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Oct 272013

A match that has caused us problems in the past, many of you will remember the heroics in 2010 by Boaz Myhill in the Hull goal and it is quite often these matches that prove to be our Achilles heel.

Back from Moldova and as you’d expect AVB throws the lads that got a rest back in today. With teams at the top winning we can’t afford another slip up at home like the West Ham game.

Tom Huddlestone will face Spurs for the first time since his summer departure but Livermore is ineligible as he is only on loan to The Tigers.

Starting XI


Lloris; Walker, Chiriches, Dawson, Vertonghen; Paulinho, Sandro; Townsend, Holtby, Lennon; Soldado

Subs: Lamela, Naughton, Defoe, Dembele, Sigurdsson, Eriksen, Friedel



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Oct 222013

There’s a little rumour starting to pick up momentum that Daniel Levy has his business hat on again and could pull off another major deal.

According to these rumours Tottenham are looking to redesign the stadium and have a capacity of up to 71,000. There is a catch, it is proposed that Spurs would also be a home for NFL games. This could destroy our pitch I hear you ask, well there is another catch, there would be a sliding pitch so the football will be played on a separate pitch as the NFL pitch would slide out from under it. Something like this already exists….


This is only a rumour but would it surprise you if Daniel Levy came up with this idea to help with the funding of the stadium? If true then it has AEG written all over it, they would love a project like this.

A move like this would be massive, it would cause a lot of debate on whether or not it would work. Levy will always do what is best for Spurs and this day and age it’s all about money.

Will update this post later






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Oct 202013

Wasn’t the most eye-catching performance you’ll see from us this season but a good away win that pushes us back up the table after our West Ham horror show.

Following the West Ham game it was important to put things right today and a 2-0 win will do just that.

The first half was awful if I am honest, our passing game was as bad as you’re going to see it, too many bad touches and conceding possession to easily. It was a moment of luck that broke the deadlock when Townsend’s cross found its way through to the far corner and sent Spurs in at half time with a fortunate 1-0 lead.

There was no way we could be that sloppy again in the second half, things had to improve and they did. The passing and confidence grew in the second half but the introduction of Benteke gave Villa hope and they looked like they could get back into it until a lovely second goal dashed their hopes. Holtby won the ball out wide and played it to the edge of the box for Paulinho and with one touch he slid the ball into the run of Soldado who took it in his stride and calmly slotted the ball into the Villa net.

Townsend again was impressive, Lennon returned but may struggle to hold down a regular place this season. I’d have liked to have seen Lamela of Eriksen come on but AVB didn’t want to rock the boat too much and I can fully understand that.

Paulinho for me is a much better attacking midfielder than a defensive one, I know he does box to box but for me he is much more effective in the final third, just leave the defensive midfielding to The Beast if you ask me.

Good win, 3 points away from home, can’t ask for more than that.


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Oct 202013

I would have taken a draw in this match if it wasn’t for the West Ham defeat. This is not the same Villa team we saw last season, they have a bit about them this season and although their home form isn’t great we will have to be on our game to get a result.

Lennon returns to the squad but is only on the bench and Chiriches makes his first PL start for Spurs. The other big news is that Eriksen drops to the bench and Holtby gets the nod in his first PL start of the season as Spurs make four changes to the team that started against West Ham.

Starting Lineup


Lloris; Walker, Chiriches, Dawson, Vertonghen; Paulinho, Sandro; Townsend, Holtby, Sigurdsson; Soldado

Subs: Friedel, Naughton, Dembele, Eriksen, Lamela, Lennon, Defoe.

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Oct 122013

Reports in Spain the Spurs may have done an even better bit of business than first thought as Marca are claiming Gareth Bale has a herniated disc in his back which could cause havoc on his career.

Bale has in the past missed some Spurs games with a back problem and Marca are claiming that it will be a problem likely to plague Bale through his career and needs surgery. They also claim that this was discovered in Bale’s medical but the deal still went ahead. Bale need surgery but Madrid want him to play through the pain until January.

Daniel Levy is a very clever business man but if he hadn’t sealed the deal of the century when he got £86m out of Madrid for the services of Bale then he has definitely done so now this new information has come to light.

Madrid have denied that it is a herniated disc but admit he has a back problem, they are never going to admit that may have bought a player who could be plagued with injury problems.

Bale doesn’t deserve this and for his sake I hope he can still have the career he deserves but if not then Madrid and Florentino Perez deserve everything they get for the way they handled the whole saga.

Mr Perez, you have just been Levy’d!

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Oct 112013

Andros Townsend made his full England debut tonight against Montenegro and had a game to remember as he bagged a decent goal and picked up the man of the match award.

It’s been donkey’s since England had a decent natural left footed winger, many have tried and failed and then Downing was meant to be the man to answer the call and he held down the left spot for a few years but only because he was all we had.

Is Andros now the man to finally fill the role of England’s left winger? He has all the attributes, skill, pace, shooting, crossing and he can beat a man without too much trouble.

Townsend looks like a good old-fashioned winger and tonight England looked a lot more balanced having that outlet on the left who could make something happen.

Tonight as we see at Spurs Townsend played on the right, some managers prefer that as the wide man is able to cut inside for a shot but it can be a problem if they can’t cross with their weaker foot. Andros tonight showed he also has a right foot so he may prove to be a valuable member of the England squad for many years.

Great debut Andros, glad you’re a yid!

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Oct 092013

It’s so simple and if it was anyone else it would be dull but it isn’t anyone else it’s the legend that is Sandro.

Sandro loves to interact with the fans via social media such as Twitter and Facebook, he posts pictures that if anyone else posted of themselves you’d call them a wa**er. For some reason it’s a lot more funnier just because it’s Sandro.

Yesterday he posted pictures of himself on Facebook near Buckingham Palace and said he was visiting The Queen and before that a few days previously he wanted to show off his sunglasses.

Visiting the Queen!!! Kkk!!! At Buckingham Palace.


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Oct 082013

Many of you aren’t his biggest fans but I am.

Danny Rose has a unique ability similar to a young Ashley Cole where he can get up and down the wing in an effortless way. West Ham would have been pegged back in their own half a lot more on Sunday had Danny Rose been playing, he can start attacks just like Kyle Walker but he wasn’t feeling to well.

If you have read my recent blogs on Danny Rose you will know what a big fan of him I am. I believe he can defend very well and win his fair share of headers for his size and we have looked rather exposed at LB since Rose got injured.

If any of you watched him at Sunderland last season he was easily one of the 3 best LB in the Premier League last season and I knew he would replace BAE this season.

Many of you think our LB position is the weak link, I beg to differ and think Danny Rose will become as good as anyone out there. He started the season impressively and we have missed him whilst he has been absent. He will be back after the internationals and I expect to his return to make an immediate impact.

Trust me guys, we don’t need another LB, Rose is good enough and will be one of our key players this season.

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Oct 082013

There’s no doubting Michael Dawson’s commitment when it comes to defending, the guy will throw everything on the line. In the odd match though he comes up against someone with pace and this is when the problems start.

Dawson is a top defender but when faced with pace he seems to worry, it puts him off his game and he tends to worry more about his lack of pace and being caught out which means he doesn’t defend the way he normally would. You just knew that when Ravel Morrison was running at Dawson full speed that he was going to leave him for dead, we’ve seen Theo Walcott expose Dawsons lack of pace in the past.

From some of the views I have read  I see that many of you would opt for a fully fit Kaboul and Vertonghen at the back. I have to agree, my heart will always say Dawson but my brain tells me that the other two are better complete defenders. Until his injury Kaboul was looking like he was finally becoming something special and it’s a shame that he can’t seem to stay fit at the moment.

That’s not to say that SuperJan doesn’t have the odd bad game and you might think Kaboul and Dawson would be a better option or even that Kaboul isn’t that good.

So let’s say all 3 are fit and ready for action, you’re AVB. Pick your preferred partnership.

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Oct 072013

Shocking result against West Ham but no complaints, West Ham came with a game plan and it worked, they deserved their win.

The problem for me is that there is a lack of a plan b when things go wrong, AVB seems to make the same predictable subs like Harry did and in my opinion he makes them too late. Nobody would have argued if AVB made a change or two at half time yesterday but by the time the subs came on it was too late.

Yesterday we had most of our new talent sitting on the bench, the team we had last year wasn’t good enough for 4th place so it’s time to give the new guys a run and stick by them, it won’t do Soldado’s confidence any good if he’s now dropped. Defoe has scored a few goals but against poor opposition and even Soldado managed that in the Europa qualifier.

Do we always have to play the same formation? would playing 2 strikers have been more beneficial yesterday to help the ball stick rather than playing Paulinho and Dembele together in midfield and invite pressure on when Defoe is not a hold up player? We also miss Danny Rose, he pins the opposition in their own half with his ability to get forward, Naughton doesn’t give us that outlet.

Also if we are playing only one striker then he will need some creativity, why not let Holtby and Eriksen play in the same team? Chelsea do it with Oscar and Hazard. We finally started getting some crosses in yesterday but why now when Defoe is the only man in the box and is never going to win a header, Soldado must have been thinking “why don’t they cross it when I’m on the pitch?”

I am looking forward to the return of Capoue as he would have been ideal yesterday, even Sandro would have been an option and allow Paulinho to push on more. Dembele is the best player at running around with the ball but with no purpose, he doesn’t create and doesn’t score.

90% of you lot could have predicted our starting XI yesterday and the formation we’d play, another 90% of you could have predicted the substitutions that would have been made regardless of who was playing bad or not. Holtby, Lamela and Soldado were always going to be the ones that came on at some point. We were very predictable and Big Sam knew that. he knew exactly how we’d play and how to counteract it but unfortunately AVB didn’t have an answer for it.

I’m not just blaming AVB, the team put in a below average performance however someone should have made the decision to bring off Kyle Walker, the guy was struggling but they made him carry on and West Ham picked up on that and tried to exploit it.

I know we will bounce back, the players will bounce back but in future I think AVB needs more than just one formation, he needs to do to other teams sometimes what West Ham done to us, turn up and ruin their game plan and most importantly when it’s done to us as it was yesterday, he must have a proper plan b.


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Oct 062013

Another London derby and another home match. The police will be watching as this sometimes proves to be a hostile match between both sets of fans.

The big news of the day is that Defoe gets a start, he has been rewarded for his goals as Soldado misses out and finds himself on the bench.


Starting XI


Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Naughton; Dembele, Paulinho; Townsend, Eriksen, Sigurdsson; Defoe.

Our subs – Friedel, Chiriches, Chadli, Holtby, Lamela, Sandro, Soldado

West Ham

Jaaskelainen, Demel, Tomkins, Reid, Rat, Noble, Morrison, Nolan, Downing, Diame, Vaz Te


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Oct 042013

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust have issued a statement in the wake of the one issued my the Met Police that Spurs fans could face arrest for chanting the word “yid” at future Spurs games.

Some helpful information here should anyone get in any sort of trouble and you can save it for future reference should you find yourself in any sort of bother as I know I will be joining in the chants.

THST has noted, with great sadness, the statement issued by the Metropolitan Police over the last 24 hours in relation to the new interpretation being applied to Section 5 of the 1986 Public Order Act, classifying the word ‘Yid’ as either ‘insulting’ or ‘racist’. 

For years, Board Members of THST have stood with our fans, home and away, as one. And that’s something we’ll continue to do, as we cannot stand idly by while our loyal supporters are unfairly targeted.

It is THST’s sincere belief that no Spurs fan uses the term ‘Yid’ in an offensive or insulting way yet, sadly, the distinction between the use of the term as a badge of honour and a call to arms by Tottenham Hotspur supporters and the anti-Semitic abuse levelled at our fans by supporters of opposing teams appears to have been dismissed by both the FA and the Metropolitan Police.

THST believes there is no place for racism at White Hart Lane or, indeed, within football in general, but to label the songs our fans have been singing and the chants our fans have been chanting for decades as ‘racist’ overnight, with no legal precedent, is incomprehensible to us.

Since our last statement of 11th September 2013, we have not waited, complacently, for this issue to disappear. We have sought the opinion of legal counsel and, subsequently, understand the position now adopted by the Metropolitan Police could be in breach of Human Rights and/or freedom of expression.  Certainly, those actively campaigning to repeal Section 5 subscribe to that view.

THST has a responsibility not to willfully encourage any Spurs fan to continue chanting and singing the word ‘Yid’ this weekend with no regard for the consequences.

First, the Police will not only be monitoring West Ham fans for any racist/ anti-Semitic abuse during the match. The Met have made it clear they also consider the term ‘Yid’ to be racist and offensive, so Spurs fans singing or chanting ‘Yid Army’, or ‘Yids’ will fall into this category.

The fact that thousands of Spurs fans will, probably, be chanting or singing ‘Yid/ Yiddo’ does not mean an individual fan will be protected. As was witnessed at the Chelsea match, any one fan can be singled out and issued with a warning: it doesn’t have to be an entire block.

THST understands that the Police will initially approach a fan seen to be using the word ‘Yid’ and ask them to refrain from using the term. If they persist, a warning will be issued. If use of the word continues, an ejection or arrest may follow.

THST urges all supporters to be aware of the Police stance on this subject and to make their decision as to whether or not to use the term on Sunday equipped with all the information available.

THST also asks that all fans attending the West Ham United match on Sunday note the number of our recommended solicitor should they encounter any problems:

Bailey Nicholson Grayson      –           T: 07818 575 793 (24 hour line)

We strongly advise fans not to accept a caution and not to accept a duty solicitor. Ask for Bailey Nicholson Grayson and wait for one of their team to arrive.

THST will also be in attendance at the game on Sunday and will offer help to any fan needing assistance.

The Trust Board cares passionately about our Club and our fans and will work tirelessly towards gaining a conclusion on this matter, either way.  We will not abandon our fan base in its’ greatest hour of need and, once again, we ask you all to work with us towards a positive outcome.

So there you have it, the THST feel as though we are being singled out and urge anyone to not accept any sort of caution and have given the number of a recommended solicitor.

Take caution but most importantly don’t be afraid of their new hitler stance regime they are trying to impose.

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