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Dec 102013

Crazy rumor of the day. A couple of online publications are carrying stories on a rift between Levy and Villas-Boas that may result in the former Chelsea manager moving on from Tottenham at the end of the season. I am inclined not to give much thought to this rumor although the timing is sure strange coming as it is after two victories for the Spurs.

Continuity at the club to build a team for the future is essential in my opinion otherwise we remain in constant limbo. The report goes on to claim that the Spurs boss is hoping for a resignation from Villas-Boas at the end of the season and that he had even started looking for potential replacements. The disagreement apparently being over the purchases made during the last transfer season.

My view. Its those scumbags from Arsenal who are planting these stories ahead of our clash in the FA cup. Where we will trounce them. I sincerely hope. And pray. I am very excited for that game. Very.

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  1. […] Crazy rumor of the day. A couple of online publications are carrying stories on a rift between Levy and Villas-Boas that may result in the former Chelsea manager moving on from Tottenham at the end of the season. I am inclined not to give much thought to this rumor although the timing is sure strange […] […]

  2. Why repeat this nonsense? You do the club a disservice.

  3. P’se we humbly request you to stop all the negative gibes against our club. True or false most of us if not all are not interested or find it amusing at all.

  4. A fair comment indeed. I would imagine though that the author has written this to solicit support from us. If we want AVB to stay, these forums have become an important part in garnering support.
    Lets fight these stories head on and show our support, hiding away may suggest that we have doubts.
    The players reactions after these recent good results shows unity and defiance, lets keep that up from here too.

  5. When is this site going to get rid of the picture of Gareth Bale at the top?

  6. How disappointing that a Spurs site needs to regurgitate a pathetic story that’s been maliciously thrown at us – shame … All bullish@t….

  7. Utter carp eminating from those who wish to upset the whole Spurs infrastructure. Spurs are happy with AVB and after the Man City disaster, even with losses of key players through injury, Tottenham are finally getting into their stride. I am sure that Soldado will start to figure in the team as a potent goal scorer and this nonsense of AVB leaving will disappear!

  8. PLEASE leave AVB alone n let him show us what he is really made off. We r still in transition. Plus 8 new signings this season u can’t expect instant impact. Never mind the City de Manure 6-0 defeat – Arsenal lost 8-2 to United de Manure only 2 seasons ago n still finished in the top 4. Seriously STFU n get behind ur team. It took Fergie 3 seasons to prove. AVB could easily be our ‘Fergie’ if we give him our backing – don’t unsettle him – what if we finally do well n then AVB decides to leave us for not being exactly loyalt to him, who would u blame etc. COYS !!!

  9. I hope they don’t get rid of AVB, look at Man Utd and dare I say it Arsenal, the managers stood and took the abse fromfans and critics but the club remained loyal to them. If anyone really thought we were going to win the league this season your as crackers as the people who are moaning are. As long as we are not relegated lets see what the rest of the season brings before putting his head on the chopping block

  10. “As long as we are not relegated”? We spend 100 mill plus, and yopu reckon it’s OK to finish 4th bottom?
    No-one thinking sensibly expected a League Champions tilte but remember that, at the beginning of the season, AVB said top 4 was a virtual must do? Our chances are now suspect, but you say it’s OK, as long as we finish above relegation.
    Expecting or accepting mediocrity breeds the very same.
    Like him or not, respect hime or not, AVB has a lot to answer for… weekly strange selections; idealist tactics that we don’t have the players to adapt to; countless different partnerships;
    And more midfielders to come, with still no true playmaker.
    I really hope he gets this side ticking. Certainly, a few minutes last game fanned flames of hope.
    But never, never concede to failure.

    • I can’t understand how one could support AVB after all his mismanagements, especially this season. It’s funny how after the last two games where we obtained very, very hard fought wins (one of them undeservedly), against very mediocre opposition, and you get fans backing him again. They just quickly forget the DISASTROUS results we got this season. Need I remind?

      The team AVB selects is just not good enough. He is incompetent – or else he is doing this on purpose. He constantly juggles his(?) new signings, as if he doesn’t want them to gel together. One day he plays player A & B; the next he plays C & D; etc.
      The way he keeps treating players like Lamela, Chiriches, Soldado, Chadli makes me think a) either he wasn’t the one who wanted them or b) he is utterly inept by not giving them time to gel, preferring tried mediocre players such as Siggy, Dembele, Lennon, Sandro, Dawson(especially) – many of whom he tried to offload himself?!
      Get rid of him now – he spells DISASTER.

  11. Best News I have herd for a long time as i thought he would have gone last year with the crap he has made the players play.
    We had been in the top 4, twice before he arrived and since giving him over £100,000,000 I am not surprised that he is on his way out
    Look at the last 2 matches we played from teams who we would normally comfortably win again.
    We all no that it was more luck than judgement, and even got slaughtered by West Ham, beaten by Newcastle and almost lost against Hull, but to name a few.
    The game is boring, predictable and its not funny.
    Expect that 90% of the people online wanting him to stay are Arsnel spporters

  12. Who ever wants avb out has no clue about football. Just look at the facts and you may understand how good he is, tut tut

    We lost modric vdv and ledley, replaced with dembele Sigurdson Dempsey lloris and vertonghen a whole new team practically, that season we finished with our highest ever points tally and marginally losing out to arsenal who ended up with the best form in the premiership followed by us, avb saw that we conceded late goals and seems to have stamped it out, and look what he did for bale, not to mention the other great stars of world football he’s found(mourtinho, hulk falco)
    So not a bad first season for avb!

    So on to this season apart from the city defeat, (yes it was 6-0 but Norwich have the best record at the ethiad and that was losing 2-0,remember manure got thumped 4-1 too). I hear you saying what about west ham well for most of the game we dominated and got caught on the break(they started with 6 midfielders) just like when played arsenal it’s in heard if to end a game at home with 4 wingbacks totalling 6 defenders,
    So what’s all the fuss about if lloris was still on fire we’d still be keeping clean sheets he cost us the win against manure, he also started the ball rolling at the ethiad,add them to the league and see where we are,
    Anyway at the current time we have a mis-firing team that has 1 more point at the stage of the season than last with players still to settle.. This time last year is when we put a run together.

    Finally confidence breeds. Have confidence in avb and the players and they we feel it.
    We need to be the noisiest fans in the league, avb and his blue and white army should be the chant.

  13. 1. VDV left because of AVB.

    2. Instead of bringing out a laundry list of excuses you should be looking at what Rodgers and Martinez (young managers that were appointed at the same time as AVB) have done in the same time.


  15. Those anti-AVB need to realise we had the HIGHEST shot attempts than any team in premiership but unfortunately one of the lowest conversion rate. Imagine where we would be if majority of the shots were scored ….

  16. Vdv left because of his wife. So what’s rogers done? Where’d Liverpool finish last year,and they had the 2nd top goal scorer, as for Martinez it’s early days and they will burn out over Xmas.

    Your just looking at the league table and moaning. We’re 3 points of 2nd,8pts of 1st,
    1st has to go ethiad then play chelsea. If arsenal lose them both and we win our two.
    2 point behind arsenal. And we haven’t even started playing yet.

  17. Rome weren’t built in a day, and man utd weren’t built in a season, neither was arsenal chelsea or city,

    Give the guy a chance and just do your job as a fan and support, people are forgetting their roles.

  18. I can’t say anything else to you other than just keep your pathetic no-knowledge of our team to yourself. If you think the players you’ve listed under mediocre are not good enough, FU(K OFF and support another team, you useless waste of a voice.

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