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Aug 252012

Andre Villas Boas was specially employed to resurrect Tottenham to the Champions League and give us maximum success. Well after two extremely disappointing results against Newcastle and West Brom, I believe Villas Boas is merely setting us up for downfall.

Firstly, his moronic belief that Adebayor, Defoe and Kane are capable to lead the lone striker role is absolutely incomprehensible. Yes, Adebayor is certainly capable to lead the front line, when it comes to ‘tap ins’, ‘headers’ and ‘holding the ball down’ but his knack of not being able to fire in goals from any angle and from any range, simply echoes last seasons main concern…not being clinical enough. On the other hand, Defoe is extremely clinical, however with his extremely small physique makes him unsuitable to lead the front line and more so to play off another striker. Finally, Villas Boas seems to think that Kane will lead a Sturridge type role…except Sturridge is Premiership standard unlike Kane who is Championship standard. If we are supposedly meant to as a club, be challenging for the Top 4, then Kane should be sent back to Millwall.

Secondly, the lack of squad depth only adds to the misery we are enduring as a club. The Tottenham bench for the West Brom game today, consisted of Jenas, Townsend and Naughton aswell as other classier players. Last season, we had players like Sandro, Pienaar and Kranjcar on the bench but now we are lumbered with average reserve players and supposed ‘dead-wood’. If Villas Boas wants to further us as a club, then sign another couple of quality players than can challenge the premeditated starting eleven.

To conclude, Villas Boas ought to re-evaluate his transfer plans and fork out the extra money to save this season becoming a complete barbarity.

Aug 032011

News has just come in that Daniel Levy has offered a player+plus cash offer for Blackburn Rovers star, Christopher Samba. But is he really what Tottenham Hotspur need?

We all know what Spurs need at the moment – a striker. So why is Levy using the limited transfer fees available, and spending it on another defender? According to reports, it is 10 million pounds that has been offered, which should go towards a striker that we most crave. Harry bemoans that we need to sell before we can buy, yet we’ve only sold a couple of players for not much money, and Levy’s already jumped in on signing a defender. Another defender. Which brings it nicely onto my next point…

Dawson, Gallas, King, Bassong, Kaboul, Khumalo, Corluka (for Croatia) all are recognised centre-backs for the club, so adding another centre-back to the monumental list we already have, is just unnecessary. There are only 2 centre backs used on a normal starting line up for Spurs, and with Samba adding to the list, there will be 7 centre backs to choose from (discarding Khumalo as he’s on loan to reading), which is far too many in my opinion.

However, Samba is someone worth signing if we have money to spend freely. He is strong, powerful, ruthless and a threat when it comes to oppositions 18 yard box, unlike most of our central defenders. Also, Samba’s been renowned for playing the striker role, as his aerial ability is as dangerous as many strikers around the world. Moreover, Gallas is nearing retirement, King is on his last legs and Bassong will probably leave for another club in the next couple transfer window, so maybe Samba is a necessity. Not for the moment, but for the future…

So is Samba what we really need? Could the money be used elsewhere? Or is he one of the couple signings that could send us back to the Champions League? Leave your thoughts and comments below…

Jul 152011

Daniel Levy has come under a lot of unnecessary criticism on these forums, because he hasn’t made a signing yet. But infact, he is doing the right thing…

What some of you may not know, it’s very hard to buy a top quality player that will not be payed very highly, willing to sit out on Champions League football, and decide to move from a club that they may love. That’s why Levy has been searching a round for many strikers, not just renowned talent – exciting, young talent. Also, Levy wouldn’t just go out and sign anyone, unlike other clubs, he would want to find the right player that will help us progress as a club. Levy knows that we need a marquee signing,  but they are expensive, that’s why he’s trying to shift some deadwood. But again, people have been complaining that Levy’s priced them highly, so no-one will buy them. But that’s the correct procedure. Dos Santos has been priced at £12 million, according to SSN, because he has come under the spotlight due to his Copa America performances. With clubs noticing this talent, they will all by vying for his signature. So if Levy prices him highly, people might pay for that him due to his recent performances. And with the other players, like Keane, Hutton, Palacios, Crouch, Krancjar etc, they have been priced reasonably highly because they are fringe players that will be negotiated down as the clubs showing interest, will know that they can get them on the cheap, as they are not needed. So therefore, Levy will try and make some profit from these players by pricing them higher than what their worth.

So let’s give Levy some time. The Copa America hasn’t finished yet, the team are on tour, we haven’t sold many players, so be patient. Also, players will become cheaper towards the end of the transfer window, so we might have to wait later rather than sooner, if we want too get big signings on the cheap. Even though this is annoying, and you would wish he get’s them in sooner as they will need time to settle in the team, but if Levy finds the right player (Llorente, Adebayor, Berbatov!) they won’t need to settle in.

Have faith, COYS!

Jul 052011

Rafael Van Der Vaart is a quality player, but has he been the reason why we haven’t got into the top 4?

VDV signed on deadline day last year in the region of £8.5 million, which seems such a bargain for his footballing ability/skill. He scored 16 goals in 36 games for Tottenham last year, which averages out too 1 every 2 and a half games roughly. Yes he was our top-scorer and definitely our most prolific goal threat, on a good day.

But why did he stop us getting into the top 4? VDV is the sort of player in our squad, that you have to build around. If Redknapp plays just behind the lone striker, the striker generally has to have some sort of aerial threat about him as Van Der Vaart is quite small. But if he chooses to play in the much more attacking 4-4-2 formation, we have to occupy Van Der Vaart on the right-wing, which isn’t his normal position as he is left footed and more central, so therefore we have to make sure that the right back playing covers the flank as VDV would like to drift in towards the middle.

Also, when Van Der Vaart has a bad game, we often don’t score. The team often relies on VDV to get the goals as he is known for it, but when he’s not scoring his opportunities, or creating chances, the team can’t seem to score. For example, VDV had a brilliant run of form between the months of September and February 2010, scoring 11 goals. But he only seemed to manage 5 goals from February till the end of the season. And as I seem to recall, our form towards the end of the season was not as good – only managing 6 premier league wins in 15 games. Whereas from September till January, we won 11 games in 26 goals. So using this evidence, did our form slip when Van Der Vaart’s form slipped?

Finally, the season of 2009-2010 was perhaps one of our most successful season as we got into the top 4, aswell as scoring 99 goals, which was generated by the 4-4-2 formation throughout. But with Van Der Vaart playing, causing us to play 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2 but not having a strong right-wing, we only scored 80 goals.

Don’t get me wrong, Rafael Van Der Vaart is a quality player, on a good day. But on a bad day, is he right for the team?

Jul 032011

Daniel Levy is taking the mick. For weeks, if not months, there has been transfer speculation involving who Tottenham have been linked too and who we’re planning on buying. For example, Leando Dameio, Drogba, Berbatov, Gramiero, Gervivho, Forlan, Llorente, Rossi, Falcao, Hulk, M’Baye Niang, Vucinic, Milito, Bojan, Parker, Cahill, Samba, Tosic, Lukaku, Adebayor, Aguero etc.

These examples have all been at the centre of ‘Tottenham have shown interest in ….’, or ‘Tottenham set to bid for ….’. So why doesn’t Levy pull out his finger and make at LEAST one of these signings happen. Sunderland, Liverpool, Newcastle and Man Utd have managed to sign some players already, and they haven’t been talked about as ‘the club that is going to have a busy summer with spending’.

If we want to get into the top 4 next season, we need quality players…not 40 year old goalkeepers or un-heard of mexican talents. This is my message for you Levy: SIGN SOME QUALITY PLAYERS.