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Jul 192012

Seen some of the links with the likes of Hulk and Falcao in the last couple of days and many people think there’s no chance  we could afford a big name striker but I beg to differ and here’s why.

We sold Dimitar Berbatov for around £34m and that money was never spent on a big name striker and it has become evident that we needed that in the last 3 years. Instead we brought in Crouch, Defoe, Keane, Pav, we have now sold Keane, Pav and Crouch for a total of about £20m +. We have sold Kranjcar, Corluka, Palacios and maybe one or two more who I have missed and maybe one or two more about to leave.

Surely there is a spare £30m for a big name striker, we are picking up Adebayor on the cheap but paying big wages but if we replace quantity with quality then paying higher wages isn’t a problem, for instance for every 5 players earning £60k a week we could trim it down to 3 players of real quality earning £100k a week.

Modric may be sold and that money should be used to fund his replacement, probably in the shape of Moutinho so that’s not a problem, but with all the money we have raised but even if you take that away we still make an annual profit and Harry has been starved of funds in the past few transfer windows so there should be a nice sum of money sitting in the kitty for AVB to splash if he wants it.

To say we can’t go out and spend £30m on a striker is wrong if you do the math, we have the means to do so but does Levy have the bottle?

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