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21-year-old student. Officially became a Spurs follower at age 15 but definitely made up for it by having Spurs as my number one thing to talk about for eternity. Plus I have 'past experience' as a Spurs fan at age 8 when I was taken to my first game - a 4-0 thrashing of Watford featuring Ginola, whose goal left a memory of that match firmly burnt into the back of my mind for good. I've never regretted it since. On the side, I love music too ;)

Jul 292011

Maybe I shouldn’t go any further with removing the cling film from the major can of worms that is Luka Modric possibly leaving us for Chelsea; another story chewed over so much that the Innocent Drinks Co. might consider it as an idea for a new smoothie flavour.

However, I like having the final say on stuff, especially football-related discussion. So, I have been wondering what would happen if Modrić DID leave for £30-£35m. Would it be that bad? Would it give other midfielders a chance perhaps?

Maybe this would be a sign of Harry crawling back on all-fours to Niko Kranjcar and both Croatians have expressed a desire to leave The Lane for different reasons.

From here I’ll assume that Modrić has left and Kranjcar is still here:

Let’s touch on the financial implications first. Modric surprisingly doesn’t believe in paper contracts, much like other footballers who don’t know what the words ‘legally-binding’ and ‘United Kingdom Law’ mean when signing a contract. So he’s decided to forget that he signed a new 6-year contract and forget that he appreciated Spurs for giving him exposure in the English League. Chelsea started with a rather paltry £22m bid, only a few million more than what Spurs paid for him back in 2009. But then they got more serious and offered closer to £30m. £25m plus Drogba would’ve convinced me to sell Modric. Playing hardball is the key to a good profit and a possible last laugh if he flops like Berbatov did in his first few seasons at United.

Chelsea have recently upped their bid to £30m PLUS a striker! But it was Daniel Sturridge who was to be included, not Didier Drogba. Sturridge would be a slight gamble whereas Drogba would be a surefire hit as we’ve all seen it for ourselves.

Kranjcar could finally get a proper run of games to exhibit his finesse on the pitch. I believe Kranjcar can do exactly what Modric can do and more. Modric has scored 9 goals in 91 appearances while Kranjcar has scored 11 goals in 40 appearances including the matches he entered as a substitute. That matches how many Robbie Keane has scored since returning from Liverpool, barring one extra appearance by Keane. A great playmaker like Modrić is a fantastic asset to any team, but a great goalscoring playmaker is even better!

Croatia’s national team are the Mexicans of Europe. They’re not the most successful in international competition, but they can sure put on a show like their more successful continental opponents; with a feast of fluid football and the odd individual trick thrown in, the only difference between them and teams like Brazil and Italy is a major trophy; and that doesn’t do them justice.

You say I’ve gone way off topic, but not quite. What I’m trying to say is that every Croatian midfielder I’ve seen play in recent years has great vision and skill on the ball. Kranjcar and Modrić share those attributes. It seems as if Slaven Bilić ensured it was a criteria for getting called up.

And even if Kranjcar was to leave as well, we’d still have perfectly good back-ups to fill the void. Giovani Dos Santos would get the games that he should’ve had when he first arrived. Bags of energy and skill from him would give the team some added pace. Sometimes the way we play can be laggy, passing across the pitch rather than towards the goal purely for possession purposes. No point in having the ball if you’re not going to do anything with it. Dos Santos is even more forward-thinking than some of our strikers.

If there was a complete clearout of the three aforementioned players, there’d be more incentive to look within our reserves and academy for a replacement. Dean Parrett will be great I’m telling you.

Have I been jumping the gun about how this team will cope without Modrić? Yes. It might not matter if Modrić wants to leave. Let the baby have its bottle if this is how he truly feels about staying at Spurs. Sure it’ll take a bit of time to adjust, but this squad has managed 5th place with constant injuries to defenders/other key players AND a measly goal difference of +7!

That tells me all I need to know about the team – They can cope with anything.
Players leaving for clubs viewed as ‘bigger’ is nothing new to Spurs.

New mantra proposal -To just get on with it is to do.

Jul 212011

On seeing the video posted in another of our Triffic blogs, I’m already impressed by Spurs’ newest acquisition, 16 year old Souleyman Coulibaly. He’s just how I like lamb and women – Young and Fresh. He scored for Spurs within minutes of entering the field of play against Brighton on Tuesday; plus, he’s scored NINE GOALS in FOUR GAMES for the Ivory Coast U17s! Most of them weren’t even tap-ins, they were well-taken goals.

If this isn’t promising then I don’t know what is.

He appears to be the Anthony Lozano who was supposed to be on the books last season. So let’s give him a squad number, give him a few starts in the upcoming season and he’ll give us goals and be the black Jimmy Greaves!

BUT…there’s a big BUT regarding this hot prospect.

I don’t know if it’s just among us Spurs fans or other sets of fans in football, but there seems to be this ridiculous and restrictive criteria dreamed up by many when it comes to thinking about young players they would like to see in the team.

I’ve probably banged on about this kind of snobbery before and covered the ‘too old and past it’ label as well, but it gets up my nose so much because I keep hearing it.

Ever heard the phrase ‘He’s too young and unproven in the Premier League’??

I have.

Additionally, when we first heard about Coulibaly scoring WITHIN MINUTES of coming on against Brighton, people piped up with the classic ‘It was against Brighton. It’s not like he’s scored against Chelsea or Arsenal’

With the above in mind, how can we possibly give them that chance to ‘prove’ themselves in the League if they’re left on the bench or in the reserves all the time??

If he’s given a chance, we may see him score against such teams as Chelsea and Arsenal.

I think I have boo-boys’ thinking patterns down to a tee. The issue of Adel Taarabt may have sparked this fear of young players getting within 1ft of the starting XI.

Taarabt’s questionable attitude both on and off the pitch got him shipped across London to QPR in what I hope was a ventilated box for such a hot head.

What was originally accepted as his enthusiasm and spirit turned out to be arrogance when he spouted fantasy stories about the top clubs in England and Spain wanting to sign him. I kept thinking to myself – ‘well? where were they?’.

However, this might not be everyone’s reasoning behind apprehension about young players. Also, not all young players are arrogant like Taarabt was. So I don’t know what harm it would do to throw young players in at the deep end.

By getting them into it straight away they learn to cope and only get better.

If there are concerns about them not being able to handle bigger teams in bigger competitions, then maybe Arry can put one or two youngsters alongside the seniors in the league each week. The seniors can then offer guidance on the pitch and the high-quality performances of the whole team should become continuous.

As the longer-serving seniors begin to leave, the younger players will get older, use their experience, remember what the former players taught them and hopefully serve the club well just like those before them.

Let’s get the academy linked to the senior squad like the old days, not a loan-turned-sale for a new club. It’s time to learn from mistakes of the past and create a future. A continuously high-quality squad and a shiny new stadium for years to come would do me nicely.

Jun 212011

Yep, it’s me with another late thought on something which happened last weekend, but owing to knackeredness at work, this is a rare opportunity taken to air my thoughts.

Firstly, props to Levy on standing firm in the face of approaches from the likes of Chelsea. If that’s not a demonstration of ambition for the club in itself, I don’t know what is.

Has Modric been uncovered as another mercenary owing to what’s gone on this past weekend?

The Croatian is highly sought-after by many top clubs in England and across Europe I’m sure. Barcelona fans would think Johan Cruyff walked through a top-secret time machine in Area-51 if they were to see Modric in their shirt.

Chelsea decided to test the waters of Levy’s no-sale stance by making an official £22million bid for Modric. That bid was swiftly rejected. However, Luka has allegedly stated that he wants to go to Chelsea because it seems that even after winning the League and FA Cup numerous times in recent years, they still have more ‘ambition’ than Spurs, who have gone without either of those trophies for over two decades.

But surely Modric could be a part of Spurs’ ambition to win that calibre of trophy once again and feel like he earned those honours as part of a team who have given him regular starts. Now that Yossi Benayoun has recovered from injury, can we see Modric automatically taking his place in the playmaking role? Would Chelsea be so bold as to replace Frank Lampard with Modric to accomodate both of them??

Seems a little far-fetched and almost cynical of Chelsea to bid for Luka when they don’t really need him.

If you asked me if there was any deal I would accept for Modric, then I’d actually say yes but Abramovich wouldn’t like it. I’d accept £20million PLUS Didier Drogba and nothing less. I think that leaving Drogba on the bench in preference of a £50mil flop upfront was what got Ancelotti sacked, not elimination from the competitions. So if you want rid of Drogba, get rid of Drogba…

I can see what Modric means if he just wants personal honours, but it’s not like clubs above Spurs get seeded further on in the FA Cup rounds is it. Money can buy you the odd trophy in Chelsea and Man City’s cases, but it can’t buy you an automatic place in the final.

On the other hand, I don’t know if Modric was planning to leave Spurs at all.

He could’ve been pulling a Rooney. Kicking up a stink to get a rise in his wages. But I thought he enjoyed football more than being paid for that football. Surely he knew what he was letting himself in for – a wage-cap of £70,000 a week which is enforced with military consistency. If he’s already on top wages but wants to join Chelsea, it indicates another mercenary mind. But I didn’t want to think of Modric in that way.

I have not personally seen a quote in the news from Modric which says he hates it here and is desperate to leave. He has said he’ll remain respectful by not handing in a transfer request, but what’s the difference now that he’s openly considered leaving us in what would only be a sidestep as Chelsea won the same number of major honours as Spurs did this year – 0!

If he had said something along the lines of ‘Chelsea are a bigger club with bigger ambitions than Spurs’, it might – in true journalistic fashion – have been twisted or sensationalised to match the attention-grabbing headlines that their readers eat up like Fern Britton on Ryvita.

Sometimes, players can’t avoid being asked questions in press conferences for example.

If in the case of Modric he was asked if [he’d] be ‘better off at Chelsea[?]’, as antagonistic a question that would be, he’d be screwed whatever his response would be;

If he said yes, the fans would turn on him. That might have happened already. The media would take that quote and use it to say ‘Come and Rescue me Chelsea, Says Modric’.

If he just said ‘No, I wouldn’t be better off’ or the commonly-said-but-not-always-meant ‘I like it at Spurs’ (which Modric had said just before renewing his contract!), the media would turn that statement inside-out to make a headline like – ‘I HATE CHELSEA! SAYS CROAT-SCROTE!’. If you’re a Daily Star journalist reading this, feel free to take the above as a headline idea seeing as you like to blow stuff out of proportion so much.

I particularly remember you labelling Eidur Gudjohnsen as a Neo-Nazi using a rather pixelated image and a drunken night out as your source of information. I applaud the time and effort it took then and still takes to write your world-renowned content….

Daily Star rant over. It should be renamed the Daily STIR.

Mr. Modric, can I make a deal with you?

There’s no denial you’ve given great service to this club, and apart from the goal count, Hoddle fans have been given a chance to relive his magic on the pitch as your style looks similar. I know that Spurs haven’t made it into the top four this year, BUT we did it last year. Isn’t that enough ambition? Working towards something we want is defined as ambition. Instant success and systematic winning is defined as ambition being over and done with long before.

The deal is this:

If you can stay with us for another season (and Levy has made it clear that you will anyway) and put your shift in like you have done, I won’t begrudge you leaving if we fail to make it into the top-four/win something by the end of next season.

That is up to you, but don’t end up like Berbatov. You’ll regret it as the very fans who loved watching you play may turn against you in their droves for using us as a stepping stone.

I’m hoping one of our Croatian fans can translate the above.

Jun 072011

The purpose of a youth academy is to provide generations of future players, who have been nurtured in the club since childhood/teen-age and are therefore home-grown. Subsequently, most of them should go on to be some of the finest players the team has had.

The Double-winners of ’61 were mostly, if not all homegrown at this club and were some of the finest players that White Hart Lane ever witnessed. When it comes to looking at younger players and all the traditional shiz about Spurs [I am coining the term ‘Shiz-tory’], I’m an old head on young shoulders. Therefore I feel that we should look closer to home as it’s not impossible to create a fine team of homegrown talent for the future.

Manchester United seem to have the balance of academy players and imported players down to a tee. Scholes, Neville, Giggs etc. from the academy combined with Ronaldo, Nani, Van Der Sar etc. have won title after title even in the present day of assuming that a quick-fix of buying 10 players means quality immediately shows in the team.

Any team can do it. The only difference is a willingness to look closer to home for the odd few players we need.

Considering how Harry Kane has received raving reviews as of late for his international performances, and scored five goals in 18 games (about 1/3, the same as Defoe and Keane in their heydays), for a 17 year old, that’s very promising!

Does anyone else agree that whilst or instead of looking at top strikers who will reject offers from us over this summer, we should bring Harry Kane into the senior squad for pre-season matches at least?

Can’t hurt, can it? Maybe he’ll do the business regularly for us and be the answer to our striker problem. He’s young and wants to play and score. Kane brings with him experience of first-team football at Leyton Orient. Not Premier League, but first-team football nonetheless.

Best of all, he’s free!!!

What better combination than that!?

Dean Parrett is worth a go as well. He’s got a desire to win the ball [back] which is comparable to that of Sandro. Both midfielders like winning the ball to regain possession, which can prove important in pulling a late goal back.

Along with this, I urge all fellow Spurs fans to cut the ‘young-and-unproven’ and ‘old-and-past-it’ motifs out of their opinions because, if all club managers took those approaches when looking for players, no club would sign anybody!

May 242011

I just read Coxie’s blog on O’Hara and the comments below it.
All in all, I couldn’t believe some of the negative comments about O’Hara!

‘Mid-table at best’??? Do you even watch him play?

O’Hara is gritty, committed to whatever club he’s playing for and scores some top-drawer goals. He also appears to be a better free-kick taker than Bale and Van Der Vaart.

Dear negative commenters,

You seem to be expecting some kind of Lionel Messi carbon copy to constitute something above ‘mid-table quality’. What criteria are you using to slate O’Hara?

Lack of appearances?? Lack of goals? A spot on the ITV pundit panel during a semi-final between his loan club and permanent club??

Being ineligible to play against your permanent club isn’t his fault. He was put on the spot with the question about who he wanted to win the semi-final. There was no malice in my opinion when he leaned towards Portsmouth, because he was a player for that club at the time and wanted to compete for a personal honour at Wembley. What’s wrong with wanting to win a title?? If he wasn’t playing for Portsmouth, he’d probably be in that semi-final squad for US. Then you wouldn’t think anything of it.

I don’t hold a grudge against him for that. And why should I?
His quotes were taken way out of context to suit the boo-boys’ own ends.

As for lack of appearances, it’s not his fault that managements have overspent on many midfielders, thereby forcing him onto the bench. It’s another sad story which will end with O’Hara going somewhere else permanently. Pienaar will also follow suit. Watch that space.

We already have Kranjcar looking to leave for greener pastures, and quite right too. I wouldn’t want to be a top footballer sitting on the bench where nobody can see him exhibit true footballing talent.

Apart from Ledley King, Jamie O’Hara has been the only player from OUR youth ranks to get a string of regular first-team appearances and you want him gone!!!???

We need more players like him from the youth ranks, like the old days.

And before you counter-argue that point, Defoe came from Charlton, Rose and Lennon came from Leeds, Dawson came from Nottingham Forest and Bale came from Southampton.

If you can come up with another regular starting player [apart from O’Hara] who has come through our youth ranks since Ledley King I’d love to hear about it.

May 112011

It seems I wrote that previous Crouch article a little too early 🙁

Generally, the team put on a solid performance. Gallas saved Spurs’ blushes with one defensive header against fellow ex-Gooner Vieira’s shot on goal which would’ve sealed the deal convincingly for City. Lennon also made his mark by cutting into the box regularly. It’s just a shame the crosses were not up to scratch.

Modric confirmed why he isn’t a striker by putting a rather easy goal wide. Finding himself in acres of space on the edge of the box he should’ve made more of the chance, but put it just wide of the right post.

Danny Rose took on double the work by making brilliant tackles and then pushing forward to cross into the box. Sandro again put a great shift in. Cudicini made a fantastic save early on. Would Gomes have saved that? I’d say yes, but feel free to debate amongst yourselves.

Crouch scored again, but in his own net. It was the only goal that Manchester City could speak of which cemented their place in the top-four. It’s looking more and more tempting for me to openly say ‘sell him’. Even though I should back all players all of the time, it’s made difficult by the mistakes they make which cost dearly. Crouch already got himself an early exit from the Champions League by being gung-ho with slide tackles in the opposition’s half and tonight he scored in his own net to give City the narrow 1-0 lead which ended Spurs’ hopes of another top-four finish.

The heroes of yesteryear (2010) have become villains. Gomes has appeared on Soccer AM’s ‘Taxi’ segment twice in the same season whilst Crouch scored Manchester City’s only goal to secure the Citizens’ place in the Champions League [Playoffs]. Time for a chorus from Alanis Morisette:

“…And isn’t it ironic
Don’t you think?

It’s like rain on your weddin’ day
It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
And who would’ve thought, it figures….

If I had that ringtone and Harry’s mobile phone number, I’d send that after the full time whistle.
It’s the good advice [‘get a striker’] that he just didn’t take. And who would’ve thought it figures.

Now that this season is pretty much over for us, the knee-jerking will begin and not stop until after pre-season. In fact, I’m doing some now I’ll admit. But if it is a valid point which has to be repeated until accepted, then so be it.

I still remain faithful to Harry and Danny Boy (Levy), BUT the fact remains; such a simple thing like buying a striker would have turn this season a full 180. Not seeing what was [or wasn’t] right in front of them has annoyed me the most. It was obvious we needed another striker to get the goals which would win games; but Hthe two powers-that-be will forever be too full of pride to admit that leaving the striker vacancy unfilled was the biggest mistake in their tenures here.

Of course I’ve been told by someone to ‘apply for the job of manager as I obviously know more than Harry’, but I would seriously call his bluff. At least I’d notice that we’re missing a 20-goal-a-season striker.
I’m not calling for heads on plates. I’m calling for a striker signature on a paper contract.

Was one more striker really that much to ask from our management/chairman???

I’m hoping that big important lessons are learnt from this, as well as hoping to see how Manchester City fare in the playoffs. If they get through to the quarter-finals/beyond, it’ll be a mockery and rub salt in the wounds for Spurs. If they fall at the first hurdle, it’ll still be a mockery by being a waste of a space.

The ball’s now in your court Mancini; and there’s no need for goalline/Hawkeye technology on that.

May 082011

Excellent. Just friggin’ excellent. Bale gets a possibly-broken ankle (confirmed as ligament damage) from Charlie Adam after a series of badly-timed, dangerous tackles from Blackpool throughout, Gallas nearly twangs his hamstring and Blackpool get two penalties that I never really saw the cause of.

The seat I had was unsarcastically excellent though! Right on the touchline.

Bale had to leave on a stretcher via a gurney. But the terrible tackling continued!
Blackpool didn’t seem to realise that there’s only room for so many stretchers and gurneys in an ambulance!

I’m all for a good spicy tackle and don’t want to preach about wrapping everything in cotton wool, but when players consecutively mistime heavy challenges, it gets dangerous and opposition leave in an ambulance instead of their cars/team’s bus. Danny Rose was being knocked about a bit too.

It was yet another one of those frustrating draws with a team who look to have deserved what they got, even if the second penalty was a rather lenient one. Taylor-Fletcher was lightly touched by Gomes and went down looking for it.

The first one was Dawson doing a Vidic – Handballing when he knows he’s about to lose an aerial challenge.

However, As soon as Defoe scored the long-awaited equaliser with a meaningful strike (by that, I mean he knew where the goal was and where he wanted to put the ball), I immediately saw at least eight tangerine players pile behind the ball in their own half.

Now for the after-effects of this missed opportunity:

Everton initially did us a huge favour by defeating Manchester City 2-1 at Goodison Park, but it seems almost obsolete now that we failed to win our game against a very determined Blackpool who played without fear….and without knowing how to slide-tackle properly I might add.

The reason we’ve missed out on big opportunities like this are strikers and the lack of one in the January transfer window. Pure and simple. Say whatever you like about Gomes’ blundering and anything else, but goals lead to points and missed opportunities lead to unnecessary defeats/draws

Many of our games this season have contained a fair share of chances to win the game, but none of them were taken. Even today, fantastic crosses by Bale should’ve been met with a poke of a boot, but were not.
Most of those results are very telling of a weak strikeforce one week and a leaky defence in another week, but luckily, never at the same time!

Van Der Vaart has been fantastic at Spurs this season, but he certainly isn’t a permanent answer to our lack of goals coming from strikers/second strikers.

I will forever blame Harry for both signing non-striker Pienaar and favouritism with strikers (e.g. not dropping Keane to the reserves when he was dipping in form) and also Mr. Levy for being too distracted with the Olympic Stadium bid. Whatever your opinion on that bid was, we all know he was much more focused on that than getting the striker we needed, otherwise the club wouldn’t have claimed to go through the Spanish football club phonebook in the dying hours to appease us.

Attempting to appease us about the striker issue by pulling that stunt [whether true or not] was cynical and has pretty much wrecked our chances to progress this season. Suarez was fully available for transfer but we let him slip. Biggest mistake to make and we’ve now paid for it with a rather lousy +7 goal difference while Liverpool and Manchester City have doubled and tripled that!

Even if we win against City and Liverpool, the goal difference will ensure our spot in the Europa League.

Cue unspeakable miracles….? Well we better start praying then.

In the words of the Foo Fighters song ‘All My Life’ – “Done, Done, onto the next one…”

The year may have ended in one, but it’s not going to end with one Champions League place at this rate. Let’s hope we can win 17-0 on Tuesday. :/

Apr 292011

Peter Crouch, Spurs striker…what an enigma.

England International record – Excellent! [22 goals/42 caps]

Champions League record for Spurs – Excellent! [7 goals/10 apps]

Premier League record for Spurs – SHOCKING! [12 goals/67 apps]

In terms of whether Spurs fans generally rate him as a striker, he’s like Pavlyuchenko – splitting opinions across the fan base. It might be because he scores more often in one type of competition than another.

In this case, Crouch scores much more prolifically in the Champions League and international matches than in the Premier League. It’s just strange. A striker should be ready to…erm…strike in any match where he features.

Personally, I’m incredibly fickle about Crouch’s frequent presence in the Starting XI. At times he’s a guardian angel! At the San Siro he scored what was one of the most important goals in our season…and with his foot too! He also scored a vital goal at Manchester City to get us to the Champions League in the first place.
For the first few games where he played alongside Van der Vaart, Crouch became a perfect partner for the Dutchman.

For more observant/objective fans, he seems to have a nack for controlling the ball with skill and flare, which is entertaining, but not always productive. At other times and as far as his striking qualities go, he has been capable of frustrating me no-end.

This is the crux of the debate. Does he really fit our style of play? Or is he only playing because of Redknapp’s favouritism, which is gradually coming to light as some players indicate they would like to leave Spurs to gain more first team football.

Some would say he does fit our style of play; and perfectly. A lot of Spurs’ attack appears to be supplied from wingers bombing down the flanks, ready to whip the ball into the 6-yard box for Crouch. From there, he could either go for goal himself or head downwards for another striker to finish it. The squad selection has been ‘made’ for Crouch to slot in, hence the omission of Pavlyuchenko and Kranjcar in a lot of games, who alternatively like to play through the centre (even though Kranjcar tends to play on the wing and cut inside).

But others of course wouldn’t agree at all. You have to ask yourself, were the wings Harry’s chosen way of attacking? Or was it Crouch’s only path towards scoring?

Statistically, Spurs are still attacking more often through the centre than the wings to this day.

Back in the day when Keane was scoring for fun and Berbatov was performing in a white shirt for Sir Al’s entertainment, Spurs attacked mainly through the centre – even with Lennon on the wing – and it yielded many [great] goals. Then when Crouch got more appearances for us last season, our style became a bit hoofballified for a team that boasts being the pioneers of push-and-run football, the type of football perfected by the likes of Barcelona and Ajax.

Dawson for a long time has been the main culprit blasting the ball up to Crouch so that it can be held up there in a Carlton Cole fashion, only to be snuffed out by the opposition’s defence more often than not.

And even when he has the ball fed through to him, some of the occasions where he’s missed a chance to score have been many. Combine that with the lack of goals from the other strikers in the squad – stifling the team’s progression by missing goal chances – and you have a whole heap of resentment and finger-pointing aimed at certain strikers at some given point in the month, notably Crouch for the number of times he gives the ball away.

Personally, I don’t think he fits the team, no offence to him personally though. He doesn’t fit Spurs’ famous attacking style of play. His presence on the team attracts too many long balls from Dawson, even before the 90th minute of a draw as it’s ‘anti-football’. And when he heads a ball, he always plays leapfrog with the defenders, conceding fouls. As a man measuring 6ft 7ins, surely he only has to stand up to head the ball or not push the defending player over before heading the ball.


Apr 262011

I thought I might lift away some of the doom-and-gloom following our draw with West Brom and Manchester City’s win over Blackburn. The top-four spot is an outside possibility, but I wouldn’t count on it.

So, click the link below and have a chuckle at some referees’ [and players’] expense.

Apr 212011

That has to be the best North London Derby I’ve seen in my life. Yes it did help it being a draw,
but it was more than that this time. It had drama, bite, and some wonderful football from both sides.
A draw was a fair result, but an unwanted one when you look at what both teams were playing for.

Tottenham were looking to get level with Manchester City in the final strait of the Second Battle of Fourthplace. But the draw means that Spurs will have to win every forthcoming game and hope that Manchester City slip up somewhere.

Arsenal were looking to save face after Emmanuel Eboue [‘surprisingly’ absent from the squad tonight] threw two vital points away and the title along with it on Sunday. A win against Tottenham would’ve put the pressure back onto League leaders Manchester United after the goalless draw with Newcastle United last night.

A lot to play for ahead of this game, but neither got one over on the other tonight. A perfectly balanced game.

Walcott opened the scoring just five minutes in. Van Der Vaart replied two minutes later with a perfect right-footed drive into the bottom right corner. Nasri replied for the Gunners by striking a sweet shot under Dawson’s legs into the net to make it 1-2 to Arsenal. Modric was brought down in the penalty area by Diaby, but the referee didn’t give the penalty.

It got more frustrating for Spurs as Gallas did a ‘Rocha’ (tried to clear a ball at feet-level using anything other than his feet) allowing an opposing player to score. Gallas knocked the ball with his chest and straight in to trouble. Walcott picked it up near the six-yard box and chipped it in for Van Persie to head it. Gomes to his credit did pull off a great save against the header, but the Dutch striker had another bite of the cherry and knocked it in to make it 1-3 to Arsenal at 40 minutes.

Spurs had it all to do now. But four minutes after Arsenal made a two-goal cushion, another response from Tottenham had been made. Huddlestone pulled off his patented back-lift strike which fortunately went under Van Der Vaart’s shorts and into the net leaving Szcezny to watch in awe. Huddlestone hadn’t really been at his best. A lot of his cross-field passes were, if I’m honest, a bit crap.

The half-time score resembled that of a nail-biting full-time score: 2-3 to Arsenal at half-time.

The second half didn’t let up at all. Both teams got straight back to work.

Bale got injured in the first half after having his legs taken out form under him by Arsenal goalkeeper Szcezny in a challenge for the ball. The goalie didn’t even wince. He winked, in fact.

Aaron Lennon came on for Bale in the second half.

Fabregas was put through on goal and scored, but was considered offside by the linesman.
Replays showed that he was actually onside by half a yard. A relief for Spurs, but an annoyance for Arsenal.

Spurs’ long-awaited equaliser came about when Lennon was tripped up by Szcezny in the penalty area.
Van Der Vaart stepped up to take it and struck it in cleanly to draw Spurs level with Arsenal.
It was a frantic race for Spurs to get the fourth goal. Modric had a clear shot from just six-yards after a cross from Kaboul (on for Corluka), but Szcezny had a lucky escape as his trailing foot prevented him from conceding another goal.

A point each then. But it could’ve gone either way.

On a sidenote, Wenger is fast losing respect from me. At full-time, very limply shook Redknapp’s hand after such an exciting hard-fought game and then stormed off. What’s more is that when I was in the pub watching it, at full-time, a Gooner came over and shook MY hand properly *cue jokes about disinfectant use*.

If your garden-variety Gooner can be decent enough to respect opponents (in some cases), why can’t the manager do so?

Apr 152011

Once again, there’s been another call by the FA to clamp down on football-focused racism, but a more specific type. Another can of worms has been opened about the term ‘Yiddo’ being used simply because opposition fans have been known to chant anti-Jewish songs at Spurs fans. However, this is ruining it for Spurs’ own fans who adopted the term ‘Yiddo’ to defuse the racist element behind the original insult.

Take a look at the video here:
Kick It Out….

In the advert, there are Chelsea fans featured chanting an anti-Jewish take on ‘Spurs Are on Their Way to Wembley’. They have used the word ‘Yids’ in the lyrics. Let me remind you now that had the word ‘Yids’ been replace with the word ‘Jews’, the snippet would not have been featured and the chant would go on unnoticed as it has done for the last 30 years!

As both a Spurs fan and a descendant of Adam, Eve and everyone’s favourite biblical drunken-Uncle – who takes the command ‘sacrifice’ way too seriously – Abraham [in Lehman’s Terms – Jewish], I feel that the term ‘divine right’ couldn’t be better placed as I am the ideal type of fan to listen to on this sticky issue.

Tottenham Hotspur waded in to personally help David and Ivor Baddiel create that rather hypocritical short advert about what shouldn’t really have been an issue. Ledley King and Gary Lineker starred in that advert, two Spurs legends who were constantly referred to as the very thing they’re so ‘disgusted’ at!

They never complained about it when they were playing for us; and they shouldn’t even complain now. When Spurs fans chant ‘Yiddo’ at their players, it’s meant as a sign of affection for that player and an indication that they are fan favourites there, one of ‘us’. Surely Lineker and King couldn’t forget that so speedily.

What’s even stupider is that this harmless term is considered as offensive as the N-word (which is really just an abbreviation of ‘Negro’ which is the Spanish word for ‘black’) and the P-word (which is really an abbreviation of ‘Pakistani’ that got out of hand). The very assumption that those two words are comparable to the ‘Y-word’ is RIDICULOUS, particularly when the supposedly ‘offended’ group are NOT offended by the term anymore and additionally call THEMSELVES that!

I think that whilst there is an unsavoury connotation with the term ‘Yid Army’ being the name for the hooligan fan firm of Tottenham Hotspur, the terms ‘Yid Army’, ‘Yiddo’ or ‘Yids’ are used regularly by SPURS FANS THEMSELVES to give themselves a nickname which is as harmless as ‘Gooners’ (Arsenal), ‘Luddites’ (Leeds United), ‘Hammers’ (West Ham United’ or ‘Fans-who-are-getting-annoyed-with-wasting-millions-on-going-nowhere-and-laying-off-good-managers’ (Manchester City).

Judaism is a religion, not a race. So technically racism doesn’t encompass anti-Jewish references. But that’s just me splitting hairs.

The term Yiddo was coined by us to defuse the anti-Jewish connotation behind the original insult, so there’s really no issue if the group the club think they’re helping never raised the issue in the first place!

I could do a better job than that! Tottenham Hotspur’s suits need to listen to fans more to gain a more realistic perspective of what’s really going on and how serious something may be. Otherwise backlashes occur.

The quotes from different clubs’ executive make me laugh so hard I want to vomit:

Spurs’ Executive Director Donna Cullen said: “We are committed to eliminating all forms of racism and we shall support efforts to kick anti-Semitism out of the game….”

What kind of club representative doesn’t know their club’s own history and demographics!!!??

“…A small number of both Jewish and non-Jewish Spurs fans use the Y word in what they consider to be an inoffensive manner…”

Well that would be true if you consider 30,000 as ‘small’! What a naive assumption. It’s more popular than you think.

“…We look forward to an informed and proper debate with Kick it Out, stakeholders and the key authorities to raise greater awareness….”

Why not consult the actual fanbase as well? Or do they fear losing the argument? I mean, they recently had the nerve to pursue legal action after the OPLC decided to let West Ham have the stadium which 2/3 of Spurs fans don’t even want. Spurs would have nothing to lose now that they’ve further alienated those around them.

Chelsea Chairman Bruce Buck said: “Chelsea FC has been campaigning about issues around anti-Semitism for many years. We have, and always will, take the strongest possible action against anyone found making any kind of discriminatory chant or taunt. It is great to see the football world come together to support a project that will raise awareness of the problem.”

Well that worked didn’t it! It has continued to this day without retribution. Your own manager in 2008, Avram Grant and his wife were receiving death threats from YOUR own fans. How vigilant of your club, Mr. Buck.
Stay out of it if you’re going to remain inert. Thank you!

On a footnote, I will say that naming the hooligan firm ‘The Yid Army’ has thrown a real spanner in the works. THAT is what I don’t like about the term ‘Yid’. It has been attached to what is an unnecessary and unsavoury part of football – Effectively a football-bourne type of extremism.

Whoever named the club’s hooligan firm ‘The Yid Army’ is the real idiot/are the real idiots in all this.

Still, it seems that we as Spurs fans are less easily-offended than others. It looks like the ‘Yid’ badge is one of honour and of great effect rather than one of vulnerability. I swear, if there were sackings for naivety and a lack of initiative in consulting those affected by policy changes, our club would save enough to pay Robbie Keane’s pension!

Apr 122011

I think that firstly, fans who got ‘enraged’ by the recent Real Madrid article about Adebayor should calm down immediately. Adebayor was not the one who wrote the article so you should not take it out on him in the form of singing ‘that song’ just that little bit louder on Wednesday. It’d be no good for anyone and would prove the Spurs cotton-wool stance to fan behaviour as necessary.

And even though it is annoying to see that masked Madridista rub it in, the statistics on his goals against us are accurate.

Now I’ll just slide my tush to the other side a little bit….

I’ll start with what will really be White Hart Lane’s worst nightmare on Wednesday. Our worst nightmare will be going down to ten men again. Madrid’s worst nightmare will be Lennon I think. Missing the first leg may have forced Lennon to put twice as much into the second leg where he shall be featuring, sudden illness or not!

Lennon will be drawing fouls from Marcelo like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s see Marcelo’s smug little face when he gets a red card for not knowing when he’s been skinned. It’ll be Crouch sitting on the floor shaking his fists then! This will of course distract three out of four Madrid defenders from Bale and Crouch, which will in turn open up the space for Thud, Modric and VDV to move into the centre and flood the box.

With all that said, if Madrid score one goal, it’s curtains.

There. I think that’s a more objective preview of Wednesday. There’s this outrageous sense of self-entitlement which oozes from other European clubs, even moreso than Chelsea and United which is probably the motive behind the Adebayor ego-massaging piece we’ve just seen.

Just ignore it and let the talking be done on Wednesday.
The actual game is our focus, not Real Madrid’s fans.