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Sep 222013

Everybody put in a hell of a shift today against Cardiff, not an easy place to go but at times we looked tremendous.

Their keeper played a blinder, Soldado actually had a decent game, his moment was good and he has the ability to turn a half-chance into something more than that.

Lamela came on and looks bright, Eriksen still looks as though he is going to be very special. Everyone had a role to play and did so well enough at a tough ground. Let’s not forget we still have Lennon, Rose, Chadli and Capoue to come back yet, depth in the squad means that with injuries we can still put out a very strong side.

Now moving on to who I love to watch and who won’t get much of a mention because he only played 5 mins. Lewis Holtby, his vision and ability to pick out a pass is superb, the other night when he put that ball through to Defoe made me just love him even more. Holtby said we wouldn’t see the best of him until this season and we are, just a shame it’s only for the odd few mins in the Prem. Holtby came on in the 87th min and then put a ball through to Paulinho for our most clear-cut chance of the match. Holtby then played a hand in the winning goal, he spread the ball out wide to Lamela who then expertly crossed for Paulinho to finish.

I just hope Holtby doesn’t spend too much time on the bench, he is good enough to be rotated and get his fair share of matches in the league, his vision and passing ability is at a high level. I would hate to see him left on the bench to the point where he wants to leave because trust me, our loss will be someone else’s massive gain. I am guessing Holtby will start against Villa in the cup and then no matter how well he plays he will be back on the bench against Chelsea.

Final point. What was up with Defoe, I heard he was just left out of the squad in favour of Kane, could it be because he defied AVB by standing up for Adebayor in the week?

Good win today, good performance, still solid at the back.


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Sep 202013

He is not renowned for his Tweets but new boy Chrsitian Eriksen has Tweeted showing joy at scoring his first Spurs goal.

Eriksen joined from Ajax and looks to be a snip for the price, he is loved at The Lane already by the fans. This guy brings real class, something we have been lacking, he’s like a Modric that will create more and score more.

Christian Eriksen@ChrisEriksen8 

First goal at White Hart Lane #thfc #3-0 #europaleague

Eriksen also added this to Instagram:












Good to see him enjoying his time at Spurs. This guy really could be something special for us, a player who loves football and will love the club, so glad we didn’t get Willian over Eriksen.



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Sep 182013

Following on from my last article in which I got absolutely slated I am still going to defend Adebayor and his treatment.

Ade scored 17 goals in his first season with us, then apparently became sh*t overnight for the second season and now is a waste of space? I disagree, me might not be world-class but he’s better suited to our current system than Defoe.

I feel the reason he was crap last season was down to one reason, he wasn’t getting the service he got the season before, we flogged VDV and Modric and we never replaced them, Dembele, Gylfi and Dempsey were never going to set up many chances for ADE. Soldado has also been a victim of this already this season and it’s only now with Lamela and Eriksen coming into the team do I expect Soldado to be given some decent service. Townsend is greedy and has no interest in assisting Soldado, he wants the glory for himself.

Adebayor suffered last season from the sales of our 2 quality players, Modric and VDV left him starved of service, sure he missed some sitters but even the best in the world will do that. Defoe didn’t suffer so much because he is a striker who creates his own chances, Adebayor needs the service, we all said we were lacking a creator last season. If saying this makes me a Gooner because my loyalty to Spurs doesn’t make me blind then call me Gooner.

We don’t know the facts, we don’t know why Ade is being pushed into training with the reserves but I feel he could offer a lot more this season with better players providing for him. If he has upset AVB for something he has done or said then fair enough, if AVB is sticking him into the reserves because he just don’t fancy him anymore then I would suggest that’s harsh and if Ade is liked by his fellow teammates then AVB could find himself in a similar situation to that of Chelsea where he starts upsetting players. Apparently he can do no wrong at Tottenham though but I haven’t forgotten his Chelsea days where he tried to throw his weight around too much and ended up paying the price, the reason I like to point that out now is not because I am a Gooner but because I actually like AVB and I want him to be at the club a long time.

Adebayor scored many goals at every club he has been at because he had some decent players around him, last season we flogged 2 of our best players and took a large chunk of his service away. You might argue he looked uninterested, well I would probably look uninterested too if I was relying on the likes of Jake Livermore to be my playmaker at times because we sold Luka Modric and Van der Vaart.

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Sep 172013

AVB started his Tottenham career in a humble way but are the signs starting to show that he could be reverting back to his old ways at Chelsea?

What I am talking about is the way he treats players. If you remember at Stamford Bridge, the players he didn’t really want he opted to freeze out of the team, a Chelsea favourite in Frank Lampard was one to suffer some harsh treatment at the hands of AVB.

We have observed recently that AVB has frozen out two Spurs players, Benny & Ade. Neither player had done too much wrong, maybe AVB didn’t rate them which is fine but does he really need to treat them so harsh and put make them train in the reserves or not let them train at all? Benny might not have had the mentality that AVB demanded but he always gave his best on the pitch. Adebayor hasn’t really played up at Spurs, his only crime was having a sh*t season last term, why not let him train and give him the same chance as everyone else at the club, let him earn his way into the team.

I worry because one day AVB might upset a fans and players favourite and run the risk of losing the dressing room like he did at Chelsea and when that happens there’s no going back and it’s usually the end for a manager. Defoe is the latest player to stick up for Ade, it’s worrying to see that the players might not agree with the way AVB is handling the situation.

Defoe said: “I don’t think it helps the team because someone like Manu is a great player and played for some of the top clubs in the world,” Defoe is quoted as saying in the Evening Standard.

“He is someone that we’re going to need, we’re going to need his goals and what he can bring to the team. He is keeping himself fit. He is a happy guy and loves his football. Hopefully he will be back soon with the team.”

We might have also been able to seel Benny and Ade but AVB made it well-known that he didn’t want either and when other clubs get wind of that the price drops dramatically.

I hope I am wrong and I hope AVB really did learn from his time at Chelsea and doesn’t start letting them creep back into his style of management.


Time To Stop The "Yid" Chant?

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Sep 152013

So the club are planning on sending out a questionnaire on whether or not it’s time to call it a day with chants that involve the word “yid” and move on.

The FA have threatened prosecution for offenders but we all know that nobody is going to get convicted over this but with mixed opinions on the matter let’s have our own vote here and now and see what we really do think.

The club will send out a questionnaire to season ticket holders but let’s broaden their horizons here and see what the fans not lucky enough to have a season ticket think too.

Voting is anonymous, let’s get the ball rolling, I may even send it in to the club at a later date regardless of the result.

Time To Stop The "Yid" Chant?

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Sep 152013

Time To Stop The "Yid" Chant?

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Someone emailed me asking the question as to whether the FA could not only just fine the club but threaten us with a points deduction should the fans continue to defy the FA’s orders to stop the “yid” chant.

I am not saying they will but I believe that the FA will pass the responsibility over to the club and tell them to stop the fans chanting or face possible further penalties not only in the way of fines but possibly a points deduction should the situation prolong and should the FA want to play dirty.

There will be no arrests for chanting the “Y” word, the police already made that clear last year, the FA won’t want to be made to look silly or weak and I fully expect them to be exploring other avenues in the future to encourage the fans to stop chanting. Yesterday the fans defied the FA and quite rightly so in my opinion and it took just 3 minutes for the chants to filter through WHL.

The last time we got a points deduction was back in the early 90s and banned from the FA Cup, but it was overturned in an appeal and reduced to just a fine for irregular payments to players.

Don’t read much into this yet, I just want this blog here to prove my clairvoyant ways when the FA start to play dirty with us, I can refer back to it, pointless article bla bla bla, heard it all before. Let’s see what the future holds but I don’t expect the FA to just give up because we refuse to stop, they will put the responsibility for this and solving the problem firmly at the door of the club.

A points deduction is very far off and highly unlikely it would ever get to that stage, even if they never intend to punish the club in such a way don’t be surprised if they don’t at least threaten the club with it, another scaremongering tactic if you like.





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Sep 142013

No, didn’t think so!

Nice try by the FA though but the “Yid army” chants still went through the whole stadium today.

It’s not a gloat but many of the fans who ignore the FA do so because the FA don’t really have any plan to tackle the issue as a whole they just point the blame at the Tottenham fans when in truth no Spurs fan wants to chant “yid” with any intent to cause any distress to anybody else.

I can’t see what the FA will do about this in future other than fine the club in an attempt to get the club to plea with the fans to stop because the police made it clear last year they would not be arresting people who chant “yid army” because it is being done so in a way where no intent is meant by the fans. I don’t know when the FA became the law by threatening to prosecute the fans, all 30,00+ of us every weekend, the police already said they won’t do jack. To prosecute someone there usually needs to be an arrest, so if the police won’t take the FA’s side then I guarantee you that they start punishing the club in the future in way of fines.

Feel free to leave a comment once you get out of your jail cell my fellow fans for your act of discontent today in defying the FA.


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Sep 142013

I saw it on Facebook and for me it was a tough question. Let’s open up the debate on where Spurs would finish in the league but the sacrifice would be something horrible.

Take a look at the table below:















Above is the league table as of now, we currently stand 2nd but unfortunately the scum lead the way. Would you take these standings as they are now come May? Could you handle seeing Arsenal win the league in order for Spurs to achieve their best Premier League finish and gain automatic CL qualification?

I guess the question is what is more important to you, how much do you love Spurs and how much do you hate Arsenal? Could you handle the Arsenal fans rubbing it in our faces and could you stand to see them lifting the Premier League trophy?

I am confident in our team, for me I’d rather finish 4th and see them not win the league, so I am going to kick this off and say I believe in us and believe we can finish well this season so for me I wouldn’t take it, I would run the risk.

Over to you…







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Sep 142013

Those of you who visit this site on a regular basis will now know I am a big fan of Danny Rose and as much as I loved Benny I can 100% see why AVB opted for Danny Rose as his first choice.

I think today against Norwich he covered himself in glory, he mad 2 goal saving blocks and put a couple of dangerous balls into the box. He has a better delivery than Kyle Walker and so far has had a better season than the right back in my opinion.

The one thing that surprises me about Rose is his ability to win a header, he knows how to win an aerial duel and for his size that is impressive, that’s not to say he should be left to mark the likes of Benteke from corners or anything. Danny also has a similar attribute that Dawson has, he WILL throw his body in the line of fire to block a shot which is rare these days, Benny used to wind me up when he would turn his back like a pansy.

Anyway on my last blog I had some comments saying Rose is the weak link without any real justification, he hasn’t done an awful lot wrong this season and before anyone starts the Arsenal goal wasn’t his fault, he got told to step and did so.

I am topping Danny to be one of the top three left backs in the league this season. Anyone who watched his progress at Sunderland last season will know exactly why AVB wanted him back on board, he was impressive and Di Canio was desperate to keep him. For those of you saying he can’t play left back because he never started out there when he was originally a winger just tell that to Gareth Bale who done the opposite, do you think Real Madrid bought Bale to play at left back which was his original position? I think it’s been highlighted by his recent performances that Rose is a better left back than he is a winger. Yes it remains to be seen on how he copes against the top sides but I don’t see him making as many mistakes as BAE was capable of making, his decision-making is better.


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Sep 142013

Spurs are back after the boring international break and will be looking to get back to winning ways against Norwich.

New signing Christian Eriksen makes his debut much to the delight of the fans but Lamela only makes the bench.

Starting XI


Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose; Dembele, Paulinho; Townsend, Eriksen, Sigurdsson; Soldado

Our subs today – Friedel, Kaboul, Naughton, Holtby, Lamela, Sandro, Defoe

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Sep 132013

A must see little video below, created as an advertising campaign for the new kits by Under Armour.

Talk about fan motivation, it’s got me wanting to kick some ass now at the weekend in a football sense. Good to see the players taking it seriously.

Watch the video and leave comments below:

Respect to Under Armour for promoting Tottenham in the way that they do, you’d never have seen anything like this when Adidas or Puma made our kits.


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Sep 122013

So the Daily Star reckons Spurs are willing to let Lewis Holtby leave the club? I reckon not but time will tell.

Holtby always said that this would be the season were he shows what he can on the pitch following his move from Schalke. So far he hasn’t featured much but when he played in the Europa I was impressed. His vision and passing was good and he topped it off with a good goal. I think he could have made a difference if he played against Arsenal as we had nobody to unlock their defense.

AVB once described Holtby as the bargain of the century but could Spurs really be willing to let him leave without really giving him a run in the team? You don’t become a German international if you’re a poor player.

Personally if we had to sell a player I would flog Sig to the highest bidder and keep Holtby all day long. If we sell Holtby then we would long live to regret it and I haven’t felt like that since we sold KPB.

Give me your thoughts on Lewis please chaps.

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