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Jul 042011

Hey everybody, just wanted to apologise for wasting your time with my previous article. I read your comments and I respect you all and I am sorry I made most of you get angry for reading my article.

The thing is , I watched some replays in the past days and I just had the impression that Modric is actually overrated. If Barcelona won’t pay 40M for Fabregas then how on earth could you think that Luka is worth more than 35M? The spaniard is more technical, more creative, he is younger and usually finds the net a lot more easier than Luka.

But my main concern with Modric is that he wants to go to another club. In my way I would rather have mediocre players that do a good job and play for the team and the fans, rather than an unhappy magician. I have my right to be an idiot and think this. I love Spurs for the football and the passion for the club, and I would rather support this club as a mid table team with players that love playing for Tottenham, rather than be in the top with superstars that only care about money and fame and don’t give a flying sh1t about the club.

And about my deal proposal… a lot of football experts said that Parker would be a good addition for Arsenal… and most think that Man Utd and Liverpool were considering buying Adam… So why are you so offended that I mentioned these too, I don’t know, but that is mostly because I am an idiot.

I would never insult harshly someone just because I think he is an idiot. I would say that he is full of rubbish but I won’t say some ugly words that you thrown at me. I am not upset, but I realise it is not my place on this blog because I disappoint you and you disappoint me.

Being my last article I just want to wish you a good season, and even though we are not friends or like each other, I still hope that same time next year we will all be happy with the great football that the team we love has delivered throughout the season.

Spurs forever! wish you all the best!

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Jul 032011

Deal proposal

It just crossed my mind that if we sell Modric for 30M, we could buy Charlie Adam and Parker for a total of 20M or less. We make a profit and replace our great midfielder with 2 other very good ones. The good part is that Parker can have a positive impact on the team spirit and mentality and he could retire at Spurs as a legend happy and proud to play for the club not like Modric who publicly admits he wants to play for rivals as they are a bigger, better, stronger… And Charlie Adam… well even though his attitude can be questioned after his tackle on Bale, I would still say that i would like to have him in my team, especially when his passing skills sometimes seem to be better than Modric’s.

The bottom line is that I would rather have a midfielder that does a good job and is probably more likely to still be here in 2 years from now. Even so, I think Modric won’t be sold this summer, but I just can’t stop thinking about it. For some of us, when our best players says he wants to go at a rival club it’s almost like your girlfriend saying she is falling in love with someone else and wants to break up with you. The big difference is that 5 year contract that the croatian signed, but still, that doesn’t change how most of us feel about it now…

Another important point in my deal proposal is that we could replace him with solid players and also make a substantial profit that could turn out to be crucial in this summer. What do you think?

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Jun 302011

It seems that we are about to sign 20-year-old mexican striker Antonio Pedroza for free as his contract with Jaguares expires this summer. Here are his words about it:

“I can announce that my transfer to Tottenham has been arranged,”

“I didn’t want to renew my contract with Jaguares because I knew that there was a chance to be transferred to a team in the Premier League.

“I am very happy and satisfied having played for an important team like Jaguares. Now I have the chance to make a dream come true to play in Europe.

“I have spoken with the officials of Jaguares and they have confirmed to me that everything is OK for me to leave and be transferred to Tottenham.

“The only thing that is left to resolve is something related to my journey to England.”

Does anyone know this guy? I have no clue who he is and what he is capable of, but I will be glad to see the deal going through, as we have absolutely nothing to lose out of this one.

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Jun 202011

For the latest transfer news we have official statements from the president of Dynamo Kiev saying that they are discussing a potential move for Niko Kranjcar.

“We are negotiating for Kranjcar,”

“We still have to meet him and Tottenham, but he is in our transfer plans.

“We have already missed out on several players – not because we aren’t able to meet the demands of their clubs but because not everyone wants to come to the Ukrainian league.

“If Kranjcar thinks over our proposal, searches his soul and wants to come here, then we will buy him with pleasure.”

To be honest I don’t think Niko would happy to pack his bags and move with his family to Kiev. I don’t see it happening but it would be a shame for him to spend another season on the Spurs bench so I really wish him all the best in this transfer window.

In other news,  it seems that Tottenham are chasing Pablo Daniel Osvaldo according to his agent, but he is hoping for a move to Serie A”

“Atletico Madrid and Tottenham like him, but it is early to speak of a transfer,”

“Osvaldo would like to return to Italy and Inter Milan and Juventus are two great teams.”

“It is true that the two clubs (Inter Milan and Juventus) like the player and I can reveal that there have been contact with them.”

Of course the lad is likely to move at teams that are always in the top 4, have Champions League action, higher wages and bigger reputation in Europe. I am sorry to say this but it will be hard to get the important signings that would make a big difference.

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Jun 182011

Even though most of you are happy to hear Levy saying that Luka won’t be sold at any price this statement is worrying me somehow. First of all Luka said “I have an arrangement with the chairman. When I signed my new contract, he said that, if another club came to sign me, they would consider the offer.” What will he think about what the chairman just said?

Honestly when a player says he wants to leave I see no option but to let him go, because the least you want is your best player in the dressing room being unhappy making the team spirit all wrong. Luka tried to play it nicely saying he wants to leave Tottenham as friends, and that he doesn’t consider making a transfer request because that would be disrespectful but isn’t Levy’s attitude towards the Croatian disrespectful? Not considering any offer, not even caring about the fact that Luka wants to leave???

I would love to see Levy spending big, bringing 3 top class players so he could say to Luka: “Don’t leave because with our additions, we are going to beat the crap out of the blues this season”… but until that happens, all that is making me feel that the “atmosphere” of the club is not at all the right one, the 100% percent positive and winning attitude. None of this will be forgotten by the players when the season starts.

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Jun 182011

I kept saying it will probably happen but most of you were going on about the fact that Luka is happy here and he is priceless so he is going nowhere, but now he clearly stated that he wants to leave for Chelsea. This just shows how unrealistic most of us are when it comes to our vision of the club. Yes, it is possible to get into Champions League, and yes it is possible to win trophies BUT the fact is that it is not possible for us to pay the wages the big clubs are paying. And even though most of you are tempted to say that Chelsea is not a big club just take a step back and think about it… they finished second and for them it was a bad season. There you can’t finish 5th and still say “this is as good as it gets” you know why? because it is a bigger club. If we were a big club Harry would have been sacked the following day after he said “5th is as good as it gets, idiots”. Unfortunately we are not we are not a big club, and I don’t mind. I am proud to be a Tottenham fan because with our resources we have already achieved and proved a lot the last 2 years.

The fact is that most of the players might fancy the idea of playing for a club whose owner wants so badly to win the Champions League that he would not settle for less under any circumstances. If you are an ambitious professional footballer wouldn’t you want to play for such a club? Don’t you think that your wife or girlfriend would easily convince you to move for triple salary and far more chances to win something?

To be honest I think we should respect his wish and let him go. It won’t help us if we keep him by force with the 5 year contract he signed. We should get the most out of this deal, at least 35M, and immediately buy Falcao, Parker and Samba (or Cahill).

Now other important questions will arise if he indeed leaves:

Will Harry stay for next season considering he said he will resign if big players are sold?

How long will Bale stay on the couch to watch Modric playing in Champions League?

stay tuned… it’s probably going to be a wild summer…

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Jun 122011

So what’s happening? Not much till now. A few bids rejected, one signing for free, and a lot of rumours, mostly rubbish. Should we worry? I would say not yet. We can’t expect Levy to start buying like crazy before he sells some players. That unfortunately could be a problem because everyone knows we desperately NEED to offload so that could be a reason for them not to offer as much as Levy asks. I am sure though that eventually everything will go as planned but probably most of the action will be after Harry settles his thing with that trial in July.

A little bit worrying what Luka keeps telling to the press but you can’t blame him. How many players wouldn’t want to go to a bigger club with bigger wages, more trophies, and Champions League action guaranteed every year? Unfortunately some statements such as “this is as good as it gets idiots” probably didn’t pleased some of our important players that really hope and want to fight for more next season. I wouldn’t jump out to conclusions but I wouldn’t rule out the potential in which Luka became unsettled because of Harry’s attitude at the end of the season, not to mention the fact that Harry’s future at the club is quite a mystery.

As modest as Luka seems to be I also think that he was overwhelmed to be named player of the year at Spurs with the likes of Rafa and Bale by his side and suddenly to see in the press statements like “Modric could be the next Scholes”. I think the comparison with Scholes is more flattering than being linked with the reds and that itself could raise questions in the mind of a professional footballer regarding his options and the potentials for his future.

He deserves the best so I won’t be bothered by anything, I just hope he is happy wherever he plays, but I am still confident that he can be very happy at Tottenham.

P.S. Is that Harry giving Luka the finger?

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May 312011

I stopped caring about the rumours but when they guy comes and admits that he could actually leave, it makes you wonder what surprize we will have this summer… good? bad? or both?

Here are the words from the midfield magician:

Everybody wants to know what will happen with me. I’m trying to stay calm as my national team has a really important match coming. So I will tell you the same as always – my club status is the same as it was before.

‘But of course, if there will be an offer which will be good for Tottenham and for me also, then a transfer is of course possible.

‘That doesn’t mean that I’m bothered with leaving Tottenham – I’m not thinking about that every hour and every minute. I’m happy at White Hart Lane – my status is great, the fans like me and I do have everything I need.

‘But then again – when you experience playing in Champions League, you want to keep playing in this tournament.’

Harry and Levy have both stated that big players are not for sale but he have seen it before. I have heard a lot of times in football “he is not for sale” and then whoop after a big bid, he’s gone (Carroll in january is just one example).
When the most important player of the team says that if the right offer for him and the club comes, he might leave, what will the others think? I am sure Bale and VDV will miss Champions League aswell so could you really see them reject an offer that triples their salary? I know Levy wants to keep them, but if they will eventually want to leave, you can’t force them to stay. It is their right to play in Champions League, it is their right earn 150M or 200M /week because they deserve it. The reality is that as long as we can’t afford paying big wages like the other top teams in Europe, we can’t keep hoping to keep big players, especially without Champions League action. Even more, the truth is that they have more chances to win trophies at the big clubs.
I think it is going to be a shaky summer. I am prepared for anything, as long as we improve with the proper new players. COYS
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Different points of view

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May 292011

When asked about our north London rivals Arsenal, Gareth Bale said the following:
“There’s no reason why we can’t finish above them,”

Can you imagine a spurs fan not wanting him to stay after such a sweet statement? I can’t… But what about Harry? To be honest, he now looks like a fool, after insisting that we can’t compete with the top 4, his players come to say they think and want something else.

Here is more from Bale:
“If we keep progressing like we have done this year, maybe get a few more players in the squad, then there is no reason why not.”

Now that’s something we all like, hope and ambition, rather than saying we can’t do better than the top 4 teams that also spend a lot of money in the transfer market.

The situation with Harry is really frustrating sometimes. I know he can still do a good job with Spurs, I mean, let’s be honest he took us from relegation to Champions League, but something tells me he is not the same man. Something changed about him since the Champions League success. That wouldn’t be a big problem though, my main concern is that he has many other things on his mind: the potential of jail, potential of England job and recently I honestly believe he would fancy Chelsea too. Can you imagine him not wanting to have a go in the Champions League next season with the blues? I think he would definitely want it, but I can’t see Abramovich too excited about such a scenario.

With so many things that could distract Harry’s attention I am not sure that he can be fully concentrated on what we have to get done this summer. Can you imagine any other top 4 club that would keep going with a manager that is constantly linked with other jobs and also is facing the prospect of jail? I can’t, so I wonder if Levy is comfortable with Harry’s situation. Are you?

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May 282011

When Harry was saying we can’t get 4th place because we can’t compete with big spending clubs like Chelsea and Man City, Gallas was pointing out that if the team would have even more focused on winning the games with the weakest teams in the premiership, maybe, just maybe we would have been 3rd or 4th in the end.

Well now after Harry ended the season suggesting that those fans who are disappointed are idiots, and that “this is as good as it gets!” Gallas has a different point of view:

“This team can win a trophy, I’m certain of that but we have to learn from our experiences,”

“Maybe we haven’t been as consistent as we should be and that’s got to change.

“If we want to qualify for the Champions League, if we want to win the Premier League then we have to be relentless.

“I’ve been fortunate to have won trophies and I know what it takes.

You have to go out there, raise yourself for every game, and be prepared to suffer just to make sure you get the three points.”

Bale pointed out at big things too:

“I think we can achieve something big, we can win the league inside a few years, definitely.

“If we are more consistent against the lower teams in the league then there’s every chance of doing what we want to do.”

“There’s no reason why we can’t finish above them.

“We have a great squad, great players who are still young and we are playing great football.

“If we keep progressing like we have done this year, maybe get a few more players in the squad, then there is no reason why not.”

I think there is a slight important difference in what we hear from the players, and what Harry is on about sometimes. Some of his statements in the past months have not been so encouraging for either the fans or the players. Levy could be disappointed too with some of the things coming out of Harry’s mouth.

What do you think about this?

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May 282011 are claiming that Daniel Levy has suggested he would allow Harry Redknapp to leave Tottenham for a move to Stamford Bridge if the Blues decide they want the Tottenham manager.

Apparently there has been no contact between the clubs but they claim Levy would not stand in the way of Redknapp if he wished to move. It might be a bit of a pointless move for Harry as he has his heart set on the England job next summer and may opt to walk away from whatever job he is in at the time to take the England job.

Redknapp is odds on favourite to become the next Chelsea manager after his odds dropped from 25/1 earlier this week to evens and usually there is no smoke without fire but Redknapp insists he knows nothing.

The honeymoon period at White Hart Lane may be over for Harry as the relationship between himself and the board has gone down hill in recent months after growing frustrations on and off the pitch. One issue in particular has been the constant frustration in the transfer market.

I personally think Levy would let Harry leave but he will make sure that Chelsea pay through the nose to get him.

27 May 2011 15:13:00

Harry Redknapp, manager of Tottenham Hotspur

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By Wayne Veysey

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May 172011

Just in case you missed that naked fan running on the pitch at Anfield. (probably a Spurs fan)

Very funny photos. There is also a clip on youtube with him running but it’s not as funny as the photos.

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