okay fellah…Prove It !!

Let’s see him now train with the reserves and show everyone around him that he is committed to the club. Then when AVB decides the time is right let him come on as a substitute for the last 20 minutes or so and show us what we’ve been missing.

I really do think this guy is in the last chance saloon and unless he knuckles down between now and January it will be goodbye next transfer window. A shame, because when he is in the right frame of mind he can be unstoppable, but you just never know which version of him will turn up on match day.

I sincerely hope he proves me wrong and has reached a career crossroads where he decides to get himself as fit as possible and give us 100% of that currently suppressed talent.