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Oct 022013

Was watching some footage on YouTube of about 2 or 3 years ago when we only really started to realise we had a decent team.

Back then we had Modric, Van der Vaart and Bale, 3 world-class players in one team but we still came up a little short while enjoying our most exciting times as Spurs fans with a run in the Champions League.

Just a quick question before I get back to work. Would you trade our current team for what we had then, Modric, VDV and Bale all in one team but maybe surrounded by some weaker players like Hudd, Livermore, Jenas and Bentley with Gomes in goal or would you stick with what we have now? The team may be overall better now as opposed to weaker but with 3 excellent players.

Personally I’d stick with what we have now, I believe in what we have now, strength in numbers that can cope with injuries.


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Oct 012013

Fernado Torres has escaped further punishment from the FA after Saturday’s altercation with Jan Vertonghen in which Torres clawed Jan Vertonghen in the face.

The FA recently targeted Tottenham fans who refer to themselves as “yids” and threatened us with being prosecuted but at the same time they allow an act of assault to go unpunished and send out the message that it’s ok to scratch someone in the face while playing a football match.

“One of the match officials saw the coming together of the two players, albeit not in its entirety,” it read.

“In these particular circumstances, in line with The FA’s policy on when retrospective action may be taken, reviewed this summer by the game’s stakeholders (the Premier League, the Football League, the Professional Footballers’ Association, the League Managers’ Association, Professional Game Match Officials Limited and the National Game), no action may be taken.”

I think it basically boils down to the fact that one of the officials admitted partially seeing the incident and that means they can’t act now even though at the time in normal speed you couldn’t tell that Torres clawed him as it looked more like a light tap to the face.

One thing is for sure, if I was Luiz Suarez I’d be fuming at the fact that I received a 10 game ban for biting someone and Fernando Torres escapes with no punishment. In my book there is not a lot of difference, violence is violence. If I was Torres I’d be feeling extremely lucky right now.

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Sep 302013

He’s scored 2 goals in the Premier League since his £26m arrival from Valencia and both were from the penalty spot, he did score a couple of goals in our Europa qualifier but is now suffering a drought.

One or two Spurs fans are questioning Soldado and whether he merits his place in the starting XI especially when Defoe can’t stop scoring. I have to admit though it’s mainly rival fans that are not convinced on Soldado.

From the start of my blog you might have thought that by the tone that I wasn’t a fan of Soldado but that’s not the case. In fact I have been impressed with the guy, his movement is excellent and he played well against Cardiff he just happened to come up against a keeper who played out of his skin on that day. In the box he does look dangerous but would benefit from more service at times.

If Defoe was playing against Chelsea then we don’t take the lead because Defoe would never have laid that ball off for Sig to get on the end of it, he would have looked to have turned and shoot.

Now we have Eriksen and Lamela in the team I do think Soldado will start getting some more chances. Townsend on the right has caused a problem as he is trying to hard to impress and instead of putting the ball in the box for the striker he tends to cut inside and blaze a shot over the bar, it could be because he wants to impress and keep his place or it could be because he feels uncomfortable crossing with his weaker foot.

So in conclusion, the goals will come for Soldado in due course, he’s a team player, if he spots someone in a better shooting position he will pass the ball. His movement is very good off the ball and it’s only a matter of time before Holtby, Lamela and Eriksen start putting it on a plate for this guy. Defoe has scored a few this season but Defoe has been up against poor opposition so I think AVB is correct to stick with Soldado at the moment, however I do believe there are some games where we’d benefit from playing two strikers.

For anyone else doubting, give him his settling in period, this guy knows how to find the back of the net, the goals will start coming in abundance soon enough. Soldado is the real deal.

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Sep 292013






We all saw it yesterday, ok the second yellow card that Torres received wasn’t a yellow card and Vertonghen got Torres sent of. You can call it unsporting but when another player just tried to claw your face off would you really try to do him any favours?

Mourinho likes to point the finger at Vertonghen but the truth is that if the ref had seen what Torres had done a few mins before then we wouldn’t even be having the conversation as Torres would have been long gone, a fact that Mourinho likes to conveniently overlook just like Mr Wenger used to do.

Fernando Torres could find himself in further trouble. On Monday Mike Dean will be asked if he saw the incident where Torres scratched Jan in the face, if his answer is no then he will be asked what he would have done had he saw the incident. If Mike Dean then states that he would have produced a straight red card for the claw to the face then Torres will be subject to further disciplinary action from the FA.

It was a good game to watch, uncharacteristic like from Torres, usually a model professional but once the battle between the two go started it was always going to be one of them who got sent off, Jan won the battle there, they were both partly to blame and I make Robbie Fowler right, they were like a couple of girls and no apologies will be made here for saying that.

Fair result, we had the better first half but Chelsea dominated the second half and deserved something out of the game, we sat back and invited pressure and we got punished, they red card done us a favour because it killed their momentum and attacking threat.

This is what football is all about, a good game with a great atmosphere that is filled with incidents we can discuss after the match.

Conclusion, Torres didn’t deserve a second yellow for the incident that saw him sent of but he did however deserve to see a straight red just minutes before.

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Sep 282013

Here we are chaps, the big game is here, the teams are announced.

AVB v Mourinho, who will come out on top, everyone around WHL will be buzzing for this match, this will show just how far Tottenham have come if we can destroy Chelsea today.

Starting XI


Lloris; Walker, Naughton, Dawson, Vertonghen; Paulinho, Dembele, Townsend, Eriksen, Sigurdsson; Soldado

Subs :Friedel, Chirches, Lamela, Holtby, Chadli, Sandro, Defoe


Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz, Terry, Cole; Lampard, Mikel; Ramires, Oscar, Hazard; Torres

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Sep 282013

We’ve come a long way in the last few years. Do you remember when Mourinho accused Spurs of parking the bus? Well today I think it could be Jose that parks the bus.

The sense of expectation has risen, I now expect to win our home games against the top clubs where in the past I was more than happy with a draw.

Straight after the Cardiff game I started to get excited about the Chelsea match, the games can’t seem to come quick enough for me now, I find myself more eager just to see our new look team take to the field and see what they can produce.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Chelsea played some of the game without a striker on the pitch, I think Mourinho knows Tottenham are a completely different prospect to the last time his Chelsea team played us. However I am also aware that Chelsea are a very good team and Mourinho will know exactly what he needs to do to get a result, things might not go our way and there’s every chance we may end up on the losing side.

It comes down to the home advantage thing for me, if we were playing at Stamford Bridge then I would happily take a draw but at WHL I think we have a team now that gives us the right to expect to beat anyone and that includes Chelsea. If we really do expect to be a top team then it’s not unreasonable to expect to win home games against the others around you.

I am absolutely buzzin’ today, this type of match is what the Premier League is all about and today we will find out just how far we have come, will we get the job done or is our bubble about to burst?


Show me your lineups chaps, how would you start the match?

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Sep 262013

First time I’ve seen this, a video from Trans World Sport on Erik Lamela.

The video is actually quite interesting, it reminds me of Football Mundial in where they pick a player and go into his background. You will see a lot of it is based on a young Erik Lamela, it’s always a good sign when a players talent is picked up young. Lamela is seen here as a 12-year-old and it documents his time and move from River Plate to Roma.

As for the girl bit, it doesn’t really need an explanation, just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.


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Sep 252013

There seems to be the question of how to keep Defoe happy in a World Cup year, the guy needs to get plenty of games and especially when he is scoring as he is now.

When we play teams at home we should beat comfortably, could we not opt for a 4-4-2 so Defoe can play up top with Soldado with Lamela on one of the wings and have a holding midfielder and Eriksen as the creative like when we had Modric and Parker under Harry?

Obviously I would stick to the current system for the Chelsea match, we need to win the midfield battle and Chelsea will flood their midfield so for me 4-4-2 is not an option unless we are losing towards the end of the match.

Just looking for your thoughts here people, Defoe deserves games on his current form and he has been very unlucky with England in the past, this could be his final chance to play at a World Cup. I would like to see how Defoe and Soldado would get on together, I must stress I would only play this system in the home games against bottom half teams who shouldn’t put us under too much pressure.


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Sep 252013

Fans song for Eriksen, watch the video below and read the lyrics as it’s hard to make out.

It’s about time we came up with a decent song again, it’s been too long since we put some real effort into making a chant for a player.


Eriksen-sen-sen he’s our number 23
Eriksen-sen-sen came to play for AVB
To the left to the right he’s our midfield dynamite
When he plays for the Lily White
He makes Ozil look shite


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Sep 242013

The Capital One Cup is on the agenda tonight, it could be a good chance to test the depth of our squad. Villa have a host of injury worries and it could be to our advantage.

2008 was the last time we won this competition, beating Chelsea in the final and there’s one thing we know for sure, AVB likes to take all competitions seriously.

Chriches was expected to make his debut tonight and that looks to be the case.


Starting XI Tottenham

Friedel, Walker, Vertonghen, Chiriches, Paulinho, Lamela, Holtby, Defoe, Sandro, Fryers, Kane.


Gomes, Soldado, Naughton, Townsend, Dembele, Dawson, Chadli.

Nice to see Chadli back


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Adebayor Tweets – Let Him Play!

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Sep 232013

Just a few of Adebayor’s Tweets over the last couple of days before and after our Cardiff match.

Emmanuel Adebayor@E_Adebayor 22 Sep

Big game today, good luck Spurs. Training hard and feeling good. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Emmanuel Adebayor@E_Adebayor 23h

Well done Spurs, another win and great position in the league. Have a great week guys!

Emmanuel Adebayor@E_Adebayor 8h

Just finished training, feeling good. Have a great day guys!


It makes me feel sorry for the guy, I can understand the frustration at his season last year but he knows he had a shocker. You don’t become a bad player over night. What bugs me though are the haters, there’s no need to hate the guy, besides not score many goals last season he hasn’t done much wrong.

Last season was down to a few things, the season before he had a very good season but then we sold his service, Modric and VDV left and Bale was played more central which meant Adebayor had to feed of scraps and was very isolated at times which made him look lazier than he probably was. Not being funny but the likes of Dembele, Livermore and Parker were never going to slice open defences and feed Ade. Bale was left to play more central and so the crosses didn’t come as regular as they did the season before.

I would much rather have Ade on the bench than this other free agent Marica fella we are after, on his day Ade can be unplayable and I would love to see him used should Soldado get injured and not frozen out, I would love to see what Lamela, Eriksen , Chadli and Holtby can do in terms of helping Ade start scoring again. I just hope AVB doesn’t cut his nose of to spite his face.

One thing you have to give him credit for, he may be slightly being harshly treated by AVB, we don’t know the full story but he isn’t spouting his mouth off, he is saying the right things.

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Sep 222013

Following Spurs last-gasp win over Cardiff the fans were left buzzing but it wasn’t only the fans that were left feeling euphoric it was also the players feeling the adrenaline rush and they were happy to share their feelings on Twitter.

@Knaughts88: Delighted with the 3 points was never gonna be a easy place to go away from home. The away support was superb today travel home safe ‪#‎COYS‬

@kylewalker2: Great win today, already seen this season Cardiff are hard to beat at home. Cheeky finish by @paulinhop8, worth waiting for!! #COYS

@paulinhop8: @kylewalker2 tks brother. #COYS

@R9Soldado: Today we did a really god job, and we could get the victory in the last moment. Congratulations to all the team.Good luck Valencia CF

@paulinhop8: Very happy to have helped the team with an important goal that gave us 3 more points in the championship! #THFC #COYS

@LewisHoltby: Yeeeeeeeesss!!!!!
Luuuvvvvvv it
COYS.. Great weekend to everyone!


There seems to be that team spirit we have had for a few years, with the sale of some of our best players over the last 2 or 3 years we have still managed to keep team spirit, we look like a team and we play like a team, something Chelsea and City don’t have or do.

I love Lewis Holtby & Lewis Holtby loves me!


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