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May 192012

With an hour to go until the Champions League Final I have just realised something potentially huge for Tottenham. IF (and it’s a big If) Bayern Munich win Tottenham will be entered into the Play Off Round of the Champions League. This clearly will mean we will be able to attract players of the highest calibre to White Heart Lane in the summer. With Adebayor unlikely to remain at Spurs due to his high wage demands this leaves a gaping whole that needs to be filled. I think Redknapp will try and buy Luis Suarez as a result of this. This is because:

Reason 1. Redknapp loves players who are tried and tested in the Premiership which Suarez certainly is. This means he is guaranteed to score goals, and also contribute with many assists.

Reason 2. Suarez is looking to leave Liverpool as a result of ‘King Kenny’ being sacked, and no Europe at for Liverpool next year. Also the fact they are terrible probably contributes to his decision.

Reason 3. His wages are not his high as Adebayor’s, and can be met by Levy. This is will be attractive to the Spurs Chairman that adheres to Tottenham’s strict wage policy.

Reason 4. He is still young, and has the best years of his career still left in him.

I don’t know if I would be in favour of this because he is an unpleasant individual (Evra gate) and is completely different to Adebayor. His definitely wouldn’t work in combination with Rafa or Jermain, therefore Defoe would probably be sold freeing room for another striker to come to WHL. In this instance a move for a player like Leandro Damiao would be fantastic as he is destined to be one of Europe’s best strikers.

When people read this, the Champions League will probably have finished, and Spurs’s short term future will have been decided. This means everything I said might be irrelevant, but what do you make of this??

Joe Alexander

Dec 142011

Apparently Fernando Torres has been listed for transfer by Chelsea, and could be available for as little as £20 million. If there is any element of truth in this Spurs should snap him as quickly as possible. Why you ask? Torres is world-class. End of. Yes, he has had a tough time at Chelsea, which obviously must be partly attributed to him, but mainly because he made the move at the wrong time. Chelsea are a team that are steadily getting worse due to all their players becoming older, and Ambrovich is becoming more impatient to win the Champions League, hence 50 million was splashed out to sign Torres. Last season he was given the task to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, and it showed. To his credit he started this season looking like he would become the player who scored 65 goals in 102 league games for Liverpool, but stupidly got himself sent off against Swansea, and nothing’s quite worked out for him since. A move to Tottenham would allow Torres to regain his confidence with the abundance of players at our disposal who will be able to set up chances for him to do the rest with. After seeing we may well look to buy Carlos Tevez I feel there is even more reason to buy Torres because he is less likely to be a bad influence in the dressing room, and will be more focused to do well, now that he has a point to prove. Would buying Torres scupper our chances of signing Adebayor on a permanent deal? Perhaps due to the fact they are both on astronomically high wages, but if we bring Torres to White Hart Lane in January I have no doubt we will finish 3rd at the very least because we will have the greatest depth of strikers with Torres, Adebayor, and Defoe in our ranks. This will mean we will receive a lot of prize money from the Premier League, and then may well be able to afford both players on our books .The gamble obviously is he could continue to underperform at Spurs, but history suggests whenever he has been ‘happy’ at a club he has been incredibly productive. Harry Redknapp is probably the most effective Manager in the Premier League that can get the best out of his players, making them ‘happy’. If he is successful with Torres we will have the BEST striker in the Premier League at Tottenham, and may well be the missing piece in the jigsaw to secure a Title at Tottenham.

Jul 202011

The transfer saga starring Luka Modric has quite rightly angered many Tottenham fans. How dare a player that Spurs have given the opportunity to showcase his skills to the world, and just a year ago signed a 6(!!) year contract demand to leave. Unfortunately in recent years we have seen this situation before, and in the 3 high profile cases (Carrick, Keane, and Berbatov) it has always concluded with the player getting their way and leaving. Thankfully Daniel Levy up until now has stood firm on his transfer policy claiming Luka is not for sale. Despite this, you only have to look to a couple of years ago when he was more than willing to sell our best players at the time. Although we were in the Champions League last season this means nothing to most mercenaries like Modric who appear to forget the reason we are no longer in the Champions League is because the PLAYERS were not good enough. For this reason his main aim next year should be to make it a priority Spurs return into the Top 4, but I’m not naïve enough to think players have a mindset like that. Modric sentiment is similar to Aloe Blacc’s ‘I need a dollar’ but replaced the dollar with £120k a week!

Selling Modric is not something Spurs should be considering at all, however Spurs fans have to be realistic and realise there is every chance Levy will end up doing this. Bearing this in mind, I believe there is a Chelsea player Spurs will look to bring in a swap deal that could end up being very useful for the next season.

Didier Drogba

Spurs have been crying out for a new striker since last summer, and this player has been arguably the best premiership striker in recent years. With Torres at Chelsea finding it extremely hard to link up with Drogba last year, and £50 million at risk of being wasted, Chelsea may be willing to offload Drogba in order to revitalise Torres. Furthermore, Drogba has a fantastic record scoring goals against Arsenal, which is always a characteristic Spurs fans like to see in a player. Moreover, it appears if Drogba were to ever grace the lilywhite shirt it would be without Modric pulling the stings in the middle of the park for Tottenham, but we do have a player that is capable of stepping up to the plate in Tottenham’s absence.

Niko Kranjcar

This is a player that was very unfairly restricted to mainly substitute appearances in the last campaign, but still managed to score 2 goals that were winners (Modric scored 3 goals in the premiership last season). More than that Kranjcar has openly stated he is ready to fill Modric’s boots at Spurs, hence this is a footballer that is determined to succeed which can be seen by his desire to leave Spurs (last season) to further his career rather than earn more money in Modric’s case. What’s more, you only have to look to the 09/10 season when Kranjcar scored many goals from midfield as well as a handful of assists. Obviously Modric is a greater technically gifted player, but I think Kranjcar with an extended run in the side will score at least 10 goals a season in all competitions, and to only a slightly lesser extent compared to Modric be able to take a game by the scruff of its neck at centre midfield.

It is also important to remember with Drogba in the side there would be far more emphasis placed on Bale and Lennon running down the wings trying to provide service for Drogba’s exceptional aerial ability, hence Kranjcar’s role in the side would be different to Modric’s last season where we didn’t have an effective target man (Crouch’s knockdowns to VDV aside). This is not to say without Modric in the side we will become a glorified Sam Allardyce side, but the way we play will be able to represent pace and power, along with Kranjcar and VDV representing the technically gifted players in the side. We will be able to combine the advantage of having old-fashioned swashbuckling wingers along with a skilled centre forward, and still have players in the side who can play the Barcelona style of football that has worked in recent years.


Jul 052011

With Tottenham starting pre-season training this week, it is starting to feel like the football season again. However at this moment in time I am not fully convinced we will return to the top 4 because of our striking issues, and consistent rumors linking our best players – Modric and Bale with a move away from WHL. Despite the fact Levy has reiterated we will not sell our best players I am not fully convinced given his previous record in selling our best player, but forgetting that I feel regardless of if we sell Modric and Bale I feel there are 2 players that could make a huge impact on our team next season.

Fernando Llorente

It is imperative we sign Llorente this summer. He is scored 19 goals in all competitions last year, and is probably the main reason why Athletic Bilbao are playing in the Europa League next season. He also happens to share his name with another Spanish striker who used to be quite good! In all seriousness, he is a strong, tall striker that it would appear be perfect to meet the demands of the Premier League, and knows how to consistently find the net (something we didn’t have in a striker last season) As well as this, Llorente will be able to link up with Van der Vaart in an as equally effective way as Crouch did last season, but also score a load of goals himself. The fact Athletic Bilbao are playing a friendly at WHL in August greatly encourages me that we will at least attempt to buy him, and I don’t know if you know what Llorente looks like but when you enter the Tottenham website the page which makes you enter the actual site contains a picture of Dawson and Llorente in order to promote the game so perhaps this is another sign Fernando Llorente is on Spurs’ radar.


I imagine many people will agree with me that Llorente will be a good buy for Spurs, but this may split some people’s opinions. This is a player coming off a few tough seasons personally at Juventus and Wolfsburg where he hasn’t performed that well compared to his past and encountered disciplinarily problems. Despite all this, to me Diego’s past reeks of similarities with Van der Vaart, and Tottenham could well be the place that resurrects his career. I remember 2 years ago when he almost singlehandedly got Werder Bremen into the then Uefa Cup final, only to be suspended for the final from which his career has gone downhill. This guy is only 26 though and has played for Brazil 33 times. Furthermore, he scored 6 goals for Wolfsburg in Germany which I believe is more than Modric scored in the league for us, so even though I’m not saying he is better than Modric if we bought him it was give us a different option in midfield if say Modric or VDV was underperforming. Also the fact he is Brazilian can only be a good thing in helping the development of Sandro because it will makes things easier for Sandro knowing that he can link up with a Brazilian midfielder, and it sounds like we may be signing Leandro Damiao so it would seem Diego should find it easy to settle in at Tottenham. Finally, even though ideally he would be a squad player, having him biting at the heels of Van der Vaart and Modric (can play both of these roles) should only have a positive effect on these players raising their game to keep their place in the side. With these two signing in mind a typical match day squad next season could be:
GK: Friedel (assuming Gomes will be sold)
RB: Walker
CB: Gallas
LB: Assou-Ekotto
RM: Lennon
LM: Bale
DCM: Sandro
ACM: Modric/Diego
SS: Van der Vaart
ST: Llorente
S1: Cudicini
S2: Kaboul
S3: Corluka/Rose
S4: Huddlestone
S6 : Pavlyuchenko
S7: Leandro Damiao