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Aug 012011

As we enter into a new month, the final month of the transfer window, we are left with the same question fans have been asking since January…..WHERE THE F IS THE STRIKER WE NEED?!?

Sorry bout that bit of anger, but my therapist told me I need to get some of my aggression out, instead of holding it in. But you all know what I’m talking about. Since January, maybe further back, we all knew that our current crop of strikers needed to be improved and yet nothing has been done about it. I know we signed that 16 yr old Ivorian, but I’m talking about a real proven striker. Who knows, maybe the kid is ready to roll, but regardless, we need some help on the forward line.

Now the blame could be laid on any one of many numerous people or situations. The ridiculous amounts other, less-proven players have been going for (Jordan Henderson – 20 mil? Really?), Levy not wanting to pull the trigger, Harry running his mouth or a multitude of other believable reasons. The fact of the matter is that it is two weeks from the start of the season and we are looking at pretty much the same squad as last year. Which is not a very reassuring thought. Improvements are needed in specific areas if we are really going to try to make a run at the Champions League places.

I am not going to list the players who I think we should go for, or should have already gone for (*cough*Llorente *cough*) but it is about time that the club shows a little bit of muscle and fixes our most blaring weakness. Bottom line, we cannot sustain a successful campaign with the 4 primary striker we possess. If we were aiming for the 5-8th positions then yes, but since Spurs are trying to improve and make themselves into a real contender, this areas needs to be improved.

Those are just my simple thoughts. I apologize that there really wasn’t much meat to this article but I had a few thoughts and needed to voice them. Love that shrink of mine. Would’ve gone postal by now if it wasn’t for him, but if Tottenham don’t do something that signals their intent, I feel no amount of help is going to save me from going off the deep end.

Cheers and thanks for reading!


Jul 142011

I think the title says it all in this case.

 This Modric BS is really getting old quick. I really thought this story would just go away and Luka would be a Spurs player come September. Unfortunately, every day there is something new whether it be a transfer request, a gentleman’s agreement or a undervalued bid from a cross-town rival. Yes, Chelsea wants one of our best players (I know, shocking) and we don’t want to sell. There are so many things that are driving me mad about this whole mess. So we shall list a few points.

27 million? Really?

So, Jordan Henderson is worth 20 as is Stewart Downing, yet Luka Modric is only valued at 27? While I am aware that Luka doesn’t score many goals or get too many assists, he does create a multitude of opportunities and more often than not, is involved with the play leading up to a goal. That is the only negative thing one could say about him. He has adapted to the physicality of the English game and is able to control a match from the center of the park. He is capable of doing many wonderful things with the ball and has a great range of passing. Luka has also improved the defensive side of his game with solid tackling and a fearless mentality even when dealing with some of the more physical players in the EPL. So, 27 million is what’s he’s valued at by Chelsea. If I was him, I would be insulted by their valuation as those two other players mentioned earlier may be good, but not near Modric’s skill.

Chelsea will bid again and it may be around 30-35 million.

What to do then? Well, hopefully Daniel Levy will dig his heels in and say “if you want him, the bidding shall start at 45” or just tell them to piss off. Either way, Spurs would benefit. 45 million is alot of money to play with. Yes, Luka would be a loss but not the end of the world. Huddlestone and Sandro (when he comes back) would work together as the two holding midfielders and leave the scoring to the wingers, Rafa and a striker. I am not going to say who we should buy (*cough Llorente cough*) but with that kind of money, most strikers could be obtained. Plus, there would be some extra for another world-class player.

But then we are a feeder club.

I tend to disagree with this idea. Even the best clubs in the world sometimes get stuck in this situation where one of their best players want to leave. Look at Ronaldo and United or Ibra with Barca, even Zidane left Juventus for Madrid. Sometimes you just have to realize that when someone wants out, there is no way to change that opinion. But this is where good business comes into play. One must maximize the profit when selling one of their prized assets. Levy is a good businessman and if the time comes where Spurs decide to sell, he will get top-dollar. This much I am pretty sure of.

We would be strengthening one of our rivals.

And this, being my final point, is a tough one. Who else is willing to part with 40-45 million, even 35 million for anyone? Yes, Chelsea may be able to splash the cash but there are a few others who have money. Look at Juventus, they are looking to spend money and play the Barcelona way, maybe we can get them in on the bidding. Barcelona would be a good fit for Luka as he can be seen as a Xavi-type player but do they have the funds? Maybe. How about this one. If Inter sell Sneijder to United for 35 million, we could offer Luka to them. The Italian game would suit Luka as he is technically gifted and good at starting the counterattack. Plus, we would stick it to Chelsea. And screwing over a rival is always a wonderful thing.

Just a few ideas. Let me know what you all think. Thanks for reading everyone.

Jul 082011

You know, as much as Sky and the Daily Mail want to talk about how Modric is leaving or whatever, at least we can have a laugh at how things are playing out on the red half of North London. Nasri, Fabregas, van Persie, Arshavin and Walcott have all been strongly linked with moves elsewhere. As much as I would love to see them all leave, if three of those five get sold, I will call up my friend John (who is an Arsenal fan) and just leave a 3 minute message of me laughing and singing Spurs songs. Sorry John, but payback is a mother.

Nasri all of a sudden thinks he is the greatest thing since the creation of beer (A Frenchman thinking this? I know, shocking.) and how he is due to be paid more. Fine with me bro, but maybe you should have tried to renegotiate before you and the team hit the wall mid-February. Just a thought. Please, please, please go to Man U or Chelsea. Couldn’t care where you went as long as you leave the Gunners.

Fabregas to Barca is a story we have all heard for close to 2 yrs now. When is Arsenal going to realize that he wants to go? Maybe when he posts a picture of him wearing a Barca jersey….whoops, too late for that one. When he says he would love to return to the Nou Camp….yep, he’s done that plenty of times. Hmmm, I guess the only way for the people at Arsenal to get the idea is when he says, in his best Eric Cartman voice, “Screw you guys….I’m going home!” Cause that would be awesome Let’s just hope he does do that and releases the audio.

As for those other tools, Arshavin says he wants out. Wow, and only a year after Arsenal fans were laughing at us cause we had the chance to sign him. Karma, eh? RVP, who cares if he stays or goes. He’ll be injured for half the season and then get red carded for doing something dumb when he gets healthy. Walcott, meh I guess he is the most likely candidate to stay as he has nothing really to complain about. If those other guys leave he might actually start a few matches. And I forget where I saw some stat where they compared Walcott to Lennon over the past 2 yrs and in almost every category, with the exception of goals scored, Azza is on top. Another little something for those buttheads up the road to think about.

So anyway, with all the attention on Modric and the possibility that he could have been sold, which he won’t be anytime soon, I thought it would be great to shine a little light on the fun over in the Emirates. Cheers everyone!

Jul 022011

Ok people, with all this transfer talk I figured it would be a great time to play a little game. Basically, it consists of buying and selling players, paying them and finishing with a positive balance. One may say that this is simple economics and using whatever capital you may hold in order to better your business. So, in an effort to make it interesting, we shall apply all aspects of player sales, signings and pay rates. And since we all love to say who we should or shouldn’t acquire, this game should go along smoothly, but let’s all be realistic. No one is going to buy Keane for 10 million or Bentley for 12. I will give the values of each player and their salaries (I don’t know their exact pay rate but we shall give it a try). We will exclude the player who have recently signed contracts or extensions, players who have little or no value and some of the youth squad.


Value in millions of pounds/ Pay rate in pounds per week

Gomes- 5/ 40,000
















Modric-35/75,000 (There has been much talk of his rate being @45, but I seriously doubt that is what it is)






dos Santos-9/45,000





I think that covers all of the 1st squad. If I missed anyone, obviously they are not that important but you can call me on it. Ok final rules: Starting with a Transfer Budget of 15 Million and a max weekly salary of 1.5 million for the entire squad, who would you buy or sell to end up without a negative budget.

For example, here is mine.







dos Santos




So, I gained 60 to add to my 15 and 495,000 to subtract from my 1.46 weekly salary. Therefore, I have a budget of 75 and am able to take on 535,000/ week.


Llorente-22/ 75,000





Transfer fees=68 out of 75 million

Weekly rates=1.24 million

Therefore, I am in the black in both. Plus I would more than likely be able to increase some of the star players salaries.

So there is my example, how about yours? Could you play the financial transfer game and come out on top? Take your best shot and see what happens! Good luck everyone!!

Jun 182011

Just a few things and everyone could get back to what they were doing, probably ready to rip their hair out over this whole Modric mess. So let’s get this started in a fun way.

Schedule-Everyone wants to say how this is a bad thing to have a lot of tough games right from the get-go. I disagree. I would rather have the tough ones at the start, win some-lose some and then cruise through the lesser teams later in the year. “But what about how we sucked against the lower table teams last year”, yeah I am sure that this will not happen again as the players have already realized the consequences (No Champs League, Entrance into the Europa League). So the opening 10 matches are tough, maybe this will light a fire under their asses.

Modric-I will be willing to put money on Luka being here on September 1st. Whether it is blind faith or just plain stupidity (as my girlfriend would say), I don’t see us selling any player, let alone our best, to a direct rival. I do truly think that he has just been misquoted and it’s not like this story is from a reliable source (Daily Mail). I feel that once we do sign a few good players he will be perfectly content at Spurs. Now if we miss the Champions League next season…….

Defoe to Arsenal-Oh please, please, PLEASE send this no talent ass-clown to the Emirates. I would personally fly to London, rent a lorry, pack up his shit and drop him off in front of Arsene’s house if given the chance. Too many sitters missed, too much “me first” play, too much pay for no end product. Get. The. F. Out. Defoe.

Friedel-Good move with no money spent. Obviously Gomes is not reliable so bringing in one of the most consistent keepers is a good move. Are we going to sell Gomes? Probably not, but maybe the competition will bring him back to the previous season’s level of play. Doubtful, but hey, a guy could dream. But regardless, I really think that Gomes is as good as done as Harry has no faith in him anymore.

Crouch to Sunderland-See Defoe comment. Repeat comment with “Stadium of Light” and “Steve Bruce” in the right spots. Thanks for your services, but peace out Skeletor.

Damiao-Yes, we don’t know much about him but did we know about Sandro? We really need to start putting more trust into our scouting department as they have found Sandro and noticed the talent of BAE, Bale, Lennon, Hudd and Kaboul. Yes, the price may be a bit high, 12-14 million pounds, but if a club like Milan got involved, they would be asking 20-25. So let’s take a shot and I am sure in a year or two, he will be butter.

Jenas/ Keane to QPR/ Fulham-Get. The. F. Out. You. Friggin. Tools.

O’Hara to Wolves-Sad to see a hard-working guy go but in reality, who could he knock out of our regular starting XI? All the best to you, Mr. Danielle Lloyd.

Parker-Really? See the O’Hara comment. Could he replace Modric, no. Hudd, no. Sandro, no. Lennon, no. Bale, no. VDV, no. For 4 million pounds, yes it might be a good deal but what is going to be his sell-off value when he warms the bench for a season? Nada, no thanks Scotty. Plus, you played for West Ham, go F yourself (Sorry, there’s the Brooklyn in me).

Kaboul to Marseille-Seriously doubt it. Whether people want to believe it or not, he is our future CB. Once Gallas starts showing his age and King finally gives up (God that hurts to say), he is going to be starting week-in, week-out. Plus he is great cover at DM and RB. Keep him and give him more playing time Harry.

Well, I guess I touched on all of the predominant stories circulating through the web. If I missed something, don’t be afraid to call me out on it. Thank for reading and enjoy the weekend everyone!


May 242011

The Summer Before and Transfers

Coming off the most successful season Spurs have ever had in the Barclay’s Premier League, where they proved all their critics wrong, beating the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City on their way to locking up the 4th spot and entry into the Holy Grail of competitions, the Champions League, expectations were high. Knowing that teams like City and Liverpool were going to be gunning for their position, while dark-horse candidates such as Villa and Everton might sneak up and cause some concern, Tottenham knew they had their work cut out for them. A quiet summer with only Sandro signed seemed like we were reluctant to spend. Then came two bombshells in the names of Van der Vaart and Gallas. Rafa, with a pedigree of some of the top-clubs in Europe, and William, with a wealth of experience in the PL and Champions League, both looked like masterful signings by Daniel Levy and Harry Redknapp. Needless to say, both of these players brought a variety of emotions. Gallas was met with open arms by some and a cold shoulder by others. Personally, as long as he gave his all in the Lilywhite of Tottenham, all would be forgiven, which it has. Rafa, meanwhile, was touted as the new king of White Hart Lane, which at times has been justified. Overall, the players brought in could be listed as some of the signings of the season in the PL, if not all of Europe.

The season started with a bit of a whimper. A disappointing draw with those Citizens from Manchester and a loss to Young Boys in our Champions League qualifier. Being on the wrong end of a 3-2 scoreline in Bern would be considered a beautiful defeat as those two away goals came after we fell behind 3-0 inside the opening 30 minutes. A quick thought: A plastic pitch, really? We are in the 21st century right?

Traveling to Stoke for our next league match, we weren’t expected more than a draw as the Potters prefer the more physical aspect of the game. Luckily, thanks to a wonder strike from Gareth Bale and a refereeing decision in our favor, we escaped with 3 points in the bag. Returning home to the confines of White Hart Lane, we welcomed Young Boys for the 2nd leg of the Champions League qualifier. Let’s just say it was a beautiful thing to watch. We took the game to them from the get-go and won by a comfortable scoreline of 4-0, Crouch with the treble and Bale with the accolades.

Welcome to the Champions League Group Stage Tottenham

What a wonderful statement. Happy times ahead! Well, not yet. Wigan at home, three points surely? Oh irony, how do I loathe thee. Getting beat by a Rodellega goal against the run of play after dominating possession for the entire match. Meh, one could say we were not focused. This won’t be the last time we speak of this. Off to The Hawthornes to face West Brom. Modric opened the scoring with a some nice play, but had to be subbed off later. His loss really affected our play and we conceded the equalizing goal and in fact, we were lucky to leave with 1 point.

During this month, the groups for the Champions League were drawn. And who do we get matched up with, holders Inter Milan, German powerhouse Werder Bremen and Dutch Champions FC Twente. The first thing out of my mouth at this time was, well I can’t repeat it on here but it consisted of a barrage of curses and other choice words. We’d be lucky to snag third in this “Group of Death”. So off to Germany we went. Our first Champions League proper match against Bremen. I remember hearing the music and almost crying. It did, and still does, get me going like no other song. I swear, the hairs on my arms stand straight up and to my girlfriends horror, my 6 month old loves it. Score one for me! But I digress, Spurs went up 2-0 within the first 20 minutes, via an own goal and a classy header from 2 meter Peter. In true Spurs fashion, we conceded right before the half and then lost our mojo. The second half, Bremen was unlucky not to snatch the winner after an equalizer by the diminutive Marko Marin. Never the less, a point was a good start for our European campaign.

Back to the league. Those pesky Wolves at the Lane. Our bogey team from last term. And what happens, you guessed it, we fell behind right before the half thanks to a loss of concentration. There was to be a happy ending, though as a penalty by Rafa, a deflected cross which fell right to Roman Pavlyuchenko, who clinically slotted home (Defoe are you watching?) and a mix-up in the usually stout Wolves backline which allowed substitute Alan Hutton to chip in a third. 3-1 to the Spurs and 3 points in the bag. A Carling Cup matchup with “Le Arse” from up the way was next on the agenda. A second string squad with mostly players under the age of 22 including Steven Caulkner, Kyle Walker, Kyle Naughton and Sandro was outplayed by an almost full-strength Arsenal side yet we were 1-1 after 90 minutes. In the extra periods, we got caught looking tired and lost 4-1, but at least the kids got a chance to play. Spurs may have been knocked out of the Carling Cup but we had bigger fish to fry, next on our menu was West Ham. According to script, we outplayed them yet ended up losing by a scoreline of 1-0, helping the Hammers to their first league win of the season. Two London derby’s in a short time, two losses.

Champions League time at the Lane against FC Twente. Right from the whistle, we went at them hard and earned a penalty, which was missed by the usually reliable Rafa. A side thought: How is it the whole team misses penalties on the regular? Back to the second half. We continued attacking and got our reward, a great volley from Rafa who went from villain to hero, yet later would be back to villain after a Pav penalty put us 2-0. Twente responded with a scrappy goal and the ever mentioned Rafa had a rush of blood to the head and got booked a second time and given his marching orders. Normally Spurs would crumble after something like this but this time, another Pav penalty (a cheeky one at that) and a Bale goal saw us pick up our first Champions League proper win by a score of 4-1. Hooray!

Villa at home could have be seen as the perfect banana-peel and it looked that way when Marc Albrighton put the Midlanders up 1-0. Spurs, playing as the comeback kings, got a brace from Rafa to take all three points. No slip up there. A trip to Craven Cottage beckoned. We fell behind again (do I really even need to write this? It’s like clockwork) but came back and claimed all three points thanks to some refereeing help on a Tom Huddlestone strike. Yes, Gallas was offside, yes, he may have obscured the keepers vision, but hey we will take it. Off to Italy to face champions Inter Milan.

Within 2 minutes we were down 1, within 5 minutes down a goalkeeper and another goal, by the half it was 4-0. Boy, oh boy, not the way we wanted this story to go, but then there was a shining light in the form of a Welsh wizard. Playing down a man, Gareth Bale turned it into a one-man show as he stormed down the left, past almost the entire Inter team and got 1 halfway through the second frame. In an almost mirror image of the first, he grabbed a second and then with almost the final kick of the ball, took a pass from Aaron Lennon and hit the back of the net. Yes we lost, yes we played horribly in the first half but a message was sent to Milan, “At the Lane, be prepared, for a warning has been served”.

Returning from Italy, we were paid a visit from the blue half of Mercyside, Everton. Leighton Baines with a free kick, an absolute beauty of a goal. One that must be appreciated even by the opposition. But again, we come storming back, Rafa getting on the end of a Crouch knockdown which leveled the score. A good point gained, or is it two points lost? Regardless, on to the Theatre of Dreams known as Old Trafford. Falling behind again via a Vidic header, but the real moment came much later in the match. Gomes, thinking he won a free kick for Nani clearly handling the ball, puts the ball down and allows Nani to nip in and score the simplest of goals. Controversy at it’s best. A decision against the Spurs which totally deflated the team. Gomes, I must ask, did you hear a whistle jackhole? So why would you put the ball down? Oh right, cause you must make a mockery of modern goalkeeping on one of the biggest stages.

Vanquishing the Demons

November started with a bang, Inter Milan came a knocking and aimed to take 3 points that would cement them in first place of the group. Little did they know we had a couple of extra rounds in the chamber. We went ahead in the opening 20 minutes through some excellent play between Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Luka Modric, who then chipped the ball over the Inter defense to Rafa, barely onside, and he made no mistake about the finish. WHL erupts! Spurs didn’t let up though, and kept up their swashbuckling. It was mostly one way traffic as Bale, Modric, Rafa and Lennon kept the holders pinned back in their half. And then, 60 minutes into the second half, another breakthrough. Bale racing away from Maicon, for the umpteenth time, sends in a perfect cross for Crouchie to tap in for the second. It was now looking like Maicon was not the world’s best right back, it looked like he wasn’t good enough for the Championship. After a nice finish by Samuel Eto’o to make it 2-1, Spurs kept at it and got the final blow, another incredible run by Bale past one of the best defenses in the world who then centered it for Pav to tap in again. What a match this was. 3-1 to Spurs and now we sat upon the top of the group standings.

After that high, it was understood that we would come back down to earth, mostly by a 4-2 thrashing at Bolton followed by a dull 1-1 draw at home to Sunderland. Blackburn was next up at the Lane and we put them to the sword by a scoreline of 4-2 but it should have been more than 4 and they shouldn’t have even had 2, mostly due to some suspect goalkeeping….again. A short visit up the road to our hated rivals Arsenal was viewed as an almost guaranteed Gunners win. And it looked that way after a first half where we allowed them to cut open our defense time and time again which left us 2 nil down going into the half. Of course, seeing how this was an unpredictable season, of course we came back. Bale with a nice feed from Rafa, the Dutchman with a penalty and finally a free-kick headed home by Younes Kaboul. The end of the hex! A massive win for Spurs in their neighbors backyard and Arsene Wenger taking his frustration out on a water bottle. Classic!

Qualification to the Knockout Stage

Wins over Werder Bremen and Liverpool, in the final minute, made it a great month for the club. December started with a whimper with draws at Birmingham City and in Holland against FC Twente. But with the draw against the former Dutch champions, we locked up the top spot in our group and were assured a draw against the one of the runner-ups in the other groups. While Chelsea may have come to the Lane on a run of bad form, they still presented a dangerous foe. Roman opened the scoring with a sublime shot from the edge of the box but once again, Gomes makes a mess of things. Allowing a shot from Drogba, although struck well, get through him for the equalizer. And then in the final minute, brought down Ramires in the box, but then saved the resulting penalty. One may say a point gained, but again, 2 points lost when in the position to win.

So after 3 straight draws, the Christmas fixtures came fast and furious. Big wins at Aston Villa and home to Newcastle and Fulham gave us some real momentum, only for it to be lost at Goodison Park. Our first loss since the Bolton fiasco. Time to get ourselves back on track with an FA Cup match against fellow Londoners, Charlton Athletic. A 3-0 scoreline and we were rolling again. Just in time as Manchester United was next. Like so many other matches this season, we dominated preceedings yet even being a man up, could not breach United’s goal. Another opportunity missed. A bad performance in Newcastle and we only salvaged a point through Lennon’s last-gasp tally. FA Cup time again, this time on the road to Fulham. Let’s just say it would have been less embarrassing if Spurs had stayed home. Suicidal defending, a man sent off, penalties, the fact we only lost 4-0 was due to Fulham not going for it in the second half.

False Dawn or Was it?

Right about here is when I started thinking everyone was going wrong, we were destined to blow all our chances due to our pathetic strikeforce, players kicking the crap out of Bale and Lennon or just a joke of a keeper. A trip up to Lancashire to face Blackburn seemed like they could pile more misery onto us, but 2 meter Peter had a different idea, score with a header. From that point on, we took a siege mentality and barely made it out of our half, yet we walked away with all 3 points. An ugly win, but just what we needed…a bit of momentum. This helped us grab late winners against Bolton and Sunderland, both by Niko Kranjcar (who I really wish would have gotten more time on the pitch this past season after being so instrumental last term) and we boarded the plane to Italy, once again, to the stadium we visited earlier, to face Inter’s rival, AC Milan.

The critics all waited for us to falter, Milan would tear us apart with Ibrahimovic, Robinho and Pato running riot they all said. Too bad Harry had a plan. Use Wilson Palacios and Sandro to clog up the lanes and cut all supply lines to their front-men. This may have been one of the most brilliant tactical changes I have ever witnessed.  Milan could even be considered lucky not to have conceded any goals in the first half as it was one-way traffic. And then the moment in the second half when it seemed like Milan would finally break us down. Sandro steals the ball, gets it to Modric who feeds it to Lennon and he is off. Running full clip with Crouchie pulling the second defender out of the way, jukes out his marker, squares it in front for Peter and he finishes with clinical ease. 1-0 for Spurs and the most brilliant defensive effort I have ever seen from Tottenham.

The Cruelest of Fates

Of course, this was the beginning of the end of our season. A bad loss to Blackpool and then pathetic efforts against Wolves, West Ham and Wigan all but assured us that there would be no Champions League football played at the Lane next season. The only bright spot in that run was a dull 0-0 draw with Milan that advanced us to the next knockout round, where we were drawn with Real Madrid. And to make it even better, if by some miracle we could get past Jose Mourinho’s men, we would more than likely face Barcelona. Hooray!!! I mean c’mon, WTF? What our first season wasn’t tough enough? Inter, Milan, Werder Bremen, Twente and now Madrid? Stupid friggin lottery balls.

Off to Spain where we would match up with Real Madrid in the quarterfinals. Again, thanks to some poor goalkeeping and a 10 minute spell where Crouch received two yellows, we ended up on the wrong side of a 4-0 drubbing. It was effectively the end of our European adventure at the hands of Jose Mourinho. Yes, we still had the second leg at the Lane but realistically it was just for pride. A win against Stoke at home helped our domestic form but that was followed by a 1-0 loss to Madrid, where Gomes let a tame Ronaldo shot slip underneath him….again. So that was the official end of our Champions League dream. Put to the sword by a clinical and ruthless Madrid side led by the masterful Mourinho. It was a hell of a ride though, and we got farther than I had ever imagined. Maybe somethings could have worked out better but it was not to be.

The Aftermath

So we left looking up the table at City who seemed to only drop points when we dropped them, which meant that we would require some kind of minor miracle to grab the 4th spot again. Arsenal stopped by the Lane and together we produced one of the matches of the season where both teams, intent on attacking and careless in defense, served up a hell of a show. The 90 minutes flew past and when the dust settled the scoreline of 3-3 was fair. A point, but not enough as this represented our game in hand. What followed was a disappointing draw at home to a stubborn West Brom team which all but sealed our fate. But hey, who knows? Maybe we could get a win at Chelsea to put us right back into the thick of things. Nope, thanks again to some poor goalkeeping (I am really getting tired of writing about this) and some dubious refereeing. Did the ball cross the line and was Kalou offside when he scored the goal? Really it doesn’t matter but no it didn’t and yes he was. And it ruined a wonder strike from Sandro. Bastards, all of them, Gomes and the refs.

The final four matches looked like something could happen if everything worked out, but again, Gomes. Saves a penalty and then knocks down a Blackpool player for another penalty, which Charlie Adam duly converted. Only a late Jermaine Defoe strike spared our blushes, but too little too late. Harry finally replaced Gomes with Carlo Cudicini (who I feel could be our number one next season as he is very solid and commanding in the box) when we traveled to Manchester to face the Citizens.

What is that old saying, “He giveth and taketh away”, well “He” was Crouch as the same man who fired us into the Champions League, gave a goal to Mancini’s men which sent them to the promised land. Again, we completely dominated the match yet couldn’t get anything in the final third. A striker would be nice, you know one who actually makes runs, onside that is (Defoe I’m talking to you). Only pride to fight for in the final two matches. We ended the season with a memorable win at Anfield which represented Ledley King’s first match in god knows how long, and he looked like he had never been away. Playing like the champion he is, Leds, together with Daws stopped everything thrown at them. 2-0 for Spurs. The final day saw us welcoming relegation-threatened Birmingham City where they knew anything but a win would have them needing other results to work their way. Tottenham, showing a ruthless streak, sent them down to the Championship after two marvelous strikes from Pav. Say what you want about his work ethic, he can hit the crap out of the ball. And so that ended our season. Out on a high, the memories of a fantastic European adventure still fresh in our minds and hearts. A great season, no matter what some “Idiots” think.

Questions to be Asked

Why did all of our players have to get injured on international duty?

How can we beat the likes of Inter, Milan, Arsenal and Liverpool yet lose to Wigan, Blackpool and West Ham?

What happened to Gomes?

How does Jenas get a match?

Why didn’t we buy a striker in the January window?

Since when did all of our strikers become absolute crap?

Is Harry leaving?

What about Bale, Modric and VDV? Are they leaving too?

How come Carlo Cudicini wasn’t given a lengthy run after the blunders Gomes produced?

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed all the highs and lows of the season. This is why one follows a football club like Spurs. One minute, top of the world, next bottom of the barrel. It really requires great character to be able to support a club that has as many ups and downs, it makes you stronger. It makes you sing your hearts out and read every piece of news related to your club. They aren’t just your club, they are your brothers in arms. Players who give their all for the shirt and respect the fact that while it may just be a game, it is the beautiful game and it should be played as so.

Thanks to everyone for reading, I know it was long but I really enjoyed writing this. I guess one could say this is my thesis of the season. I am just glad that I had all these memories, good and bad, to share with you. I honestly appreciate the support this past season and trust me when I say, there will be more fantastic adventures next term. Much love everyone!

May 102011

So, here we go with another story of how we blew it this year. I won’t even bore you with statements about how we ran out of gas, injuries or poor refereeing. It came down to not working hard enough against the lower-table teams and poor squad rotation.
Games against Wigan, Blackpool, West Ham-3 total points.
Games against United, Chelsea, Arsenal-6 total points.
You would think a squad with our size would roll over those lower teams, but not with Harry’s poor rotation policy. We won’t get into specifics but every Spurs fan has had numerous occasions where you wonder what’s going on. Frustrating to say the least.
It is a real shame that we wont be dining at the big table next year but at the same time, look at who City might have to play to get into the group stage. Bayern Munich, Lyon, Villareal or Roma. That is one tough set of clubs. Yes, it would be hilarious if City gets drawn against Bayern and gets housed. All that work for nothing.
Anyway, I hope that we get some good news over the summer and really do the job next year. Players like Luka, Sandro, Rafa and Daws deserve better than what has happened since the Milan match.
It has been a pleasure writing for you all, the real heart and soul of Tottenham, the fans. Thanks for the kind words, at times :), and for taking the time to read my random ramblings. I appreciate it, truly I do. So I shall sign off in true Spurs fashion….to dare is to do….COYS!

Much love,


Apr 152011

Being a hardcore fan of Tottenham Hotspur is something of a challenge at times. They do the impossible, yet screw up the simple. Kinda like Gomes. Don’t get me wrong, I would never change allegiances or become a fair-weather fan, but sometimes you have to grab your hair and really contemplate ripping it out.

Take Wednesday’s match. Now, I am a realist but I did feel that we could get something from the match, just for pride’s sake. Over the first 45, we looked good and likely to score. A few questionable calls aside, I honestly thought we could win the match. Then right after the half, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde Gomes felt like showing his bad side. On what should have been a routine stop, he fumbles a shot from about 30 meters and watches in horror as it dribbles across the line.

Really dude? And from Ronaldo no less. Anyone but him. I really hate seeing his cocky mug smiling like he knew that the ball was going to go in. Well, there went the match. No point of even trying from that point. If our keeper can’t stop that, what’s the point? But full credit to the lads for leaving it on the pitch and giving it their all. They really deserved something from the match just for the way that they played, knowing the tie might have been over, yet still attempting to do the impossible. My hats off to the players. 

That being said, looking back at the full 180 minutes against Mourinho, I won’t say Real Madrid because when you play against his teams, you play against Mourinho, you can’t help to see some basic mistakes. Two howlers from Gomes. Poor man-marking on that former scum Adebayor on two occasions, both by Jenas. Only one good goal scored against us.

Now that’s where it really hurts. Basic breakdowns in areas that should be solid if we wish to play with Europe’s elite. You have to think a lack of Champions League experience may be the cause but, these are mistakes that have no excuse, no matter what level of football we are playing in. Shameful, diabolical, suicidal, all of the above. Sad, really when you think how well we have performed when the pressure’s been on us. These are the things that we must learn from if we are to progress as a club.

Gomes-Dude, you really need to step up over the final two months. I have always been in your corner and supported you through all the blunders you have made but, dude really? You have saved our skin on numerous occasions but now is the time to really show Spurs management, the fans, and the world that you are top-class. But it seems your time might be up as many different media outlets have reported that Harry has grown weary of your antics. So now is the time to stand up and be counted.

Jenas-Why, oh why must Harry insist on playing him? Hell, even if Lennon was sick, I would rather Harry play Danny Rose as he is a natural winger with speed. Jenas was sheer rubbish and gave away the ball more often than not. It’s the same old story with him. One good match, 5 poor ones. How about we move him and pay the team who takes him? I would surely take that deal. As an American, I could barely see him making the grade at one of the MLS clubs. Absolute garbage.

This whole “Yid” thing- I am not even touching on this as there has been numerous articles written on this topic and racism is something that silly people concern themselves with. I mean, you can call me a cracker, a Wap, a Guinea, a fatt-ass, ugly, a heathen or whatever else you can think of. None of it gets to me. I would rather insult someone in way far too intelligent for them to understand. That’s just how I roll =). I have learned people are going to say whatever they want, whether it’s right or wrong so just let em do whatever.

Other thoughts-So it’s another battle for 4th spot. Surprise, surprise. I do think that we will end up in that spot in the end and I don’t think ending up outside the spot means the end of all good things. Look, if we do fail and end up in the 5th spot or 6th, doesn’t matter, then we should send out our youngsters for the Europa League matches, get knocked out and focus on the league. I am in no way condoning “throwing matches” but it would be no shame to have only the league to focus on. That might even allow us to aim higher up the table, maybe grab 3rd or 2nd, which we could if the team is kept together, and I am sure it will be apart from a few misfiring strikers. But this presents a different problem, how could we attract an efficient striker if we do not have the Champions League to offer them? That is the dilemma and although I may seem like I have all the answers, I really don’t. I know, shocking.

Anyway, just a little something for everyone to read and mull over. Hope you all enjoyed it and thanks for reading! COYS!!!

Apr 072011

Ah, I only wish real life was like Pro Evolution. You know, so you can hit the reset button and try again. Cause that would have been awesome for Tuesday’s match. But as this is real life, we have to grin and bear it. Look, we all know that it is a massive uphill battle from here on. The Madrid match next week is all about pride and to show the world, the Spurs that played on Tuesday are not the real Tottenham. While I believe that a 4-0 scoreline is almost impossible to overturn, stranger things have happened. Maybe one of their players could get sent off early or one of their best players could miss out due to injury. Who knows, but I am still gonna cheer and enjoy every minute of our improbable Champions League dream.

Tottenham need to go into the rest of their league matches knowing that any possible slip-ups are going to cost them dearly. Dearly in financial terms as we posted big profits from this years European journey. Dearly when it comes to recruiting new players, mainly an efficient striker. I am not asking for the best, just someone who can convert chances unlike Mr. Defoe, who apparently is selling his house. God I hope this is in anticipation of him leaving White Hart Lane. Back to the league. We have to get it together and really start playing football the way we played last year. Azza and Bale bombing forward, Modders and Hudd pulling the strings in midfield and Pav going goal crazy down the stretch. C’mon guys, you didn’t forget how to play, you just may be a bit nervous. There is nothing wrong with nervousness, you just gotta use that and give it your all. There is nothing wrong with going down swinging. Failing while playing our style is nothing to be ashamed of. Failing while playing scared will not be tolerated by the fans, the manager and anyone else.

Stoke represent a stern test. They will try to capitalize on our beaten egos and pound us into submission with their kicking, elbowing and sometimes ugly physical play. I’m saying sometimes because I do not want to temp fate, but we know what we should expect. They will try to exploit our backline with their bruising forwards and direct style. We have to counter this by controlling the ball and pressurizing them as soon as they get possession. This will force them into hoofing the ball up earlier than they want and may allow us to get it out to the wings and use our speed. This is why we should get the Hudd back in there.

I love Sandro. I think he is very good and I think he will only get better over time. But for right now, we need Tom’s vision and passing skills to move the ball quickly to our wingers. Tom as the midfield general worked great for us last season, bossing play with his physical style (something that many think he lacks, check out last yr’s final months) and starting attacks with a deft pass, properly weighted down the flanks or over the top.  I do believe he is the key for us for the final run-in.

The rest of our season is tough, but not impossible. Remember that this time last year, we faced a similar task and we did it, proving everyone wrong in the process. There should be no need for extra motivation. Everyone loves playing in the Champions League. Everyone loves the music, including my 5 month old (you have no idea how much my girlfriend hates this fact). We all love the competition and the chance to prove yourself against the top sides in Europe. This is what football is about. Playing the best and learning from it. I firmly believe that we will be able to snatch 4th from the grips of Chelsea or City. Personally, I hope it’s City that we beat out as they would surely fire Mancini and it would be back to square one for them. God I strongly dislike them. I won’t say “hate” as that is a really strong word, but my disdain for them is hovering dangerously close to “hate”.

Tottenham knows what they need to do. They know how it needs to be done. They know what is at stake. Harry knows all this and so do the players. Let’s get behind the team, get loud and get moving up the table. COYS!!!

Thanks for reading everyone and one more thing….

Hey Coxie, could you take care of that West Ham douche that manages to ruin every article written on this website? I, and I am sure I speak for everyone else, really strongly dislikes how every other comment is “Tottenham sucks”.

And Mr. West Ham fan, where is your forum? Oh right, the computer programmers are getting it ready for next year’s campaign in the Championship. Have fun with that guys cause it doesn’t matter how well you think you are playing right now, you will be going down. Mark my words, you will not survive this season. Have a great day…..douche.

Apr 052011

Ok Spurs Army, this is the big day. The day where we find out what our team is made of. The time when we put all past results, however unbelievably disappointing they may be, behind us and rally as one voice. A voice from all corners of the world. A voice so loud, that it echoes through the Bernabeu for the entire 90 minutes, showing Madrid’s fans what it really is to be a diehard football fan, not just people who expect success.

We the fans of Spurs know heartbreak, we know sorrow, we know a pain so deep that it cannot be fixed by any amount of alcohol, pain pills and/ or other substances. But arise, ye the faithful. Today is a chance, a chance at doing something that no one said we could. Something that many of us could never think possible. So to remind all Spurs fans what we have been through, let’s look back.

No one said we could take fourth place last year with the emergence of Man City and their bottomless money bags, especially when faced with the prospect of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United and City over the last 2 months of the season. But we did.

We did it by some kind of dumb luck, they said. “You will never get out of the Playoff Round”, doubters quipped. Going down 3-0 in the first 28 minutes, it looked like some of those critics may have been right. But then, Spurs showed what they were made of. Clawing goals back and winning big at home. Advancement to the Group Stages. But then…..

Drawn into the “Group of Death”. Holders Inter, German powerhouse Werder Bremen and Dutch champs Twente. Well those critics and doubters came back out of the woodwork. “Never gonna make it out”, they said. “Won’t even get into the Europa League, would be lucky to get more than 5 points”, seemingly certain of our failure. Hey buttheads, how’d those predictions work out? Beat all three teams on home turf, only lost to Inter and that was only due to a sending off and only 2 minutes of injury time, and low and behold, those “lucky Spurs” end up on top of the group, scoring goals for fun.

Oh sweet irony, you do love to throw curveballs at us loyal Spurs fans. Milan in the first knockout stage. Oh good afternoon critics, thought you might have missed the bus? Yeah, yeah we are gonna lose, gonna get beat like a red-headed step-child, knocked out by the 2nd most successful team in Europe. “You had a good run, but enjoy the time, cause it’s never gonna happen again”. Wait, what is this, a win in Italy and advancement confirmed after a gutsy, gritty and downright ugly draw at the Lane. One more step towards the impossible dream. One more step…..oh crap, are you serious? Madrid? And who do we get if we beat them, Barca (although I wouldn’t sleep on Shaktar, they are very dangerous). Damn you to hell, random drawings!

Back to the present. Everyone has written us off on numerous occasions during the past few years. Remember when we were propping up the table? 2 points from 8 games? Now take a look, one of the final 8 teams in European football all with a realistic chance of taking home the most coveted trophy. Kinda brings it all into perspective, huh?

Harry may have made some poor decisions during our recent stretch of league matches, but he should not shoulder the blame. Some may point out that he uses certain players, ones who: excluding a 20 minutes spell against Wolves, haven’t scored for a full calendar year, ones who like to bomb forward past the winger and then concede stupid penalties, ones who don’t fit the system, more than others who fully deserve a real run of matches. But while he hasn’t gotten it right at times in the league, we are only 5 points behind the pack for 4th place and like it or not, Harry has been nothing short of brilliant in the Champions League.

So here we are. A place at the big table. A shot at glory. A chance to play the game the way it was meant to be played. Beautifully and without fear. Bill Nicholson would be proud of the squad and of the management, how they overcame adversity at every step. There was no easy way to get this far. And to progress further, it will take everything that our beloved heroes could muster.

The Heroes of the Lane. The Lilywhite Army. Those plucky Spurs from a run-down part of London. We must band together and show this so-called “giant” how we do things, how we go right for the throat and fear no one. This is our team, this is our match…..this is our time to be great! Let’s sing until our throats are sore! Clap until our hands bleed! Cheer for the next 90 minutes and well after, into the night!

Spurs fans…….THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS!!!!! COYS!!!!!!

Thanks for reading everyone!!! Go get em’ men!!!!

Mar 222011

I am really getting annoyed writing these types of articles. You know these. The ones where we talk about how Spurs blew a great chance, again. How they missed chance after chance after chance in front of goal. Or maybe how a guy who has scored 2 goals in the past year keeps getting chances week in, week out. Do these sound familiar? They should, cause they have been the stories of this year’s domestic campaign.

2 points from 3 teams in the bottom 5. WTF! Are you serious? Unfortunately, I am. Same old story. Spurs are great in the big games against the big teams, but bottle it time and time again against the lower teams. I could talk about the bad matches against Blackpool and Wolves but at least they were followed by a Champions League match where we progressed past Milan. So lets focus on the past match against those pesky Hammers.

Jermain Defoe, how do you get starts? Are you blackmailing Harry? Did you tell Levy that if you don’t play that you are going to release some horrible biological weapon into the atmosphere? Tell the Russian Mafia to bother Pav so that you look better in training? It has to be one of these reasons because I cannot understand why Harry constantly persists with this self-centered mis-firing mercenary. Hey JD, we all saw that shirt underneath your jersey, maybe you should have shown the one underneath that said “2 league goals in 1 year”. Cause I think that would have been more fitting. Or maybe the one that says “Couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a boat”. Both of those would have been better. How about the next time you play, which will probably be against Wigan, you just wear the jersey as Levy and Co. pays you to score goals, not to advertise yourself. How many chances do you need to score? People always say this so I apologize for sounding redundant, but I could have converted one of those chances you blew against West Ham and I am a centerback. Here’s a thought, when you are 2 feet away from the keeper, lift the ball over him. Stop trying to blast it or be cheeky with some BS shot. That is all. Oh and please, please, PLEASE leave at the end of the season. There is nothing wrong with being greedy as a striker, but usually they score. 

Why must we insist on jamming Rafa into the starting 11 every match? How did we get 4th last season? 4-4-2. We have all the correct personnel to play the 4-4-2 with Bale and Lennon healthy, Sandro and Modric playing brilliantly and two strong strikers who actually contribute to the team in Pav and Crouch. The statistics show that we are most successful when we play Pav and Crouch and I feel this is because we could go long to Peter, or keep it on the ground so Pav could use his technical ability to get other players involved. We looked way more threatening when Pav came on for Rafa. Against some of the teams in the lower half of the table, a 4-5-1 doesn’t work as the centerbacks could focus on the lone forward, isolate him and put 10 men behind the ball. A 4-5-1 may work against some other teams in the Premier League, but still, a 4-4-2 is the way to go for domestic glory. Well then what happens to Rafa? Simple, with all the matches we have coming he is going to get his chance to play, but it won’t be in his traditional position. He has shown that he can work on the sides as he loves to cut inside, pull the opposition fullback towards the center and allow room for our full-backs to get down the wings.  In Europe, 4-5-1 is the best suited but in England, gotta go 4-4-2. Just my thoughts.

One more thought, Glen Johnson to Spurs along with Joe Cole. While we are at it, why don’t we sign Andy Reid, Sol Campbell and Paul Robinson. I mean, why are we being connected to players who can’t cut it at their current clubs when we have players at Tottenham who are better? Is Johnson better than Charlie? Maybe as a winger, but overall, I’ll take 3 Charlies over Glen. Cole over Rafa? In what world does this make sense? Not this one.

Anyway, lunch is ready, the kid is asleep and I am hungry. Not just for lasagna, but for some wins in the Premier League. Thanks for reading everyone and lets keep our fingers crossed that everyone comes back from International duty healthy. Until next time friends, COYS!

Mar 162011

Tottenham Hotspur are a club on the up. For anyone following this years exploits on the pitch, this is no surprise. All of us fans knew that we had a great squad, one that had limitless potential. One that could challenge on numerous fronts. Although a Premier League crown seems highly unlikely, we all knew that we could beat any team in the world on our day. Flash to the present and we are watching some of that potential bloom. We are in the final 8 of the world’s most prestigious club competition and in a good position to qualify for next years tournament.

Our last matched showed the gritty-ness needed for a successful European campaign as sometimes, teams are going to prevent us from playing our attacking-brand of football. Look, I love attractive football. Watching teams like Spurs, Barcelona and Shaktar play football is almost therapeutic. It just makes me smile. Of course, seeing Spurs play makes me get an even bigger grin, especially when they are leading! But as we have all seen in the past years, you need the right mix of offense and defense to progress in Europe. Look at Mourinho’s Inter from last year. Scored plenty of goals when needed, but knew how to shut-up shop when faced with a serious attacking force. Even this year’s Mourinho-led Real, they are able score plenty of goals, yet with a strong keeper, a disciplined strategy and a bit of old-fashioned muscle, they could keep the opposition from breaching their final third, let alone their goal. Ok, I’ll admit it, I have a man-crush on Mourinho. If Harry decides to leave someday, hopefully not soon, I would personally fly to Spain and drive The Special One from The Bernabau to The Lane.  Anyway…..

There is that old saying we have in the states, usually referring to American Football…Defense Wins Championships. This saying could also apply to real football, but only when mixed with an effective brand of offense. Being able to counter-attack after being pinned back is what makes a champion. You have to be able have 10 men behind the ball for one moment, then spring out and catch your opponent off guard with a furious sucker-punch. For example, look at the way Chelsea played Arsenal at the Bridge earlier this season. Arsenal had all the possession (shocking, I know) yet lost by two goals without creating too much of a threat to Cech and the Chelsea backline. Chelsea invited Arsenal forward, let them get too many players up and then caught ’em twice. Again, strong defensive football with an ability to cause major damage on the counter. I could go even further and use most of Arsenal’s matches as examples of them holding the ball for long periods, yet lacking in the final third. Defense wins, nuff said

 Other news, Gallas may be out for nearly a month. WTF with all these injuries! I mean big Bill has been outstanding at the back, why can’t we catch a break with these injuries? At least we have Tommy on the mend, Ledley and Woody in training and Kaboul nearing fitness (I think). So lets cross our fingers and practice with bubble-wrap on the players. Also, there was a report about Bale coming up a bit lame in training but I am hoping that it is nothing big, just a little knock.

So it seems that our match with City has been moved from April. Does this mean that the game will be our penultimate match, similar to last season? For this, I say thank you City for getting to the FA Cup semi’s. But let’s hope they get housed by United and their joy turns to despair. Then we could bust-em up real nice in May. That would be nice. Speaking of City, reports say that they are interested in Defoe and would be willing to swap Bellamy for him. Hmmmm, let’s see….Bellamy who is stinking in the Championship for Defoe, who is stinking in the PL. No thanks. These silly journalist must have nothing better to write about. Silly, silly boys.

Shalke sacked their manager this morning. Wow, I know they are not doing great in the Bundesliga but making the final 8 in the Champions League should not result in the gaffer getting the boot, or “das boot”. Sorry bout that, couldn’t resist =)

But seriously, the sack for him? I wouldn’t have shown him the door if I was running the club. But I am not so…..let’s hope they appoint a bad manager and get drawn with Spurs. So then we can take advantage of the turmoil going on with the former German champions. Also concerning Shalke, they are offering us Huntelaar. Haven’t heard this one before, right? Sorry, Klaas we wanted you last season but you didn’t want to come so you can stay in Germany. Plus for the money they want, it seems like bad business for someone who has had 4 teams in the past 3 years.

Well, I guess that is what’s going on in the football world when it comes to Tottenham. Thanks for reading everyone and let’s see a nice thrashing of the Scum from East London this weekend. I want a comprehensive victory, one that reminds them that they are going to be relegated this season. That would be just peachy.