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Sep 102012

Fickle. One word. Fickle. Its only been 3 games and many fans are already calling for AVB and Levy’s head. Its honestly embarrassing.

Firstly AVB. At least give the man a chance to instill his tactics onto the team and give us the success and consistency that the squad has the potential to have. I agree that AVB probably made a few mistakes yesterday in the starting lineup on Saturday but the players are mainly at fault for the dire performance against Norwich and they will adapt to the new tactics and perform better with time, something that many fans for whatever reason are failing to give them. You have to understand that the team are used to playing 4-4-2 and 4-4-1-1 which they have been playing for years and of course it takes time to suit to the new style of play that AVB uses.

Now Levy. Take into account that at the end of the day it is a business and Levy has been doing his best to make a profit while taking the team forward. We have gone from a mid-table team to a top four team in the last 10 years all under levy’s guidance and that in itself is a huge achievement especially as he has been making profit throughout those ten years unlike Manc and Chelski who have bought their way to the top as their owners use the club as a hobby unlike ours. Levy has of course made mistakes but in large he has done alot of good for this club. A new stadium is currently under construction, a top training centre has been created, he removed harry when you were all calling for his head and as mentioned earlier he has brought the club to new found heights in the league. I was as upset as the next fan when we lost VDV and modders, but in general we have been very productive in the market. Lloris is the no1 for france and their captain and will be a huge success, I guarantee it. We all saw what dembele was capable of against norwich on saturday, do I need to say anymore? And dempsey is a proven goalscorer in this leauge and will score goals for the club. With a few changes to the starting 11 we may have a successful season.

You wonder why I wrote “may have a succesful season”? and that is because the support the team received on saturday was disgusting. If the fans continue to have that sort of outlook on the team when things arent going our way then I may have to retract my claim that we have the best fans in the country and we certainly will not have a succesful season. In order for the team to blossom under the new regime of AVB and Co then we need to give him time to make his mark and create that winning formula. I hope this article has given you new found belief in the team and what it is capable of with your support and hopefully after the international break we will be able to turn this all around and get back to winning ways.

May 242012

This season Brad Friedel has been fantastic. He has produced some truly great saves and kept a decent number of clean sheets this season for us. Though on occasion he has had a few poor performances, against man city at the beginning of the season he let in 5 goals, of course some of which he could nothing about but he could have performed better. Also against QPR more recently he let in a freekick that was easily managable from Spurs Old Boy, Adel Taarabt. Also Brad is 41 years old and will retire in the near future as he is simply too old. He has the experience but he is losing the physical ability and you can see it in some of his performances.

Fortunately on the 19th of May Sunderland released Scotland international Craig Gordon. Craig is a nine million pound rated keeper and recently won the Premier League Save of the 20 Seasons award with an incredible save against Bolton. Even better is Craig has never played in either the Europa league or the Champions League and if he were to join spurs he would accept lower wages to join for free. He is only 29 years old and is a great keeper. The only downside would be that he is injury prone, but he is currently injury free. He wouldnt have to be first team keeper in his first season as Friedel still looks to have another season in him, but Gordon could be a true blessing to the club in the future as he is currently in his peak years with experience and athleticism.

Harry! Sign him up!