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A Stroll Around The Lodge.

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Oct 082011

As you know the international break often leaves us with too much time on our hands. And the hours spent attempting to dodge the shopping, and find an interesting story to fill that void is seemingly just as endless. Unless you want to regurgitate old news that is.

Trawl the Web:

This then led to me trawling through the web to see if I could find something that might interest you. And lo and behold I came across this video that gives an in-depth walk through The Spurs Lodge training centre. So, unless you’re a very privileged citizen, you’ll not have seen inside these grounds before. Here then is your chance, and mine, to take a peek at how the superstars live and train.

See if you can spot my motor. Lol.

The Spurs Lodge has seen many a star over the years, though it will soon be consigned to the history books when Tottenhams new training ground, off Whitewebbs Lane is completed next year. The facility is a major development for the club, and will be the new home for the first team and youth academy.

It is due for completion in summer next year, and will include a two-storey, transparent-roofed training centre complete with a learning centre, medical facilities, a hydrotherapy pool, fitness centre, changing rooms, a canteen and media centre.

Redknapp said: ‘This is a massive club and this new facility shows that we are continually looking to move forward and to compete at the highest level.

‘It will be terrific when completed. Our players at all levels will thrive in these surroundings.’

And with Manchester City recently announcing plans to build their very own state of the art training centre, it is important that we, as a club, continue to lead the way in both attracting star players and future development. And this new facility will aid us in that work.


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Oct 052011

Here we go!! Tottenham take all three points from their local rivals Arsenal at the week’s end. And we already have some journalists conjuring up tales from those age-old soot blackened laptops.

Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d.

Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined.

Harpier cries “‘Tis time, ’tis time.”

Round about the cauldron go; In the poison’d entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter’d venom sleeping got, Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Whoah.. Sent shivers down my spine anyway…

No. And it’s not even about whether Rafas goal was actually hand ball or not, which of course would be a matter of opinion.

This time their mixing together some intoxicating brew concerning an interview Van Der Vaart had after the North London derbie. The article is below.

Rafael van der Vaart has raised concerns over his long-term future at Tottenham after questioning Harry Redknapp’s decision to play him on the right-wing in Sunday’s win against Arsenal.
Although Van der Vaart put Spurs ahead, the move later backfired when the Holland playmaker failed to track Alex Song down the flank, allowing the Arsenal player to set up Aaron Ramsey’s equaliser.
The former Real Madrid star, who favours playing centrally, said: ‘It’s not something I am very angry about but have a minor irritation with. You want to play in your preferred position, where you can play to the best of your ability.

‘But when I have to track back, that does not really benefit my game. It was only the first time and I received the freedom to come inside from the manager — but you can see from the goal they scored that my strength is in the centre. I’ll do what the coach asks but I am assuming this will not happen regularly.’
Van der Vaart, who has only recently returned from a hamstring injury, was replaced in the 64th minute.
He added: ‘I understand the manager’s decision in the sense that he does not want to take any risks but I’m sure I can play 90 minutes.’
The Dutchman’s comments will alert Europe’s elite who have monitored his form over the past 18 months. AC Milan are among his admirers.

Another quote counters this claim and it was made on TalkSport today.

Talksport currently talking to a Dutch journo who spoke to Rafa after the game on Sunday. Said that while Rafa did comment that he believes he is best through the middle, he didn’t criticise Redknapp or the club at all and was instead in great spirits about his goal and the team’s performance.

The journo himself then said that he thinks Rafa is just the victim of some dodgy journalism.

I don’t know. Anything to stir up unrest. So if any journalists happen by… Please refrain from causing trouble. Just watch the video below… We know you’re a gooner really pal.


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Oct 032011



Well folks this is the day after the afternoon before. And I don’t know about you, but Ray Charles has nailed my emotions bang on. And to make the sunshine even more pleasent here’s a little ice cream sundae to go with… Look away now if your names Wilshere.

Rafa gives Wilshere a double nutmeg.

Rafa’s goal for Hamburg against.OH would you believe it Arsenal.

Rafa’s Penalty.

Oh Deary me.

We’re not go’in home.

We now go into the two week international break. Let’s just hope we get all the lads back in one piece ready for the next game against Newcastle on the 16th October at St James Park.

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Tottenham set to take on six new trialists at the Lodge.

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Oct 012011

Tottenham Hotspur are due to announce a new partnership with Ecuadorean club Independiente del Valle. And as a result of which six of the South American side’s young stars will travel to White Hart Lane this week to begin trial periods at Spurs with a view to a permanent move.

Among those trialists is one Junior Sornoza, who starred for Ecuador at the South American Under-20 championships. Although the link is yet to be made official, it represents a somewhat familiar approach to talent scouting by Spurs these days.

Tottenham who already have similar deals in place with SuperSport United (South Africa) South China (Hong Kong) San Jose`Earthquakes (USA). And also Internacional of Brasil. The deal that ensures Tottenham have first option on all academy players from the Brazilian outfit.

This arrangement has already proved to be fruitful, with the acquisition of Sandro Raneri a powerhouse type midfielder that has begun to dominate the Spurs midfield, alongside another new addition in one Scott Parker.

And could again continue to do so, should the North London giants pursue their interest in one Leandro Damiao a twenty-two year old striker that has grabbed the attention of World football with his displays for both club and country.

With the European game almost completely covered by vast scouting networks, It is in the hands of English clubs who must begin to look to the next stage of talent identification. If they are to stay ahead of the opposition, it is vital for Premier League sides to start tapping into the previously unexplored depths of South American football talent.

Birmingham have introduced the likes of Jean Beausejour, Wilson Palacios and Cristian Benitez to the Premier League while Maynor Figueroa, Hugo Rodallegaand Antolin Alcaraz are currently on the books at Wigan, who also gave Antonio Valencia his first big European break after two years in the Villareal reserves.

Thanks to: This is Futbol for sourcing this news.

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Sep 282011

Hi there Peeps. Just a little something to keep you up to date.

Tuesday the twenty-seventh and Spurs young Cockerels were at PSV’s De Herdgang training centre. To take part in their third match in the Nextgen Series.

Having drew their first game 2-2 away at FC Basel, and then completing a momentous 7-1 home victory against Inter Milan’s finest. Tim Sherwood’s youngsters were sure to be full of confidence going into this game. And it showed. After dominating the first half Spurs went in at the break one goal up through Souleymane Coulibaly. Though it could and should have been considerably more.

PSV though came back stronger in the second half and eventually Mohammed Rayhi equalised for the home side on the hour mark. This however did not deter the young Spurs side who continued to push for the winner. Which came courtesy of Jack Munns in the final minutes.

Spurs (4-3-1-2); Miles; Barthram; Stewart; Veljkovic; Day; Luongo; Dombaxe; Pritchard; Bostock (Nicholson, 70); Oyenuga (Munns, 74); Coulibaly. Unused substitutes – Ekong, Ango.

“It should have been all over by half-time,” said Tim, our Technical Co-Ordinator.

“We played really well, hit the woodwork a few times and deserved to go in ahead.

“But the tables turned in the second half. PSV came out stronger and Jonathan Miles made a great save at 1-1, that was important.

“Full credit to the lads as they managed to wrestle the initiative back in the final 15 minutes.

“We got ourselves back in front and then had to see it out as they threw everything at us in injury time.

“Massimo Luongo was our top man in midfield, we were very good across the back four, Jonathan made his saves and overall, we deserved to win.

“Once again, it was a great experience for these lads.”

The win made it seven points from our opening three matches and moved us to the top of Group Four.

John Bostock also made an appearance, as he continues to regain his fitness following an injury that had kept him sidelined for some time.

We play PSV at home next – scheduled for October 19 – with a trip to Inter Milan and FC Basel at home to follow.

The top two teams from the tournament’s four groups will eventually meet in the knockout phase in January.

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Sep 252011

What exactly are the qualities that make for a world-class central midfielder? Now I don’t mean a  solely defensive midfielder as such. Or for that matter a flair player with no defensive attributes. Let me explain.

Qualities in no particular order;

ENGINE: For me he must be able to run all day long. His lungs taking in oxygen as though there’s no tomorrow. Yet still the opposition cannot keep him shackled.

FIRST/SECOND TOUCH: Being able to bring instantly under his control any balls laid into him. As we all know those extra few seconds of time can make the world of difference in how you play the game.

VISION: Taking in the movement of those around you. Being able to play it safe or pick that killer pass.

LEADERSHIP: Should you “lead” by example or by the vocality of your personality. Either way a good midfielder can become a great one should he have this quality.

GOAL SCORER: something that will get you noticed for sure. But yes it is a string that will add to your bow.

TACKLING: Breaking up play as professionally as you create it.

Now then the reason I ask you these questions is simple. But before I carry on here is one more. What would you say Gareth Bales better position is?

For those of you who wish to continue with him as a left-sided winger I say that’s fair enough. He plays well there in fact so much so that he has become one of the worlds best players in that position. Though he has been marked out of games that he really shouldn’t have been.

You might also be of the mind to side with Harry who would see him long-term as a left back. Giving him more pitch to run in to, though for me you would indeed lose a lot of his positive impact on the game should he play in that role.

Now then here’s my thought. For a while now I have been pondering how Bale could utilise his talents more. After all being either a winger or left back you are usually on the periphery of the game, and with someone like Bale you want him involved as much as possible. Though if you were to move him in-field where you could appreciate more often those talents mentioned above, surely then this would aid both the growth of Gareth and Tottenham Hotspur.


Where would you like to see Gareth, pushed out on the wing where you can double up on him,giving him no room to move? Or further back in a predominantly defensive  position, where he has even less impact on the game?

Or how about smack bang in the middle of the park where he has all the room in the world to run at you. Powering into the box with the ball at his feet?


ENGINE: Probably one of his biggest assets. He’ll run that midfield all day long with those powerful lungs of his? This was also one of Vieira’s main talents.

FIRST/SECOND TOUCH: Another of Gareth’s qualities is his ball control giving him time in an area of the pitch renowned for the lack of such. Something Patrick had in his locker too.

TACKLING/VISION: Breaking up play before spraying it out with that lovely left foot of his? Vieira was also renown for his defensive game.

GOAL SCORER: Then there’s the goals. Gareth has scored thirteen goals in eighty-two appearances for Spurs from set pieces or coming in from that wide position. And five in forty for Southampton. So we know he is capable. Now how many would that be where he involved more in the play? Whereas Patrick Vieira scored forty-five in four hundred and fifty-six games.

LEADERSHIP: Now I saw him encouraging Emmanuel Adebayor on Saturday after he wanted to come off with that facial injury. Seeing him running down the opposition would also inspire me where I on the same team. So he does have these qualities too. And I’m sure much more to come.

Yes there will no doubt be an argument against him moving in-field. There may also be people wondering why I’m comparing Gareth to Patrick, one of Arsenals Greatest ever players. Well its simpley for that reason alone. He was one of the best players to grace the Premiership and so is Gareth.

As you know points of view are always welcome here. However all I ask is the next time you watch Spurs and you see Gareth move inside with ball possession,where he drives at the opposition defense just consider, could this be the new Welsh Patrick Vieira.

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Sep 252011


Harry Redknapp feels Tottenham Hotspur had close to their best team on show during the 2-1 victory away to Wigan Athletic.

First-half goals from Rafael van der Vaart and Gareth Balesecured the points as Spurs withstood a second-half rally from Wigan, who replied through Mohamed Diame and then had Steve Gohouri sent off.

Jermain Defoe missed the game at the DW Stadium due to illness, but Brazilian midfielder Sandro featured in the Premier League for the first time this season after a summer knee operation.

Redknapp was impressed by the combination of Sandro and Scott Parker, and is looking forward to the future after a third successive Premier League win.


“There’s players missing, but that’s not far away from our best team,” Redknapp told Sky Sports. “I’m not saying it’s our best team, but there’s enough good players in there to make it very difficult to dislodge them out of our best team.

“We’re very, very strong and I think we’ve got the makings of a really good side.

“We lost Jermain Defoe, who was ill overnight and had a high temperature. We had to get a driver to drive him back to London to get him home.

“Sandro came back today alongside Scott Parker and I liked the look of that combination in there. It gave us some strength and I think we’re looking strong.”

Redknapp – we were dominant


The Spurs boss was disappointed his side failed to build on their first-half domination against Wigan and was unhappy with the manner of the home team’s goal early in the second period.

He added: “It was complete domination first half really and we could’ve been at least four-up.

“We absolutely controlled the game from the start to the finish of the half, and then we did exactly what I told them at half-time not to do, and that was to get sloppy and give a sloppy goal away because they needed a lift.

“If we could’ve started the first 10 minutes as we played in the first half it would’ve been game over.”


For me too that wasn’t far away from our best first eleven. Though you have to leave room for changes when players have a dip in form, or when facing other opposition. But other than that it was pretty close.

There is of course the issue of whether two battling midfielders in Sandro and Parker might be a system suited to away days, or the more powerful teams in the league. And that we might have just the one for home games so that you could then have the pairing of  both Defoe and Adebayor.

Again, you could still play the said front two, and have the steely midfield duo. Only then you’ll have to choose two from Modric` Kranjcar Lennon Bale and Van Der Vaart. Though to be fair Sir Alex does this player rotation with great success and this is what we should be aiming to mirror.

However going back to yesterdays game I was a little frustrated with the way we played around with Wigan, when we should, with the amount of possession we had really have finished them off earlier in the game. This led then to an anxious wait as with only one goal in it there’s always the chance of things coming back to bite you.

The pairing of Sandro and Parker though really made us look formidable in and around the centre of midfield. So much in fact that Wigan’s threat was pushed out to the flanks. With the once highly coveted Moses generally being contained by the ever improving Kyle Walker.

Let’s take for example then Next weekends derby against Arsenal. Now should we play one of Sandro and Parker leaving another position to the more creative players in the squad. Or would it be wiser to go with them both giving the likes of Adebayor and Defoe, who I’m sure by then will be feeling much better, a firmer base to work off.

Anyhow I’ll leave it for you to decide. Though might I give a round of applause to the Tottenham faithful who totally dominated the terrace chanting too at the DW Stadium. Well played. So then what’s your best eleven? Do you agree with Harry or not?

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Sep 232011

Whilst mooching through the Tottenham official site earlier today I came across an article reporting how we have gone four hundred minutes of football without conceding a goal (penalties not included).

Now I’m most probably like everyone else around here at Triffic. That is to say I love a game with loads of goals and the mazer the run the better. Dinks and Chips please with extra salt and vinegar.

Yet there is a certain sense of satisfaction at shutting out the opposition that has been creeping into my views for a while now. Perhaps it’s got something to do with letting in so many goals recently. After all we’re not renown for our defence are we? Yep there’s defiantly something reassuring knowing that if we score there’s a good chance of us keeping a clean sheet and pocketing the three points.

Below is the article off the Official:

Harry Redknapp is delighted with the way we are shaping up after back-to-back Premier League victories going into Saturday’s trip to Wigan.

The manager admits we were brimming with belief going into last Sunday’s 4-0 win over Liverpool having defeated Wolves away from home the weekend before.

Combined with a well-earned goalless draw against PAOK in the Europa League and a hard-fought match in the Carling Cup at Stoke in midweek, which ended in a penalty shoot-out loss, we have now gone nearly 400 minutes without conceding since those early season defeats at the hands of the Manchester sides.

Key players such as Sandro and Rafael van der Vaart are now fit again, with Aaron Lennon and William Gallas among those progressing, leaving Harry full of optimism.

In Friday’s pre-match press conference, he said: “We were very confident that we would win against Liverpool. We had a great result at Wolves and I could sense that we were starting to believe.

“We’ve kept four clean sheets in a row now, which has been good on the back of a couple of heavy defeats.

“Now we are much stronger and in those first 30 minutes against Liverpool we were fantastic. We were much the better team from start to finish.

“We have players like Sandro and Rafa coming back from injury, along with a few others, so when the squad is fit we have a very good squad and a good team. We have a chance of doing very well again this season.”

But Wigan are our next test at the DW Stadium, and Harry is full of respect for the side managed by Roberto Martinez and the Lancashire club as a whole.

He added: “I like the manager. I think he is fantastic. He is a great manager, a young manager who has a great future. I like the way he plays, the way he gets his teams playing football.

“The chairman there, Dave Whelan, is excellent, a real football man. He’s put his money in to Wigan and has taken them to where they are now.”

Yes tis true. Since those early season defeats against Champions Manchester United and possible Champions elect Manchester City. where we let in a combined eight goals. We have kept respective clean sheets against Wolverhampton Wanderers Liverpool PAOK and Stoke. Now this must bode well as during the campaign that saw us achieve Champions League football we only conceded ten goals at home all season.

So what could we put this upturn in fortune down to? A change in goalkeeper perhaps? With Brad Friedel replacing our former number one Heurelho Gomes are the back four being organised more efficiently? Well for sure you can hear that Freidel is a much more vocal keeper, he also appears more comfortable when coming for crosses.

There has also been the presence of one Ledley King in both League games and we all know how the players improve when he is on the pitch. Yet he was not involved in the Europa game against PAOK. Or the League Cup game against Stoke.

Scott Parker then, he has definitely added some grit to the middle of the park. But again he has only been involved in the two most recent League fixtures. Surely then there must be something else going on at Spurs. Or is it just one of those things that takes a pinch of Friedel a smidgen of Ledley and a dollop of good fortune.

Either way may this continue for many many games to come. But if you do have the answer please let us know. Cheers.

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Sep 232011

Another game. Another hopeful victory? This Saturday sees’ our traveling band venture up North to a town that once knew only the rough and tumble of rugby. And had tucked away like some dark menacing secret, a football pitch to match for those who dared to dabble in the forbidden game. Through streets wrapped in mists, men wandered avoiding curious glances offered of publicans closing up for the night.

It seems Tottenham have failed to score in four of their last six Premier League meetings with Wigan. Yet in the remaining two games have found the net twelve times. The obvious game that springs to mind was the nine one thrashing at White Hart Lane back in the 2009/10 season.

The Latics have won just two of the 12 Premier League games against Spurs (W2 D5 L5), but those have come in the last three meetings at the DW Stadium where times are changing for Wigan. With Roberto Martinez opting for a more entertaining style of football to appease the locals. And of course his own conscience. After all that’s what most fans want to see nowadays.

Though Wigan are coming of the back of a three one defeat at the hands of Everton.They are unbeaten in their last six Premier League games at the DW Stadium. Spurs have scored four goals between the 66th and 68th minutes in their last three games. Let us show a little patience then should we find ourselves nil nil late into the second half.

Playing against Wigan has often been seen as one of those must win games. A match where we undoubtedly have the percentage of possession yet have lacked that killer instinct (nine one game aside). This then will be another test for our newly formed forward line. An away game against unfancied opponents, a must win surely? Yet so often these are the games we have struggled to come away with a victory.                                                           Have no fear Miss Moneypenny. Adebayor is neither shaken nor stirred in front of goal.

Franco Di Santo has scored three goals in his last three PL apps; one more than he had in his previous 57. Tottenham have won only five and lost 14 of their last 23 Premier League away trips against teams from the north-west. Yet with Scott Parker and the newly returned Sandro the midfield should be more resilient than ever. William Gallas should also return from injury though whether he will partner Younes Kaboul or Ledley King will be left until Saturday morning after Ledders has his run out.

Referee Jonathan Moss has only officiated two previous Premier League games and both ended as 2-1 wins for the away team. None of the last nine games he has officiated in the Football League (excluding playoffs) have resulted in a home victory.

Jermain Defoe has scored more goals against Wigan (10) than versus any other opponent in Premier League history.

Tottenham are one of only two teams in Premier League history to score nine goals in a match, when they beat Wigan 9-1 at home in November 2009. Defoe is one of only four players to score five goals in a single match, which he managed against Wigan in that 9-1 win.


Sandro and Rafael van der Vaart are both available for Saturday’s trip to Wigan in the Barclay’s Premier League.

Brazilian midfielder Sandro made his long-awaited return from a knee injury in Tuesday’s Carling Cup tie at Stoke and came through 71 minutes.

Rafa also started that match having played 45 minutes in last Sunday’s win over Liverpool following a hamstring injury, and is now back to full fitness.

However, Benoit Assou-Ekotto is a doubt through illness, while Niko Kranjcar (ankle) and Roman Pavlyuchenko (hamstring) have been ruled out of the visit to the DW Stadium.

They join an injury list that includes Aaron Lennon (groin) and William Gallas (calf), who Harry Redknapp reports are both making progress and will soon be available for selection.

Aaron has returned to training today (Friday) while William came through 90 minutes of a friendly with Brentford earlier this week.

Steven Pienaar (groin) and Danny Rose (ankle) are also progressing well but remain sidelined along with Michael Dawson (Achilles) and Tom Huddlestone (ankle).



A worry for me though has to be the left back position with BAE a doubt due to illness. Danny Rose who was so accomplished there towards the end of last season is also out due to an ankle problem. There is of course the option of Gareth Bale yet to move him further back from the oppositions defense would please them immensely. So could this be an opportunity for Andros Townsend to make his league debut? After all he has taken that role on during cup competitions and coped admirably.


A win this weekend could see us move up to forth in the league:

Saturday September 24 – Day 6
24 Sep, 12:45 Manchester CityvEverton Etihad Stadium, Manchester
24 Sep, 15:00 Newcastle UnitedvBlackburn Rovers St. James’ Park, Newcastle
24 Sep, 15:00 Wigan AthleticvTottenham Hotspur DW Stadium, Wigan
24 Sep, 15:00 LiverpoolvWolverhampton Wanderers Anfield, Liverpool
24 Sep, 15:00 ChelseavSwansea City Stamford Bridge, London
24 Sep, 15:00 ArsenalvBolton Wanderers Emirates Stadium, London
24 Sep, 15:00 West Bromwich AlbionvFulham The Hawthorns, West Bromwich
24 Sep, 17:30 Stoke CityvManchester United Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent
Sunday September 25 – Day 6
25 Sep, 16:00 Queens Park RangersvAston Villa Loftus Road, London
Monday September 26 – Day 6
26 Sep, 20:00 Norwich CityvSunderland Carrow Road, Norwich

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Sep 192011

Well if the result at the weekend wasn’t joyous enough. We now find ourselves given a wonderfully frothy topping on what was an already tasty latte’. Mmm…. just yummy. Anyhow below is the quote taken from the official site read it and chill.


Sandro and William Gallas could return to action in Tuesday night’s Carling Cup third round tie at Stoke.

Neither player has featured so far this season.

Sandro suffered a knee injury on international duty with Brazil at the Copa America in the summer while William is on the way back from a calf problem that struck early in pre-season.

“I’m hoping William Gallas may be okay to come back, we’ll see how he is after training this morning,” reported Harry Redknapp at Spurs Lodge on Monday.

“Sandro is also on his way back and I may get an hour out of him tomorrow. It would be great if I could get those two back playing again.

“Other than that it will be one or two of the younger players who have played recently and done well and one or two of the seniors players who didn’t feature on Sunday.”

The manager said he was likely to make a changes from the team that was so impressive against Liverpool on Sunday, but insisted he was after a win at Stoke, nothing less.

“We want to stay in the competition, we want to win and go all the way if we can,” he said.

“We could have Sandro and William Gallas back, Pav needs another game, van der Vaart is back, Gomes, Bassong, Corluka – that’s not a bad team, is it?

“One or two of the youngsters will get another chance as well.”

Michael Dawson, Danny Rose, Steven Pienaar, Tom Huddlestone, Aaron Lennon all remain sidelined.


So we could also see a few of the youngsters then. Though I have to be honest I hope Harry doesn’t make too many needless changes to the side. Perhaps he could try the Sandro Parker combination. And even replace Falque for the injured Kranjcar. Plus one or two more. But not wholesale alterations as we know that the Brittania is an extremely difficult ground to get anything from.

Peter Crouch could also make an appearance against his former club, alongside the tenacious Wilson Palacios. Though I feel Woody may be saved for their League campaign. It will be strange though to see them line up against us. Yes there are those who disliked Peter and considered him too cumbersome to play for Tottenham. Though for me he always tried his best and should be remembered with fondness.

Whereas both Wilson and Woody were firm fans favorites. Yet their careers have been affected in differing ways Jonathan with his troublesome injury and Palacios the sad loss of his brother something which hounded him terribly, as I’m sure it would most. Perhaps then a change of scenary was best for the two of them to help re-kindle their careers.

This should be a lively encounter with both sides encountering a four nil scoreline over the weekend. Stoke suffering at the hands of Sunderland will be looking to put that game firmly to bed, and I’m sure we will have to be fully committed to get anything from this game. Hopefully our positive result over Liverpool will improve the players confidence even moreso.

Let’s hope then any changes wont have a detrantery effect on the teams performance.

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Sep 182011

Well who would have thought it… Emmanuel Adebayor the new darling of the Tottenham faithful. With poetry and love letters straight from the heart being recited from terraces and balconies alike.

Though there may still be the odd one reserving judgement until further on in the league season, and an even “odder” one or two holding a grudge that by now must have gathered more than an inch of dust. And to those few I say… “Are we not all worthy of a second chance”. After all when Emmanuel arrived upon these green and pleasant shores he wasn’t to know he had opted for the woeful end of the Seven sisters.

However for the majority of Tottenham fans their hearts have been won over completely by this dashing young man with enough trickery to beguile the better defences in the land. His divine flick today being a mirror image of that scored by Messi in the Champions League last Season and should rightly be proclaimed as such a delight.

This though is not all he has brought to the club. As for me an air of authority has breathed in beside him… A swagger. Yes that’s it, the Tottenham swagger is their for all to see and cast an envious eye upon.

Defoe for one seems to be relishing having Ade beside him. And the partnership  is growing game by game. His well taken goal today had me drooling. Wonderful, absolute class. The way he received the ball before backing in on goal and turning to drive home. Pure sunshine.

Of course the papers will ultimately focus on the two sendings of, (both of which deservedly so). Yet they cannot deny the supremacy shown by a rampant Spurs side with Modric showing why he is valued so highly at the club. All four goals today had the right to be the winner in any other game.

Which then for you would you Seal With A Loving Kiss.

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Sep 142011

TOTTENHAM SQUAD: Gomes, Cudicini, Archer, Bassong, Corluka, Walker, Waller-Lassen, Livermore, Townsend, Fredericks, Carroll, Nicholson, Parrett, Pavlyuchenko, Dos Santos, Falque, Kane, Lancaster, Pritchard.

Harry Redknapp has named an inexperienced squad to face Greek side PAOK Salonika in Thursday’s Europa League game. Perhaps with half an eye on Sundays visit of Liverpool to the Lane. Kyle Walker then being the only player to keep his place from the team that faced Wolverhampton Wanderers last weekend.

Pavlyuchenko, Corluka, Dos Santos and Bassong the only other outfield players with tangible experience of European football, this squad does seem a little too fragile for my liking. Though there are many who would argue that this is a league tournament and we should then accumulate enough points over the remaining fixtures to see ourselves through.

Either way this should prove the perfect opportunity for the likes of Livermore Gio and Falque to stake a claim for first team football. Whilst for the other youngsters it will go a long way to aid in their development. Let’s just hope we don’t get embarrassed.

So do you side with Harry and applaud his use of the youngsters? Or are you of the mind that this may be a little too far and that we should have a mix of more experience to carry us through?

Thursday night’s Europa League group stage opener at PAOK will be televised live by ESPN.

We’re part of a double-bill on ESPN alongside Atletico Madrid against Celtic.

Remember, we kick-off at 6pm UK time at the Toumba Stadium.

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